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The first time I ran, like really ran, was during middle school gym class. It took me 11 minutes and 47 seconds to finish a mile. I#39;ve been running ever since.我第一次跑步,那种真正的跑步,是在中学体育课的时候。我花了11分47秒跑完了1英里。自那以后,我一直在跑步。Running is the kind of thing where you put in the time and expect to see results, and let me be the first to tell you: It is supremely discouraging when you don#39;t. It#39;s discouraging when you run a five-mile race with your entire family and come in a solid 15 minutes behind everyone else, and it#39;s discouraging when that time is no faster or slower than your five-mile time five years ago.跑步是一种你会投入时间并期待成效的运动。让我做第一个告诉你这个的人:你没有做到的时候,你会刚到非常沮丧。当你和所有家人一起来一场5英里赛跑却落后了每个人15分钟的时候,是十分让人沮丧的;当你跑完5英里的时间并没有比5年前更快或更慢的时候,也是十分让人沮丧的。And yet, my alarm is aly set for 6 a.m. tomorrow, even though it#39;s probably going to be rainy and definitely going to be cold and even though most of the time, I really hate running.但是,我已经把明天的闹钟设置为早晨6点钟了,哪怕可能会下雨且一定会变冷;哪怕大多数时间,我真的讨厌跑步。Don#39;t ask me why. All I know is this: As much as I hate running, I love being a runner.不要问我原因。我所知道的一切就是:我喜欢成为一名奔跑者和我讨厌跑步的程度相同。There#39;s some kind of camaraderie between people who spend more money each year on running shoes than on all their other shoes combined, and there#39;s some fundamental similarity between people who can cross 10 miles without pausing.比起购买其他所有的鞋子,每年花更多的钱买跑鞋的人们之间有着某种友谊;那些不用暂停就能跑完10英里的人们之间也有着根本的相似性。On days that I run, I exert myself purely for exertion#39;s sake. If you run too, you get why.在我跑步的日子里,我只不过为了努力而努力。如果你也跑步,你会懂的。When you#39;re a runner, your people are the girls with hair elastics on their wrists and the boys with shorts shorter than yours. They might be better, faster or stronger than you, but you belong with them.当你做奔跑者的时候,你的同伴会是那些手腕上有用来扎头发的橡皮筋的女孩子们以及那些穿着比你裤子还短的短裤的男孩子们。他们也许比你更好、更快或者更强壮,但你和他们是一起的。It took me almost 10 years of plodding along at an 11-minute mile before I realized that I could call myself a runner, no matter how slow I go or how many races I lose.我花了将近10年时间才做到在11分钟内跑完1英里,后来我才意识到,我可以称自己为一名奔跑者,无论我跑得多慢、无论我输掉了几场比赛。I#39;ve laced up my shoes at least once a week since the first day I stepped foot on a track in middle school. Some weeks it#39;s every day, some weeks it#39;s not. Some days, I#39;ll barely go more than a mile, and some days, I#39;ll walk more than I jog. I may not have medals, but I have fresh air, time alone, and creaky knees and tight quads.自从我在中学踏上跑道的第一天起,我至少每周会束紧鞋带跑一次步。有些时候我那周的每天都绑紧鞋带去跑步,有些时候不是。有些日子里,我很少跑超过1英里的距离;有些日子里,我散步的次数会比慢跑多。我可能没有奖章,但是我能呼吸新鲜空气、拥有独处的时间并有吱吱作响的膝盖和结实的股四头肌。For me, that#39;s enough. I run, so I am a runner.对我来说,那就足够了。我跑步,所以我是一名奔跑者。 /201604/437692。

