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活鱼胸罩成国外最火最怪异时尚(双语) -- 18::6 来源:sohu 活鱼当胸罩?听起来好疯狂啊这种看似怪异的行为目前在海外成为网上最火时尚成千上万的时尚美女加入了这种怪异的流行热潮,在海上骄傲的拍出只用一条鱼遮住上半身的照片你愿意冒险加入这些女孩们吗? 'Fish bras' are the latest bizarre online craze. Thousands of women have aly taken part in the fishy craze, posing proud photos out on the high seas with only a fish to cover themselves up, but would you take the plunge and join these women? 这鱼好鲜艳好大个! 这不是条鲨鱼吧? 再小点,就挡不住了~ 看起来好好吃的样子 银色的鱼,收获3000多个赞呢! 这个鱼头好大个,有人知道是什么品种么? 当你拥有了一条如此炫酷的鱼bra,谁还需要维多利亚的秘密(知名内衣品牌)呢? Who needs Victories Secret,when you can just rock with a fish bra! 小心,鱼也是长牙齿的!大英县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养寡出演《攻壳机动队引粉丝不满 -- :37:30 来源: 不久之前,寡要出演《攻壳机动队的消息刷爆了圈,但是不少老粉丝却表示寡的形象气质和原著主角不符,对此,该片制片人最近为自己的“国际化”观点进行了辩护 Fans of the Japanese manga series Ghost In The Shell were outraged after it was revealed Scarlett Johansson had been cast in the Asian role.日前有媒体报道说寡斯嘉丽·约翰逊将出演《攻壳机动队中的女主角,此事引起了大批该漫画粉丝的不满And now the movie’s producer Steven Paul has defended claims of ’whitewashing’ the role which has seen the name of the original character alter from Motoko Kusanagi to The Major.之前曾有指责说这部电影“粉饰”了这个角色(这个角色名来自于草薙素子,出自《攻壳机动队),而最近制片人斯蒂芬·保罗进行了辩护’I don’t think it was just a Japanese story. Ghost in the Shell was a very international story, and it wasn’t just focused on Japanese; it was supposed to be an entire world,’ he explained to Buzzfeed News.保罗对Buzzfeed新闻说道:“我认为这并不仅仅只是一个日本故事《攻壳机动队是一个非常国家化的故事,而不仅仅只关注日本;它应该是一个面向整个世界的故事”’That’s why I say the international approach is, I think, the right approach to it,’ he continued.他继续说道:“我认为,那也正是为什么我说国际化策略是改编这部电影正确策略”Drawing on his ’international’ inspiration, he stated: ’There (are) all sorts of people and nationalities in the world in Ghost in the Shell.保罗描述了他的“国际化”灵感,说道:“在《攻壳机动队的世界里,这里有各种各样的人种和民族”’We’re utilising people from all over the world. There’s Japanese in it. There’s Chinese in it. There’s English in it. There’s Americans in it.’“我们在利用来自全世界各地的人这里面有日本人这里面有中国人这里面有英国人这里面有美国人”The controversy further escalated after reports emerged of the movie studios running CGI tests to alter the appearances of the white actors involved.关于这一部电影的争议后来进一步加强了,因为从电影制片厂发布的报告来看,CGI测试显示寡的外貌和原著漫画中的女主角相差太多However, Paul didn’t address those particular claims but stated that the remake would be tweaking a few details of the original characters in other to fit in to the new world but has been ’very, very careful’ about it.但是保罗却并没有特别强调这些指责,转而表示说电影改编过程中将会调整原著角色的一些细节,以求能够贴合这个新世界,而且他们的改编过程“非常非常小心”Despite the heated debate in regards to the original series, he’s adamant that fans will love the final product stating: ’They’re going to be very, very happy with it when they see what we’ve actually done with it, and I don’t think anybody’s going to be disappointed.’尽管外界对这部电影和原著之间的不同存在着激烈的争论,但是保罗非常坚定地认为粉丝们会喜欢这部电影,他说道:“当粉丝们看到我们做了些什么的时候,他们将会非常非常开心,我认为所有人都不会失望的”The manga series first came to prominence in 1989 and was the result of Masamune Shirow’s writing and illustration and is the story of a fictional counter cyberterrorist organisation Section 9, which is spearheaded by the human-cyborg hybrid protagonist Motoko Kusanagi.