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襄阳市男科医院哪家权威襄樊职业技术学院附属医院看前列腺炎好吗Senior Chinese officials have warned the US that Beijing is y to retaliate if Donald Trump’s incoming administration imposes new tariffs, highlighting the risk of a destructive trade war between the world’s two largest economies.中国高级官员警告称,如果唐纳特朗Donald Trump)上台后出台新关税,北京方面准备展开报复,突显出全球两个最大经济体开打破坏性贸易战的风险。Penny Pritzker, the outgoing US commerce secretary, said in an interview with the Financial Times that Chinese officials had informed their US counterparts in a meeting after November’s election that they would be forced to respond to trade measures taken by the new administration.即将卸任美国商务部长的佩普里茨克(Penny Pritzker)在接受英囀?金融时报》采访时表示,中国官员在去年11月美国大选后的一次会议上告诉美国同行,他们将被迫回应美国新政府的贸易举措。“The Chinese leadership said to me ‘If you guys put an import duty on us we are going to do it on youMs Pritzker said. “And then they said ‘That will be bad for both of us”普里茨克表示:“中国官员告诉我,‘如果你们这些家伙向我们征收进口关税,我们也会对你们征收进口关税’,接着他们说,‘这将对我们大家都不好’。”She said that the next administration needed to decide “the fine line between being tough and a trade war cautioning that such a confrontation would have “enormous consequencefor the US.她说,新政府需要“谨慎把握强硬立场与贸易战之间的界限”,她告诫称,此类对峙将对美国产生“巨大后果”。The move highlights the concern in China over the risk to relations presented by Mr Trump, who has also offended Beijing by breaking with traditional US policy on Taiwan.此举突显出中国担心特朗普对双边关系的影响,后者也因打破传统的美国对台政策而令中国政府不快。Japanese officials and top executives also pushed back against Mr Trump, warning on Friday of fallout for US-Japanese trade and investment if the president-elect followed through on his call to impose a border tax on Toyota to stop the carmaker from building a new plant in Mexico.日本官员和高级管理人员也对特朗普做出了反击,他们在上周五警告称,如果当选总统真的对丰Toyota)征收边境税以阻止该公司在墨西哥建设新厂,美日贸易和投资就会遭受冲击波。来 /201701/487486襄阳市中医医院院长是谁 Recep Tayyip Erdogan has emerged from the attempt to topple him with his grip on power apparently unassailable. A week on from the failed coup, Turkey’s president has assumed emergency powers that will allow him to rule by edict; while some 60,000 people have been detained or suspended in a continuing purge of the public sector. For the moment Mr Erdogan commands public support, both from the devotion of Justice and Development party (AKP) loyalists and the qualified backing of those who dislike him, but condemn the coup and fear the country’s descent into civil war.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)成功平息了一次试图推翻他的政变,他对权力的控制看上去稳如泰山。这次失败的政变发生一周后,埃尔多安启动紧急状态,他由此获得的权力将使他能够凭一己命令实行统治;与此同时,约60000人在对公共部门的持续清洗中被捕或停职。眼下埃尔多安获得了公众持,既包括土耳其正义与发展党(Justice and Development party)中忠诚分子的拥护,也包括那些不喜欢他、但谴责政变并担心土耳其陷入内战的人的有保留持。A state of emergency can be justified, given the brutality of the rebels, who launched air strikes on the capital and shot at civilians. Some of them may still be at large. The question now is whether Mr Erdogan will use this occasion to form a new national consensus and rebuild Turkey’s fractured institutions, or take the opportunity to redouble repression and realise his ambitions of fully fledged autocracy.鉴于此次叛乱的残暴——叛军在首都发动了空袭并杀平民——进入紧急状态是合理的。一些叛军可能仍然逍遥法外。眼下的问题是,埃尔多安是会利用这一时机达成全新的国内共识,并重建土耳其千疮百孔的制度,还是利用此次机会加大镇压力度并实现他全面独裁的野心。Ministers have made efforts to reassure the public, and international observers, that civil rights and the rule of law are not under threat. But the early signs are not promising.土耳其的部长们正努力消除公众和国际观察者们的疑虑,称民权和法治不受威胁。但是早期迹象并不令人乐观。