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Music -- :56:1 来源: Music Many people like music. It has many sorts: soft music is graceful, rock music fast, classical music GREat, light music relaxing, and children, music interesting. You can pick and choose whatever you like. Now popular songs are in fashion. If you like music, you usually like singing, too. I am no exception. My brother and I like pop songs, and my parents like to listen to soft music. We are a musical family. Do you like music? Is your family full of music, too? Music is really GREat! I like it very much.Summer Vacation --19 :19:3 来源: It is summer vacation and school is out. During summer vacation, most children stay home, watch TV and play with their friends. Some take part in a neighborhood sports program and some go camping. A camp is summer vacation place children. They can go swimming, mountain climbing or boating. Now, there are computer camps. At this camp, children learn how to use computers, which is very important today. Most children enjoy playing computer games. At the computer camps, they can learn more about computers and make friends easily. If you don't have a plan yet your vacation, a computer camp should be

归元寺英文导游词 湖北归元寺景点英文介绍 -- :59:36 来源: 归元寺英文导游词 湖北归元寺景点英文介绍 中国佛寺从来都不是单一的建筑,它们总是由主寺和一系列的其他建筑组成,湖北归元寺就是这样的一个寺庙归元寺位于湖北武汉,占地.67公顷,以建筑完美、雕塑绝妙、珍藏丰富而声震佛门Chinese Buddhist temples are never single buildings. They always consist of a group buildings following a fundamental patter, which can, however, be modified. The main buildings and their symmetrically corresponding secondary buildings m individual groups and courtyards. The entire temple complex is spacious. The building inside the complex are usually single-storied and the main halls are sometimes decorated with a double roof. The towers, pavilions and halls can be multi-storied structures. The Chinese temple complex has been subject to great structural changes throughout the centuries. But temple architects follow the basic principles of secular structures from the Tang Dynasty onwards. The complexes stand on a central axis, usually a north-south axis: east-west only as an exception. (Guiyuan Temple is just the very exception.) The main buildings are strung along this central axis, their broadest sides facing south or east. The most important and most frequently presented building inside a Buddhist temple complex are the main entrance gate, the bell and drum towers, the Hall of the Heavenly Kings, the Hall of the Buddha and a pagoda. Buddhism is said to be founded in India in the 6th century by Siddatha Gautama (565 –86), the son of a nobleman and member of the Kshatriya caste near the present borders of India and Nepal. Buddhism advocates that all the people are created equal and turns against the caste system of Brahmanism, so it was popular with the common people. It was said that Buddhism was sp to China in . At the beginning, it was only regarded as a kind of witch. About 0 AD, Chinese version of Buddhist s criptures began to appear, and thus, Buddhist doctrines began to emerge with traditional Chinese religious thought. From nd century to late 6th century, translation and research of Buddhist sects with Chinese characteristics were becoming more and more popular and many temples were built, which reached its peak in Sui Dynasty (581AD-6AD) and Tang Dynasty (618-9). Some Buddhist sects with Chinese characteristics came into being. Buddhism exerts a great influence on Chinese philosophy, literature, art and folk customs. What is presented bee our eyes is a copper statue of a famous bodhisattva in Hynayana Buddhism. Bodhisattva is a tittle which is only next to Buddha. This statue is the image of Avalokitesvara, which has been popular with Chinese people or more than 1,000 years. She is called the Goddess of Mercy cordially by Chinese and is regarded as the symbol of kindness, mercy and benevolence. When we visit the Avalokitesvara Pavilion after a while, I will give a detailed introduction about her. This copper statue was sent to Guiyuan Temple by Taiwan Buddhists in September 1990. It shows that all Chinese, whether in the mainland or in Taiwan, are eager the reunion of the country, even including religion believers. The building we see now is the Buddha Hall where one certain Buddha and his two assistant bodhisattvases are worshiped. This Buddha is Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha means incomparable brightness. According to Buddhism, time and space is limitless and thus there are many many Buddhas in different spaces and times. But in a certain space or in a certain period of time, there is only one certain Buddha who is in charge of instructing all living creatures. Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha who presides over the Land of Ultimate Bliss in the west, which will come in the future. Buddhist s criptures describe the Land of Ultimate Bliss as a wonderland, in which no pain exists and the people enjoy their lives. In one word, it’s very attractive. Some people will think it must be very difficult to enter such a world. How can I go to such a paradise? Maybe I have to work hard and bear a lot of sufferings. In fact, it’s very easy to enter the world. He only need often murmur ‘May Buddha preserve us’ sincerely. It’s enough. You see, the statue in the middle is the very Buddha. On his left is the Goddess of Mercy. On his right is the other bodhisattva who follows the Buddha. It is said that he can save all the living creatures from three kinds of terrible disasters. Now, let’s step into the Buddhist s