这部连载漫画成名于1989年,士郎正宗创作了这个故事、还执笔了插画这是一个虚构的故事,里面有一个打击网络恐怖分子的组织“第九课”,该组织由主人公草薙素子带领,她是一个半肉体半机械混合的改造人A film anime adaption followed in 1995 where the lead role was voiced by Japanese star Atsuko Tanaka, and then a television series followed in .1995年上映了这部漫画的改编动漫,主角由日本声优田中敦子配音后来在年,还上映了由这部漫画所改编的电视剧Steven’s defense was further cemented by Sam Yoshiba, the director of the international business division at Kodansha- the publisher of the original series.随后萨姆·芳彦进一步巩固了保罗的说辞,芳彦是讲谈社国际商务部的主管,而讲谈社是《攻壳机动队原著的出版商’Looking at her career so far, I think Scarlett Johansson is well cast. She has the cyberpunk feel. And we never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter - and his views may also be cemented by recent reports of Scarlett being Hollywood’s highest grossing film actress.芳彦对《好莱坞报道说道:“从寡目前为止的演艺生涯来看,我认为她是一个很好的演员她给人一种网络黑客的感觉而且我们从来也没有想过一个日本演员会是这一角色的最佳扮演者”而最近的一些报道可以巩固芳彦的观点,这些报道称寡是好莱坞最卖座的电影女演员He also added: ’This is a chance a Japanese property to be seen around the world’ and was reportedly impressed after visiting the set of the movie in New Zealand where there was a considerable amount of respect shown the source material.芳彦还说道:“这是一个让日本作品被全世界人所知的机会而且据报道,新西兰的电影外景给人印象非常深刻,那里有大量和原著相符的场景”The new live action version will be released in cinemas March and will also star Michael Pitt and Juliette Binoche.据悉,《攻壳机动队新真人版电影将于年3月在电影院上映,除了寡之外,一同参演的演员还有迈克尔·皮特和朱丽叶·比诺什长身蛇颈龟饲养方法技术技巧Java版权大战:谷歌胜诉甲骨文 --7 19::5 来源: 近日,在和软件公司甲骨文的版权大战中,谷歌获得了胜利,陪审团裁定谷歌不存在对甲骨文Java代码的侵权行为Oracle had argued that Google had infringed its copyright and had sought nearly bn (euro 6bn) in damages.之前,甲骨文曾声称谷歌侵犯了其著作权,并向谷歌索赔90亿美元(约合60亿欧元)赔偿金The outcome was eagerly awaited by software developers who feared that a victory Oracle might encourage more such legal actions.许多软件开发人士都非常关注这一诉讼的审理结果,因为他们担心一旦甲骨文胜诉,将来也许会出现更多此类法律行为The company says it will appeal against the decision.甲骨文表示他们将上述Google uses Java in its Android smartphone operating system which powers about 80% of the worldrsquo;s mobile devices.谷歌在其安卓智能手机操作系统中使用了Java语言,可以持全世界80%的移动设备The company had argued that extending copyright protection to pieces of code called APIs (application programming interfaces) would threaten innovation.谷歌贬称说,如果将版权保护扩展到;应用程序接口;的代码片段的话,创新能力将会受到威胁The jury in San Francisco agreed that copyright law allowed ;fair use;rsquo; of the Java elements as they were only a part of a larger system Google had created a new purpose.三藩市的陪审团认为版权法允许对Java语言的;合理使用;,因为在谷歌为新目的而创建的一个更大的系统中,Java只是一部分而已;Todayrsquo;s verdict that Android makes fair use of Java APIs represents a win the Android ecosystem, the Java programming commy, and software developers who rely on open and free programming languages to build innovative consumer products,; a Google spokesperson said in an emailed statement.一名谷歌发言人在邮件中声明到:;今天的判决指出lsquo;安卓合理使用Java应用程序接口rsquo;对于安卓生态系统、Java编程社区、以及依靠自由开放编程语言来构建创新消费产品的软件开发商来说,这是一个胜利;The legal battle began in and the two firms first faced each other in court in May . A federal judge ruled against Oracle, but the company then appealed. After legal wrangling, the case was sent back to court.这场诉讼开始于年,谷歌和甲骨文在年的时候第一次对簿公堂一名联邦法官曾裁决甲骨文败诉,但是后来甲骨文又上述了在经过法律纠纷后,这份案件被发回法院重审Despite Thursdayrsquo;s outcome, Oracle lawyer Dorian Daley said it would pursue the matter further.尽管甲骨文在周四败诉了,但是据该公司律师多利安;戴琳透露,甲骨文会进一步追究此事;We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market,; he said.