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We speak of someone having "cold eyes" or a "warm smile". Now it seems there's a very real connection between the temperature people feel and the way they act toward others. Science magazine reports on an experiment in which some students held a hot drink and others a clod one. Then a person was described to them. Later, the students were asked whether they would describe that person as good or bad. Those holding the hot cups were more likely to say positive things. A second experiment using hot and cold therapeutic pads brought even clearer results. Students holding the hot pads were twice as likely as those with the cold ones to react to others in a positive way. /200904/67681。

The evil eye is the power some people are supposed to have to harm people or their possessions by merely looking at them. According to superstition, an evil person who has this power may use it to cause such misfortune as death, illness, or property damage. A person may also have the evil eye without knowing it and cause harm without intention. To avoid the evil eye, many people utter such phrases as “God bless you” or wear blue beads or other protective charms. Several popes were said to be the bearers of the evil eye. Pope Pius Ⅸwas one. Pope Leo XⅢ, his successor, was said to have the evil eye because so many cardinals died during his reign.据一种迷信的说法,有人长有魔眼,只须看人一眼,就能使之患病或丧生。或看一眼别人的财产,就能使之损坏。有人长有魔眼,但自己不知道,所以虽无恶意,但仍能造成伤害。为避免魔眼的伤害,人们会说“上帝保佑”,或戴蓝色的珠子或别的吉祥物。有几个教皇据说长有魔眼,例如庇护九世。继任的利奥十三世据说也是如此,他在任期间死了好几个枢机主教。 /200906/75982。

摘要:一项调查显示,大约51%的年轻女性希望通过手术来改善容貌,三分之一已经是12号尺码(英式,相当于大号)的妇女仍然认为自己过胖,几乎半数受访女性表示,她们曾放弃一餐来减肥,而8%的人曾通过让自己呕吐来减肥。Some 51% of young women would have surgery to improve their looks and a third of those who are a size 12 thinkthey are overweight, a survey suggests.B Radio 1's Newsbeat asked 25,000 people, mostly aged 17 to 34, how they felt about their bodies.Almost half the women surveyed said they had skipped a meal to lose weight, while 8% had made themselves sick.Eating disorder experts said it was "sad but not surprising" that young people felt and acted in such ways.The survey found two thirds of those who are size 14 also thought they were overweight or fat.Even with the celebrity emphasis on being size zero (UK size four), fewer than one in a hundred of those surveyed said they were that size.Given the choice of ultra-skinny, thin and curvaceous, both men and women rated a curvy Martine McCutcheon as having the best body.Half of the women questioned said there was "lots they would change" about their bodies--and more than 10% "hated" what they looked like.Many people said they were trying to change their looks.More than 20% of female respondents said that they were on a diet, compared with fewer than 10% of men.And more than 50% of female respondents said they would consider having plastic surgery, compared with less than a quarter of men.Breast enlargement was the most popular operation for women, while liposuction was the next most popular.Liposuction and nose jobs were the most common choices for men.The online survey found that even younger people had concerns over their looks.More than half of girls aged 12 to 16 felt that their body image either stops them from getting a boyfriend or from relaxing in a relationship.Young men also appear to feel the pressure to look good.About 20% of those in their early 20s said that they have taken protein supplements in a bid to help themselves bulk up, compared with 11% of over 35s.And when asked to rate photos of differently shaped male bodies, almost 80% of men and 65% of women favoured a very muscular physique.A spokeswoman for Beating Eating Disorders said there were an estimated 1.1 million people in the UK with eating disorders."Research says that typical age of onset for an eating disorder is 14 to 25. Young people are affected by many issues at this present time with issues such as exams, bullying, family pressures. /200904/68213。

