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Trying to look younger isn#39;t just for the ladies. Follow these tips to show the world you#39;re still in your prime.希望看上去更年轻并不是女士的专利。遵循以下建议,向全世界展示你仍然青春洋溢。You Will Need你需要A razor剃须刀Nose and ear hair trimmers鼻毛或耳毛修剪器Hair dye染发剂An exfoliating face wash去角质洗面奶Moisturizer保湿霜Sun block防晒乳A sexual partner性感的同伴Good posture (optional)良好的姿态(可选)Moisturizers that contain sun block (optional)含有防晒乳的保湿霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Shave1.修面Shave. Not only did one study find that clean-shaven men look five and a half years younger than guys with beards, but the regular friction of shaving stimulates collagen production, which reduces wrinkles. 经常修面。不仅仅因为有一项研究发现,经常修面的男士看上去比有胡子的男士年轻五岁半,而且修面时的擦会刺激胶原蛋白的生成,减少皱纹。Good posture makes you appear young, healthy, and confident. 良好的姿态让你看上去年轻,健康,充满自信。Step 2 Groom other facial hair2.修饰面部其他毛发Use trimmers to eliminate unruly nose and ear hair. Trim bushy eyebrows but avoid thinning them out too much; thick brows give the appearance of youth.使用修剪器除掉不雅的鼻毛和耳毛。修剪杂乱的眉毛,但是不要修剪的太细。浓密的眉毛让你看上去更年轻。Step 3 Keep you hair short3.短发Keep your hair short, especially if you have a receding hairline. Close-cut hair can appear fuller because it doesn#39;t part and reveal your scalp like longer hair.保持短发,即使你的发线已经开始退了。剪短的头发看上去更丰盈,因为不像长发那样暴露出头皮。Step 4 Get rid of the gray4.除掉白发Get rid of the gray. Your silver mane may be distinguished, but it doesn#39;t make you look any younger. Dye it with an over-the-counter product you can use at home, or man up and head to a salon. 除掉灰白头发。你的银白鬓角或许看上去与众不同,但是却不会让你看上去年轻。在柜台购买染料,自己在家里染发或者去美发沙龙。Step 5 Maintain your skin5.保养皮肤Take care of your skin. Use exfoliating face washes to slough off dead skin, moisturizers to stave off dryness and prevent wrinkles, and sunscreen to protect against UV damage. 保养皮肤。使用去角质洁面产品来去除死皮,使用保湿霜来防止干燥和皱纹,涂抹防晒霜来防止紫外线伤害。Look for moisturizers with SPF to save space in your medicine cabinet and time during your morning routine. 购买有防晒效果的保湿霜,为你的药品箱节约空间,还可以在早上节约时间。Step 6 Get some sleep6.睡眠Get plenty of rest to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. Studies show that 7 to 9 hours a night is optimal for a restful, rejuvenating sleep.进行充分的休息,防止眼袋出现。研究表明,每晚7小时至9小时的睡眠对于消除疲劳是最佳的。Step 7 Get busy7.保持忙碌Get busy! One study showed that men who have sex at least three times a week were assumed to be as much as 12 years younger than their actual age. Ahhh youth!勤快一点!一项研究表明,每周进行至少三次性生活的男士比实际年龄年轻12岁。Did you know? Between 2000 and 2005 there was a 233 percent increase in men getting Botox treatments. 你知道吗?2000年至2005年之间,进行Botox除皱抗衰老治疗的男性增加了233%。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237534ANNOUNCER: It#39;s time for the ;Shoutout.; 大声喊出来的时间到了!What do Joan Smalls, Gisele Bundchen and Coco Rocha have in common? If you think you know it, then shout it out.琼·斯莫斯、吉赛尔·邦辰和可可·罗恰有什么共同点?如果你觉得你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Are they all authors, dancers, politicians or models? You#39;ve got three second, go.她们都是作家、舞者、政治家还是模特?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Smalls, Bundchen and Rocha are work as fashion models. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;斯莫斯、邦辰和罗恰都是时装模特。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: In an industry that#39;s focused on looks, Shaun Ross stands out, he#39;s not as famous as the models we mentioned in that “Shoutout.; 在一个注重外貌的行业内,Shaun Ross是突出的。他并没有我们在“大声喊出来”中提到那些模特那么有名。But Ross is making a name for himself and hoping to make a difference for others. 但是罗斯让自己成名,也希望对别人产生影响。On his Twitter page, Shaun#39;s description simply says, I want to inspire you. 在他的推特主页上,Shaun的简介只是简单地说,我想给你激励。He explains why and how in this report.他在这个报道中解释了为什么以及如何这样做。 /201309/256684Italy,on the other hand,has its legendary defense,而另一方面,意大利保持了他们传奇般地后防线,which had only conceded one goal so far in the tournament,目前为止这条防线只被攻破过1次,and that was an own goal against the ed States.还是对美国队时的一粒乌龙球。重点词汇:defense 防守例:Attack is the best defense.进攻是最好的防守。own goal 乌龙球例:The fullback headed the ball into his own goal.这位后卫把球顶进了自己的球门。视频介绍:意大利队一直以防守著称,这次也不例外,在半决赛前,他们只丢过一个球,并且还是本方球员攻入的乌龙球。 Article/201403/279255

Julian Treasure说日益吵闹的世界正在吞噬我们的精神健康,甚至威胁我们的生命。他提出了八大法则帮助我们缓解“声音的侵袭”(先从廉价耳机入手),并且重新建立起我们同声音之间的和睦关系。 Article/201309/254696