criptures Pavilion where the s criptures of Buddhism are kept. But I ‘m afraid what attracts our attention at the first sight must be this snow-white statue. It is a statue of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. This statue was carved out of a big piece of jade which is -meter-tall and weighs 3 tons. It was carved by Myanmar handicraftsmen and donated to the temple by the Rangoon Buddhists in 1935. If we watch the statue, we may sense that the peaceful expression on the Buddha’s face has brought us to a quiet and harmonious state. The last building we will visit is the Avalokitesvara Pavilion in the north yard. When we entered the yard just now we saw a statue of her. Now I’d like to introduce her carefully. As a goddess, she swore that she would not become a Buddha until all the living creatures suffering from pains were saved. So she became a bodhisattva who is most popular among the people and attracts the most believers of all the gods and goddesses in Buddhism. It was said that one would be saved from trouble and disaster as long as he (she) chanted her name and if it was heard by her. Thus she is called Guanshiyin, which means ‘hearing or looking on the voices of the suffering’. Because of her kind heart and benevolence she got another title ‘the Goddess of Mercy’. According to Buddhism, bodhisattvases have no distinction of sex, that is, they are neither male nor female, because they are immortals. But it’s very strange and interesting that most of bodhisattvases were engraved or carved in the images of various kinds of men in human society. Changes didn’t take place until an emperor’s mother thought it was inconvenient to worship a male bodhisattva in her bedroom. From then on, Guanshiyin, the bodhisattvas began to appear bee her believers in the image of a beautiful and elegant lady. We’ll pay a visit to a very serious, sacred place. Generally, the place is regarded as the most holy by Buddhists. It is the Grand Hall, where the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni is worshiped. It is always the center of a Buddhist temple in construction and in Buddhists’ mind. The statue in the middle is Sakyamuni. According to Buddhism his mother gave birth to him in a garden. He belonged to Kshatreya Caste. He married his cousin when he was or years old. At the age of 9, he was confronted with the sights of an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a wandering ascetic. With eyes opened to aspects of life newly revealed to him, he broke from the material world and became an ascetic. Six years later, he gave up mystic concentration that at last brought him enlightenment under a bo tree. He then founded an order of mendicants and spent his next 5 years preaching his ideas until his death. These two statue beside the Buddha are his two disciples. The one on the right was said to be Sakyamuni’s cousin and he had good memory so that he could remember all the Buddha told his disciples. The one on the left was said to be the lord of Brahmnism and he once was Sakyamuni’s tutor. But afterwards he was convinced by Buddhism after long-term debate between Buddhism and other religions and he accepted Sakyamuni as his tutor. Thus he became the eldest one of all Sakyamuni’s disciples. Next, we’ll pay a visit to the Ahrat Hall in the south court. The Ahrat Hall is an important structure in a Buddhist temple. But not all temples have an Ahrat Hall, especially, well-kept Ahrat Halls are very rare in China. This one is among them, and what’s more, it has its own unique characteristics. Generally, an Ahrat Hall is a square building. The building is subdivided into four small square courts so that the hall can get enough sunlight. This kind of structure show some lucky implies in Chinese Buddhist culture. Another characteristic about the hall lies in these sculptures themselves. They were neither made up of wood, nor stone, nor clay. A special way was taken in making them, which could prevents them from being burned, being soaked or being eaten by insects. All the sculptures were floating in water while Wuhan was flooded in 195, but, surprisingly, they were sound and safe after the flood had receded. It was really a wonder. Ahrats are the immortals in Buddhism. But when you have a look around the sculptures, you may find from the expressions on their faces that they are so familiar to you. That’s only because they were molded on the basis of the people in the reality, so they are human beings in our daily life rather than immortals. Ahrats are the symbols of harmony, happiness, and good luck, so the Wuhan natives have got used to counting ahrats since ancient time to pray peace. There are a few ways of counting ahrats. We can count from the first ahrat from left to right or from right to left, when we just enter the hall. We can also choose any ahrat as our starting point, and count in the same way, left to right or right to left. We should base counting on our own ages whatever we take. example, I’m 5, so I should stop in front of the 5th ahrat from the starting ahrat. The sculpture in front of which I stop is my lucky ahrat. My lucky ahrat will accompany me to spend a peaceful and lucky year. Wouldn’t you like to have a try now? If you need, I can explain connotation of some ahrats. That’s all the explanation to Guiyuan Temple. Thank you your cooperation and understanding. You will have another 30 minutes to have a look around the temple. If you have any problems, do let me know. I would like to repeat our bus number, A3. Please don’t get. See you later. 归元 英文 导游词