Mankind has been turning beer into urine for centuries. Leave it to science to find a way to reverse that process.人类数百年来一直在将啤酒转化为尿液。现在交给科学,让其找到方法逆转这一过程。Scientists at Belgium#39;s University of Ghent say they#39;ve created a machine that turns urine into potable water, and fertilizer, using solar energy. The scientists have since crafted small batches of Belgian ale from the recycled water.比利时根特大学的科学家们近日宣布,他们已经制造出一种机器,可以利用太阳能将尿液转化为饮用水和肥料。这些科学家们已经利用循环水制作出了少量的比利时啤酒。;We call it from sewer to brewer,”Sebastiaan Derese, one of the researchers from the University of Ghent, told Reuters. ;We#39;re able to recover fertiliser and drinking water from urine using just a simple process and solar energy.;;我们叫它从尿水到酒水”,根特大学一名名叫塞巴斯蒂安·德雷瑟的研究员接受路透社采访时表示,;只要使用一个很简单的加工过程,再加上太阳能,我们就能从尿液中重新得到肥料和饮用水。”The machine collects urine in a big tank which is then heated in a solar-powered boiler. As the heated water evaporates it passes through a membrane, which separates the H2O from nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen. Those nutrients can then be used to enrich fertilizers for plants. The water is then diverted to a separate tank.该机器将尿液收集在一个大水槽里,然后在一个太阳能锅炉里加热。随着加热,水开始蒸发,然后通过一层薄膜将水和像磷,氮这样的营养成分分开。这些营养成分可以用来丰富植物的肥料。最后再将水转移到另一个单独的水槽中。Since the system requires no electricity, the researchers hope it can be used to provide clean drinking water for people in developing countries. According to Derese, the process could help organize agriculture in a more sustainable way throughout many rural communities more susceptible to drought.由于该系统不需要电力,研究人员们希望它可以用来为发展中国家的人们提供干净的饮用水。据德雷瑟表示,这个过程可以帮助许多易受干旱影响的农村地区以更可持续的方式组织农业。But the system can also be used for commercial purposes to quickly purify water where there are a lot of people—who have to go to the bathroom a lot—like sports stadiums, shopping malls and airports.但这一系统也可以用于商业目的,快速净化人多的地方。比如例如体育馆,商场以及机场中的水,在这些场所人们使用卫生间的次数很多。So the next time you take a swig of beer and think to yourself, ;this tastes like warm p---,” you might just be providing an accurate flavor profile.所以下次当你大口痛饮啤酒时,想一想;这味道像暖和的... ”你可能描述的是正确的味道。 /201608/458974。

My bad,honey... I#39;ve found baby, he just needs to get dusted off, then he#39;s as good as new...我的错,亲爱的……我发现宝宝了,他只是需要抹去灰尘,就会和像的一样… /201606/450941。

Bullet points, question marks, underlining and a couple of impressive looking equations.着重号,问号,下划线,还有其他几个令人印象深刻的方程式。These are the methods used by one cheeky office worker to appear engaged in front of his boss during a mundane meeting.这就是一位调皮的员工用来在常见的会议上在老板面前假装很忙的方法。The bored employee uploaded a copy of the hilarious handwritten notes he took during a conference to Reddit on Wednesday so others could learn how simple it is to fool you employer into thinking you#39;re a productive member of staff.周三,这位觉得开会很无聊的员工将自己在某次会议期间手写的一份非常好笑的笔记上传到Reddit网站上,以便让大家学一下骗老板以为你效率很高有多简单。#39;Pretend to pay attention and look like you’re writing important things even though it’s all BS,#39; he scrawled on a note pad.他在记事本上潦草地写道:“假装在注意听讲,看上去你在写啥重要的东西,其实啥也不是。”#39;Indentation and bullet points are always a nice touch,#39; he added.他补充道:“缩进和着重号是不错的点缀。”After sitting and listening for another ten minutes, the officer worker jotted down some numbers and equations so it appeared he was paying close attention.