戴琳表示:;我们坚信谷歌非法剽窃了Java的核心科技,以此来开发自己的安卓系统,并凭此进军移动设备市场;;Oracle brought this lawsuit to put a stop to Googlersquo;s illegal behaviour. We believe there are numerous grounds appeal and we plan to bring this case back to the federal circuit on appeal.;;甲骨文此次诉讼的目的是制止谷歌的非法行为我们相信有很多可以上诉的理由,而且我们计划将这起案件上诉到联邦巡回法院;一家之言:脱欧派学者盛赞公投为“独立日” -- :5:55 来源: 自由与独立是民主国家一直不懈追求的目标,“我可以不同意你的观点,但我誓死捍卫你说话的权利”这一精神也源远流长卡梅伦是反对脱欧的一方,但是他在辞职演说中仍旧表示:此次公投是这个伟大的国家进行的一次伟大的民主活动,无论结果如何,都是人民的选择,他相信英国人民有能力决定自己的事物,人民的意愿应该得到尊重事物都有两面性,有持的一方,就一定有反对的一方,无关乎对错,只是每个人都有表达自己意愿的权利这篇文章是来自一位脱欧派学者,直抒胸臆的表达了他在面对脱欧成功时的感受和想法,也让我们可以从个体角度去了解一下脱欧的理由 A glorious dawn breaks on what will go down in history as Independence Day the ed Kingdom.一个辉煌的黎明到来,(这一天)将作为不列颠王国的独立日被载入史册!We can now sing Rule Britannia at the Last Night of the Proms without hypocrisy: “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!”.我们现在可以毫不虚伪地在舞会上高唱《不列颠万岁:“不列颠人永远都不会被奴役!”We can again commemorate without embarrassment the dead of the terrible wars in which millions died to preserve our freedom and independence from overseas control that was again being imposed by the monstrous, anti-democratic, hopelessly corrupt and economically inept European Union.为摆脱海外国家的控制、维护我们的自由和独立,数百万人为此而捐躯但是欧盟却又将这些枷锁强加在不列颠之上,他们非常可怕、反对民主、无可救药地腐败、在经济上毫无作为而现在,我们可以再次纪念在这些可怕战争中死去的人,毫不窘迫Goodbye, Brussels! Hello, World! The world’s fifth biggest economy is now free to make its own trading arrangements with the 0 countries (which include the fastest growing the most successful) and the market of 7 billion people outside the EU’s largely ex-growth states and 500 million people (huge numbers of them unemployed in the southern states because of the stupidity of a common currency such disparate economies). Anyone with the slightest knowledge of British history knows that our wealth, prosperity and success came from the wider world outside Europe, whereas involvement in Europe has always meant disaster. We shall no longer be sucked willy-nilly into “ever closer union” with a hotchpotch of states of such disparate types ruled by an unelected bureaucracy and stifled with red tape.别了,欧盟!你好,世界!世界第五大经济体现在自由了,它将自由地和全球0多个国家(既有增长最快的国家,也有发展最成功的国家)制定它自己的贸易协议英国将走向全球70亿人口的大市场,而不仅仅只是已经停滞不前的个欧盟国家和5亿人口的小市场(因为他们妄图在如此不同的经济体之间实行愚蠢的货币一体化政策,欧盟南部的许多国家都遭受着严重的失业率)任何一个对英国历史有点了解的人都知道,我们的财富、我们的繁荣和我们的成功来自于欧盟之外更加广阔的世界,而留在欧盟则意味着数之不尽的灾难我们不应再被沉沦到这个“有史以来最紧密的联盟”之中而无可奈何,他们把这么多如此不同的国家像大杂烩一样挤在一起,统治者盛行一套未经民选的官僚体系,充斥着令人窒息的繁文缛节How I love to think of the champagne staying the fridge among the corridors of undemocratic power in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. I wish I could have seen the smug smiles being wiped off the fat faces of the Five Presidents of the EU (whom no-one elected and hardly anyone can name) and the other “slithy toves” of the European Commission and all the other stifling EU institutions that have multiplied like so many uncontrollably malignant cells. How those Kommissars would have laughed and sneered if the British people had not had the guts to challenge the pusillanimity and self-seeking euro-ambitions of so many of their own politicians and the lack of intelligence of so many of the so-called intelligentsia! How those pompous Eurocrats were looking ward to saying an automatic “non” and “nein” to any proposals we may have had rem of the EU (just as they have done without exception in the past)! God bless democracy and the wisdom of the British people who have voted to save it ( of course the totally ineffective European Parliament is simply a transparent facade that is a mockery of democracy and another huge waste of money).