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Its cool because so many people,there are so many talented people, like Gods blessed so many people这很酷因为很多人 有很多受到上帝眷顾很有才华的人But it takes a lot of hard work as well,He wants you to work for it但这同样需要付出巨大的汗水 你需要为之不懈奋斗and he wants you to always just trust him and just always dont stop你要相信他 永远不要停下前进的脚步and never give up,right never say never,never say never,never say never永不放弃 永不言弃 永不言弃 永不言弃Now, youre surrounded by very very good people too,Yes, its great你现在身边也有不少好人 是的 很棒because Ive surrounded myself with core group who have now become like my family因为我身边的这些人 这些人都成了我的家人Theyre been really close to me and its been really cool他们和我很亲密 这很棒because they want me to become not just a great artist but a good person in the end因为他们不仅仅想让我 成为一个成功的歌手 更成为一个正直的人A lot of people that havent seen the movie,a lot of people think Im just some product很多没有看过电影的人 很多人觉得我只是个商品that people put together package and put out there,Sing Baby,just do it是被人包装出来的 唱《Baby》 快唱but Ive been playing music ever since I remember,I just wanna people to see the movie and really see I work really hard从我记事起我就在玩音乐 我只希望让大家看这个电影 看到我真的很努力Yes you work reall hard,The fact youve got to play Madison Square Garden sold out in 22 minutes是的 你真的很努力 事实上你在Madison Square Garden的演出门票 在22分钟之内就销售一空And did it in such a short amout of time and you see youre heart breaking when you throat is在这么短的时间内就售完 当你嗓子有问题的时候 你很伤心In fact you cant talk for a few days you ha to cancel the concert事实上 你有几天都不能说话 你不得不取消演唱会I have to say about the Michael Jackson thing though,Do you feel sometimes you我还是要提到Michael Jackson 有时候你有没有感到because the tough thing is,you have the talent, you have all these fans因为最困难的事情是 你很有天赋 你粉丝成群and youre huge all over the world,Do you get to go out and do things你红遍了全世界 你可以像正常人一样生活吗because thats one thing Micheal suddenly didnt have a life,He had to hide all the time因为Micheal因为这件事而迷失了方向 他必须要一直躲躲藏藏 /201606/450805Lexington莱克星顿The politics of Guantanamo关塔那监狱政治The idea of providing a home to terror suspects sparks a revealing fuss in Kansas堪萨斯热议为恐怖活动嫌疑人安家,发人深省。IF AN “irresponsible” Barack Obama moves terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to a military prison in Kansas, he would be painting a target on every hospital and school in the area. That is the view of the states senior senator, Pat Roberts. “Not on my watch,” Mr Roberts assured supporters huddled in a rain-lashed shopping mall in Wichita on October 13th, to much applause and nodding of heads. Mr Roberts, a 78-year-old Republican, promises to halt all Senate business, if need be, to stop the president from emptying the prison camp in Cuba and sending its remaining detainees to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, home to Americas only maximum-security military prison.如果“不负责任”的奥巴马把恐怖分子从关塔那湾转移到堪萨斯的军事监狱,他将会使这一地区每一所医院和学校都成为(恐怖袭击的)活靶子。这是该州参议员帕特 罗伯特持有的观点。10月13号,面对不顾滂沱大雨,挤满购物中心的持者,罗伯特议员保:“起码我不会让这在我的眼皮底下发生。”他的言论随之赢来了诸多掌声和赞同。这位78岁的共和党承诺,如有必要,他会中止一切参议院事务,来阻止奥巴马清空古巴的关塔那湾监狱,把其中剩余的犯人转移到堪萨斯州利文沃斯堡—美国安全级别最高的监狱所在地。Pedants might object that Leavenworth has not actually been asked to take any detainees—though the Kansas prison was one of several sites considered in , after Mr Obama took office declaring that he would close Guantanamo in a matter of months. No matter. A recent press report—denied, a bit half-heartedly, by the White House—suggested that officials are pondering how the president might use executive powers to close Guantanamo before his term ends, if Congress maintains its current ban on moving detainees to the mainland. Americans have been put in a jumpy mood by grim global headlines, lending a “safety-first” edge to mid-term congressional elections on November 4th.