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讲解文本:talk into 说某人做某事making concessions 做让步concession 让步I talked him into making concessions on the question.我说他在这个问题上作出让步。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201605/4442403.Books Dialogue3.书籍 对话Steven likes ing books, and now he is talking about them with his friend Dora.史蒂文喜欢读书,他正在和朋友多拉谈论书籍。Steven: Hey, Dora! What kind of books do you like to ?史蒂文:嘿,多拉!你喜欢读什么类型的书?Dora: I everything I can get my hands on but I like love stories best. What do you think about the love stories?多拉:我拿到什么书就看什么书,但最喜欢看的是言情小说。你觉得言情小说怎么样?Steven: I hate to tell you this, but they are nothing but sob stories.史蒂文:我很不想这么说,但它们对于我来说只是赚人眼泪的故亊而已。Dora: I dont think so. I like them. Then whats your favorite book?多拉:我不这么认为,我喜欢言情小说。那你最喜欢读什么书?Steven: Im fond of history books.史蒂文:我喜欢看历史书。Dora: Oh, the history books are dull to me.多拉:噢,历史书对我来说太枯燥。 /201606/448873

外教带你学地道口语 第64期:我想问问你发来的英语学习问题,我回答!感谢所有加入两个QQ群的朋友。有你们的参与节目才能越做越好。 /201510/404393

2. Which Bus to Take (2) 2.乘哪班公共汽车(2)A: Excuse me, sir. Care to help me?A:打扰了,先生。介意帮我吗?B: What can I do for you?B:我能为你做些什么?A: Im trying to make way back home, and Im not sure what bus to take.A:我想回家,但我不确定该乘哪班公共汽车。B: Where do you live?B:你住在哪里?A: I live in the city of Bell.A:我住在贝尔市。B: Ive never heard of that city.B:我从没听说过这个城市。A: Im not surprised you havent. Its not a big city.A:你没听过我一点也不惊讶。它不是个大城市。B: What are the surrounding cities?B:它周围的城市是什么?A: Theyre Maywood, Huntington Park, and Downey.A:它们是梅伍德,亨廷顿公园和唐尼。B: Im familiar with the city of Downey.B:我对唐尼很熟悉。A: Would you know how to get there by bus?A:你知道怎么乘公交去那吗?B: Yes. Take 764 bus northbound.B:是的。乘向北行的764公交。A: Thank you. Ill find my home from there.A:谢谢你。我会在那找到回家的路。B: Youre welcome. Good luck, and take care.B:不客气。祝你好运,保重。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/436480

Michael: So hows crime in the big cities, like in Rome? How is crime in Rome?迈克尔:罗马等大城市的犯罪问题呢?罗马的犯罪活动是什么情况?Goron: Well, many people are complaining for the huge immigration. Like we have many foreigners and illegal foreigners actually. They come in with boats during the night, theyre landing, and we cannot control, we cannot stop them because Italy is in the middle of Europe. So from Northern Africa, for many like – I wouldnt say underdeveloped countries but the countries that see Italy like the...高伦:许多人抱怨的问题是大规模移民。罗马有很多外国人,准确的说是非法外国移民。他们在晚上乘船偷渡到罗马,他们靠岸以后,我们无法控制他们,无法阻止他们,因为意大利位于欧洲中部。这些人来自北非国家,不能说是欠发达国家,不过这些国家认为意大利是……Win: Dream.温:梦境。Goron: America or like dream, like opportunities, which is changing right with the recent crisis.高伦:他们认为美国也是梦境,是机会之地,而美国现在因为近期的危机正在发生改变。Michael: Its actually very interesting because we have the same problem in Norway.迈克尔:这非常值得深思,因为挪威也面临同样的问题。Win: Im seeing the same problem everywhere.温:我认为各个地方都面临同样的问题。Michael: Because of the European economic agreement, its actually illegal to come and try to find work. But the problem is that people abused us and they come – they are just to, you know – beg for money or to steal money or steal things from others. And its really easy to pass the border without being controlled.迈克尔:依据欧洲经济协议,进入欧洲找工作属于非法行为。但是问题是,这些人会欺骗我们,他们乞讨、偷钱还偷东西。因为不受控制,所以穿越边境非常容易。Goron: I dont think those people are bad. Its like poverty makes you bad.高伦:我认为这些人并不坏。是贫穷让他们变坏了。Michael: No, Im not saying theyre bad.迈克尔:我没有说他们是坏人。Win: Yeah.温:嗯。Goron: If you are desperate, you feel desperate, you do something that is, like we say, illegal.高伦:如果你感觉绝望,你就会做一些非法的事情。Michael: And thats a huge problem because in the EU right now, theres several countries which have poverty, and it evolves from that, I think. Its really hard like to create, to make everyone happy and to – I dont think its possible to solve the poverty matter. So what about Vietnam?迈克尔:这是一个严重的问题,因为现在欧洲有很多国家都有贫困问题,罪恶就是因为贫困产生的。很难让所有人都幸福,我认为解决贫困问题不太可能。那越南呢?Win: Well, the city Im living in is very – there is no really people who was born in the city. I mean, I was born in the city but I have roots from everywhere. And most of the people from the city is like that. We Theyre from everywhere from the country and the city welcomes them no matter what. So yes, we do have a problem that people keep flocking to my city to find jobs, and we have crimes and everything. But I think the fact that we have multi-origin people is one of the facts that makes the city interesting.温:我生活的那座城市,几乎没有人出生在那里。我的意思是,我是在那座城市出生的,可是我的家人遍布其他城市。那座城市的居民大多数和我的情况一样。他们来自越南各个地方,无论怎样,那座城市都欢迎他们。我们的确面临着问题,因为人们一直涌向我所在的城市找工作,我们也面临着犯罪等问题。不过我认为,人口出身多元化是使那座城市变得有趣的其中一个原因。 译文属 /201706/513802

01. I have ordered a book online.我在网上订购了一本书。02. You can cancel the online order.你可以取消网上订单。03. The product you have ordered is out of stock now.您订购的产品现在缺货。04. Can I return the product if Im not satisfied?如果我不满意,可以退货吗?05. You can find a lot of items on the Internet.你能在网上找到各种各样的商品。06. Online shopping is becoming a fashion.网购正成为一种时尚。07. How much is the handling fee?手续费是多少?08. The coat you have ordered will be delivered in 3 days.你订购的外套将在三天内发送。09. You can apply for a refund online.你可以在网上申请退款。10. Do you have the Alipay?你有付宝吗?11. I have registered an E-store on the Internet.我在互联网上注册了一个网店。12. There are a number of online store options.网上有很多店铺供你选择。13. Is it safe to pay online?网上付款安全吗?14. I like shopping in Taobao.com.我喜欢在淘宝网购物。15. Have you ever bought something from an online shop?你曾经在网上商铺里买过东西吗?16. This seller has a good credit record.这个卖家的信用记录很好。17. It is very convenient to buy fashion books from Dangdang.com.从当当网购书非常方便。18. There are a variety of products you can choose and compare on the Internet.在网上有各种不同的产品任你选择对比。19. Internet has opened a new era of business.互联网开启了商业的新纪元。20. Just click your mouse to choose the articles you like.你只需点击鼠标来选择你喜欢的商品。 /201508/391188

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