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长春市宽城区医院有哪些长春治疗妇科的好医院长春治疗白带那个医院比较好 You look handsome,thank you,you too.you look great and Im so happy that you are here你看起来很帅 谢谢 你也是 你起色不错 很高兴 看到你来and I wanna catch up with,I havent seen you really in a long time我想跟你叙叙旧 真的很久没见你了20 years weve known each other.It...has it been that long 我们认识20年了 我们有那么久没见面吗Not since I have seen you in last few years.well it is a long time,isnt it不 因为我们过去几年还是见过面的 但我们的确很久没见了 不是吗Well I,and I couldnt be happier for you in all areas.But lets just talk about the movie我为你感到高兴 在任何方面都是 但是 让我们先谈谈电影Because I didnt know anything about baseball and I loved the movie因为我对棒球一点都不了解 而且我喜欢你的电影I just thought it was,I learned about baseball and I got invested我觉得它 我了解了棒球 而且投入其中and I thought this is,thats a pretty impressive movie to actually get you invested in something you know nothing about.so Congratulations on that,thank you我觉得这电影给人印象深刻 它能让你投入到完全不了解的东西里去 所以要祝贺你 谢谢Its a...Its pretty impressive they let me do it,because I also know nothing about baseball.really这 他们也真敢找我拍 因为我也一点都不了解棒球 真的吗very really,shameful.Its shameful that they even let me in the stadium绝对真的 很惭愧 他们居然还让我进摄影棚 太惭愧了But I really got taken with this story,these guys in...Its about Oakland As,well you guys saw it但是这个故事吸引了我 讲的是奥克兰运动家队的故事 你们已经看过了The Oakland As on 2002.A true story.A ture story and you know its a story about underdogs2002年奥克兰运动家队的故事 一个真实的故事 是真实的 关于底层的小人物and about people getting a chance who have been overlooked and undervalued and said they are more worthy and its kindda funny,Kidda funny关于被鄙视和低估的人如何得到机会 表达他们更有价值 其实挺有趣的 你们觉得有趣吗Its a,what do you mean you werent,I would have assumed you were obsessed with baseball这 你刚才是什么意思 我本来以为你应该很迷棒球Cause you kindda really make this movie happen,didnt you因为你演得很真实 不是吗I...yeah,well I stuck with it for a while,it was like...its based on a book by Michael Lewis which I highly recommend是的 我被棒球难住了一段时间 电影取材于Michael Lewis的书 我强烈推荐and its called Moneyball,The Science of Winning an Unfair Game叫做《魔球 逆境制胜的智慧》 /201611/476165Have a seat.Thats lovely,thank you very much请坐 真好 谢谢大家Thank you for it,I say right back at you,thank you so much for being here谢谢你们 掌声和欢呼如数奉还给你们 谢谢你们来到现场Hows that you feeling,good.Im glad大家都好么 我很高兴I am glad here,but would you feel even better if I told you for the very first time in the history of this program我很高兴 你们会不会更嗨一点 如过我说我们首次在节目中This is never happen before ever,not none other time previous till today in history before the moment that we are in now,that Brad Pitt is here有史以来第一次 就在此时此刻之前 都没有来过的 Brad Pitt来了Ive known so.Its a luxury here today which is perfect because I would like to talk about electricity我就知道会这样 今天你们是来对了 完美的一天 我想谈关于电的话题Who wants learn about science,anybody有人想了解可续吗 各位You dont have a choice,soap is gone.Its me now你们也没得选 肥皂剧时段结束了 我说了算Im sure you know there is a lot of power outage over the past few months because the storms or hurricanes相信你们都听说了 最近由于暴雨和飓风 频发引起断电and I know about them first hand,because my house was struck by lightening我是身有体会啊 因为我的房子就被闪电击到了Now some people dontt believe me,but it is true and you can ask aliens who learned it all at our backyard一些人并不相信 但这是事实 你们也可以问问我后院的外星人 它们目睹了全过程It is really struck by lightening,but people dont believe me大家并不相信 可它真的是被闪电击中了But anyway,because the power outages there was a poll.I have so many polls,I didnt realise there are so many polls不管怎样 由于停电也有一个投票 我有很多头头投票 从没有想到会有这么多投票But there was a poll just conducted,part upon was conducted这个投票正在进行 /201611/475461长春做无痛人流哪里最好

