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芜湖东方泌尿医院治疗龟头炎多少钱芜湖延长阴茎HONG KONG — An online payment affiliate of Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant, said on Tuesday that it had raised .5 billion from investors in an indication of its larger ambitions. 香港——周二,中国电商巨头阿里巴巴集团旗下的一家在线付公司宣布从投资者手中募集到45亿美元。这一迹象表明,该公司的抱负在扩大。 The affiliate, called Ant Financial, is one of the world’s largest electronic-payments companies by virtue of Alipay, a payment service resembling PayPal that is commonly used in China. Like Alibaba, it is controlled by Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men. 凭借付宝,名为蚂蚁金的这家公司成为了全世界最大的电子付企业之一。付宝是一种与PayPal类似的务,在中国使用广泛。和阿里巴巴一样,蚂蚁金由中国数一数二的富豪马云掌控。 Ant Financial is part of a rising trend in online payments in China, where slow state-run banks and an initial lack of regulation allowed faster-moving private-sector companies to integrate themselves into many facets of Chinese life. Ant Financial has added to Alipay a whole range of Internet financial services, like low-risk money market funds and a wallet app that enables easy payment from smartphones around China. 蚂蚁金是中国日益高涨的在线付潮流的一部分。在中国,国有效率低下,再加上起初的监管欠缺,使得反应更迅速的私营公司能够融入民众生活的诸多方面。蚂蚁金为付宝增添了一系列互联网金融务,如低风险货币市场基金和一款钱包应用。该应用使中国各地的用户能够通过智能手机轻松付款。 Ant Financial, which is privately owned, did not disclose details about the size of the stake the investors will hold. It said the investors included a number of state-controlled Chinese companies, including arms of China Construction Bank and China Life, indicating the level of government support Ant Financial enjoys in a country where much of the economy is still state-directed. 蚂蚁金属私人公司,并未透露有关投资者持股规模的细节。公司宣布的投资者涵盖多家国有企业,包括中国建设和中国人寿的分机构。这表明,在很多经济领域仍由国家指导的中国,蚂蚁金得到了政府的持。 In a move that could further ingratiate the company with Chinese officials, Mr. Ma has said he hopes to take Ant Financial public in China. China’s markets have been turbulent in recent months and saddled investors with losses. Alibaba has not disclosed timing, and the fund-raising on Tuesday suggests it could have enough money to take its time selling shares to the public. 马云一直表示希望让蚂蚁金在中国上市。此番表态可能会令该公司进一步讨好中国官员。最近几个月,中国市场动荡不安,投资者蒙受了不少损失。阿里巴巴尚未公布上市的时间安排,而周二宣布的融资也表明,它可能有足够的资金,可以从容推进公开募股一事。 In its statement on Tuesday, Ant said it would use the money it had raised to support its global expansion and also would continue its work to connect rural Chinese with its payment, loan and banking services. 在周二的声明中,蚂蚁金表示将把筹集到的资金用来持全球扩张,并表示将继续致力于把中国农村地区同其付、贷款和业务连接起来。 Chinese consumers use Alipay to shop online, transfer money to each other, hail taxis, buy movie tickets and even invest their spare change. A money-market fund affiliated with Ant Financial was once one of the world’s largest. According to the release on Tuesday, Alipay has more than 450 million users. 中国消费者可以使用付宝网购、转账、叫出租车、买电影票,甚至用零钱投资。蚂蚁金旗下的一货币市场基金的规模一度在全世界名列前茅。根据周二的声明,付宝用户已超过4.5亿。 Still, Ant Financial and Alipay face intense competition from Tencent Holdings, a Chinese rival that owns the WeChat mobile-messaging system. Tencent has integrated e-commerce and financial services into recent versions of WeChat, encouraging uses as varied as department stores, municipal water and electricity departments and neighborhood bicycle repair shops and noodle stands. 