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2020年02月25日 14:15:50

Barefoot Prince George celebrates his third birthday today with four stunning new photographs released by Kensington Palace.今天肯辛顿宫发布了4张乔治王子过三岁诞辰的新照片,图片中的小王子光着脚丫。The little prince, third in line to the throne, can be seen in two shots playing on a swing in casual shorts and a T-shirt at his parents#39; country home, Anmer Hall, that is inscribed with their names, William and Catherine. It is believed to have been a wedding gift to the couple.有两张照片中,小王子穿着休闲短裤和一件T恤,在父母乡郊别墅安默堡中荡着秋千玩耍。这个第三顺位继承人所坐的秋千上还印有父母的名字“威廉和凯瑟琳”,据称该秋千还是夫妻俩的结婚礼物。Another equally casual shot shows him cheekily offering an ice cream to the family#39;s dog, spaniel Lupo.另一张休闲照中,小王子粉脸扑扑,正在给自家的西班牙猎卢波喂冰淇淋。A fourth shows George running through the gardens, this time wearing a jumper by Pepa amp; Co - a brand Kate turns to time and time again - and his favourite Trotters shoes.第四张照片中的乔治在花园里玩耍,他身穿Pepa amp; Co的套衫和最爱的Trotters牌鞋。(Pepa amp; Co是凯特王妃时不时给儿子选的衣品牌。)In recent years the royal household has often issued pictures taken of the Royal children by their keen amateur photographer mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. This time, however, they were taken by a professional photographer, Matt Porteous.近年来英国王室常常会发布小王子和公主的照片,不过却出自他们业余热爱摄影的母亲剑桥公爵夫人之手。不过这一次的照片是由专业摄影师马特·波蒂尔斯拍摄的。In a statement, William and Kate said: #39;The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share four new photographs of Prince George to mark his third birthday.威廉王子和凯特王妃一次曾发表声明称:“剑桥公爵及夫人十分高兴,能将乔治王子四张三岁生日的新照公布,与民众一同分享。”#39;They were taken by photographer Matt Porteous at their home in Norfolk in mid-July.照片由摄影师马特·波蒂尔斯于7月中旬拍摄于公爵夫妇诺福克的家中。Photographer Matt Porteous said: #39;I really enjoyed the opportunity to take these photographs of Prince George. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I#39;m honoured that they have decided to share these images with the public to mark his third birthday.#39;摄影师表示:“我非常享受这次给乔治王子拍照的机会。过程很放松、惬意。我很荣幸公爵夫妇决定分享这些照片,和民众一同庆祝王子的三岁诞辰。” /201607/456245济南阳光妇科是正规的吗Two large review studies have reached the same conclusion: Eating whole grains is associated with significant reductions in the risk for premature death.两项大型回顾研究得出了相同的结论:食用全谷物能显著降低早逝风险。One report, in BMJ, found that whole grain consumption was associated with a reduction in the risk for death from cancer, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, infectious disease and diabetes. Using data from 45 studies, researchers calculated that compared with eating none, eating 90 grams of whole grains a day reduced the risk for all-cause mortality by 17 percent.《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)上的一篇报道发现,食用全谷物能降低因患癌症、冠心病、呼吸疾病、传染病和糖尿病死亡的风险。研究者们使用45项研究的数据计算出,每天食用90克全谷物的人比完全不食用全谷物的人的全因死亡率(all-cause morality)低17%。The other analysis, in Circulation, used data from 14 prospective studies with 786,076 participants and found that compared with those who ate the least whole grain foods, those who ate the most had a 16 percent reduced risk for all-cause mortality and an 18 percent reduced risk for cardiovascular mortality.《循环》杂志(Circulation)上的另一篇文章使用14项预期性研究(这些研究共有786076人参与)的数据发现,食用全谷物最多的人的全因死亡率比食用最少的人低16%,心血管疾病死亡率低18%。A slice of 100 percent whole grain b contains about 16 grams of whole grains, and current dietary guidelines recommend 48 grams or more of whole grains daily.一片100%全麦面包约含16克全谷物,目前的膳食指南建议每天至少摄入48克全谷物。The senior author of the Circulation study, Dr. Qi Sun, an assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard, cautions: “You shouldn’t hope that you will cure diseases with whole grain foods.”《循环》上那项研究的高级作者孙琦士(音译)是哈佛大学(Harvard)的营养学助理教授。他警告说:“但不要指望通过食用全谷物治疗疾病。” /201606/449934山东省交通医院妇科挂号Flying is cheaper than it used to be. Adjusted for inflation, a ticket from LA to Kansas City cost 5 in 1955, compared to a couple hundred bucks today. Flights are more affordable these days, but pretty much everything costs extra.现在坐飞机比以前便宜多了。为了适应通货膨胀,1955年从拉丁美洲到堪萨斯市的机票价格为575美元,今天却只需要200美元左右。现在许多人都有能力坐飞机了,但是却又许多额外的费用。下面是如何避过这些隐性收费的方法。1.The Most Common Hidden Airline Fees, All In One List1.最普遍的航空隐性收费,都在一张单据上面There used to be a time that the price you paid for a flight was the published cost.一般情况下你付款的凭据是航空公司打印出来的金额。2.Avoid Baggage Fees With Smart Packing and Airline Credit Cards2.避免小件行李以及航空信用卡的行李费用。If I think hard enough, I can remember when checking luggage was free. These days, almost all airlines charge extra if you check a bag rather than just carry it on your flight.如果努力想的话,我记得交运行李是免费的。现在,如果你交运自己的行李而不是单单将包裹带上飞机,几乎所有航空公司都会收取额外的费用。Trip Advisor has a full list of baggage fees by airline here, and prices typically range from to for the first bag. Delta, ed, and Virgin all charge for the first checked bag on domestic flights, for example. Discount airlines like Spirit typically charge more. Their checked baggage fee starts at and increases depending on the weight. Southwest Airlines is one of the few to offer a free checked bag (the third one costs , though).旅途助手提醒你下面这些航空公司收取的行李费用,第一个包裹的价格一般在25美元到75美元之间。例如,德尔塔、美国和维尔京在国内航班的第一个交运的包裹收费为25美元。勇气航空公司的打折机票一般情况下行李交运费会更高。他们的交运行李费用30美元起步,依据姓李的重量增加费用。西南航空公司是为数不多的免收交运行李费用的公司之一(但是第三件行李的交运费用为75美元)。 /201607/452877肥城中心医院预约免费


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