一想到那些布鲁塞尔、斯特拉斯堡和卢森堡的不民主权利机构,我就欣喜若狂,他们企图控制英国的野心最终不能得逞我多么希望能够看见那些洋洋自得的微笑从欧盟五总统的肥脸上被抹去(他们不是经过民选上台的,选民们几乎叫不出他们的名字),我多么希望能够看见欧委会的“寄生虫”和所有像恶性细胞一样繁殖的、令人窒息的欧盟机构也不再称心如意如果不列颠人民没有勇气,来挑战他们的胆怯、来挑战如此多英国政治家们追私逐利的欧洲野心、来挑战如此多所谓知识分子们所缺少的知识的话,欧盟的那些专员们要怎样的讥讽、嘲笑我们啊!对于我们提出的一切改革欧盟的建议,这些自命不凡的欧盟官员们都会自动地说“不”(他们过去就是这样做的,从来没有例外)!上帝保佑民主,上帝保佑英国人民投票选择拯救民主的智慧(当然,完全无效率的欧洲议会只不过是一个毫无内涵的组织,他们是对民主的愚弄,是对金钱的又一次巨大浪费)The EU “Jabberwock” is slain as far as the ed Kingdom is concerned. We no longer have to fear losing the remainder of our sovereignty; or being dragooned into a European army in which we could have seen British troops led into battle from the rear by the Duke of Plaza Toro; or being subject to the sinister, Machiavellian ECJ (European Court of Justice), which has such midable powers to negate all our domestic as well as international legislation; or continuing subjection to agricultural and fisheries policies created to support the interests of the most incompetent farmers in Europe and the most rapacious fishing nations; or paying huge net amounts to Brussels and begging to have some returned to us; or being unable to make our own trading arrangements as even tiny economies Singapore and Switzerland can do; or having to neglect our Commonwealth colleagues; or having to accept migrants from anywhere in the EU instead of being able to control our own borders and take whom we wish from anywhere in the world according to their capacity to make a healthy contribution to British economy and society. These matters go to the very heart of freedom.从不列颠的角度来看,欧盟的“贾巴沃克(废话)”被杀死了我们不必再担忧失去我们剩下的主权;或者被硬逼加入欧洲军队,从而使得不列颠军人在欧洲狂人的饲养下与敌人战斗;或者屈于阴险、善于玩弄权术的欧洲法院,它具有强大的力量来否定我们所有的国内以及国际立法;或者继续臣于这些农业和渔业政策,来持整个欧洲最无能的农场主和最贪婪的国的利益;或者给欧盟付巨额款项,然后摇尾乞怜希望能够有所返还;或者在新加坡和瑞士这样的小国都能独立自主的情况下,不列颠无法制定我们自己的贸易协定;或者不得不对英联邦国家见死不救;或者不得不接收来自欧盟任何地方的移民,我们不能控制我们自己的边境,从而根据移民能够对英国经济和社会做出良好贡献的能力,来决定我们希望接收的移民,不管他来自全世界哪一个地方这些事务正是自由的核心精神I had faith in the wisdom of the British people and it was justified. My champagne will be opened today. I shall drink to the future with confidence and immense relief. “Now, God be thanked who has matched us with his hour!”我对不列颠人民的智慧有信心,而事实明的确如此我今天要大肆庆祝一番我老怀安慰,将带着自信一路饮酒直到不列颠的未来“现在,感谢上帝庇佑我们取得胜利!”河南蒙古族自治县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

奎屯市马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养双鸭山市印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养新修图软件拯救被路人毁掉的照片 --3 :9:50 来源: Everyone wants to head home with the perfect collection of holiday pictures, but more often than not that is impossible.每个人都想把完美的假期照片带回家,然而这多半是不可能的Places such as the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tour get millions of visitors every year, making them some of the busiest spots in the world.泰姬陵以及埃菲尔铁塔等名胜每年接待数以百万计的游客,是世界最繁忙的一些地方So, unless you are willing to wake up at 3am, the likelihood is that any picture taken at a famous monument will also have a large number of tourists milling about in the background.所以,除非你愿意凌晨3点起床,否则很有可能你在旅游胜地拍的所有照片的背景里都会有一大群游客乱入But a new piece of technology promises to make these problems a thing of the past.