不过,蚂蚁金和付宝依然面临着来自竞争对手腾讯控股的激烈竞争。腾讯拥有移动端即时通讯平台微信。在微信的最近几个版本中,腾讯加入了多项电子商务和金融务,鼓励用户通过它们去连接百货商店和市政水电部门,乃至社区里的自行车修理铺和面点摊。 Ant Financial came into existence as a separate company amid controversy. Alibaba separated the two businesses in 2011, motivated, it said, by regulatory concerns. Yahoo, which then owned more than 40 percent of Alibaba, said it learned of the move only after it was completed. 蚂蚁金是在争议声中成立的一家单独的公司。2011年,阿里巴巴对两项业务进行了分离。阿里巴巴自称是出于监管方面的考虑才这么做的。当时持有阿里巴巴逾40%股份的雅虎(Yahoo)则称分离完成后才获悉此事。 As a result, investors did not get a share of that business when they bought shares of Alibaba in 2014, when it listed its shares publicly in the ed States. At the time, many pointed to Ant as being in charge of some of the more innovative ideas that Alibaba had recently developed. 因此,当阿里巴巴2014年在美国首次公开募股时,投资者即使购买阿里巴巴的股票,也并不持有蚂蚁金的股份。当时,很多迹象表明,阿里巴巴在那不久前形成的很多更有创新性的主意,均由蚂蚁金负责。 /201604/439937芜湖东方医院男科怎样 Elon Musk#39;s rocket company, SpaceX, announced last Wednesday morning it planned to send one of its spaceships to Mars by 2018, the most ambitious goal set to date by the burgeoning private space travel industry funded by billionaires instead of governments.上周三早晨,伊隆·马斯克的火箭公司SpaceX宣布其计划在2018年向火星发射太空飞船。这是目前私人公司中最具野心的目标。私人太空旅游产业并非由政府资助,而是由富翁们出资。The mission would be unmanned, Musk said in a Twitter post, but the flights will be used to learn how to land the sorts of large payloads humans would need should they ever colonize the red planet, another SpaceX executive said.马斯克发推表示,这次将会是一艘无人太空飞船。另一位SpaceX的主管表示,这些飞行会被用来研究人类在定居火星时所需的负载量。These days it takes about eight months to get to Mars via rocket, according to Nasa.根据NASA表示,依靠目前的技术,到达火星需要八个月的时间。And as Musk notes, the inside of his Dragon 2 rocket offers about as much space as a sport utility vehicle.马斯克表示,他的龙2飞船内部空间至少得容得下一部运动型多用途车。SpaceX recently made a breakthrough in privatized space flight. In early April it landed a reusable rocket on a robot-controlled floating platform; the idea being that would make it much cheaper to keep sending people beyond the atmosphere.最近,SpaceX公司在太空飞行中取得了新突破。四月初,它成功地使一架可回收火箭在机器人控制的浮动平台上着陆。这个创意能够为持续将人类送出大气层节省了一大笔费用。Nasa meantime is working on its own Mars missions, including an effort to send humans there by the 2030s.同时,NASA也正进行其火星计划。其中就包括在2030年将人类送往火星。But the US government has restricted the space program#39;s funding in recent years, leaving it up to billionaires such as Musk, Amazon.com#39;s Jeff Bezos and Virgin#39;s Richard Branson to fund their own would-be galactic fleets.但是近几年来,美国政府一直限制该太空计划的预算,于是将机会留给了像马斯克、亚马逊总裁杰夫和维珍总裁理查德·布兰森这样的亿万富翁们。他们用自己的资金来打造私人未来舰队。The SpaceX executive said Nasa would offer some technical support, such as use of a deep-space communications network, but its Mars flight would be a “SpaceX mission”.SpaceX的总经理表示,NASA会提供一些包括深空通讯网络的使用方法在内的技术持,但这是SpaceX自己的火星项目。 /201605/442548芜湖医院泌尿外科割包皮

