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China has only made it to one World Cup, in 2002, but there was some hope it would contribute to this year#39;s tournament following reports that a group of baby pandas in Sichuan would try to predict the outcome of matches in Brazil.中国唯一一次进入世界杯决赛圈是在2002年,人们原本希望中国为今年的世界杯做点贡献――此前有报道称,四川的一群大熊猫幼崽将尝试预测巴西世界杯的比赛结果。Chinese authorities have, however, intervened and scrapped the plan. A spokesman for the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas said the predictions were dropped over fears that the cubs would be overwhelmed by cameras and excited onlookers.但中国当局进行了干预并最终取消了这项计划。中国大熊猫保护和研究中心(China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas)的发言人称,预测赛事的计划被取消是因为担心中心将挤满摄像机和兴奋的围观者。#39;The safety and health of pandas is most important. We won#39;t sacrifice it,#39; the center spokesman said.该中心的发言人称,大熊猫的安全和健康是最重要的事情,他们不会牺牲这一点。It is a harsh blow to the pandas#39; dreams of doing something useful with their lives beyond the daily grind of eating bamboo and being pressured into having sex. There is no point them filing a complaint at their designated grievance facility, otherwise known as a panda-moan-ium, because the decision appears final.这对大熊猫是一次沉重的打击。除了每天咀嚼竹子和被迫交配之外,它们原本还能做点有意义的事情。大熊猫无法提起申诉,因为这似乎已经是最后决定了。The pandas had been expected to predict the outcome of matches by either picking food from bowls marked with the national colors of competing teams, or climbing trees flying certain flags.大熊猫预测赛事的计划原本是这样设计的:在涂上足球队所属国家国旗颜色的碗中盛上食物,看看熊猫会选择哪个碗中的食物;或者看看熊猫会爬上哪棵树并挥舞某国的国旗。Paul the Octopus pioneered the grand tradition of animals picking World Cup winners after a dream run of forecasts for the 2010 tournament in South Africa. He also had a good record at Euro 2008. But Paul is dead, and the search for a worthy successor continues.章鱼保罗曾开启了动物预测世界杯结果的先河,它对2010年南非世界杯的比赛结果进行了预测。它2008年预测欧洲杯的成绩也很出色。但章鱼保罗已经去世了,人们仍在寻找和它一样优秀的继任者。U.K. tabloid the Sun proudly introduced its World Cup tipster -- Pele the Piranha - last week. The newspaper said its #39;Amazonian toothsayer#39; had correctly forecast the results of England#39;s three World Cup warm-up matches by picking one of three morsels of fish to eat.上周,英国小报《太阳报》(Sun)骄傲地推出了它的世界杯预测者――水虎鱼佩莱。该报称,佩莱通过从食物中三选一的方式成功预测了英格兰三场世界杯热身赛的结果。But Pele#39;s World Cup has got off to a poor start, as he predicted England would beat Italy in their opening match.但佩莱的世界杯预测之旅开局不力,它预计英格兰将在首战对阵意大利的比赛中获胜。#39;When offered the three choices for England#39;s opening game against Italy on Saturday, he showed no hesitation and munched the Cross of St George grub,#39; the Sun said.《太阳报》称,在预测周六英格兰对阵意大利的三种比赛结果时,它毫不犹豫地大嚼代表英格兰队将取胜的食物。Italy won 2-1.但最终意大利以2比1战胜了英格兰队。 /201406/305904。

3. Tim Holmes. Dunalley, Australia. Jan. 4, 2013.2013年1月4日,澳大利亚南塔斯马尼亚沿海小镇达纳利,摄影:蒂姆·霍姆斯On the January 4, 2013, a bush fire swept through our small coastal township of Dunalley in Southern Tasmania. My wife and I and our five grandchildren took refuge in the sea bordering our property as massive columns of fire consumed everything in their path.2013年1月4日,一场野火席卷了南塔斯马尼亚我家所在的沿海小镇达纳利。当时大火所到之处,一片废墟。我妻子和五个孙儿只能在浅海边处避难。The grand children had lived next door to us in a beautiful, sun-filled timber farmhouse. It had a picket-fenced garden strewn with children’s toys, sandpits and colorful flowers. There was a pathway that ran through the trees to an old wooden boatshed and jetty where the children would often play.我的孙儿们原来住在我家旁边一所美丽、阳光的木屋。尖木桩做篱笆的花园里到处都是他们的玩具、沙坑和鲜花。一条小路穿过树林通向一所古老的木头船和防波堤,他们常在那儿玩耍嬉戏。On that day the jetty became our shelter, the water was cold and the fire was intensely hot on our faces but the biggest problem was the lack of air to breathe. We found a shallow area of breathable air between the toxic smoke and the water.