Suspected plotters have been paraded before the cameras visibly battered. So many young soldiers have been rounded up that school gyms have been commandeered to house them. There is no sign yet that Turkey will be able to supply the hard evidence the US will require if it is to answer a request to extradite Fethullah Gulen, the cleric accused of inspiring the coup.被怀疑参与阴谋的人列队走过摄像机,明显遭到过殴打。那么多年轻士兵被集中到一起,连学校体育馆都被征来容纳他们。若想让美国回应土耳其引渡费特胡拉#8226;居伦(Fethullah Gulen)的要求,美国势必会要求土耳其提供确凿据,然而目前尚没有迹象表明土耳其能够提供相关据。居伦是一名教士,被指控煽动了此次政变。Yet Mr Erdogan has made no secret of his desire to reinstate the death penalty, which would end any fiction of EU accession and would be in breach of Turkey’s own constitution if applied retrospectively. The president has aly removed two constitutional court judges who might have stood in his way and can now bypass the court entirely, should he wish to do so.不过,埃尔多安并未掩饰他对恢复死刑的渴望。一旦土耳其恢复死刑,将终结土耳其加入欧盟的幻想,同时如果死刑追溯既往的话,将违反土耳其本国宪法。这位土耳其总统已经铲除了两名可能阻碍他的宪法法院法官,如今只要他想,他就可以完全绕开宪法法院。What is clear is that the scale of the purge now under way will convulse Turkey’s aly weakened institutions. So many judges have been fired that it is hard to see how the courts can handle the thousands who could face trial. All university deans have been forced to stand down. With almost a third of top-ranking officers under arrest, the army has lost the trust of Turkish society and will be badly weakened in the fight against Isis.显而易见的是,当前这种大规模清洗将撼动土耳其本已脆弱的制度。这么多法官被解雇,我们很难想象法院如何应对成千上万面临审判的人。所有大学校长都被迫下台。由于近三分之一的高级军官遭到逮捕,军队已丧失了土耳其社会的信任,在与“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的战斗中将受到严重削弱。Yet if the Turkish state is really riddled with Gulenist sympathisers, Mr Erdogan must take some responsibility. For the best part of a decade, he allied with the Gulen movement to hound his secularist opponents. Now he has spent almost three years trying to root them out without success, if his allegations against the US-based Islamic cleric are to be taken seriously.不过,如果土耳其政府真的充斥居伦的持者,那么埃尔多安必须承担一定的责任。在过去十年的大部分时间里,他与居伦运动结盟,共同打压他的世俗主义对手。如今,他已花了年时间努力根除他们——但未取得成功,如果他对这位居于美国的伊斯兰教士的指控值得认真对待的话。Turkey’s economy is bound to suffer from the political instability. This heightens the risk of social fracture and institutional collapse. Mr Erdogan will worsen the situation if he invites confrontation for example, by calling for more street demonstrations by his Islamist supporters, a dangerous move in a country whose immune system is aly weakened by jihadism.土耳其经济注定会受到政局不稳的损害。这增加了社会分裂和制度崩溃的风险。如果埃尔多安怂恿对抗,比如号召他的伊斯兰主义持者举行更多街头游行,他将令局势更加恶化。在土耳其这个免疫系统已被圣战主义削弱的国家里,这是一种危险举动。It is to be hoped he will recognise the urgency of conciliation, in order to focus on rebuilding the state. The past week has shown the value of a free press, which proved crucial in the defeat of the coup. The crisis offers Mr Erdogan an opportunity to return to the moderate style that served him well in the early years of his premiership, when Turkey’s economy and society thrived in an environment of greater tolerance. His fears of a military coup have proved founded, but the path to autocracy is more perilous still.我们只能期待,他将认识到和解对于集中精力重建国家的紧迫性。过去一周已显示了言论自由的价值——它在挫败政变的过程中发挥了关键作用。这场危机为埃尔多安提供了一个回归温和治理模式的机会。在他担任总理初期,这种模式曾给他带来好处,那时土耳其的经济和社会在更宽容的环境里蒸蒸日上。他对军事政变的担心被明是合理的,但走向独裁会更危险。来 /201607/456278襄阳专业白癜风医院哪家好

