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Six coal miners in Utah were trapped 1,500 feet underground when the support beams collapsed. Digging was immediately started in an effort to rescue the six. Five volunteer miners risked their lives to descend down to the location of the cave-in. A day later, another cave-in occurred, killing three of the five would-be rescuers. All five were pulled out of the mine.The government banned any further attempts at rescue by men. Instead, machines would be used to burrow into the ground. Listening devices would be able to detect any human activity, and probes would be able to detect the amount of oxygen present. Even though most people figured that the original six had died almost immediately, five more holes were dug during the next two weeks in an effort to find, and deliver food and water to, survivors. This effort was made more difficult because searchers did not know the exact location of the original cave-in.After the fourth, fifth, and sixth digs had produced no positive results, the owner of the mine said that was it. Enough was enough. He had done all he could do, and after two weeks of no food and water, it was impossible that anyone could still be alive. The families of the six miners were outraged, telling the media that the owner had given only lip service to rescue attempts. They planned to sue. Article/201104/132598。

  • 5 ChapterAfter the coffee and sandwiches,Inspector Walsh called Roger Clarkson to the office.Roger came in and sat down.The Inspector began at once.用完咖啡和三明治后,沃尔什探长叫罗杰;克拉克森到办公室,罗杰走进来坐下。探长马上就开始了提问。#39;Now,Mr Clarkson.Why was your mother angry with you last night?#39;;嗨,克拉克森先生,你母亲昨晚为何生你的气?;#39;This house is very big,#39;Roger said.#39;It was a lot of work for Mother.I wanted her to move.But no,she loved this house and garden.She didn#39;t want to move.#39;;房子太大了,;罗杰说。;妈妈得干许多活,我希望她搬家。可是不行,她爱这所房子和花园,她不想搬。;#39;Tell me about your job,Mr Clarkson.Your mother is dead and now you#39;re rich.Do you need money?#39;;克拉克森先生,告诉我有关你工作的事,你母亲死了,现在你富有了。你需要钱吗?;Roger#39;s face was suddenly afraid.#39;What are you saying?I didn#39;t kill my mother.I need money,that#39;s true.A friend and I want to build ten houses here,in this garden.We can get a lot of money for them.So.I wanted Mother to sell this house.It#39;s true.But Mr Briggs wanted half the garden,too,you know,for his farm.#39;罗杰的脸突然露出害怕的神色。;你在说什么?我没有杀我的妈妈。我需要钱,这是真的。我和一个朋友想在这儿的花园里建10所房子,这事能使我们赚许多钱,所以我希望妈妈卖了这所房子,这是真的。可是布里格斯先生也想要半个花园当他的农场,这你是知道的。; Article/201203/173195。
  • CHAPTER XIIDarknessSYDNEY CARTON paused in the street, not quite decided where to go. `At Tellson's banking-house at nine,' he said, with a musing face. `Shall I do well, in the mean time, to show myself? I think so. It is best that these people should know there is such a man as I here; it is a sound precaution, and may be a necessary preparation. But care, care, care! Let me think it out!' Checking his steps, which had begun to tend towards an object, he took a turn or two in the aly darkening street, and traced the thought in his mind to its possible consequences. His first impression was confirmed. `It is best,' he said, finally resolved, `that these people should know there is such a man as I here.' And he turned his face towards Saint Antoine. Defarge had described himself, that day, as the keeper of a wine-shop in the Saint Antoine suburb. It was not difficult for one who knew the city well, to find his house without asking any question. Having ascertained its situation, Carton came out of those closer streets again, and dined at a place of refreshment and fell sound asleep after dinner. For the first time in many years, he had no strong drink. Since last night he had taken nothing but a little light thin wine, and last night he had dropped the brandy slowly down on Mr. Lorry's hearth like a man who had done with it. It was as late as seven o'clock when he awoke refreshed, and went out into the streets again. As he passed along towards Saint Antoine, he stopped at a shop-window where there was a mirror, and slightly altered the disordered arrangement of his loose cravat, and his coat-collar, and his wild hair. This done, he went on direct to Defarge's, and went in. There happened to be no customer in the shop but Jacques Three, of the restless fingers and the croaking voice. This man, whom he had seen upon the Jury, stood drinking at the little counter, in conversation with the Defarges, man and wife. The Vengeance assisted in the conversation, like a regular member of the establishment. As Carton walked in, took his seat and asked (in very indifferent French) for a small measure of wine, Madame Defarge cast a careless glance at him, and then a keener, and then a keener, and then advanced to him herself, and asked him what it was he had ordered. He repeated what he had aly said. Article/200905/70968。
  • CROSS 03十字架 03  I was lying on my back when I felt a great pressure on my body and I found myself unable to move. I was able to turn my head but was too afraid to look at what could be causing it. I started to whisper my older sister’s name in the hope that she would wake up. It seemed to take forever but eventually she opened her eyes. The look that came over her face is still to this day one that I cannot describe. I guess the closest would be that it showed terror and awe all at once. I whispered to her that something was on top of me. She said nothing at first but kept this strange look on her face. Then she simply told me to close my eyes and go to sleep. I closed my eyes without looking around and stayed there like that until I eventually did fall asleep.  The next day my father was extremely ill and we considered taking him to the hospital. As we were getting in the car, I asked my sister if she had seen anything last night. Once again this strange look came over her face and she told me that she had seen a ghost floating above my body and that it was female! She would not go into any further detail and to this day still refuses to talk about it.  My father made a miraculous recovery once we were on the road and we can’t explain what could have made him so sick in such a short space of time and which disappeared almost as soon as we left the premises.  我躺在床上,突然感觉身上有什么重物压着,压得我都无法动弹。我的头还是可以转动的,但我不敢看究竟是什么东西压着我。我开始轻声地唤我的名字,希望她能醒过来。隔了好长时间以后,终于醒了。当时她脸上的那种表情到今天我都无法描述清楚,我猜最贴切的说法便是那表情就有恐惧又有敬畏。我悄悄地对她说有什么东西压着我。她说什么也没有,但脸上还是那副奇怪的表情。然后就叫我赶快闭上眼睛睡觉。我不敢四处看,就闭上眼睛,一直静静的呆着不动直到最后睡着。  第二天我父亲的病变得非常严重,我们考虑要送他去医院。我们上车的时候,我问头天晚上有没有看到什么东西。她脸上再次出现了那种奇怪的表情,她告诉我前一天晚上她看见一个男人的鬼魂在我身体上方飘荡!说完她就不愿再透露任何细节,直到今天她还是不愿再谈起这事。  在我们回去的路上,我父亲奇迹般的康复了。我们无法解释是什么原因让父亲在那么短的时间内病得那么严重,又是为什么我们一离开那所房子他的病马上就好了。 Article/200812/58544。
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