过分纠结于细节的人也许会说,其实Leavenworth并没被真正选定,只是在年,奥巴马就任,宣布会在几个月内关闭关塔那湾监狱时,被列为几个考虑地点之一。但这已不再重要。近期有媒体报道暗示,官员们正在考虑,如果国会继续禁止把犯人转移回美国大陆,总统将怎样利用其行政权,在任期结束之前关闭关塔那。但这一报道被白宫兴趣缺缺地否认了。如今,受到全球严峻新闻形势的影响,美国人草木皆兵,对即将于11月4日举行的中期选举,也一概采用“稳健第一”的态度。More to the point, Mr Roberts is facing a tough re-election fight, though Kansas is a solidly conservative prairie state. After 34 years in Congress he finds himself in a tight spot, squeezed between local Tea Party purists (who think he has forgotten his Kansas roots) and old-school moderate Republicans (tempted by an independent candidate, Greg Orman, who says both parties have forgotten how to compromise).更重要的是,尽管堪萨斯州是一个保守的草原州,罗伯特仍面临严峻的连任形势。34年的国会生涯让罗伯特夹在当地正宗茶党和老派稳健共和党之间左右为难,一边觉得罗伯特忘记了自己在堪萨斯的根,另一边受到独立候选人格雷格 奥曼(Greg Orman)影响,认为两党都忘记了该怎样妥协。All in all, Mr Roberts has every incentive to talk up fights with the White House. Asked to guess at the presidents motives, he frowns. Mr Obama thinks that closing Guantanamo “will make things better in the Muslim world”, he ventures. Perhaps, he goes on, the president thinks that Islamic State fighters will say: “Oh, thats wonderful.”总之,罗伯特与白宫开战的理由再充分不过了。当被要求揣测总统意图时,罗伯特皱了皱眉,推测说,也许奥巴马认为关闭关塔那能“让穆斯林世界改观”,他还说,也许总统还盼着伊斯兰国(IS)战士说:“太好了。”Other Republicans, led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, have accused the president of being “eager” to bring terrorists into the country, and have pressed Democrats to denounce him (Mr Orman, for his part, calls Mr Obama “absolutely wrong” to want Guantanamo detainees on American soil). Critics are on firm political ground: since polls have shown two-thirds of Americans opposed to closing Guantanamo and moving detainees to the mainland.以众议院发言人约翰 纳为首的其他共和党人则纷纷指责,总统对把恐怖分子转移到美国的想法过于“热切”,并督促民主党也对其进行谴责,另一方面,奥曼指出,奥巴马要把关押在关塔那的犯人转移回美国国土的念头是“绝对错误”的。舆论的政治立场也很坚定,自年以来,有2/3的选民都反对关闭关塔那,并将犯人转移回美国。Understandably, Republican leaders want the 2014 election to be a referendum on Mr Obama, and what they see as his weak, naive handling of a world on fire. Ask Kansans why they do not want to receive any of the 149 remaining Guantanamo detainees, and echoes of that complaint come up. “Sure, we have super-max prisons, they wouldnt escape,” says a retired oil-worker in Wichita, Ken Jarvis. But once in America they would be granted lawyers sympathetic to their cause, he predicts, adding darkly: “Theres probably Muslim attorneys.” Before long, he thinks, dangerous men would be free to walk the streets.因此,共和党想把2014年大选变为对奥巴马的全民公投,来评判他的功过和对硝烟弥漫世界软弱而天真的处理应对方式。当问到堪萨斯州人,他们为什么不愿意接收现关押在关塔那的149名犯人,他们的回应充满了抱怨。威奇塔退休石油工人肯恩 贾维斯表示:“当然,我们有安全级别最高的监狱,他们不会越狱。”贾维斯预测,一旦他们踏上美国领土,就会有同情他们的律师,他消极地说:“也许还会有穆斯林律师。”用不了多久,这些危险的人就能大摇大摆地走上街了。When Leavenworth last thought it might be receiving Guantanamo detainees, five years ago, 95% of locals were opposed, says the mayor, Mark Preisinger. Not because Leavenworth, a sturdy city of red brick and grey stone beside the Missouri river, is prone to hysteria. It has been a prison town since the 19th century. Between the army, the federal government, the state of Kansas and a private corrections corporation, five large prisons brood in and around the city. It is a military town, home to elite staff colleges for high-flying officers from America and abroad. The city high school sends between 20 and 30 students a year into the armed forces. Still, residents feel in “lockstep” that the place to keep the detainees is Guantanamo, says the mayor.Leavenworth市长马克 潘辛格(Mark Preisinger)说,Leavenworth居民上一次考虑要不要接收关塔那监狱中的犯人还是五年前,当时,95%的居民都表示反对。