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This was a tragic and avoidable accident caused primarily by human error.此次悲剧的和可避免的事故主要是由人为错误造成的。An undisclosed number of U.S. military personnel have been suspended for their involvement in the Doctors Without Borders hospital bombing in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last month, which killed 30 people.一未被公开的美国军方人员暂停了卷入阿富汗昆都士无国界医院的轰炸,上月造成了30人死亡。A military investigation found troops involved in the incident didnt follow the rules of engagement and the bombing shouldnt even have taken place.一项军事调查发现,在这一事件中所涉及的部队并没有遵守交战规则,而且轰炸也不应该发生。Investigators say personnel didnt know the compound was a hospital; it was misidentified as an Afghan intelligence headquarters that Taliban forces had reportedly taken over.调查人员说,轰炸人员不知道该建筑物是医院,被误认为是塔利班军队接管的阿富汗情报总部。The press conference by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan didnt appease everyone. Especially Doctors Without Borders.美国驻阿富汗最高指挥官进行新闻发布会,但并没有满足每个人,特别是无国界医生。The group stands by its call for a completely independent investigation. In a statement, the group said, ;The frightening catalog of errors outlined today illustrates gross negligence on the part of U.S. forces and violations of the rules of war.;该组织要求进行完全独立的调查。在一份声明中称“今天概述的骇人失误目录表明了美国军方的重大过失并违反战争规则。”A NATO investigation has aly taken place, and U.S. officials said the findings are similar to the military investigation. As for those suspended, more punishment could be on the way.北约也已经进行调查,美国官员称调查结果与军事调查相似。至于那些被中止的,将会进行更多的惩罚。译文属。201511/412609

First lady Michelle Obama will attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral Friday without her husband.周五,第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将出席南希·里根的葬礼,奥巴马并不参加。The Washington Post reports rather than attending the funeral in California, President Obama will instead keep his commitment to speak at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.华盛顿邮报报道,没有参加加利福尼亚举行的葬礼,奥巴马总统将履行他的承诺,在德克萨斯州奥斯汀市举行的西南偏南艺术节上讲话。The Obamas released a joint statement about the former first lady after learning of her death Sunday, saying, ;We remain grateful for Nancy Reagan’s life, thankful for her guidance, and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together again.;周日得知前第一夫人去世的消息后,奥巴马发布联合声明,称“我们仍对南希·里根的一生心存感激,感谢她的指导,祈祷她和她亲爱的丈夫又在一起了。”This isn’t the first high-profile funeral President Obama skipped recently. The White House faced criticism after Obama failed to show at former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral last month.这不是最近奥巴马总统第一次错过备受瞩目的葬礼。上个月奥巴马没能出席前最高法院大法官安托宁·斯卡里亚的葬礼,白宫遭到批评。Former first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Rosalynn Carter are expected to attend Reagans funeral. 前第一夫人希拉里·克林顿,劳拉·布什和罗莎琳·卡特将出席里根的葬礼。She will lie in repose at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Wednesday and Thursday and will be buried next to her husband.她将于周三和周四在罗纳德·里根总统图书馆停灵,并将安葬在她的丈夫旁。译文属。201603/430314

It is as if we are two different species.我们的确像是属于两个不同人种Joes diet seems to be keeping his organs in pristine condition.乔的饮食让他的器官保持最佳状态My diet is undermining my health, and fast.而我的饮食结构在迅速掏空我的身体Well, that was very sobering.这真是如同当头棒喝Luigi does not mince his words.路易吉没有拐弯抹角He talked a bit about abdominal fat.他提到了腹部脂肪In fact, he talked quite a lot about my abdominal fat.事实上 关于我的腹部脂肪他说了很多Ive never thought of myself as particularly fat.我从没想到过自己非常胖But it was the sort of two visions he held out to me.他为我分析了两种生活方式的未来One, where, if I continue as I am at the moment,其中一个是 如果继续照现状生活Im heading almost certainly for heart disease and possibly worse.我必将罹患心脏病 甚至更糟The other is, if I embrace the CR way, the calorie restriction way,另一个 如果我开始过低热量饮食的生活he said I could be effectively cured in less than a year.他认为我可以在不到一年的时间里好转My risk factors would move from being我的健康风险将由almost certainly a cardiac victim at some point几乎肯定会患心血管疾病to one in a million.降低到百万分之一的患病几率When you put it as starkly as that,当现实严酷到如此地步时its given me a lot to think about.我的确应该好好考虑了重点解释:1.as if 犹如,好像,好似,仿佛例句:She ran as if the Old Boy were after her.她跑得飞快好像魔鬼在追她似的。2.seem to 似乎 ...例句:All my troubles seem to come together.我的各种问题似乎同时出现了3.think of 想到;考虑例句:I couldnt think of the name of that man anyhow.我怎么也想不出那人的名字来了。 201509/400211TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201509/400089