My Turtle -- ::50 来源: My TurtleHi! Good friends. My name is Susie. I’m ten years old. This is my pet. It’s a turtle. He is also ten years old. His name is Sandwich. He eats ten small fishes every day . Look at him! He has a beautiful shell and two small eyes. He also has a long tail.Now my turtle wants to have a little sister. They can play, sleep and walk together. Now, Mr Sandwich, please reach out your hand and say “Bye-bye.” My friends,please call me. My telephone number is one two three four five.

  印度泰姬陵英文介绍 泰姬陵英文导游词 --9 :7:33 来源: 印度泰姬陵英文介绍 泰姬陵英文导游词据悉,泰姬陵是莫卧儿王朝沙贾汗皇帝为纪念爱妻阿姬曼·芭奴,即泰姬·玛哈尔(逝于公元30年)而建立的陵墓泰姬陵始建于公元3年,建成于公元8年The construction of this marble masterpiece is credited to the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who erected this mausoleum in memory of his beloved wife, Arjumarid Bano Begum; popularly known as Mumtaz Mahal, who died in A.H. (A.D. 30)   Her last wish to her husband was "to build a tomb in her memory such as the world had never seen bee". Thus emperor Shah Jahan set about building this fairy tale like marvel.    The construction of Taj Mahal was started in A.D. 3 and completed at the ended in 8 A.D. seventeen years, twenty thousand workmen are said to have been employed on it daily, their accommodation a small town, named after the deceased empress- 'Mumtazabad', now known as Taj Ganj, was built adjacent to it.    Amanat Khan Shirazi was the calligrapher of Taj Mahal, his name occurs at the end of an inscription on one of the gates of the Taj. Poet Ghiyasuddin had designed the verses on the tombstone, while Ismail Khan Afridi of Turkey was the dome maker. Muhammad Hanif was the superintendent of Masons.   The designer of Taj Mahal was Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. The material was brought in from allover India and central Asia and it took a fleet of 00 elephants to transport it to the site. The central dome is 187 ft. high at the centre.   Red sandstone was brought from Fatehpur Sikri, Jasper from Punjab, Jade and Crystal from China, Turquoise from , Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire from Sri Lanka, Coal Comelian from Arabia and Diamonds from Panna. In all kind of rare, semi precious and precious stones were used (or inlay work in the Taj Mahal.   The chief building material, the white marble was brought from the quarries of Makrana, in distt. Nagaur, Rajasthan. Copies of orders (farmans) issued to Raja Jai Singh, the purpose by Shah Jahan, can be seen in the Taj Museum.  Taj Mahal's outer court, also known as Jilo Khana, was merly used both as a bazar and a caravansarai (Rest house) On the south-east and south-west comers are the tombs of Sirhindi Begum and Satiunnisa Khanum. The Taj has a jewel-like quality.   The shadow and light play demonstrates its many moods.  Some feel the Taj is best seen on a full moon night, others find it ethereal at dawn while some insist that it is sensuous at sunset. 泰姬陵英文导游词