那天防波堤成为我们的避难地,海水刺骨冰凉,大火却灼烧着我们的脸庞,但是最大的问题是缺氧。我们在呛人的烟雾和水之间争取着一小块可供呼吸的空气。The fire burned right down to the water’s edge and the jetty itself caught on fire, but we were able to put it out. We spent two and half hours under the jetty and I took the photograph with my wife’s iPhone to send by text message to our daughter so that she could see that we were all together. Our lives were spared but houses and all possessions were lost.大火直接烧到了水面,防波堤也着了火,但是我们设法把火扑灭。在防波堤下我们待了两个半小时,我用妻子的苹果手机拍了照发给女儿,让她看到我们都在一起。我们得救了,但是房子等财产都失去了。 /201312/269451。

Can#39;t wait for the opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort in 2015? Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all their friends at the city#39;s largest Disney exhibition at the Shanghai Super Brand Mall.上海迪斯尼乐园将于2015年开业,您是否已经迫不及待了呢?那么快到正在上海正大广场举办的上海最大的迪斯尼展览来看看米奇和米妮以及他们的小伙伴们吧!The exhibition invites visitors to have a taste of the Disneyland under construction, according to the organizer. Many of the exhibits have been transported from the Walt Disney Family Museum in Los Angeles, like the manuscripts of early animation producers.据组织者介绍,该展览的目的就是邀请游客们感受一下如今正在建设当中的上海迪斯尼乐园。展览中的很多展品都是从位于洛杉矶的华特迪士尼家族物馆运过来的,比如早期动画制作人的手稿等。The center of the mall#39;s third floor has been transformed into a magic house with a giant Mickey above, greeting visitors. Classic cartoon figures, created by the company and its sub-companies over the past 90 years, are presented, including Winnie the Pooh.正大广场三楼已经被布置成了一个魔幻乐园,三楼中心的上空,一个巨大的米老鼠在迎接着游客,向游客们问好。展览展出了迪士尼公司及其子公司在过去90年中创造出的经典卡通形象,包括维尼小熊等等。Visitors can enjoy one of Disney#39;s earliest film, Steamboat Willie. The film, which was screened in New York city in 1928, was considered the first fully synchronized sound cartoon. It was also the first time that Mickey and Minnie first appeared.在展览上,游客还将有机会欣赏到迪士尼公司制作的第一部电影《威利号汽船》。该影片于1928年在纽约上映,是世界上第一部画面与声音完全同步的动画影片,也是在这部影片中,米奇和米妮第一次与观众见面。Visual and audio technologies have been applied to make the exhibition interactive.展览采用了各种视听技术与游客进行互动。In the Snow White section, a magic mirror on the wall astonishes visitors. Like the evil queen in the fairytale, visitors can stand before the mirror and ask: ;Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who#39;s the fairest of them all?; One can see images of Snow White appear in the mirror.在白雪公主的展区,挂在墙上的魔镜使游客们惊喜不已。游客可以像童话故事里那个邪恶的王后一样站在镜子前问镜子:“魔镜魔镜告诉我,谁是这世上最美的女人?”然后游客可以看到镜子里出现了白雪公主的画面。Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, produced by the company, was considered the world#39;s first full-length animated featured film.迪士尼公司制作的《白雪公主和七个小矮人》是世界上第一部长篇剧情动画片。In the Lion King section, stand at a designated position and enjoy the songs from the film in surround sound. The Lion King, Disney#39;s 32nd full-length animated film, was one of the most successful Disney films and was turned into a Broadway opera.在狮子王的展区,游客们只要站在指定位置就可以以环绕立体声的效果聆听来自影片中的歌曲。《狮子王》是迪士尼公司制作的第32部动画长片,也是其最为成功的动画片之一,并被改编成了一部音乐剧在百老汇进行了公演。Still the most charming star of the exhibition is Mickey Mouse, while the brightest of all is a Mickey Mouse model inlaid with more than 20,000 Swarovski crystals.不过展览中最耀眼的明星还是米老鼠,而最引人注目的则是一个镶嵌了两万多颗施华洛世奇水晶的米老鼠雕塑。Four young artists, Yan Wei and Guan Chun from the Chinese mainland, and Dorophy Tang and Kenny Wang from Hong Kong, created different series of Mickey Mouse models with their personal styles.展览还展出了来自中国大陆和香港的年轻艺术家闫威、官纯、邓卓越和王信明以米老鼠为灵感创作的充满个人风格的系列作品。Besides Disneyland, in 2015, the Walt Disney Company China will open the world#39;s largest Disney Store, which will cover about 5,000 sq m in Lujiazui, Shanghai#39;s financial hub.除了迪士尼乐园,2015年华特迪士尼中国公司还将在上海开设世界上最大的迪士尼专卖店,该专卖店位于上海金融中心陆家嘴,占地约5000平方米。 /201401/274156。