但是现在一项新技术有望令这些让人心塞的问题成为历史'Monument Mode' is a new software development that uses an algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones.这一新的软件程序名为“纪念照模式”,通过算法区分运动对象与静止对象To make it work, a camera in Monument Mode is pointed at a landmark, even in a busy street, a short period of time to record several seconds of footage from a fixed point.使用方法如下:将设为“纪念照模式”的相机短时间对准一处地标,即使是在车水马龙的街头也可以,定点录下几秒钟的片段镜头The technology then analyses the live camera feed and removes the moving objects, giving a clean shot of just the subject and the monument.这项技术随后将分析现场录像并删除移动的对象,只留下拍摄主体和地标,还你一个纯净的画面This enables the average person to remove pesky cars and tourists from their images in a similar way to professional photographers, who have been able to do this using Photoshop years.这项技术让普通大众能够以与专业摄影师相似的方式从照片里删除那些讨厌的汽车和游客,多年以来专业摄影师一直使用Photoshop图像处理软件来实现这一效果Monument Mode was demonstrated by Adobe at the company's Max Creativity Conference earlier this month.本月初,Adobe公司在Adobe Max创意研讨大会(Max Creativity Conference)上展示了“纪念照模式”The product isn't yet available to buy but it is expected to be a big hit as a mobile phone app, although some people have raised concerns about how effective it would be at many tourist attractions where visitors are often stationary when taking in a view.该产品目前还不能购买,但预计将成为一款大热的手机应用但也有些人对该软件在旅游胜地的处理效果存在疑问,毕竟很多旅游胜地的游客在欣赏景色的时候通常也是 静止不动的Vocabularyalgorithm:算法pesky:恼人的,讨厌的stationary:静止不动的公安部推中国版“安珀警戒” -- ::39 来源:chinadaily 近日,公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台上线全国各地公安机关在接到儿童失踪报警后,通过这一平台及时上报信息,相关信息会在第一时间通过“公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台”官方微等新媒体、高德地图等移动应用对公众发布,同时通过相应渠道自动推送到儿童失踪地周边的相关人群,收到推送的用户可拨打1或者信息中的打拐民警电话提供线索儿童失踪信息会在第一时间通过高德地图对公众发布(公安部刑事侦查局提供)#0;请看相关报道:A high-tech system to help find missing children was put into operation on Sunday as a result of joint efts by Chinese police and Internet companies.由中国警方和互联网公司合力推出的失踪儿童搜寻高科技平台周日(5月日)正式上线Chinese police working on cases of missing children first post messages, including photos and physical characteristics, on an internal system. The inmation can then be posted on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like service.负责失踪儿童案件的民警现在内部网络上发布失踪儿童的照片和体貌特征等信息,之后,这些信息就会被发布到新浪微【运行方式】打拐民警将失踪儿童信息、嫌疑人信息等录入公安系统内部使用的儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台(emergency response system),点击“发布”后,信息即实时精准地推送到社交网络以丢失地点为圆心,儿童失踪时间1小时内,推送半径0公里(the inmation on the missing child and the suspect is broadcast to areas 0 kilometers from the place a child went missing within one hour);失踪小时内,推送半径0公里;失踪3小时内,推送半径300公里;儿童失踪超过3小时,推送半径500公里(the range is extended to more than 500 kilometers if a child is missing more than three hours)目前,失踪儿童信息可以通过微和地图软件进行推送,在儿童失踪地附近的用户,能够在手机上接收到推送的消息,未来也会有其他移动应用的用户接收到儿童失踪信息的推送【热词注解】美国失踪儿童发布系统“安珀警戒”(AMBER Alert)1996年1月日,美国得克萨斯州阿灵顿市,9岁女孩安珀·哈格曼在家附近被一名男子强行带走四天后,安珀的尸体在几公里外的一条小溪边被发现许多民众提出疑问:孩子失踪后,警方为何不在第一时间与媒体联动,像发布飓风警报那样,发布失踪儿童警报呢?受这一理念启发,一个接驳美国紧急警报系统(Emergency Alert System, EAS),通过电台、电视台、电子邮件、交通提示、短信等多种渠道,向全国发布失踪儿童信息的庞大系统——“安珀警戒”(America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, AMBER)上线一旦有儿童失踪,经过警方认定,就可利用EAS,通过广播(radio)、电视(TV station)、电子路牌( electronic traffic-condition signs)、手机推送( SMS text messages)、社交网站等途径,发布信息一条标准的安珀警戒通知,一般包括嫌疑人及失踪儿童的体貌特征、汽车型号与车牌号、执法部门联系电话等三大要素安珀警戒发出后,接收到警报的民众就都成为警方眼线,这让搜寻的范围与力度大大加强自1996年投入使用以来,安珀警戒已经至少解救了670名失踪儿童,美国的失踪儿童寻回率从1990年的6%,增长到今天的95%以上 (中国日报网英语点津 Helen)渝北区印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养外国人都用啥表情包? -- 19:5: 来源: 现在表情包几乎已经成为了网络聊天必不可少的东西了,中国网络用户“斗图”可谓群魔乱舞,但是外国人都喜欢使用什么表情包呢? The people of France and Italy live up to their romantic stereotypes, the Spanish prefer to flex their muscles while the British and Americans mainly seem to be weary.