  :The Sweet Candies --01 3:: 来源: The Sweet CandiesCharacters: Narrator(N),Salesman(S) ,Mom,Maggi(M), Alice(A),个Candy(C), 个Policeman(P)Preparation:学校门口布景,做糖果用桌及相关材料,Maggie家布景 Scene1(At Salesman’s home)N: In a dark dirty house, there lived a small, dirty sale sman. He always makes unhealthy candies and sells them to the students. He has a lot of money now. But how does he make the candies? Oh, xu …… He is coming! S: Hello,do you know me? No? Oh, let me tell you .I’m the famous candy salesman at the school gate.My candies arevery popular,I don’t know why.The foolish students always come here. I’ll be a boss soon! Candy, money, candy, money…… (看表) Oops! It’s time to make candies now. (把粉倒到桌上,加水,加糖等用力搓)press, press…… (一块粉掉地,捡起来看看,又放进粉里)Never mind! (满不在意的情) Press, press……(用口水搓搓手,然后继续)Oh, my god!(鼻涕出来,用手擦后继续)Never mind! They don’t know it. it’s OK,he hehe…… Now let me cut it! (菜刀在地上磨一磨,再用刀切)One, two, three, four, five……Wow,OK now! (推糖果出来)糖果钻出来(跳舞),跳完后,非常难过地说:Oh, I’m so dirty and ugly! What can I do? The students will eat me! And they will be ill! Wuwuwu…S: Mmmm…It looks dirty, (突然想到一个点子)let me give you a nice coat! (给它穿上) Wow! it’s so beautiful! Haha… … C: Oh, no! I’m dirty!(把糖果拖出来,放到摊子上推下场) Scene(At the school gate)N: when the class is over, all the students come out happily and the salesman goes to the school gate as usual. (Maggie和Alice 欢快地跑出校门,看到小贩)(小贩推摊子上场,吆喝):Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! …… M: Oh, Alice! Look! Candies! A: yummy! M: Let’s ask him. A: OK! S: Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……(引诱两个女孩) MA:we want two Sweet candies!S: Do you have money?(轻蔑) MA: Money?(对视) No….S: No money? sorry! (吆喝着Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……走开,下场) M: What can we do now? A: Let’s ask mom.M: But how to ask? A: How?…Oh,I know ,(突然想到一个点子,悄悄告诉她)M: Good idea! Year! (两人一起击掌,欢跳下场) Scene 3:(At Maggie’s home) N: The children have to go home and ask mom some money, they will do something clever. (妈妈在擦家具)MA: (冲进家高兴地说)mom ,mom .Let’s help you !(接过妈妈手中的布,拿起拖把“洗刷刷”音乐响起) (做完后,三个人坐在沙发上)Mom:You are so good today.M: mom…Mom: What’s the matter?A:Can we have some money,please?Mom:Why?M:we want to buy some candies.A: Sweet candies! ……Mom:You can’t. They are unhealthy.Please go and do your homework.(置之不理,转头看报,孩子走开)(M做出难过的表情)A:I know.(诡秘的表情,轻声在M耳边说)M:good idea ! Let’s go !(两人走到妈妈的前面)A:Mom .I want a new ruler,M: I want a new eraser.Mom:No,no,no…(继续看报)A;My ruler is broken.(拿出尺子)M:My eraser is so small.(拿出橡皮)Mom:(看后)Ok,But,don’t buy the food at the school gate.It’s unhealthy.Do you know?AM: Yes,madom.Mom: Here you are.(给钱)AM:Thank you ,mom,bye bye.(非常高兴,下场)N: The next day, when the class is over ,Maggie and Alice come to the salesman again. They buy some candies and eat them, (孩子高兴地买了糖,边吃边回家,小贩,M,A下场,)N: but soon they feel a stomachache. M: Aiyo!……(孩子到家后肚子痛两人躬着背进场) A: Aiyo!…. Mom: What’s wrong? M: I’ve a stomachache! A: Me too! Mom: What did you eat? Candies? M A: Yes. We had some candies just now. Mom:Oh! You’ve cheated me! I told you that don’t buy the food at the school gate, they are unhealthy!(生气) M A: But they look nice! MA: Aiyo…… Mom:Well, Let’s go to the salesman together and have a look! MA: OK. Scene : (At the school gate) N: When they get to the school gate, a policeman is asking the salesman to go away. (正走到校门口,发现警察驱赶校门口的小贩)P: Hey! You shouldn’t stay here, leave now! C: Let’s go home, let’s go home! (轻声并拉小贩) S: Why? My candies are nice and popular here! And…M: Mom,it’s him. Aiyo…(指着小贩)Mom:: He? (警察走过来问妈妈,朝小孩) P: What’s the matter with them? Mom: They got a stomachache after having his candies. S: Really? No,no,no…… P: Stop!(打断小贩) Look at the two girls!You must go with me!(非常严厉,然后抓住S) S: Oh ,no. (羞愧) Policeman(对小孩): Girls, please listen! Don’t buy the candies next time. They are unhealthy. Mom::Yes, And you shouldn’t tell a lie to me. Try to be an honest person! Will you? MA: OK, mom.P: Let’s take them to the hospital now. D: OK, Let’s go. (全部退场)N(出场): A few days later, the girls recovered. (全部出场)And this story is trying to tell you that some of the phenomenon must be kept down, we hope it could be improved soon.Thank you !(谢幕)本文由网整理 英语 话剧 剧本。