又听了十分钟的会议内容后,这位员工草草记下了几个数字和方程式,因此看上去他在开会时很专心。He had several other pointers about how underlining, using question marks and drawing arrows made your notes look legitimate from afar.他又提出了几条建议,告诉大家划线标注、使用问号、和画箭头如何能使你的会议记录远远看上去合情合理。His last piece of advice was to make sure you jam some writing into the margins to #39;avoided having to fill up more than one page#39;.他的最后一条建议是,在纸张边缘处写些字,免得还要另用一张。#39;I can#39;t wait until working in traditional offices are a thing of the past and working remotely from my bed becomes standard,#39; the man added.他补充说:“非常盼望在传统办公室工作的时期成为过去,在家办公成为新标准。”Reddit users were quick to draw comparisons to their own #39;waste of time#39; meetings, while others said the man should have used his time to be more productive.Reddit网站用户很快就将其和自己参加的“浪费时间”的会议作了对比。也有些人说这位员工应该更高效地利用时间。#39;Seriously, I don#39;t know how many ;mandatory; meetings I have that are better suited to be email or on the company messenger,#39; one user wrote.一位用户写道:“认真地讲,我不知道我参加了多少‘强制’会议,而这些会议内容其实以电邮或者公司内部通讯工具发送会更好。”#39;I did that once too! Wrote something like ;just writing things down so it looks like I#39;m paying attention;. I still have the notebook at work,#39; commented another.“我也这么干过!写一些类似于‘随便写写,这样看起来我在认真参会’的东西在纸上。我还保存有工作时的记事本”,另一位用户道。The writer of another note, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, appears to have taken the man#39;s advice, using dot points to jot down what a waste of time his hour and a half meeting was.《每日邮报》澳洲版还拿到了另一份会议记录,写下这份会议记录的员工似乎已经采纳了前文所述员工的建议,使用圆点记下了这个长达一个半小时的会议有多浪费时间。#39;Projector not working – standard. Good start.#39;“投影仪坏掉了,普遍情况,不错的开始。”#39;No one is listening to you mate.... bla bla bla,#39; he wrote.“讲话的这位,没人在听你说啥啊……吧啦吧啦吧啦”,他写道。He then took down the date of a quality audit with a short reminder to #39;chuck a sickie#39; that day.之后他记下了质量审核的日期,加了个简短提醒,那天“请个病假”。#39;That’s it. Great. 1.5 hours gone,#39; he wrote, marking the end of the meeting.“就这样,不错,会开了1个半小时”,会议结束时他写道。The unidentified officer worker sat through another unbearable meeting on Thursday and compiled a sassy account of what was said after wasting some time while he waited for his boss to arrive. 这位身份不明的员工周四还耐着性子开完另一个让人难以忍受的会议,写下了一份活泼的会议记录。等老板到会还耽误了一会儿时间。#39;Oh yeah, 10 minutes still waiting for directors to arrive.#39;“噢耶,还有10分钟主管才能来。”#39;No worries, plenty of time, got nothing else to do,#39; he wrote.“别担心,时间足够,没啥可做的”,他写道。He slammed one man for his #39;boring#39; contribution, asking #39;how does this relate to my project?#39;他还批评了一位在会上说的话“很无聊”的人,问道:“这和我的项目有啥关系?”#39;Wow this guy is putting people to sleep. Seriously.#39; he said, adding that he was the only one in the meeting who bothered to take notes.“噢这人把大家都催眠了,讲真”,他写道,他还补充说他是会上唯一一个不厌其烦地做记录的人。 /201606/451454。

