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长春无痛人流妇科医院哪家好长春九台区四维彩超价格Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。Its Wednesday November 10th, Im Natalie D Contel. Its time to get loaded.今天是11月10日周三,我是Natalie D Contel。是时间了解最新资讯了。Windows phone 7 launched this week, now were seeing on the interesting apps from the new phone rolled out. Most notably are the slim box app that lets you stream content from your home cable box, and a Google app that lets you bypass the default Bing search. Early reviews are that phone is really great, so we have to wait and see what consumers think.微软的Windows phone 7这周开始发售,我们将能看到这款手机的有趣应用。纤薄的机身是它的一大特色,另外它还能从家庭的有线电视盒接收信号。它带有谷歌的一款应用,能让你避开使用微软的必应搜索引擎。根据早前公布的信息,这款手机受到大家的普遍认同,所以我们只有等待发售静待佳音了。Google announced instant preview on Teusday. Its a feature that lets you preview websites without fully committing to the click. So you dont have to visit the site to see that it may not be what you had wanted, and say a preview through a magnifing glass within a fraction of a second. You gotta love google saving your time second by second.周二,谷歌推出即时预览功能。这项功能使你能够在不打开搜索结果页面的情况下简单浏览页面。因此你不用再浪费时间打开可能不是你想找的网页了,在不到一秒钟的时间内,你就能通过谷歌放大镜预览搜索结果的页面。这大大节省了搜索查找的时间,你一定会爱上谷歌的这款即时预览功能。And you wont be searching for anything on Ask.com any more, the company is shutting down its search business and letting go of its engineers. Instead, they will focus on developping their online question and answer service, which I suppose is still search but not in the traditional sense. Kind of sad, I used to use when it was askjeeves.com, poor jeeves time is tough. We gotta let you go.很遗憾,今后你将不能再使用Ask.com网站了,这家公司已经关闭了搜索业务,并且辞退了大量工程师。取而代之的是他们全新的在线提问和回答业务,虽然还是搜索业务,但是显然和传统的搜索类业务不一样。很遗憾,我曾经还是askjeeves.com域名的忠实用户,这家网站是从jeeve时代艰难熬过来的。不过我们必须放开手让它继续前行。Apple has reportedly bought wireless headphone maker Wigear, so far this is not confirmed. But reports are that this happened two months ago. Wi-Gear designed headphones that connected to iPods and iPhones, their bluetooth, they were able to control music player at up to 40 feet away.有报道称,苹果公司最近收购了无线耳机制造商Wi-Gear,这一消息还未经苹果公司正式。但报道称这一举动发生在两个月前。Wi-Gear设计了可连接到iPods和iPhones的蓝牙耳机,这种耳机将能在40英尺外遥控音乐播放器。And very cool, Youtube app is now available for Android and lets you control your google TV and the Youtube vedios you play there. You sign into your Yutube app and then select the vedios you want to watch on the phone. And they will play on your big screen. Its kind of like Apple air-play that will soon works with Apple TV and iPhone. Very cool, but then again, you do need a TV that has Google TV.非常酷,Youtube的一款安卓手机的应用可以利用手机遥控谷歌电视播放YouTube视频。你需要首先注册YouTube应用,然后在手机上选择好要看的YouTube视频。视频就会在大屏幕的电视上播放。这就类似于苹果公司的air-play一样,将苹果手机和苹果电视联系在一起。非常酷,但前提是你要买一台谷歌电视。ATamp;T users can now get their mobile apps with GetJar. GetJar is like the itunes apps store for non-iPhones. There are over 75,000 apps in the GetJar store and they run on about 50 ATamp;T phones. Obviously, the iphone is not one of them.ATamp;T的用户现在可以通过GetJar获得手机应用。GetJar就像iPhone的itunes应用一样集合了各种手机应用。在GetJar有着超过7万5千多的应用程序,持50款ATamp;T手机。很明显,手机用户只是他们顾客的中一部分。When Research In Motion throw its tablet into the market, the device will cost less than 500 dollars. RIM CEO said this in an interview with Bloomberg. The 7 inch Blackberry play book is due out in first quater of 2011.动态研究公司RIM的CEO在接见Bloomberg公司人员时说,公司经过市场调查,决定将最新产品黑莓平板电脑定价为500美元,这款7英寸的平板电脑将于2011年第一季度待售。And finally, your job may be protected even if you say terrible things about your boss on facebook, A woman in Connecticut is involved in a legal case that challenged her right to do this without losing her job. The National Labor Relations Board said that this is her right, and that facebook while is just like the water cooler you stand around and discuss your job. A hearing on the case is said for January 25th.最后一条消息,即使你在脸谱网上说老板坏话,老板也无权开除你。一名康乃迪克州的女性就以身试法。美国全国劳资关系委员会表示这是她的权利,脸谱网就像生活冷却机一样,人们有权在脸谱网上谈论自己的工作。1月25日他们还将就此事举办听会。Those are your headlines for today, I will see you tomorrow. Im Nateria D Conte for CNet.com and you have just been loaded.这些就是今日的头条,我们明天见。我是CNet.com的Nateria D Conte。欢迎收看今天的节目。Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196901长春哪儿做人流好 Dear Yael and Don: I know that imaging tests like CT scans and MRI and nuclear imaging are great tools because they allow doctors to see inside the body. But dont they also expose people to radiation? And if so, isnt this a bad thing?亲爱的雅艾尔和唐:我知道像CT扫描和核磁共振成像等影像学检查是很好的医疗设备,因为它们能协助医生看见身体内部。但它们不会让人受到辐射吗?