Want to know if he's the one? Take a look at our 10 giveaway signs that he's a keeper.想知道他是不是你命中注定的那一位?那么就看下预示他忠于爱情的十大泄密信号吧。Part time fling or long term lover?It's the eternal question. He's cute, funny and your friends love him, but is that enough? How do you know he's ‘the one'? Here are 10 factors to consider and if you can meet at least nine of them then hold tight because he might just be the one you've been looking for...一时兴起的还是矢志不渝的恋人?这是个永恒的问题?他可爱,风趣,也讨你朋友的喜欢,但是这些就够了吗?你怎样才能确定他就是“那一位”呢?一下有十大方面供你考虑,若有人能至少能符合其中九条,那么你可得好好把握他,因为他很可能就是你一直在寻觅的命中唯一。He makes you laugh until you cryA sense of the humour is one of the most appealing qualities in a man and sharing the same jokes will keep you close, whatever comes your way. It doesn't matter if no one else finds you funny, as long as you can make each other laugh out loud.他能让你笑出眼泪来幽默感是男人最重要的品质之一。无论在什么情况下,分享笑话总能拉近你们的距离。只要你们能使彼此哈哈大笑,别人觉得你们无趣也不打紧。You want the same things out of lifeIf you want to settle down and have a family and he wants to travel the world with no commitments then you are not on the same page. Although all couples have to make compromises you should essentially want the same things out of life and be able to work towards them together. 你们对生活有着同样的追求如果你想安家立业,而他却想云游四方,无拘无束;那么你们并不在一条道上。尽管所有的夫妻都需要对彼此做出退步,但是你们的生活追求在本质上应是相同的,并且能够朝着这个目标携手共进。He likes you best with no make-up onYes, you may think he is lying but the chances are that he really does prefer you au natural. He loves you for you, not for the clothes you wear or the make up you doll yourself up in. If he tells you you're pretty when you are cuddled up in your pyjamas then chances are that he means it. 他最爱你素面朝天时的模样是的,你可能觉得他在说谎,但是也可能他是真的更喜欢你自然的样子。他爱的是你,而不是你穿的衣,画的妆。如果当你缩在睡衣里时,他说你很美,那么他说的很可能是真心话。You see his flaws but love him anywayIt is wrong to think that to be ‘the one' your man has to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. He is ‘the one' when you know him well enough to see all his flaws, accept them for part of who he is, and love him just as much anyway.你知道他的缺点,但依然爱他如果你认为你的真命天子应当是个完美之人,那你就错了。人无完人。他是那个你了解得足以东西他缺点的唯一。你接受了这些缺点,把这当做他的一部分,并且深爱他一如往初。 /201101/123327。

1. Egg keep you feeling full much longer than cereal or toast.The protein and fat in eggs helps sustain your energy levels, keeping you satisfied for longer and reducing the need for a mid morning snack.相较于谷类或面包,鸡蛋带给你的饱胀感更持久 鸡蛋里的蛋白质和脂肪帮助维持你的能量水平,让你饱的时间更长,降低了早餐后再吃点心的需要。2. Eggs assist weight loss.This is a follow on benefit from keeping you satiated. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast are more likely to lose weight than those who ate bagels.鸡蛋为减肥助力 这是通过让你长期觉得一直很饱来获得的好处。研究显示,早餐吃鸡蛋的人比吃百吉饼的人更易减肥。3. Eggs are a great source of protein.Whole eggs are one of the most complete sources of protein, meaning eggs contain all the essential amino acids which we must get from our diets. 鸡蛋是极好的蛋白质来源 整鸡蛋是最完整的蛋白质来源之一,这意味着鸡蛋含有我们必须从饮食中摄取的所有必需氨基酸。4. Eggs tend to be relatively inexpensive.Compared to other high protein foods such as red meat, even free range eggs are more budget friendly. 鸡蛋相对来说比较便宜相较于其他高蛋白食物,比如红色肉类(牛肉、猪肉等),即便是自然放养生产的鸡蛋仍然更划算。 /201107/144638。