这并不是因为这一个密西西比河畔,红砖灰石的坚固城市害怕歇斯底里(的犯罪)。从19世纪开始,这里就一直是一个监狱城镇。在军队、联邦政府、堪萨斯州和一家私人教化中心之间,这座城市及其周围坐落了五所大型监狱。这也是一个军事城镇,坐落着多所供国内外高级军官进修的精英大学。每年,当地的高中都会有20到30名学生进入军队。但市长表示,即使如此,当地居民也仍一致认为,关押(恐怖活动)犯人的地方,就应该是关塔那。That prison camp—built in an American naval base maintained by treaty on Cubas eastern tip—is called a legal limbo, scoffs a local Republican state senator, Steve Fitzgerald. Well, good. “Why shouldnt they just rot?” he asks, calling many detainees unfit to enter the criminal-justice system and undeserving of the status of prisoners-of-war.当地一名共和党参议员史蒂夫 菲茨杰拉德嘲笑说,关塔那位于美国的海军基地,而该基地又是按照针对古巴东端的条约下设立的,因此它是合法的。他问:“那他们怎么不干脆就烂在里面?”他认为,许多犯人都不符合进入刑事犯罪系统的条件,也不配得到战犯的待遇。If we cannot be loved, let us be feared爹不疼娘不爱,那起码让我们心生恐惧During these and other Kansan conversations, it becomes clear that the politics of Guantanamo involves not just a verdict on Mr Obama. In this security-tinged election, America is also having a debate about the legacy of George W. Bush. Go back to the 2008 election, and Mr Obama spoke like a man with a sweeping mandate to reverse the priorities of the Bush era. Where his predecessor had held international laws cheap, Team Obama would restore Americas global standing (and closing Guantanamo would symbolise that fresh start). America is war-weary, Mr Obama said repeatedly: time for some nation-building at home, and drawing a line under endless war.在堪萨斯州内的所有讨论中,很明显,关塔那湾监狱政治不仅仅关乎对奥巴马的裁决。在这场带有安全色的选举中,美国还就乔治 布什的遗留政治展开了讨论。回顾2008年大选,奥巴马字句之间,仿佛拥有横扫一切的权威,能够改变布什时代的要务。前辈轻视国际秩序,奥巴马团队则力图恢复美国的国际地位,而关闭关塔那能够标志着这一崭新的开始。奥巴马曾反复说,美国厌倦了战争,是时候进行国内建设,与无穷无尽的战争划清界限了。The evidence is mounting that Mr Obama mis his mandate. In such conservative places as Leavenworth, people are not sure America is war-weary. “The nation hasnt been at war, its been the military,” says Eric Hollister, a retired lieutenant-colonel and veteran of Iraq who instructs cadets at the high school. The past 13 years have hardly been like the second world war, he adds, when America dug Victory Gardens to supplement rations.越来越多的据显示,奥巴马误解了自己的权限。在像Leavenworth这样保守的地方中,人们并不能肯定美国是否真正厌倦了战争。退役中校、伊拉克战争老兵、现在高中担任教导员的埃里克 霍利斯特说:“打仗的不是美国,是军队。”他还补充道,过去13年也不像第二次世界大战,美国不再需要挖掘战时花园来补充供给。The country is certainly fed up with calls to fix the world: Democrats and Republicans alike say it is not Americas job to take the lead in solving international problems. But far from thanking Mr Obama for delivering the cautious, diffident foreign policy that such polls would seem to demand, voters are turning on him. The Guantanamo saga helps to explain this puzzle. Americans do not want endless war. But right now, many put feeling safe above the pursuit of peace.美国的确厌倦了应召拯救世界,对此,民主共和两党都说,美国没有义务来带头解决国际问题。但选民并没有感谢奥巴马让美国变得更谨慎,相反,缺乏自信的外交政策让选民开始与奥巴马反目。而关塔那闹剧能够帮助解决这一谜团。美国人不想要无休无止的战争,但现在,许多人比起追求和平,更关心安全感。翻译:杨雪 校对:靳方方译文属译生译世 /201410/338525Berlin.Capital of Germany today,just as it was capital of Germany in the 1930s,when Adolf Hitler was Chancellor.柏林,现时德国首都,20世纪30年代,希特勒出任总理时德国首都也在柏林。In 1937, Hitler lived and worked at a building on this site.1937年,希特勒在这里一栋大楼中生活工作。