如果是,这难道不是件坏事?Yael: Yes. And no. Some imaging tests do expose people to radiation. But just to be clear, MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, does not use radiation. So if you have an MRI, theres no risk of exposure.雅艾尔:是,也不是。有些影像学检查确实对人体有辐射作用。但你要清楚,MRI扫描,也就是核磁共振成像却并不涉及到辐射。因此如果你做MRI扫描,并不会有接触辐射的风险。Don: But other types of imaging tests do use risk of exposure. Like nuclear imaging, which is used to look for heart disease. And CT, or CAT scans, which use x-rays to take 3D pictures inside the body. And, unfortunately, over time these tests do sometimes expose people to dangerously high levels of radiation. High enough to cause cancer, in some cases.唐:但其它类型的影像学检查确实有辐射,比如用来检查心脏病的核成像,CT或CAT扫描,利用X光线拍摄人体内部的3D影像。但不幸的是,时间长了这些扫描确实会让人们暴露在高水平的、危险的辐射中去。在某些情况下,辐射的水平高到足以致癌。Yael: But why would doctors order tests that put people at risk for getting cancer?雅艾尔:但为什么医生还要求病人冒着患上癌症的风险做检查呢?Don: Well, mainly because the tests are often very useful. For example, mammography is the best way to look for early signs of breast cancer. But its not as clear that other tests, such as nuclear imaging, are as useful for detecting heart disease. It may be, but theres not enough hard evidence to be certain.唐:好吧,主要原因是这些检查非常有用。例如,乳房X光检查是寻找乳腺癌早期症状的最佳方法。但其他的一些检查却不明确,比如核成像是否对检测心脏病有用。或许有用,但没有足够的据来明。Yael: So, the risks of radiation exposure from a CT scan or a nuclear imaging may outway the benefits.雅艾尔:那么,进行CT扫描或者核成像的益处可能要超过它所带来的辐射风险。Don: Right. Its not that people should always avoid these imaging tests. But they should be aware of the risks.唐:对。人们不应该总是去回避影像学检查,不过也应该意识到它的风险。原文译文属!201302/225933Going back, say, ten years ago, would you ever imagine that you would have been able to tell what colour any dinosaurs would have been?回首过去,比如十年前,想象一下,你还能辨别出每一种恐龙可能是什么颜色吗?No, I mean I think at that time I would have said that its one of the things we will never know. And so we just focus up and see what weve got here.不能。我想那时候我会说这件事我们永远不会知道。所以我们只是专注起来,看看我们在这里留下的。Using a scanning electron microscope, Mike can find clues about the pigmentation of these ancient fossil feathers. 在电子扫描显微镜的帮助下,迈克可以找到有关这些古老化石特征的线索。And if we just have a look at this, the required time amount of locations, thats 9,000 times.如果我们只是看这个,需要放大倍数为9000倍。All these sausage shapes then are melanosomes, and then a living feather.所有这些香肠形状都是黑素体,然后是逼真的羽毛。They would be full of the chemical melanin, which would in fact give the colour.他们会充满化学黑色素,这些才是真正有颜色的原因。And these sausage-shaped ones are a sure indicator of a particular kind of melanin, which is the one that gives a black or dark brown colour.这些香肠形状的东西是一个特殊黑色素的标志,也是羽毛显现出黑色或者棕色的原因。So in some cases like this, the field of views is completely packed with the sausage-shaped ones.所以在某些情况下,能看见这一块地方充满了香肠形状的物质。So we know this must have been intensely black. If they were more loosely spaced, we would know it was a paler colour, maybe dark brown or even gray.所以我们知道这里一定是密集的黑色。如果他们是比较松散的排列的,它就会呈暗淡的颜色,也许是深棕色或者是灰色。So is it just really the presence or absence of the black pigments that you are able to ascertain?那么你能够确定它是真的存在或缺少黑色的色素吗?Well, the wonderful thing is there is another form of melanin that gives a ginger colour.嗯,奇妙的是,还有一种形式的能够呈现出姜色的黑色素。And so, and it is packaged in a different shape of melanosome, not this kind of cigar-shaped or sausage-shaped one, but a spherical one, a little ball. Close it up. We get the vacuum going.所以,它存在于一个不同形状的黑色体中,不是这种雪茄型或者香肠型的,而是球形的,一个小球。这块地方还有很大的空间。A sample taken from a different fossil shows what the structures that carried this ginger pigment look like.从另一个化石中取得的样品看起来像姜的形状。Thats entirely different. This surface looks as if theyve taken a melon baller and scooped up lots of little spherical hollows.这是完全不同的。表面上看起来好像是他们搓球机在球的表面制作了很多凹槽。So what colour would these melanosomes have made?所以这些黑色素造成了什么颜色?This is definitely ginger. And if you look at this ginger hair from a man of our human being, thats what you see ourselves.很明显是姜黄色。如果你看到一个人的头发是姜黄色的,那么你看到的就是你自己。So is it relatively easy to compare your dinosaur feathers with whats aly known about, the feathers of a living bird, to get that comparison to know what colours you were looking at here?因此通过已知的存活的鸟类的羽毛去比较恐龙的羽毛相对容易些,这样你就可以知道你在这里看到的是什么?We can put the specimens in one after the other. There is the modern one. There is the fossil. Spot the difference.我们可以将标本一个接一个的摆放。有现代的,也有化石。观察它们的区别。No difference at all. And who on earth would have thought a dinosaur was close to a bird?一点差别都没有。到底谁会觉得恐龙会和鸟有相似之处呢?But here we are, you know, its kind of proved in the skeletons. And now if you like, proved in the melatonin of the feathers.但是我们会,你知道,在骨骼上这已经得到实。现在如果你还想了解,可以实在羽毛的褪黑激素里。201302/225772吉林长春第三医院位置

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