5.The Castor Bean5.蓖麻The castor bean plant, or Ricinus communis, is widely cultivated for its castor oil and is also used as an ornamental plant. Neither of these uses would clue you into the fact that this plant has deadly contents: ricin.蓖麻子,或蓖麻,一种广泛栽培的植物,以获取其蓖麻油,或作为观赏型植物。这两种用法都掩盖了一个事实,就是这种植物带有毒素:蓖麻毒素。Castor oil is a mild-tasting vegetable oil that is used in many food additives, flavorings and in candy production. It#39;s also available to the consumer as a laxative and to induce labor (though no scientific evidence shows it#39;s successful in inducing labor). Castor oil comes from the plant#39;s seeds, which are 40 to 60 percent oil. The castor bean plant probably originated in Africa, but is now found throughout the world. This large, shrubby plant is popularly used in gardens because of its hardy nature. It grows well in barren areas and doesn#39;t require special care. It#39;s fast-growing and can reach 36 feet (11 meters) in a season. The flowers of the plant are yellowish green, and the centers of the flowers are red. The leaves are large with toothed edges. Ricin is present in low levels throughout the plant, but it#39;s largely concentrated in the seed coating. Seed poisonings are rare and usually involve children and pets, but they can be deadly. As few as three seeds, which are green with brown markings, could kill a child who swallows them. Symptoms of castor bean poisoning include nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, internal bleeding, and kidney and circulation failure. Many people suffer from an allergic reaction to the dust from the seeds and may experience coughing, muscle aches and difficulty breathing. Exposure to the dust is most common in areas where the beans are processed for commercial use. In ancient times, the castor bean was used in ointments, and allegedly, Cleopatra applied the oil to the whites of her eyes to brighten them.蓖麻油是一种温和的蔬菜油,用在食物添加剂、调味料还有糖果的生产中。它还能用来当泻药和助产(虽然没有科学据明可以成功引产)。蓖麻油来自蓖麻的种子,种子含油量为40%~60%。蓖麻一开始是在非洲发现的,现在世界各地都可以看到。这种大型灌木状植物因其强适应性被广泛放在花园中。它不需要特别的照顾,即使在贫瘠的地方也可以生长得很好,并且生长速度很快——一个季度就可以长到36英尺(11米)。该植物的花为浅绿色,花的中心为红色。叶子很大,带有齿状边缘。蓖麻毒素含量比较低,主要集中在种子包衣。蓖麻子中毒虽很罕见,但是一旦发生便是致命的,通常发生在孩子和宠物中。一个孩子只要吞下三颗绿棕条纹的种子就会死亡。蓖麻子中毒的症状包括恶心、腹部痉挛、呕吐、内部出血和肾循环衰竭。许多人对种子上的灰尘都会有过敏反应,可能会咳嗽、 肌肉疼痛、呼吸困难。在人们将其用于商业用途的地区,蓖麻籽一般都暴露在空气中。在古代,蓖麻子用于膏药。据称克娄巴特拉人用蓖麻油涂在眼白部分,让眼睛看起来更亮。4.Deadly Nightshade4.颠茄Deadly nightshade is a perennial plant that grows between 2 and 4 feet (0.6 to 1.2 meters) tall. You#39;ll recognize it by its dull, dark green leaves and bell-shaped purple, scented flowers, which bloom from mid-summer through early fall. Deadly nightshade berries are green when they form and turn to a shiny black as they ripen. They#39;re sweet and juicy, which makes them tempting to children. The plant requires rich, moist soil to thrive, and it grows wild in some areas of the world, but in the ed States is limited to cultivation. Not all animals are affected by deadly nightshade. While it#39;s deadly to humans and some animals, horses, rabbits and sheep can eat the leaves without harm, and birds feed on the berries. The poisons contained in deadly nightshade affect the nervous system. Taken in sufficient doses, the deadly poison paralyzes nerve endings in the involuntary muscles of the body, such as the blood vessels, heart and gastrointestinal muscles. Symptoms of deadly nightshade poisoning include dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, headaches, confusion and convulsions. As few as two ingested berries can kill a child, and 10 to 20 berries would kill an adult. Even handling the plant can cause irritation.