  My Best Friend --19 ::5 来源: I have a lot of friends in Simon English School. One of them is my best friend. His name is boyd. He and I are both thirteen years old. but I am older than he, and I am fatter than he too. He is shorter than I, and he is thinner than I. He wears a pair of glasses but I don't. He likes to eat pocket-food, and he is a gentleman in a sense that when he has pock-food he will share them with us. He and I are in the same school and in the same class. So, we can help each other. We alway play in the school together. he likes to do thing I like. He lives in the Ningbo Jiangdong, so he hardly came to my home in Zhenghai but I alway go to his home on weekends and he sometimes will come to my home on weekends. Sometimes we will fight but we alway get along well. His mother is a doctor in the Li-Hui-Li hospital and I know where her office is. His father is a worker in the Bei-Lun power plant. He is a head of a group. So, his father has a lot of work to do. He and I are in the same school. We usually have a good time so he is my best friend.

  家教的看法(My View On Private Tutoring) -- :: 来源: 家教的看法(My View On Private Tutoring)nowadays, an increasing numbers of parents ask college students to act as private tutors to their kids. like everything else, private tutoring also has advantages and disadvantages. generally speaking,the advantages can be listed as follows.first, private tutoring is helpful to the parents.many parents are so busy with their work that they have no time to help their children with their lessons. besides, private tutoring is good the tutors themselves. they can make some money while providing a service others. most important of all, privatetutoringis beneficial kids. since the parents can't help when the kids have problems, private tutoring seems to be a wise choice.however, private tutoring also has disadvantages. to begin with, it takes so much of the kid's time that they can hardly find time rest and amusement, which is harmful to their health. to make matters worse, some tutors have too many kids to teach so that they neglect their studies at school. worst of ail, some tutors only offer tips test taking rather than teaching kids what is really needed.according to the above analysis, it is clear that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. theree, it is proposed that great emphasis be laid on the stimulation of the kid' s learning and the cultivation of their potential moreover, kids should be given more time to play so that a new and healthy generation will emerge.Summer Vacation,Summer Vacation范文 --19 :19:1 来源: Summer Vacation 英语作文网为您收集 It is summer vacation and school is out. During summer vacation, most children stay home, watch TV and play with their friends. Some take part in a neighborhood sports program and some go camping. A camp is summer