鸠江区男性男子男科医院看男科怎么样安徽芜湖人民男科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 China-developed commercial airliner C919 has edged a step closer to takeoff after the plane#39;s developer put it through the first high-speed taxi test last Sunday morning at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.上周日上午,我国自主研发的商用客机C919的开发者在上海浦东国际机场对其进行了首次高速滑行测试,C919距离首飞又近了一步。The test started at 8:00 am and lasted for three hours.测试于上午8时开始,持续了3个小时。The plane reached a top speed of about 248 km per hour, approaching the speed required for takeoff and landing.C919的最高时速达248公里左右,接近起降所需速度。C919#39;s developer, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, is expected to launch a test flight of the aircraft in the first half of this year.C919由中国商飞开发,该公司预计将于今年上半年进行C919的试飞。The C919, designed to accommodate over 150 passengers, is a narrow-body plane. Its main rivals on the market will include Airbus 320 and Boeing 737.C919是窄体飞机,设计载客量在150人以上,在市场上的主要竞争机型包括空客320和波音737。The COMAC also plans to start developing wide-body aircraft in 2017.此外,中国商飞公司还计划在2017年开始研发宽体飞机。 /201704/505624芜湖第二人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询

芜湖市第一医院男科挂号 What are some Chinese phrases commonly used online?中国有哪些常用的网络短语?233 means LOL.“233”意思就是大声笑。卧槽 means WTF.“卧槽”意思是他妈的。囧 is a Chinese character which is widely used as an emotion.“囧”是个汉字,经常被用作一个表情。高富帅 describes a male who is tall, rich and handsome.“高富帅”形容个子高、有钱而且长得帅的男人。白富美 describes a female who is white, rich and beautiful.“白富美”形容皮肤白、有钱而且长得漂亮的女性。好基友 means very good friend.“好基友”意思是关系很好的朋友。搞基 means hangout with some good friends.“搞基”意思是和几个好朋友一起出去玩。节操何在 describes someone, something sleazy or nasty but actually it#39;s a positive word with comic relief.“节操何在”形容某人某事低俗下流,但实际上是褒义词,带有喜剧色。这不科学 means it doesn#39;t make sense at all or unbelievable.“这不科学”意思是这根本就讲不通或者难以置信。你为何这么屌 means how did you become such amazing.“你为何这么屌”意思是你为什么这么神奇。I repeat sth. for three times because it is more the important.重要的事情说三遍。The world is so big that I want to have a look.世界那么大,我想去看看。An emotion of not knowing what to say and expressing helplessness.此刻我的内心几乎是崩溃的。Am I the one to blame? This means I am not the one to blame.怪我咯?这句话的意思是不应该怪我。You guys in the city do surprised me, a village girl.你们城里人真会玩。It does not work no matter how useful it is.然而并没有什么卵用。大V (Big V, the verified people who have many followers on Sina Weibo)大V(新浪微上有很多粉丝而且经过认的人)土豪 (literally means ;local tyrant;, a rich guy)土豪(字面意思是“乡下暴发户”,指有钱人)土豪金 (local tyrant gold, refers specifically to the gold model of iPhone 5s)土豪金(特指金色款iPhone 5s)我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了(Me and my buddies shitted our pants! It#39;s a very popular meme in 2013.)我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了(我和我的小伙伴们吓到尿裤子了!这是2013年很流行的文化语言。)女汉子 (He-girl, a girl who acts like man)女汉子(行为举止像男人的女孩)高大上 (a thing of good taste)高大上(品味很棒的东西)喜大普奔 (an abbreviation of four idoms 喜闻乐见, 大快人心, 普天同庆 and 奔走相告, used when you#39;re very happy to hear a thing happened)喜大普奔(喜闻乐见、大快人心、普天同庆以及奔走相告四个成语的缩写,用在当你听到这件事情发生的时候感到非常高兴)不明觉厉 (short for 不明白但觉得很厉害, I don#39;t get it but I think it#39;s terrific)不明觉厉(是“不明白但觉得很厉害”的缩写,虽然我不懂但是觉得很了不起) /201607/453116芜湖东方男科医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱芜湖割包皮的费用



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