颠茄是一种多年生草本植物,可高达2-4英尺(0.6-1.2米)。其叶子呈深绿色;花冠为钟形,淡紫色,有香气;花期一般在仲夏到初秋;浆果未成熟时呈绿色,成熟后变为亮黑色,且甘甜多汁,对孩子们来说,这极具吸引力。颠茄适宜生长在肥沃、湿润的土壤中,野生颠茄分布在世界多地,但美国却没有野生颠茄的存在,全靠人工栽培。尽管颠茄对于人类和有些动物来说是致命的,但总有一些动物不受颠茄毒素影响,例如,马、兔和羊吃了它的叶子却都可以平安无事,鸟类甚至以它的浆果为食。颠茄中所含的有毒物质主要作用于神经系统,如果不慎摄入了足够的剂量,这些致命的有毒物质就会麻痹诸如血管、心脏以及胃肠道肌等人体不随意肌中的神经末梢。其中毒的症状包括瞳孔散大、畏光、视力模糊、头痛、神志不清以及痉挛等。儿童误食两个浆果就会丧命,而10-20个浆果的摄入量也足以造成一个成人死亡。即便是在加工过程中触碰到颠茄植株,也能引起过敏反应。3.The Rosary Pea3.相思子The rosary pea, or Abrus precatorius, has very pretty seeds. Two-thirds of the seed is red, and the top third is black. These decorative seeds are often used to make jewelry, and that jewelry is imported to other countries. In fact, these seeds are especially popular for rosary prayer beads.相思子又称鸡母珠,有着非常漂亮的种子。其种子底端的三分之二呈红色,顶端的三分之一呈黑色。这些具有装饰性的种子通常用于制作首饰,首饰也被多国争相进口。实际上,用这些种子做成的念珠则更受欢迎。But rosary pea seeds contain the poison abrin. The seeds are only dangerous when the coating is broken -- swallowed whole, the rosary pea doesn#39;t present any danger. But if the seed is scratched or damaged, it#39;s deadly. The rosary pea poses greater danger to the jewelry maker than to the wearer. There are many reported cases of death when jewelry makers prick a finger while handling the rosary pea. Rosary pea plant is an aggressive grower and can take over an area if not kept in check. One rosary pea vine can grow and climb more than 20 feet (6 meters) in a single season. The plant, which is native to Indonesia, has sp across the world, in tropic and sub-tropic climates. It#39;s even located in several states in the ed States, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Hawaii. The plant has long leaves with off-shooting leaflets and red flowers. Abrin, the poison found in the rosary pea seed, is more deadly than ricin. Less than 3 micrograms of abrin in the body is enough to kill, which is less than the amount of poison in one pea. In the human body, abrin bonds to cell membranes and prevents protein synthesis, one of the most important duties of the cell. Symptoms of rosary pea inhalation poisoning are: difficult breathing, fever, nausea and fluid in the lungs. If ingested -- and the seed coating is broken -- rosary pea seeds cause severe nausea and vomiting, which eventually leads to dehydration, and ends with the kidneys, liver and spleen shutting down. Death usually follows within three to four days.然而,相思子的种子包含相思子毒素。但只有包裹种子的薄膜破损时,它们才会危及人的生命。也就是说,如果不慎吞下了完整的种子,吞食者并不会有任何危险;但如果吞下的种子被划伤或破损了,吞食者就会有生命危险。因而相思子首饰制作者们面临的风险反而比佩戴者更大。许多工匠就是在加工相思子饰品时不小心扎破了手指,不幸中毒身亡。相思子植株的侵略性非常强,如果不加以控制,它们往往会抢占其他生物的生存空间。一株相思子藤蔓一个季度就可以生长超过20英尺(6米)。这一原产于印度尼西亚的物种,现已遍布全球的热带和亚热带地区。甚至在美国的亚拉巴马州、阿肯色州、佛洛里达州、佐治亚州和夏威夷等地都有它的身影。