干旱期 dry spell自去年10月下旬以来,我国北方省区降水明显偏少,旱情持续发展,多省市连发旱情,甚至是重度干旱。此次干旱持续时间之长、受旱范围之广、受旱程度之重均为历史罕见。据预测,2月份华北、黄淮大部、江南东南部降水较常年同期偏少2-5成,有可能出现冬春连旱。请看《中国日报》的报道:The dry spell since November has affected at least 9.53 million hectares of farmland, or 43 percent of the country's winter wheat supplies. The situation is expected to continue as no rain has been forecast for the next 10 days in the affected regions, meteorological agencies said.始于去年11月的干旱期已导致953万公顷农田受旱,波及至43%的冬小麦产区。据气象部门预测,由于未来10天内受灾地区没有降水,旱情还将持续。在上面的报道中,dry spell就是指“干旱期”,指的是降水偏少的一段时间,也就是气候上常说的“旱季”,还可以用dry season来表示。Spell在这里表示“连续的一段时间”。比如寒流过后,我们终于可以享受到a spell of warm weather(持续的温暖天气)。除了dry spell以外,常见的类似用法还有cold spell(春寒期),rain spell(雨期),sinking spell(跌价期)。Spell还可以用来表示“认真琢磨、招致”等意思。因为英语不好,Jim每次看合同都要spell out the meaning(很吃力地读懂),甚至有时候spell backward(产生误解),而且也不能clearly spell it out(清楚地阐明出来),这不仅spell losses(招致损失),而且还会spell trouble(带来麻烦)。把“干旱、干燥”,引申开来,dry还可以用来表示“枯燥无味的”。比如看了a dry novel(一本枯燥无味的小说),得到了a dry answer(一个冷淡的回答)等等。 /200902/62357。

Temperatures are soaring and that means hot summer is here at last. For many, this means it’s time to head to the beach for sun, sea and sand. If, however, you are unsure which style of swimsuit to choose, let 21st Century help you make the right choice to make a splash this summer. 气温飙升,酷暑终于降临。对于很多人来说,这意味着是时候去海滩享受阳光、海水和沙滩了。但如果你不确定该选择哪款泳衣,那就让《21世纪英文报》帮你做出正确选择吧,让你成为今夏焦点。One piece 连体泳衣This tight, form-fitting swimsuit style was born in the 1900s when women grew tired of the heavy wool dresses they’d been wearing to cover their bodies in public baths. The one-piece swimsuit, in revealing the arms and knees, allowed levels of public skin exposure unheard of since Roman times. When Australian actress and swimmer Annette Kellerman *sported a one-piece in Boston in 1907, the police arrested her for *indecency.这种紧身合体的泳衣诞生于二十世纪初。那时,妇女们已厌倦了在公共澡堂裹着厚重的羊毛长裙来遮盖身体。连体泳衣让手臂和膝盖都裸露在外面,这种在公共场合的暴露尺度自罗马时代之后,便闻所未闻。1907年,澳大利亚演员兼游泳运动员安妮特#8226;凯勒曼在波士顿惹人注目地身穿连体泳衣时,警方以不雅罪为由将其逮捕。However, this didn’t stop the rise of the one-piece. It became the norm for women over the next 20 years and is still very much in fashion today.然而,这却并没能阻止连体泳衣的流行。在接下来的20年间,连体泳衣已成为女性的标准着装,如今也依然很流行。 /201106/141582。