襄樊医院做银血病检查哪个正规A second Scottish independence referendum is now almost inevitable, with ministers concluding it is a question of when not if a vote is called.第二次苏格兰独立公投现在已近乎不可避免,部长级官员们已得出结论,这只是一个什么时候举行投票的问题,而不是会不会举行的问题。People close to Theresa May’s administration said they expect Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, to seek a referendum next autumn, but that the government will fight to delay the vote until after Britain leaves the EU.接近特里Theresa May)的政府的人士表示,他们预计苏格兰首席大臣尼古斯特Nicola Sturgeon)将寻求在明年秋天举行全民公投,但英国政府将力争把公投延后至英国离开欧盟以后。Although the British government could withhold the legal authority for a vote, it now appears focused on determining the date instead.虽然英国政府可以拒绝授权公投,但它现在似乎聚焦于确定投票日期。“It’s looking inevitable, I don’t think we’re in any position to stop it happening,said one minister close to the discussions. Another person briefed on Downing Street’s thinking said: The debate is only going to be about the date.”“这件事看起来不可避免,我不认为我们处于阻止它发生的任何地位,”接近相关讨论的一名部长级官员表示。了解唐宁街思路的另一人说道:“接下来的辩论将只是围绕日期。”But a person close to the Scotland Office denied that a vote was inevitable, adding that Ms Sturgeon could decide not to push for one.但是,接近苏格兰事务Scotland Office)的一个人否认公投不可避免。此人指出,斯特金可能决定不推动公投。来 /201703/497253襄阳第一医院男科价位表 襄阳中医男科医院割包皮套餐

襄阳中心医院宫颈糜烂怎么样What is one to make of the rise of Donald Trump? It is natural to think of comparisons with populist demagogues past and present. It is natural, too, to ask why the Republican party might choose a narcissistic bully as its candidate for president. This, though, is not just about a party, but about a great country. The US is the greatest republic since Rome, the bastion of democracy, the guarantor of the liberal global order. It would be a global disaster if Mr Trump were to become president. Even if he fails, he has rendered the unthinkable sayable. 怎么看唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的崛起?人们自然会将他与古往今来善于煽动人心的民粹主义政客做番对比。人们也自然会问,为何共和党会选择一个盛气凌人的自恋狂作为其总统候选人。然而,这不仅仅与一个政党有关,而且还与一个伟大的国家有关。美国是自罗马以来最伟大的共和国,是民主体制的堡垒,还是全球自由秩序的保障。如果特朗普最终成为美国总统,那将是一场全球灾难。即便失败,他也让不可思议之事成为了人们的谈资Mr Trump is a promoter of paranoid fantasies, a xenophobe and an ignoramus. His business consists of the erection of ugly monuments to his own vanity. He has no experience of political office. Some compare him to Latin American populists. He might also be considered an American Silvio Berlusconi, albeit without the charm or business acumen. But Mr Berlusconi, unlike Mr Trump, never threatened to round up and expel millions of people. Mr Trump is grossly unqualified for the world’s most important political office. 特朗普宣扬偏执性的妄想,排外而且无知。他的生意包括为了自己的虚荣建造丑陋的地标建筑物。他没有任何从政经历。一些人将他比作拉美的民粹主义者。或许还有人认为他是美国的西尔维#8226;贝卢斯科Silvio Berlusconi),尽管他缺乏魅力和商业头脑。但是与特朗普不一样的是,贝卢斯科尼从来不会威胁要抓捕并驱逐数百万人。特朗普完全不够格担任全球最重要的政治职位Yet, as Robert Kagan, a neoconservative intellectual, argues in a powerful column in The Washington Post, Mr Trump is also “the GOP’s Frankenstein monster He is, says Mr Kagan, the monstrous result of the party’s “wild obstructionism its demonisation of political institutions, its flirtation with bigotry and its “racially tinged derangement syndromeover President Obama. He adds: “We are supposed to believe that Trump’s legion of ‘angrypeople are angry about wage stagnation. No, they are angry about all the things Republicans have told them to be angry about these past seven-and-a-half years 然而,正如新保守主义学者罗伯特#8226;卡根(Robert Kagan)在《华盛顿邮报The Washington Post)上颇具影响力的专栏中所说的那样,特朗普也是“共和党造就的弗兰肯斯坦怪物”。卡根表示,他是共和党“野蛮阻扰主义”、政治机构妖魔化、偏执心态以及对奥巴马总统患上“种族色紊乱综合症”的怪异产物。他补充称:“我们本来会认为,持特朗普的‘愤怒’民众对薪资停滞感到不满。实际上并非如此,他们对过去7年半共和党告诉他们要愤怒的所有事情都感到不满。Mr Kagan is right but does not go far enough. This is not about the past seven-and-a-half years. These attitudes were to be seen in the 1990s, with the impeachment of President Clinton. Indeed, they go back to the party’s opportunistic response to the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Alas, they have become worse, not better, with time. 