相思子叶片狭长,小叶对生,花朵呈红色。在相思子种子中发现的有毒物质——相思子毒素,其毒性远超过蓖麻毒素。不到3微克的相思子毒素便足以致命,而每颗相思子所含的毒素往往超过3微克。相思子毒素进入人体后,会附着于细胞膜上并阻止蛋白质合成,而合成蛋白质是细胞最重要的功能。若不慎吸入相思子粉尘中毒,其临床症状为:呼吸困难、发热、恶心以及肺水肿。若相思子种子外层的保护膜破损,谁又不幸摄入了相思子毒素,中毒者就会出现严重的恶心呕吐,并由此引发脱水,最终出现肾、肝、脾衰竭。中毒者一般在中毒后三至四天内死亡。2.Water Hemlock2.水毒芹The water hemlock, or cicuta maculata, is a very attractive wildflower with an upright growth pattern, purple-striped leaves and small white blooms. But the water hemlock#39;s white roots are sometimes mistaken for a parsnip plant -- a potentially fatal error. The poison contained in the water hemlock, cicutoxin, is present in the entire plant, but is most concentrated in the roots. Anyone who confuses the plant with parsnips and decides to take a bite faces a violent death.水毒芹,又名斑毒芹,是一种非常漂亮的野花。它属直立草本,长着紫色斑纹叶,白色迷你花瓣。但水毒芹的白色根有时候会被误认为欧防风的根,这种误认可能会造成致命的后果。整株水毒芹都包含有毒物质——毒芹素,但根部的毒芹素含量最高。若把水毒芹错认为欧防风,尝一口也是存在致命风险的。The water hemlock, which is native to North America, is considered by many to be the most deadly plant on the continent. The wildflower, which grows to 6 feet (1.8 meters), thrives along stream banks, in marshy areas, and in low-lying, damp meadows. For those unlucky enough to taste the water hemlock, the onset of illness is rapid. The cicutoxin contained in the plant causes violent and painful convulsions, nausea, vomiting, cramps and muscle tremors. Those who survive the poisoning experience long-term health conditions, such as amnesia. No amount of water hemlock root is considered safe to ingest.水毒芹原产于北美洲,被众人喻为“北美地区最具致命性的植物”。该植物的高度可达6英尺(1.8米),多生于溪岸、沼泽地及低洼的湿草甸处。误食毒芹者很快就会出现由毒芹素导致的剧烈反应——恶心、呕吐、抽搐、痉挛以及肌肉震颤,十分痛苦。有些人即使没有毒发身亡,也会长期受到一些健康困扰,如健忘症。总之,对于水毒芹的根而言,用多少都是不安全的。1.Oleander1.夹竹桃The oleander, or Nerium oleander, is considered by many to be the most poisonous plant in the world. All parts of the beautiful oleander contain poison -- several types of poison. Two of the most potent are oleandrin and neriine, known for their powerful effect on the heart. An oleander#39;s poison is so strong, in fact, that it can poison a person who simply eats the honey made by bees that have digested oleander nectar.夹竹桃,又名欧洲夹竹桃,被众人喻为“地球上最具毒性的植物”。它的每一部分都极具观赏性,但其实含有多种毒素。毒性最强的要属欧夹竹桃甙和夹竹桃甙,这两种毒素都具有显著的强心作用。夹竹桃毒性很强,一只吸取了夹竹桃花蜜的蜜蜂产出的蜂蜜都能使人中毒。The oleander is an attractive plant, and despite its deadly reputation is often planted for decorative purposes. Although native to the Far East and the Mediterranean areas, oleander has been introduced in the ed States, where it grows easily. It#39;s tolerant of poor quality soil and dry weather. The plant grows as a dense shrub, and is typically 6 to 18 feet (1.8 to 5.4 meters) tall at maturity. It has thick, dark green leaves, and the flowers, which grow in clusters, can be yellow, red, pink or white. Even in barren areas, the oleander produces lovely flowers and fragrance. Animals instinctively avoid the plant, and it grows rapidly, so it#39;s often used for highway barriers and other areas that require screening from noise and