长春妇科哪家医院最正规Business商业Aarusha Homes: Room to grow阿鲁沙之家:增多的房间The road to Indian prosperity is paved with cheap and cheerful hostels.印度繁荣之路铺满了廉价且宜人的旅馆。If several hundred million Indians do migrate from the countryside to cities between now and 2050, as the UN expects, it will be a fiendishly busy few decades for Vivek Aher, who runs a low-cost hostel, one of five, on the outskirts of Pune, a well-off city three hours drive from Mumbai.正如联合国预计,如果从现在到2050年期间数亿印度人从农村迁移到城市的话,对于经营着浦那郊区五家廉价青旅之一的Vivek Aher将是极其忙碌的几十年,它离孟买有三个小时的车程。A fair few of the new arrivals will have their first experience of urban living bunking in one of the hostels 1,350 beds.新移民中有相当一部分将第一次体验在一家有着1350张床中住下的城市生活。Should recent experience be anything to go by, most of the new arrivals will test Mr Ahers patience by tacking posters on his hostels walls, or endlessly complaining about the Wi-Fi.凭近期的经验看,大多数新移民会在旅馆墙上贴大幅海报,或喋喋不休地抱怨Wi-Fi,不断考验Aher先生的耐心。India has two main drags on economic growth.印度了在经济增长方面主要有两个方面的阻碍。One is the difficulty of finding a job, especially in the places people live.一是找工作的困难,尤其是在居民区。The other is a chronic shortage of cheap housing.另一个是长期性短缺的廉价住房。Aarusha Homes, Mr Ahers employer, started in 2007 to help people seize economic opportunities far from home.阿鲁沙是Aher先生的雇主,2007年,它开始帮助人们抓住在远离家乡的地方的经济机遇。Its rooms are basic and cheap.它的房间是有基本设施而且便宜的。They include up to six beds, a bathroom for every three or four residents, some common areas and little else.它们包括多达六张床,每三、四个居民共用一个浴室,还有一些共同的公共区域和其他地方。Rent ranges between 3,500 and 10,000 rupees (-9) a month including food.租金范围在每月3500至10000卢比( 52美元- 149美元)之间,且包括食物。Most of Aarushas tenants are young, many of them taking first steps into the middle-class as IT or business-processing outsourcing professionals.阿鲁沙的大多数租客都是年轻人,其中许多人因为从事IT或业务处理外包专业首先跨入中产阶级。译文来源考研英语时事阅读 /201705/507217吉林大学三院是公还是私 吉林长春大学第二医院好不好?

长春市宫颈糜烂治疗多少钱网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:考虑一下Lets take it into account.让我们考虑一下这个问题。【讲解】take into account :考虑,把;;列在考虑范围之内。【情景一】做生意的人总是很谨慎,会把很多问题考虑在内,做事也是小心翼翼的。We have take into account the factor of inflation and interest rate.我们得把通货膨胀和利率因素都考虑在内了。【情景二】不管做什么,合作伙伴是非常重要的,所以在选择合作伙伴的时候需要考虑很多因素。Lets take into account her record before we ask her to come in as our partner.我们考虑一下要不要邀请她加入我们。 /201204/179371 关键词:古风式微笑。指庄严和典雅的笑容。短语释义:希腊雕塑用语。古希腊雕像的脸部往往带有一种独特的微笑,人们称之为古风式微笑。所谓古风时期是指公元前6世纪40年代到公元前6世纪20年代的后期。古风式微笑的研究者有两种看法:一种看法认为它反映了人们健康的情绪和幸福的生活,另一种看法则认为那是雕刻上的难度造成的结果。但后人都把这种微笑用来指端庄的笑容。情景领悟:1.Edie has an archaic smile; its fantastic.Edie有一种端庄的微笑,简直太迷人了。2.She is a nice girl with archaic smiles; we really like her.她是个非常好的姑娘,脸上总是带着大方庄重的微笑,我们都很喜欢她。本节目属 /201306/244371吉林省长春四院专家在线提问九台区中医医院预定电话



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