卡根说得没错,但还说得不够透彻。这与过年半无关。这些态度在上世纪90年代就已显现,当时克林顿总统遭到弹劾。实际上,它们可以追溯至上世0年代共和党对公民权运动的机会主义回应。唉,随着时间的推移,这些态度日益恶化而非改善Why has this happened? The answer is that this is how a wealthy donor class, dedicated to the aims of slashing taxes and shrinking the state, obtained the footsoldiers and voters it required. This, then, is “pluto-populism the marriage of plutocracy with rightwing populism. Mr Trump embodies this union but he has done this by partially dumping the free-market, low tax, shrunken government aims of the party establishment, to which his financially dependent rivals remain wedded. That gives him an apparently insuperable advantage. Trump is no conservative, elite conservatives complain. Precisely. That is also true of the party’s base. 为何会出现这种情况?在于,这是一个致力于减税和缩减政府规模的富裕捐赠阶层获得其所需的群众基础和选民持的方式。因而这是“富豪民粹主义”:财阀统治与右翼民粹主义的结合。特朗普是这个联合体的象征,但他在一定程度上抛弃了共和党当权派的自由市场、低税和缩减政府规模的目标——他的财务上不独立的竞争对手依然致力于这些目标。这让他获得了显然无可比拟的优势。保守派精英人士抱怨称,特朗普并非保守派。确实如此。共和党的根基也不是保守派Mr Trump is egregious. Yet in some respects the policies of his two leading rivals, Senators Cruz and Rubio, are as bad. Both propose highly regressive tax cuts, just like Mr Trump. Mr Cruz even wishes to return to a gold standard. Mr Trump says that the sick should not die on the streets. Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio seem to be not quite so sure. 特朗普是个糟糕透顶的人。然而在某些方面,他的两个主要竞争对手——两位参议员特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)和马#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)也没拿出像样的政策。两人都提议高度递减的减税措施,和特朗普一样。克鲁兹甚至希望回归金本位制。特朗普表示,病人不应该死在街头。克鲁兹和鲁比奥似乎没有那么确定Yet the Trump phenomenon is not the story of just one party. It is about the country and so, inevitably, the world. In creating the American republic, the founding fathers were aware of the example of Rome. Alexander Hamilton argued in the Federalist Papers that the new republic would need an “energetic executive He noted that Rome itself, with its careful duplication of magistracies, depended in its hours of need on the grant of absolute, albeit temporary, power to one man, called a “dictator 然而,“特朗普现象”不只是一个政党的事情,它更是这个国家、因此不可避免也是整个世界的事情。在建立美利坚共和国时,开国元勋们是知道罗马这个榜样的。亚历山#8226;汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)在《联邦党人文集Federalist Papers)中主张,新共和国需要一位“充满活力的行政首脑”。他指出,罗马精心地复制了“执政官”这个职位,但在要紧时期却依赖于将绝对(尽管是暂时的)权力赋予一人,即“独裁官dictator)The US would have no such office. Instead, it would have a unitary executive: the president as elected monarch. The president has limited, but great, authority. For Hamilton, the danger of overweening power would be contained by “first, a due dependence on the people, secondly, a due responsibility During the first century , the wealth of empire destabilised the Roman republic. In the end, Augustus, heir of the popular party, terminated the republic and installed himself as emperor. He did so by preserving all the forms of the republic, while he dispensed with their meaning. 美国不会设置这样的职位。相反,它要设的是一个统一的行政首脑:总统,作为经选举产生的最高统治者。总统拥有有限、但巨大的权力。在汉密尔顿来看,权力过大的危险将受制于两点“一是对人民应有的依赖,二是应负的责任”。在公元世纪,帝国的财富令共和政体陷入不稳。最后,平民党的继承人奥古斯Augustus)终结了共和政体,自立为皇帝。他保留了所有共和的形式,却废除了它们的所有内涵It is rash to assume constitutional constraints would survive the presidency of someone elected because he neither understands nor believes in them. Rounding up and deporting 11m people is an immense coercive enterprise. Would a president elected to achieve this be prevented and, if so, by whom? What are we to make of Mr Trump’s enthusiasm for the barbarities of torture? Would he find people willing to carry out his desires or not? 