pollution. Its rapid growth also makes it a popular choice around new construction zones, as it prevents erosion. Unlike some toxic plants, the oleander is poisonous to most animals as well as humans. A single ingested oleander leaf can kill a child. Ingestion of oleander results in diarrhea, vomiting, intense stomach pain, drowsiness, dizziness, an irregular heartbeat, and often, death. If the victim survives the initial 24 hours after ingestion, his or her odds of surviving increase dramatically. For successful treatment, the patient is induced to vomit, his or her stomach may be pumped, or he or she may be fed activated charcoal to absorb as much of the poison as possible.虽然夹竹桃含有剧毒,但它外形可人,常作为观赏植物。夹竹桃原产于远东及地中海区域,后被引入易于其生长的美国。它耐瘠薄、耐干旱,通常会长成一片密集的灌木,成熟期时可达6至18英尺(1.8至5.4米)高。其叶为深绿色,花朵簇拥生长,有黄、红、粉、白四种颜色。即使在土地贫瘠地带,夹竹桃也能长出芳香四溢的漂亮花朵,而动物一般会本能地避开夹竹桃。因其生长速度快,所以常常被用于高速公路护栏及其它噪声、污染隔离区。也正因如此,夹竹桃还被用于新建筑群周边的绿化植被,有助防止水土流失。与一些有毒植物不同,夹竹桃对人类和大部分动物来说都具有毒性。一片夹竹桃叶就能使一个小孩丧命。误食夹竹桃会导致腹泻、呕吐、剧烈腹痛、困倦、头晕、心律不齐等,并常常致人死地。如果中毒者熬过了初摄入的24小时,其存活率也会显著上升。妥善的治疗方案有:催吐,用泵灌洗胃,吞食活性炭以多吸收毒素。审校:惠月 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201608/458904。

I have just baked gluten-free quinoa biscuits!我刚烤了不含谷蛋白的藜麦饼干!We#39;ve got a Tesla!我们有一个特斯拉!I love nazism!我爱纳粹!A WASP with a stroller can say anything and get away with it白人新教徒推着婴儿车可以说任何事情并能逃脱惩罚 /201608/462053。

A San Francisco startup called Naked Labs designed a Naked 3D Fitness Tracker for people who want to measure their progress on physical fitness goals with objective data.美国旧金山初创公司Naked Labs设计了一款名为;裸体3D健康追踪器;的设备,该设备面向想以客观的数据衡量自己在健身目标上取得的进步的人士。The device is comprised of an internet connected, full-length mirror that plugs into a normal outlet, and a wirelessly rechargeable scale that also rotates like a turntable to get users a smooth scan.这款设备由一面联网的、插在普通插座上的全身镜和一个可无线充电的电子秤组成。电子秤可以像转盘一样旋转以顺利扫描使用者。The Naked mobile app displays body scans as grayscale, 3D images. The precise, realistic illustration of a user#39;s body appears along with data about it in the app, including how different areas are improving or declining over time.Naked的手机应用会将身体扫描呈现为3D灰度图像。用户身体精确、真实的图像与数据在应用中一同呈现,包括不同部位随着时间的推移是如何改善或退步的。The app helps people set goals and alerts them if their goals are within what#39;s considered a healthy range by fitness and health experts today.这款app将会帮助人们设定目标,并且提醒人们他们的目标是否在健身专家认为健康的范围之内。The metrics that Naked tracks about a user#39;s body include the symmetry and circumference of their biceps, calves, thighs, hips and waist as well as their body fat percentage, hip to waist ratio and weight.Naked会追踪用户的身体各项指标,包括二头肌的周长及对称性、小腿、大腿、臀部、腰部以及身体脂肪百分比,腰臀比和体重。The system employs Intel RealSense 3D depth sensors to scan bodies and Intel Quad Core processors to derive highly accurate scans in about 20 seconds.该系统采用英特尔的RealSense 3D深度传感器来扫描身体,并通过英特尔四核处理器在大约20秒的时间内获得高精度扫描。Early customers can order one of Naked#39;s systems for 9 via naked.fit, the CEO said.据该公司的CEO表示,第一批客户只需花费499美元,就可通过naked.fit来预订Naked的这一设备。 /201606/449191。