vacation place children. They can go swimming, mountain climbing or boating. Now, there are computer camps. At this camp, children learn how to use computers, which is very important today. Most children enjoy playing computer games. At the computer camps, they can learn more about computers and make friends easily. If you don't have a plan yet your vacation, a computer camp should be   Summer Vacation 英语作文网为您收集告诉他她你的感受-- :5:   I'm having a wonderful time.   我过得很愉快   告诉他她你的感受,来给以暗示你也可以这样说:   I'm delighted to be with you.   和你在一起我很愉快   或:It's nice having you here   你(和我一起)在这儿真不错   如果对方的反应是积极的话,便可以谈得更深一些……

  五年级英语作文:My teacher --1 :00:5 来源:  Mi Qin is my favorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady in her thirty-two years old. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My clamates like her very much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher. She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, she writes good s. She tells us if we want to write good s, we should books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is important a good teacher.四年级英语作文:My first Christmas --1 :: 来源:   That was the first time that I celebated Christmas Day. My friend aksed me to take part in Christmas party. At the party we danced and celebrated with carols. I knew some new friends. We exchanged gifts and said best wishes to each other. I had a pleasant time.

  疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第18课:真可惜-- :7:36 What a pity. 所谓‘好事不出门,坏事传千里’,我们日常在不同途径接收到各种千奇百怪的消息,像某人的猫儿跑掉,某某人跳楼等等,对于听到一些不幸的消息,外国人很喜欢说:What a pity.(真遗憾,真可怜)通常What a pity. 都是用在一些不幸的小事上,例如:车子被涂鸦或买不中票,也可以用What a shame. That's bad news. 如果那件事情是比较严重的,例如某人过世、爆发战争等等,就要用强烈一点的说法:That's terrible. That's awful. I'm sorry to hear that.(很难过听到这样) 对话 A:Did you know Bobby has gained 30 pounds since he got married three months ago? B:His wife must be a good cook. A:Yes, she is. But she's gained 0 pounds too. B:What a pity. 甲:你知不知道波比结婚三个月来已重了30磅? 乙:他的妻子定是个烹饪高手 甲:没错,但她也重了0磅 乙:真可怜哦! 要表示可惜或同情,英文可说:What a pity.  That's(或It's)a pity. 或What a shame. That's(或It's)a shame. 例如:"Look at the new carpet. It's ruined." "Oh, what a shame!"(‘看这张新地毯,毁啦!’‘啊,真可惜’) 此外,你还可以说:Oh dear. 或Oh no.,例如:"I've lost my mobile." "Oh no, that's the third time!"(‘我失去了行动电话’‘哎呀,这是第三次了’) 另一个常见说法,是以How字带出一些形容词 (adjective) 或作形容词用的现在分词(present participle,即ing形式动词):How upsetting disturbing annoying.(真令人不快)、How awful dful frightful terrible.(真糟糕)、How untunate.(真不幸)例如:"I'm afraid the picnic will have to be cancelled because of the rain." "How disappointing!"(‘由于下雨,野餐旅游得取消了’‘真可惜’) 当然,sorry也可以表示惋惜,例如:"My wife's heart condition has worsened." "Oh, I'm sorry about that."(‘我妻子的心脏病更加严重了’‘啊,我听了也觉得难过’) 最后不妨谈谈What a mercy. That's(或It's)a mercy. 和Pity一样,mercy也可解作‘同情’,但What a mercy. 等?有‘幸而’含义,不是说‘可惜’,切勿和What a pity. 等混淆,例如:It is a mercy that he's not coming.(幸好他不会来)