不要武断地以为宪法约束一定能比某个民选总统的任期更长久,因为他既不理解也不相信这些约束。抓捕并驱100万人就是一种极其高压的做法。为了达到这个目标而选上的总统会被阻止吗?谁来阻止?怎么看特朗普对酷刑的热爱?他会看到人们愿意执行他的意思吗,还是不能? It is not difficult for a determined leader to do the previously unthinkable by appealing to conditions of emergency. Both Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt did some extraordinary things in wartime, but these men knew limits. Would Mr Trump also know limits? Hamilton’s “energeticexecutive is dangerous. 对于一位意志坚定的领导人而言,通过宣布进入紧急状态而做出以前不可想象之事并不难。亚伯拉#8226;林肯(Abraham Lincoln)和富兰克#8226;德拉#8226;罗斯Franklin Delano Roosevelt)都在战争时期做出了一些不同寻常的事情,但他们知道限度。特朗普也知道限度吗?汉密尔顿所谓的“充满活力”的行政首脑是危险的It was the ultra-conservative president Paul von Hindenburg who made Hitler chancellor of Germany in 1933. What made the new ruler so destructive was not only that he was a paranoid lunatic, but that he ruled a great power. Trump may be no Hitler. But the US is also no Weimar Germany. It is a vastly more important country even than that. 1933年,极端保守的德国总统保罗#8226;#8226;兴登Paul von Hindenburg)让希特勒(Hitler)成为了总理。让这位新的统治者变得如此具有破坏力的不只是因为他是一个患有偏执妄想症的疯子,还在于他统治的是一个大囀?特朗普或许不是希特勒。但美国也不是当时的魏玛德国。它要重要得多Mr Trump may still fail to win the Republican nomination. But, should he do so the Republican elite will have to ask themselves hard questions not only how this happened, but how they should properly respond. Beyond that, the American people will have to decide what sort of human being they want to put in the White House. The implications for them and for the world of this choice will be profound. Above all, Mr Trump may not prove unique. An American “Caesarismhas now become flesh. It seems a worryingly real danger today. It could return again in future. 特朗普还是有可能输掉共和党总统候选人提名。但如果他获得提名,共和党精英们必须扪心自问:怎么会发生这种事?他们如何做出恰当的回应?除此之外,美国人民必须做出决定,他们希望让什么样的人入主白宫。这一选择对于他们以及整个世界的影响将是深远的。最重要的是,特朗普或许并非仅此一个。一种美国式的“凯撒主义Caesarism)如今已经如有实体。这似乎是当今一个令人担忧的真实危险。未来它还可能重现。来 /201603/430112 ;At present, about 2b people around the world are suffering from hidden hunger, and the number in China is 300m,; said Wan Jianmin, an academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.中国工程院院士万建民近日指出;目前,全球约0亿人在遭隐性饥,我们国隐性饥的人口数量达个亿;Although the quantity of grains is basically satisfactory for the needs of Chinese people, a shortage of micronutrients has caused malnutrition among many citizens, especially those living in remote and mountainous regions, Wan explained.万建民解释称,尽管我国粮食产量已基本能够满足人民需求,但微量营养素的缺乏导致大量国人,尤其是偏远山区的人群营养不良。A 2015 report on nutrition and chronic disease in China showed that Chinese peoples intake of minerals and vitamins including iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D did not reach the recommended levels.《中国居民营养与慢性病状况报告(2015)》显示,我国民众的钙、铁、维生素A、维生素D等矿物质和维生素摄入量未达到推荐值。Chronically insufficient intake of micronutrients can lead to birth defects and increase the mortality rate of children and pregnant women, Wan said.万建民表示,微量营养素长期摄入不足会导致出生缺陷,增加儿童和妇死亡率。Wan said that when he did poverty alleviation work in Guizhou and Hunan provinces in May 2016, the health condition and nutrition of children in those regions had barely improved compared to a decade ago.万建民表示,2016月,当他在贵州省和湖南省进行扶贫工作时,这些地区的儿童的健康状况和营养状况相比十年前几乎没有改善。As for a solution to the problem, Wan suggested that the emphasis in grain production should be shifted from quantity to quality, drawing more attention to nutrition.至于解决方法,万建民建议粮食生产应该从重视数量转变为重视质量,更加关注营养。来 /201609/466142襄州区人民医院割包皮多少钱樊城区妇幼保健中医院是那里人开的



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