This was the Old Reich Chancellery.这是当时的德国总理府。And here, Hitler spent much of his time alone in his bedroom where he would listen to what he called his ;inner conviction;.希特勒经常独自在卧室里聆听他所谓的内心信念。Often, Hitler would not emerge from his bedroom until lunchtime.他通常到午餐时间才出来。For central to his charismatic leadership, was the idea that he made all the big decisions entirely on his own.他相信作为魅力领袖就要独自作出全部重大决定。Hitler was always certain that he was right.希特勒始终确信自己是对的。He didnt even like to other peoples advice.他甚至不喜欢别人发表意见。In 1935, a leading Nazi sent Hitler a paper on youth issues and received this reply from Hitlers adjutant.1935年,一名纳粹高官递交希特勒一篇关于青年人的文章后,他从希特勒副官那里收到如下回复。 译文属201512/417628Describing a newly-expanded U.S. missile defense system as a threat to his countrys security, 称新扩展的美国导弹防御系统对其国家安全构成威胁,on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply criticized western policy toward Moscow.周五,俄罗斯总统普京严厉抨击西方对莫斯科的政策。Arriving in Athens on a two-day visit, Putin emerged from talks with the Greek government to lash the ed States and NATO allies. 抵达雅典进行为期两天的访问,普京与希腊政府会谈抨击美国和北约盟国。He also accused them of stifling trade and energy cooperation with Russia.普金还指责他们遏制与俄罗斯的贸易和能源合作。The U.S. missile defense program was declared operational in Romania, earlier this month. NATO says the system is purely defensive.美国导弹防御计划于本月早些时候在罗马尼亚宣布投入运营。北约称该系统是纯粹防御性的。Putin said late Friday, ;We keep hearing that its not a threat against Russia, that its not aimed at Russia.;普京周五晚些时候说,“我们一直听到这对俄罗斯不是一个威胁,它不是针对俄罗斯。”译文属。201605/446622

Britain The coalition in 2013英国 联合政府的2013Friendly fire内讧David Cameron and Nick Clegg have less to fear from the other side than from their own furious ranks卡梅隆和克莱格之间内忧大于外惧“No Permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests”, goes a well-worn axiom of realist statesmanship. The formation in 2010 of Britain’s first coalition government since the second world war showed that the prospect of power could trump large ideological differences between two parties. But diplomatic relations between David Cameron’s Conservative Party and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have reached the table-thumping stage.“没有永远的敌我,只有永远的利益。”这条公理已在现实主义的政治家口中说烂。2010年,英国继二战以来首次建立联合政府,这表明权力之争甚至能压倒政党间巨大的意识形态分歧。而今,英国首相大卫·卡梅隆(David Cameron)所在的英国保守党(Conservative Party,与下文中的Tory同义)与副首相尼克·克莱格的英国自由民主党(Liberal Democrats,与下文的Lib Dem同义)已步入貌合神离的阶段。Last year saw bitter arguments over House of Lords reform and constituency boundaries. It ended with the spectacle of Mr Clegg theatrically rolling his eyes during the autumn statement, in which George Osborne, the Tory chancellor, announced new tax and spending measures. This year is likely to bring rows over press regulation, Europe, welfare cuts, green energy and departmental spending. Such is the antipathy that plans for a revised government programme were first delayed, then shelved, for fear of uncontainable hostility between the two sides. Instead, a more modest package of new measures will be announced in the spring.去年,两党就英国上议院(House of Lords)改革和选举区划分问题发生过激烈争论。其后,保守党的英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)在秋季财政报告上宣布新设税制和财政出政策,对此,克莱格夸张地转了转眼珠。这一趣闻给双方的争论暂时画上句号。而今年争论的焦点将会在媒体监管、欧洲问题、福利削减、能源环保和政府开之上。此两党由于担心势成水火,在政府计划的修订案上一再拖延、搁置,令人民反感不已。最终,新一揽子计划将于今年春季发布,其内容将更为适中。