I think he should have stopped before he did, yes.但我想他早该制止Being vulnerable and listening to others, he just kept going.但是耳根子软又一直听信他人 他就这样一直下去Steve Hoefflin, l believe, and ll said to Michael,史提夫·郝富林 我也曾跟迈克尔说过did too many operations and made Michael not secure, but insecure.他整得太过火了 不但没有增加自信 反而更自卑One ofthe ways Steve stayed close to Michael史提夫之所以一直留在迈克尔身边was constantly telling him what he needed.就是一直灌输他 他需要改变些什么Steve would probably disagree with that, but l felt史提夫或许不认同我的说法you just went a bit too far.但我觉得真的太过火了The disease that Michael had, vitiligo,迈克尔所得的病 皮肤白斑病Michael suffered from it and he...迈克尔为此很困扰He didnt wanna be spotted up and he...他不想要变成个大花脸He went to a skin doctor and had him to get his whole face one colour他跑去找皮肤科医师 将脸部的颜色变均匀but below, his legs and things were still spotted up但是脸部以下 还有他的腿还是花的but he didnt show that part of his body,他将那些部位隐藏Vitiligo sufferer皮肤白斑病患者only parts of his body like his hands and his face and his neck and chest.只有像手 脸部 颈部与胸前Thats the part that he had bleached out so it wouldnt look so bad.他选择漂白那些部位 才不会那么难看201510/401635Dezhnev makes it home a rich man.德兹涅夫成了富翁The trade in fur opens up two continents.皮草交易打通了两片大陆Russia seizes control of Siberia and Alaska,And quadruples in size.俄罗斯夺取了西伯利亚和阿拉斯加的主权 领土翻了四倍In North America,The fur trade opens up the wilderness.在北美 皮草交易开发了蛮夷之地Dutch traders establish a port to ship fur to Europe.荷兰商人新建港口 将皮草运至欧洲80,000 pelts a year,Worth million today,一年可卖出八万匹皮草 在现今价值4800万美元Creating a new commercial capital:New York.成就了一个新的商业之都 那就是纽约Its almost inconceivable of us to think back on two super powers,现在对我们来说 回想俄罗斯和美国两个超级大国的发展 Russia and America,and both of them were given their real economic starts几乎不可思议 这两个国家真正的经济进程on the back of small furry animals.都始于小型毛绒动物的交易The resources of the natural world Drive a new age of commerce.大自然的资源 推动了商业的新纪元Fur, sugar, coffee, tea and tobacco.皮草 糖 咖啡 茶和烟草But transporting them is a deadly job Through uncharted seas.但在未知海域运输商品 却是件危险而致命的工作One in five journeys ends in disaster.每五次航行就有一次会以海难终结The worlds oceans are graveyards.海洋就是墓地201603/431608Accessorizing your outfit with the right bling is easy to do if you follow this simple advice.遵循下面的建议,选择合适的项链来搭配装将不费吹灰之力。You Will Need你需要Several necklaces几款不同的项链Several blouses or dresses几款长衬衣或裙子Steps步骤STEP 1 Consider the occasion1.考虑场合Consider the occasion and time of day. You want to select jewelry that is appropriate both to the neckline of your outfit and to the event you are attending.考虑场合和时间。选择的珠宝既要适合衣领,也要适合你出席的场合。Stick with simple styles for daytime events and more elaborate accessories for a night on the town.白天的活动选择风格比较简单的项链,晚上的活动选择更加别致的配饰。STEP 2 Choose a princess length2.公主长度项链Choose a princess length, which falls to the collarbone, when wearing a low cut or strapless neckline.穿低领或露肩装时选择公主长度的项链,通常在锁骨的位置。Princess cut necklaces are usually 17 to 19 inches long.公主型项链通常长17至19英寸。STEP 3 Pair a ;V; neck ;V; shaped3.V型项链配V领装Pair a ;V; neck top with a ;V; shaped necklace. A rounded necklace looks mismatched if your neckline is plunging, so be sure the chain you wear mimics the cut of the top.用V型项链配V领上衣。如果你的衣领子比较低,搭配圆形的项链看上去不太协调,所以,确保项链形状与上衣领子形状类似。STEP 4 Go without4.露背装或单肩装不需戴项链Go without a necklace if you are wearing a halter or one-shoulder style dress.如果你穿的是露背装或单肩装,不需要佩戴项链。STEP 5 Wear a long necklace with turtlenecks5.套领毛衣搭配长项链Wear an opera-length necklace, 26 to 36 inches, when sporting a turtleneck or high crew neck.穿套领毛衣或高圆领装时搭配长26至36英寸的项链。STEP 6 Pair a choker with strapless6.无带礼搭配宽项链Pair a 16-inch choker necklace with a strapless gown.用长16英寸的宽项链搭配无带礼。STEP 7 Pair your necklace with other jewelry7.项链和其他珠宝搭配Pair your necklace with other jewelry. Only one bold piece of jewelry is allowed. Wear stud earring with a flashy necklace and stay away from matching sets that are outdated. With coordination, youll be the toast of the town!项链和其他珠宝一起佩戴。当然只能另外佩戴一件珠宝。可以用耳环搭配绚丽的项链,不要选择过时的成套的珠宝。搭配协调,你将成为全场的焦点。The original weight of the Hope diamond was over 112 carats. It was recut twice to its current weight of just over 45.5 carats.希望之星原钻重量超过112克拉。经过两次切割后达到现在的重量,仍然超过45.5克拉。201502/358895

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