One Reddit user got a shock when she found out the ;Bill; assigned to her via the website#39;s Secret Santa was actually Bill Gates.在红迪网举办的“神秘圣诞老人”互动活动中,一名网友惊讶的发现,她的神秘圣诞老人“比尔”居然是比尔·盖茨本人。;I thought Bill sounded like a friendly fellow,; Rachel said on Reddit.瑞秋在红迪网上写道,“我觉得比尔这个名字让人感觉此人十分友善。”Bill Gates gifted her a stuffed cow along with a donation to the non-profit Heifer International and the travel book Journeys of a Lifetime.比尔·盖茨送给瑞秋的礼物是一只玩具奶牛,一份对一个名为“国际小母牛组织”的非营利组织的捐款明,以及一本名叫《一生之旅》的游记。;The first thing I noticed was a stuffed animal. I didn’t know I gave off the stuffed animal vibe, but I excitedly added him to my collection of teddy bears and other delightful friendly creatures. Next, I found the card. To me, from Bill. This still had not clicked, by the way, that it was Bill Gates.;“我首先看到的是那只毛绒玩具。我没有想到自己表现出了对毛绒玩具的爱好。我非常开心,把这只玩具奶牛和我的泰迪熊等等其他毛绒玩具一起收藏起来了。然后我看到了一张卡片,是比尔送给我的圣诞卡片。顺便说,那个时候我还没有明白过来,这就是比尔·盖茨本人。”That was until she noticed the photo of Gates in front of a Christmas tree with the book, cow, and note.后来她发现了一张照片,照片中比尔·盖茨手持着送给瑞秋的游记、玩具奶牛和卡片,这时她才明白比尔就是比尔·盖茨本人。; ... and then it finally hit me. I went back to all the gifts completely shocked.;“这时我才恍然大悟。我又回头看那些礼物,震惊不已。”Rachel realized she had committed something of a faux par on her Christmas list that was sent to the Microsoft billionaire.瑞秋发现自己在那份送给微软大亨比尔·盖茨的圣诞愿望清单上犯了一个小小的错误。;ps: Sorry for the Apple iPad on my wishlist, that was really awkward,; she wrote.“顺便说,抱歉我在愿望清单上写了‘一部苹果iPad平板电脑’,真是很尴尬。”Rachel said the gift given from Gates was ;the gift perfect for anyone; and said she was ;sincerely very appreciative that you took the time to find something so fitting for me.;瑞秋说盖茨送给她的礼物“对任何人来说都是非常完美的礼物”,并说“对盖茨费心找到如此好的礼物,她表示真诚的谢意。” /201312/270373。

Biologists say that as apes evolved into humans, their faces took on fighting features such as thicker jaws and foreheads.生物学家们认为,当类人猿进化成人类时,为了适应打斗,他们的下颌和额头变得更厚实。The characteristics were previously thought to be adaptations for a diet of hard-to-chew foods, such as nuts.之前,这种人脸特征被认为是为了适应那些难以咀嚼的食物,比如坚果。But researchers at the University of Utah point out that they developed around the same time as humans acquired the ability to curl their hand into a club-like fist.但犹他大学的研究者们指出,这种现象是和人类能够握拳这一现象同时出现的。Professor David Carrier said the changes could have been to ‘better protect’ the face when punched.大卫-卡里尔教授认为,人脸的改变,是为了被拳头击打时对脸部提供更好的保护。He said: ‘If indeed the evolution of our hand proportions were associated with selection for fighting behaviour you might expect the primary target, the face, to have undergone evolution to better protect it from injury when punched.他说:“如果我们的手部比例真的是为了打斗才进化成现在的样子,那可想而知拳头的主要目标脸,为了在打斗中更好的保护自己,发生了趋同进化。”#39;When modern humans fight hand-to-hand the face is usually the primary target.“现代人类肉搏的时候,脸通常是主要目标。”#39;What we found was that the bones that suffer the highest rates of fracture in fights are the same parts of the skull that exhibited the greatest increase in robusticity.’“我们发现,在打斗中最容易骨折的骨骼正是头骨中那些最坚固的部分。”Writing in the journal Biological Reviews, he said that many of these fighting features were softer in the modern human.他在《生物学》发表的论文里写道,现代人类的这种特性已经不太明显了。However, the modern male face still exhibits some ‘fighting features’ that are less prominent in females. These include thicker, stronger bones in the forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck. And it seems that even over the course of four to five million years, some things have not changed.尽管如此,这种特性在现代男性的脸上要比女性明显。包括更厚实强壮的额骨、颊骨、颚骨和颈椎骨。这些特性看起来已经延续了四五百万年。A spokesman for the research team described the early brawls as ‘the prehistoric version of a bar fight, over women, resources and other slug-worthy disagreements’.研究小组的发言人表示,数百万年前的打斗就像史前版的酒吧斗殴,都是因为女人、资源之类值得一战的争端。 /201406/306197。