法国人和意大利人保持了他们一贯浪漫的态度,西班牙人却更喜欢展示自己的肌肉,而大多数英国和美国人则看起来很疲倦This is the view of the world that appears when looking at the most popular emojis that are used on Twitter in different countries.通过统计各个国家推特用户们最喜欢的表情,就可以看到这些国家存在着这样的倾向The list was compiled ahead of World Emoji Day this Sunday, and seems to challenge some stereotypes while confirming others about different nations.这份榜单刚好在本周日的“世界表情包日”前推出,似乎会改变人们对某些国家的刻板印象The unquellable positivity of Americans, example, seems to be lacking from their use of emojis as they seem to most often use the weary face icon.举例来说,从使用的表情包来看,美国人似乎不像人们认为的那样积极乐观,他们最经常使用的是一张疲惫的脸Turkey, by comparison, favours a more classic smiley face.和美国人相比,土耳其人更喜欢一张经典的笑脸France and Italy most often use heart shaped emojis related to love - perhaps not surprising countries that are most commonly regarded as the most romantic in the world.法国和意大利的人则更经常使用和爱有关的心形表情--也许对这两个被认为是世界上最浪漫的国家来说并不是一件让人惊讶的事Surprisingly, however, the Japanese also seem to like using a beating heart emoji that is often used to denote love.但是令人吃惊的是,日本人似乎也非常喜欢使用一个跳动的心脏的图案,这个图案一般被用来示爱Saudi Arabia uses a rather bizarre blue heart, which could be seen as rather cold hearted. South Koreans seem to prefer a symbol of kissing lips.沙特人很喜欢用一个怪异的蓝色的心形图案,这可能被看作是想表达自己很“冷漠”的意思韩国人则更喜欢亲吻的嘴唇In Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, countries known their love of rhythm, people favour musical notes..在巴西、哥伦比亚和阿根廷这些以喜好音乐而出名的国家,人们最喜欢的是音乐符’World Emoji Day’ has been designated as July because the date famously features on the ’Calendar’ emoji in iOS operating systems.7月日是“世界表情包日”,因为在iOS操作系统中,“日历”表情上面的日期就是7月日To celebrate the day, Twitter analysed how emojis are used around the world.为了庆祝这一天,推特分析了全球用户的表情包使用情况Somewhat expectedly, Australians are optimistic Tweeters, choosing the thumbs up emoji. Perhaps more surprisingly, the Germans also use the symbol, despite often being characterised as somewhat serious.跟预期的差不多,澳大利亚的推特用户们很乐观,他们最喜欢竖起大拇指的表情但是让人非常吃惊的是,德国人也喜欢使用这个表情,尽管他们经常给人以很严肃的印象South Africans are keen on putting their hands in the air and the Spanish like to show off their arm muscles.南非人喜欢使用一双手的那个表情,而西班牙人则更喜欢展示肌肉的表情While people in India and Mexico are more religious or spiritual, favouring the ’person with folded hands’.印度和墨西哥的人更加虔诚一些,他们更加喜欢“双手合十”的表情In May last year, emoji was named as the world’s fastest growing language.去年5月份,表情包被称之为全世界发展最快的语言Earlier this week, Google revealed a series of new emojis in efts to better embrace the diversity of its many users.本周早些时候,谷歌发布了一系列新表情包,以此来更好的吸引其多样化的用户群The new emojis include new professions, from rock star to scientist, each available in both male and female, and across all skin colours.谷歌的新表情包有摇滚明星和科学家等个新职业,每一种职业都有男性和女性两种表情,并且涵盖了所有的肤色In addition to this, 33 existing emojis are set to be updated to include a version both genders.另外,谷歌还把已有的33个表情进行了更新,使得每一个表情都有男女两种版本云南闭壳乌龟采购信息大全养殖方法

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