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China has continued to help with post-typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines. Two relief teams are now in the country and y to start their 15-day work. The second team arrived Thursday afternoon, joining 18 members sent by the Red Cross Society of China that arrived on Wednesday.中国对菲律宾灾后的救援工作继续提供援助。目前,有两救援队正在菲律宾,他们已经做好准备开始为期15天的救援工作。第二救援队于周四下午抵达菲律宾,而由中国红十字派遣的第一救援队于周三已经到达那里,两救援队将一同开展救援工作。China#39;s medical vessel, the ;Peace Ark;, is also on its way to the Philippines with 93 medical workers and 12 disaster relief experts on board. The hospital ship has 300 beds, eight operating theaters, and can accommodate 40 major procedures a day.中国医疗船——“和平方舟”,乘载着93名医务工作者和12名救灾专家,也正驶向菲律宾。这轮医疗船上装载有300个病床,8个手术室,每天可进行40个大手术。A 50-man strong medical team has also departed from east China#39;s Zhejiang Province late Thursday. Upon arrival, they will establish a field hospital to offer medical services for survivors.一由50人组成的强大医疗小分队也已经于周四晚些时候从中国浙江省出发前往菲律宾。抵达后,他们将搭建战地医院为幸存者提供医疗务。 Article/201311/265675Nicole Kidman on Role as Military Wife: #39;Really Powerful#39;The actress discusses her new film, ;The Railway Man,; where she plays a woman who marries a former POW.Nicole Kidman back on the big screen with two very different roles she’s taking on Princess Grace, also a gritty army wife in a new movie as well. A’s Nick Wart sat down and talked to her about it.We all know that Nicole Kidman is elegant, talented, beautiful, but she’s also very funny, and also rather tall.People are always amazed at how tall I am.5’11” by the way. In this, her latest role in The Railway Man, Kidman plays a rather dowdy and dedicated woman named Patty Lomax.I’ve never kissed a man with a mustache before, and I don’t think I’m gonna kiss a man with a mustache again.Who meets and marries Eric, a former POW traumatized by his torture at the hands of the Japanese in the Second World War. It’s a true story. The idea of staying with someone and not abandoning them and somehow healing them with love was really powerful to me.Have you ever been through something similar yourself that you could draw on?Of course I relate to the power of love and the healing qualities of love, that’s why I wanted to play it.I’m so happy.Ok, for all you inspiring journalists, here’s a painful lesson.You live in Sydney, right?No, I live in Nashville.I thought you lived in Sydney.You didn’t the research.I can be a mother and wife and hold on 2 jobs without the people getting too upset, can’t I?But I do know that she’s princess Grace in the upcoming Grace of Monaco.I just wanted to do it justice, but it’s not a biopic, it’s not sort of some joke into the deep psyche of Grace, it’s very much a fairytale still.My husband is in cold bay.Which The Railway Man most certainly is not.I love him and I want him back.It talks about what soldiers are going through, right now coming back, and having endured things, having seen things, and how do you move forward with your life. And I think that’s incredibly relevant to now.For Good Morning America, Nick Wart, A News, Los Angeles. /201404/292933

EU taking careful approach with sanctions Finland#39;s foreign trade minister Alexander Stubb explains the eurozone is being cautious with imposing sanctions.People are expecting us to come out with some kind of message on how we can get come cool collected resolution to this difficult situation. And you don’t always do that we just sanctions counter sanctions. The dialogue mister may open. Finland has 1300 kilometers’ border with Russia. 10% of our trade iswith Russia. They are our biggest trade partner. If we go for meeting the economic sanctions. It’s gonna sp trouble.Finland is on the front line, I am sure you are aware that just today the US has beafed the sanctions include a bank that is run by a man Cooper’s runtenbord. Another person is on the US that is called Gennatic Shanco. What if the two individuals have Russia in Finland’s …is that a difficultposition?Well not really, because that is a ed States’ sanctions list. It would put us in the difficult situation, if it was a European Union list as such, and that would be probably a first time in history of EU put in sanctions for someone to trouble inside EU has internationality. /201403/282596

Progeria is早衰症确实是a truly remarkable disease, and I think what is remarkable一种值得注意的疾病 is the large number of parallels between因为这种极端情况this very extreme disease and the normal ageing process.和正常衰老过程之间 有大量的可比较之处You#39;re welcome.不用谢We#39;re starting to see the arthritis start.我们已经看到关节炎的症状His hands are kind of starting to show the signs that you#39;d see他的手也似乎出现了那些with an older person, his hands, his feet especially.老人才会出现的症状 特别是手和脚A lot of the things that Josiah is很多乔舒亚目前dealing with right now, my parents are dealing with them -要面对的状况 是我父母才有的they#39;re in their mid-50s - and my grandmother,他们50几岁 还有我的外婆who is in her 70s, is dealing with.#39;70几岁 也在面对同样的问题Mentally, Josiah is completely normal.心理上 乔舒亚是完全正常的Use that to move, remember.用那个移动 记得吗He totally is a five-year-old.他彻底就是一个五岁的孩子He loves to play, he loves to roughhouse,他喜欢玩 喜欢打闹just like any other five-year-old boy would. He#39;s into Handyman.就像别的5岁的男孩 他着迷于街头快侠All those things, that you would所有5岁孩子做的事情find a five-year-old doing, that#39;s what Josiah does.乔舒亚都喜欢做 Article/201303/232836Are you leaving?Yeah. I have to go.你要走啊?是啊 我得走了You want a hit?Yes.Yes, I do.来点吗?好的。好的 来一点Can I take a couple?Sure. For my friends.我能多拿点吗?当然 给我朋友Well, my friend, and my girlfriend.呃 我朋友...还有我女朋友It#39;s so beautiful.Like a window to the world.好美。好像一扇通往整个世界的窗户What do you think it#39;s like in space?你觉得太空是什么样子?It#39;s...beyond understanding.Yeah.一定...美到无以言表。是的Who has a baby,and then just throws it away like it#39;s nothing?...谁会做那种事 生了一个孩子,之后 就那样无情地抛弃掉?You talking about your birth parents?你又在想你亲生父母的事?Oh, no, no, no, no, no.哦 别说了 别说了That#39;s bad. Yeah. That#39;s making me really sad. I...好伤感 真的 太令我伤感了 我...Sorry that my life is ruining your high.It#39;s okay.不好意思 我的过去让你High不起来了。没关系I miss you when you#39;re not around.当你不在的时候 我会想你的I love you, Steve.I love you.我爱你 史蒂夫。我爱你Space. The endless black deep.What was it that that guru used to tell us?宇宙啊 无边无垠的黑暗王国。到底过去的哲人告诉了我们什么?There is no time to waste.Do you hear that?What?There he goes again.别蹉跎岁月。你听见了吗?什么?他又去了远方 /201404/283698

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