  中国大水镇英文介绍:朱家角镇 --19 ::5 来源: 中国大水镇英文介绍:朱家角镇 Zhujiajiao [PhotoCFP] Zhujiajiao is a township in the Qingpu District of Shanghai.Established 1,700 years ago, Zhujiajiao was an important trading hub the surrounding countryside, many of the architectures date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Traditionally, goods and people were ferried on the small canals from house to house, passing under the 36 ancient stone bridges that are all still in use by locals and tourists alike. 英文介绍 朱家角镇。

  二年级英语作文:A Warm-hearted Man! --1 ::58 来源: one afternoon an old woman was croing the street with a basket in her hand. she was going to do some shoing.   just then a car ran up fast and she was knocked down. one of her legs was hurt and she couldt move any more. a kind cleaner saw whis and rushed to her at once. he helped her stand up and took her to the nearest hoital. what a warm-hearted man he was!

  :狐假虎威续 --01 :6:5 来源: :狐假虎威续旁白:I think everybody knows the Chinese story “A Tiger in Tow" . You know the fox cheat the tiger. When the tiger knew the truth, he felt very angry. He hated the fox very much. Can you imagine when the fox meet with the tiger again, what will happen?One day, a new story happens.Scene I 琵琶弹奏:《金蛇狂舞场景:狐狸在前面跑,老虎在后面追老虎一把揪住狐狸,喘三口气后,将狐狸翻转过来老虎:(暴怒地,用手指指着狐狸的鼻子)You cheat me last time. Cheat me! How dare you! Now, you are dying. Ah ha ha ha!狐狸:(背过头去,小声地):Oh, unlucky! What shall I do?(回过头来,可怜地):I feel very sorry cheating you last time,but, but ,but……(左顾右盼)老虎:(疑惑地)But what?狐狸:(推脱中)But…….(眼睛往远处上下打量,迷恋状,脚不由自主地走出去)Beautiful!老虎:(一把将狐狸拽回来) What?狐狸:(向远处努努嘴)You girl friend Linda! Look, she’s there!老虎:(傻呼呼,左右张望,急忙放手去找)Where? Where? Linda, I love you!(狐狸乘机溜走)(l老虎望着空空如也的手) I hate fox!(气得上窜下跳)Scene II旁白:Untunately, after a few days, the tiger meet with the fox again.老虎在森林里又遇到了溜达中的狐狸,又一下子冲上去把狐狸压在爪下(琵琶拨一下弦,以示紧张的情绪)老虎:(暴怒地)Now, you can make a choice. You want me bite you head first or your fat leg first?(先抚狐狸的头发,再打量狐狸的腿)狐狸:(回过头去,表情像遇到鬼)Shit!(又回过头来,非常可怜状)(二胡《梁祝响起)Oh, oh, oh, oh, help yourself to some fox please. I hate myself, too.(狐狸捂着脸痛苦地跪下)My mother says I’m not a good boy. I always tell lies.(狐狸突然蹿起来) But, they say, tiger is a kind of strong animal. Maybe the strongest animal in the world. Bee I die, can you show me how strong you are?老虎:(得意极了,做出各种健美展示姿势)Of course. I’m a great animal. I’m proud of myself.狐狸:(试探地)I heard there was a Chinese called 刘翔. He can cover 1 meters in seconds. Can you?老虎:(想想就好笑)Wa ha ha ha ! wa ha ha ha! Poor mankind! How slow! Wash your eyes! (老虎用手将狐狸的脑袋推开)Look!(老虎一溜烟跑了起来)狐狸:(挥挥手,远远望去)sa yu na la! (二胡配轻松得意的音乐) :狐假虎威续

  失物招领处-- ::59   Where's the "Lost and Found" counter?   失物招领处在哪儿?   有的商城里设有失物招领处,有时它就只是"inmation desk"或"reception desk"的一部分在街上捡到东西,人们可以把它交到"police station".

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