Astonishingly, the 2015 election aly looms over the coalition. Conservative thinkers are focused less on improving this government than on winning a workable majority next time. And the governing parties are preparing for combat. The Conservatives are targeting Liberal Democrat seats, convinced that their partners’ terrible poll figures will not recover. The Lib Dems will concentrate on fighting off Conservative challengers: at least they do not have to defend the coalition in such races, as they do when fighting Labour.但惊人的是,2015年的大选已渐渐迫近联合政府。保守党的智囊团把目光集中于赢得大选的多数票这一可行方案上,而非努力改善政府。同时,保守党与自由民主党之间也已剑拔弩张。保守党坚信,自由民主党惨淡的持率将难以重振,因此准备拿下其所占的国会席位。而自由民主党则意欲击退保守党的夺席者,因为在本次大选中,该党无需如前一次对垒工党(Labour)那般力保联合政府。The process of “differentiation”, in which the parties distinguish themselves from the coalition, has got under way early. Lib Dems miss no opportunity to remind voters that, unlike their Conservative colleagues, they support a “mansion tax” on expensive homes. An internal memo leaked in December revealed that the party plans to present itself as the conscience of the coalition, restraining Tories from “looking after the super rich while ignoring the needs of normal people”. The Conservatives, in turn, blame the sluggish economy on Lib Dem opposition to deregulation and to further spending cuts.两党的“区分运动”(即两党试图在联合政府中展现本党独有特点的运动)也早已展开。自由民主党不失时机地告知民众,他们与保守党的同僚们不同,赞成对巨额豪宅征以“豪宅税”(mansion tax)。去年12月,一份遭泄露的政府内部文件中提到,自由民主党将遏制保守党“拥富歧贫”的政策,并以此成为联合政府中的道德方。而保守党则把国内经济停滞的原因怪罪于自由民主党在管制放宽与开削减上的反对态度。The launch of the coalition was accompanied by ambitious talk of a grand realignment of Britain’s political centre. Mr Cameron hailed “not just a new government, but a new politics”, one in which “the national interest is more important than the party interest” and “where co-operation wins out over confrontation”. The partners declared the coalition agreement “more radical and more comprehensive” than their own electoral manifestos. The coalition, some suggested, was not a compromise, but an ideal. This brave new politics has given way to a cold war between the two sides.联合政府成立之际,双方曾豪言壮语地称其为英国政治中心的伟大改组。卡梅隆曾赞道,这“不仅是一个崭新的政府,更是一套全新的政治”,该政府将奉行“国家利益高于党派利益”,“通力协作胜于对立斗争”的方针。而自由民主党则宣称,相比自身的选举宣言,两党一致才“更为根本、更为普遍”。但据部分人士称,联合政府无法妥协一致,而只是一番空想。本该勇往直前的新政治已转变为双方之间的冷战。But it has not disappeared entirely. Bickering in public and on the back benches belies a strikingly businesslike atmosphere in Whitehall. Conflicts are carefully controlled: last year Mr Clegg even discussed his mutiny on boundary change with Mr Cameron before announcing it. In a sense, coalition discord is the opposite of the internal feud that preoccupied the last Labour government. Supporters of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown fought much harder behind the scenes than in public.但是,联合并未完全消亡。无论公众面前还是政府内部,双方喋喋不休的争论反而使英国白厅(Whitehall,译者注:英国各行政机构所在地)避免了商界般的暗斗。两党间的争论处于谨慎控制之中,如去年克莱格就选举区变更问题上曾对卡梅隆倒戈相迎,但他在公然挑明之前仍选择与其讨论协商。内部斗争曾在工党执政期充斥全党,前首相托尼·布莱尔(Tony Blair)和戈登·布朗(Gordon Brown,译者注:这两位首相皆属于工党)的持派曾在暗中经过了无数艰难斗争。从某种意义上看来,同盟内的不合恰恰遏制了这种内部斗争。Decision-making at the top of the coalition is a case study in the realistic and mature management of discord. Senior ministers seek consensus in a series of conclaves. The most significant is the “quad”, made up of the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the chancellor and the chief secretary to the Treasury. Here, at Monday morning parleys between the two party leaders and in meetings of Cabinet Office panjandrums, compromises are brokered, assurances given and caveats established. The need for both parties to approve new measures has revived cabinet government: debate is more thorough and better documented than before.