He#39;s just said the three words you#39;ve been longing to hear: “Meet my friends.” Now you just have to win them over.他刚刚对你说了你期待已久的话:“见见我的朋友。”现在,你要想办法赢得他们的持。You Will Need你需要A boyfriend who wants you to meet his friends想让你见朋友的男朋友Your boyfriend#39;s friends男朋友的朋友And a determination to be liked希望被别人喜欢的决心Steps步骤Step 1 Learn names1.了解名字Ask your boyfriend if he has a picture of his best buds so you will be able to put faces with names. Using a person#39;s name is a proven way to get on their good side.问一下男朋友,有没有最好的朋友的照片,这样你就能把人和名字对应起来。脱口说出对方的名字是赢得对方好感屡试不爽的方法。Don#39;t try picturing them naked to settle your nerves—you#39;ll only be more nervous, and probably never sleep peacefully again.不要试图通过描绘他们的照片来平复你的神经——你只会更加紧张,或许难以平静地入睡。Step 2 Introduce yourself2.自我介绍Introduce yourself—shake their hand, make eye contact, smile, and repeat something about them that your boyfriend told you, like #39;You play soccer, right?#39; or #39;Glad to hear that rash cleared up.#39; On second thought, just smile.自我介绍——和他们握手,进行眼神交流,微笑,复述一些男朋友告诉你的有关他们的事情,比如“你喜欢踢足球,是吗?”或者“很高兴听到你的麻烦解决了。”重新思考后,微笑一下就可以了。Step 3 Be friendly not flirty3.友好而不轻浮Come across as friendly but not so friendly that your behavior could be misconstrued as flirting. Their first loyalty is to their bud, so if they think you#39;re coming on to them, you#39;re screwed.尽量友好一点,但是不要过火,被别人误认为调戏。他们最忠诚的是自己的朋友,所以,如果他们认为你想移情别恋,那你就麻烦了。Step 4 Be unassuming4.谦逊Be unassuming. Your boyfriend may treat you like royalty, but that doesn#39;t mean his friends want to be your faithful subjects. If something irritates you, bring it up with your boyfriend later—not by throwing a public temper tantrum.谦逊一点。你的男朋友或许把你当女神一样供着,但这并不意味着他的朋友也是你忠诚的粉丝。如果某件事激怒了你,稍后跟男朋友说——而不是大庭广众之下大发雷霆。Step 5 Be positive5.积极乐观Don#39;t criticize your boyfriend in front of his friends or try to get them on your side of a disagreement. It should go without saying that you shouldn#39;t criticize them, either.不要当着朋友的面批评男朋友,也不要让他站到你的对立面。而且不用说,你也不能批评他的朋友。Step 6 Be a sport6.假装体育迷If forced to watch sports, be a good sport yourself. Don#39;t whine, don#39;t ask when the game will be over, and most important, don#39;t make him regret bringing you!如果被迫观看体育比赛,那就假装对体育感兴趣吧。不要发牢骚,不要问他们比赛什么时候结束,最重要的是,不要让他们因带你出来而感到遗憾。Keep your tongue out of your boyfriend#39;s mouth—it will make his pals uncomfortable, and they#39;ll give him grief later.不要缠着男朋友不放——这会让他的兄弟们不舒,稍后他们会找他麻烦。Step 7 Win them over with tasty treats7.款待他们Not sure you#39;ve conquered them? Then it#39;s time to bring in the heavy artillery. Goodwill comes cheap when you#39;re armed with cookies, brownies, and pies.不确定你已经征了他们?那么,重磅炸弹应该出场了。良好的意愿不需要耗费很多金钱,只要为他们奉上饼干,蛋糕和馅饼就可以了。According to one survey, 83% of men say excluding his friends is a relationship deal-breaker.根据一项调查,83%的男性表示,把朋友排除在外是感情杀手。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/255546

But Bruce Lee disappeared almost as quickly as he emerged on July 20th, 1973,dying of a brain edema just weeks just before Enter The Dragon was released.但是李小龙来也匆匆 去也匆匆 1973年7月20号,距;龙争虎斗;的公映仅数周时 因为脑水肿而去世。The cause was put down to an allergic reaction to a painkiller.原因归结于对止痛药的过敏His death sent shock waves around the world,他的离世震惊了全世界prompting the biggest public gathering in the Hong Kong history.造成香港有史以来最大的公众悼念会He was laid to rest in Seattle with former students Steve McQueen and James Coburn as coffin bearers.他被葬在西雅图,其弟子史蒂夫·麦昆和詹姆斯垫·柯本为他抬棺I had decided to sent Bruce#39;s body back to Seattle.我打算把小龙的遗体带回西雅图It was not a popular opinion emm... in Hong Kong because,they thought Bruce#39;s their son in Hong Kong, but that#39;s what I decided.呃... 香港人不赞成这么做,他们认为小龙是香港的子孙 但是我还是按自己的想法做了Bruce Lee#39;s sudden death left vacuum as the world clamoured to see more of this new Asian superstar.李小龙的猝死给世界留下了空白,人们都渴望再睹这位新兴亚洲巨星的风采。A rash of Bruce Lee look-likes in copycat films emerged,inspiring a wholly film genre, known as Bruceploitation.盲目模仿李小龙的电影大量涌现,却也引出一种新的电影题材 叫做李氏打斗片。 Article/201403/277884

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