联合政府的高层决策还为现实审慎地调解分歧提供了案例教程。高级官员常在一系列密谈中谋求一致,其中最重要的密谈当属由正副首相和财相组成的“四方会谈(quad)”。“四方会谈”包括每周一上午两位首相出席的会谈,以及内阁官员出席的会议。会上,大家协商共识、繁征引,并互作限制。一旦两党需通过新法案时,内阁将一片活力:相比过去,争论将更为彻底,理由也更为充足。Jaw-jaw, not war-war争论,而非争斗It helps that neither party wants an election. Both are doing poorly in the polls, and advisers caution that the public punishes leaders who fail to work together in the national interest, particularly at a moment of economic peril. The dangers of the nuclear option—one of the partners pulling out of the coalition, triggering a Conservative minority government followed by a new election—are a robust deterrent.两党都不希望改选,这一点对于双方都有所好处。目前,两党在持率上表现不佳。对此,家警告称,任何一位党首若无法以国家利益为重而通力协作的话,将遭到民众惩罚,尤其在此经济危机之时。联合政府的任意一方退出,将使得保守党以劣势参加本次大选,其后果不堪设想。因此双方都有效地得到遏制,不作退出。But as a small, intricate network of senior figures forges consensus, a serious rift is growing between leaders and their parties. Intense dealmaking at the top of government makes it harder to modify measures once agreement has been reached. Tory MPs, many of whom are aly suspicious of leaders who share the Cleggites’ metropolitan, liberal outlook, feel shut out of the policy-making process. One backbencher criticises decisions “handed down from on high” by the “four or six” people who hold the reins of power. Grassroots party members are intensely grumpy at the concessions that coalition demands. There are rumblings among the Lib Dems, too, though of a different order. Mr Clegg, who is deeply unpopular and tarnished by his proximity to the Tories, looks increasingly vulnerable to a leadership challenge from the left of his party before the next general election.但由于会谈仅限于少数关系错综的高层官员,党首与其党派间开始产生巨大隔阂。政府高层的协商往往十分激烈,这也增加了共识达成后修改的难度。保守党的议员已怀疑其高层被克莱格的大都会自由思想所同化,认为自己被排除在决策层之外。其中,某位后座议员(译者注:不担任任何国家或党内职务的议员)批评称,政府决策都是由“四名或六名”掌权人“上意下达”。几位平民出身的保守党议员对于联合政府提倡的妥协让步也尤为不满。而在自由民主党内也有所躁动,只是顺序与保守党有所不同。克莱格由于偏向保守党而在党内人气大跌、光芒不再。本次大选前,克莱格的党首宝座被党内左派分子取而代之的可能性越来越大。Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron are increasingly pulled in two directions. The public expects them to get things done, which requires flexibility and guile. Yet they are also expected (particularly by MPs and activists) to display solid principles and fierce loyalty to their tribe. The coalition partners are torn between nurturing their working relationship and managing their parties.克莱格和卡梅伦两人的两难处境越陷越深。一方面,在民众的要求下,他们需要不断变通和欺瞒来完成工作。而另一方面,其党派又要求他们坚持原则、各忠其主。双方既要改善工作关系,又须经营自身党派,为此受尽折腾。In the year ahead, the two leaders will attempt to reconcile these two priorities. There may be more controlled explosions like Mr Clegg’s rejection of boundary change last summer. Differences of opinion once kept behind closed doors will probably be aired more openly. Both sides will talk up the fruits of their realpolitik, too: the coalition has been poor at selling its achievements. If they get the balance right, it will serve both parties’ permanent interests. If they get it wrong, 2013 may be the year the coalition cold war heats up.在新的一年里,两位党首将重设这两大目标的优先顺序。去年夏天,克莱格公然反对英国选区变更,类似的受限争论今年还会出现更多。不为人知的意见分歧可能更容易曝光。同时,双方也将提及现实政治的成果,因为一直以来,双方都未能给让公众信。若两位党首能妥善平衡利害,两党从长期看来都将获益;但若不能,2013年将会成为联合政府的冷战升温期。翻译;沈骜译文属译生译世201609/467461

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