TERROR, stagnation, exile, hope and disillusion are the fabric of Russian history in the last century. These are also the backdrop for Owen Matthews’s poignant history of his family’s battle with Soviet bureaucracy at its most callous and Western officialdom at its most complacent.His father Mervyn was one of the earliest British graduates allowed to study in Russia in the 1950s. This changed his life. First, he fell in love with Lyudmila, the frail, brainy daughter of a senior communist purged in the 1930s. Second, he flirted with the KGB. They insisted that he work for them. When he refused, he was expelled, permanently, from the Soviet Union. Lyudmila’s repeated applications for an exit visa were denied.That could have been the end, among millions of other commonplace tragedies in the decades that the Kremlin devoted to creating paradise on earth. But it wasn’t. Showing great reserves of determination, Mervyn Matthews spent the next five years running a thbare but relentless campaign to get Lyudmila to Britain. He buttonholed any public figure who could help, harassed the press and infuriated Foreign Office mandarins who regarded the whole affair as an irrelevant nuisance. He travelled round Europe to try to lobby visiting Soviet bigwigs, and even managed twice to slip into the Soviet Union on visa-free day trips from Finland to see her.In between he wrote daily to Lyudmila in spare but affectionate prose. He carefully kept copies of his own letters and of her replies, which are steeped with frustrated uxoriousness (love mixed with fussing about his diet and clothes). Through these extracts the er can almost smell the longing and the willpower. They also show how the couple’s unhappy families—Mervyn’s father is absent because he disliked his relations, Lyudmila’s because he died in the Gulag—made them seem to match each other so neatly.The campaign for Lyudmila cost Mervyn his academic career. He did not publish his work on Soviet sociology for fear of offending the Kremlin. After lobbying a visitor to his Oxford college too brusquely, he was eased out and took a job at another university which he despised. In Moscow, Lyudmila was hounded for her love affair with someone from the enemy camp.Astonishingly, the sacrifices were vindicated. In 1969 the Matthews case and that of two other couples were bundled up with an East-West spy swap. Lyudmila came to Britain. The marriage proved less than blissful, although it was saved by dogged loyalty on both sides. Lyudmila adapted poorly to English life; her shy, spartan husband’s grit in adversity proved greater than his husbandly capabilities.But the marriage did produce the author, a legendary hellraiser in Moscow in the 1990s, and now a respectable foreign correspondent. The crisp and admirably self-deprecating vignettes of his own life, both emotional and professional, give his parents’ story a fitting perspective. Few books say so much about Russia then and now, and its effect on those it touches. 恐怖、萧条、流放、希望和觉醒构成了20世纪俄罗斯历史的主旋律。在这段悲怆的历史背景下,作者欧文#8226;马修斯(Owen Matthews)描述了家人同最冷酷无情的苏联当局和最自鸣得意的西方官僚展开的一段争斗历史。在20世纪50年代,欧文的父亲茂文#8226;马修斯正是最早获准留学苏联的英国毕业生之一。不过,这一留学生涯却改变了父亲茂文的人生。首先,茂文爱上了身体娇弱但聪明伶俐的柳德米拉。柳德米拉是一位曾在30年代遭受清洗运动迫害的俄共高级官员的女儿。其次,茂文对苏联国家安全委员会举动轻率。苏联国家安全委员会坚持要求马修斯为他们工作,但遭到拒绝。随后,苏联永久地把欧文#8226;马修斯驱逐出境。柳德米拉屡次申请出国签却屡遭拒绝。在那几十年,克里姆林宫沉迷于创造世间天堂却引发了成千上万件司空见惯的人间悲剧。热恋情人分居两地可能就是最终结局。然而,事实并非如此。为使恋人能够来到英国,茂文#8226;马修斯表现出了巨大的决心,进行了五年微不足道但却不屈不挠的抗争。茂文求助了任何一位能提供帮助的公众人物,烦扰了新闻媒体并激怒了那些认为如此麻烦琐事同外交部毫不相关的官员。他还周游欧洲设法游说前来访问的苏联权贵,甚至有两次从芬兰通过免签入境旅行而悄悄溜入苏联与其相见。在此期间,茂文每天有空时都会给柳德米拉写信,文笔简练却爱意绵绵。他小心翼翼地保留了书信复件和恋人的所有回复,深深沉湎于深受挫折的爱妻情怀(对自己衣食的操心对自己情人的爱心交织不清)。通过以上摘录,读者几乎可察觉到马修斯的相思之苦和毅力之坚。摘录还透露出这对鸳鸯的家人是如此的不幸——茂文的父亲因反对这一婚姻关系而疏远儿子,柳德米拉的父亲因客死古拉格 (劳动改造营总)而永别爱女——以致双方似乎可如此恰好地相偎相依。为情人柳德米拉而奔走呼告的活动却促使茂文的学术事业付之东流。茂文因担心得罪克里姆林宫没有出版自己的苏联社会学研究。他因过于冒然地游说一位访客前往牛津大学的一所学院被免去职务,随后茂文前往另一所其曾不屑一顾的大学执教。在莫斯科,柳德米拉因同敌对阵营的人员有段“风流韵事”而受人骚扰不断。令人惊讶的是,受害者所付出的牺牲最终得到了补偿。在1969,为和一位刺探东西方国家情报的间谍互换,马修斯案和其他二对夫妇的问题一块得以解决。柳德米拉因此来到了英国。尽管忠贞不渝的情深伉俪在勉强维系着婚姻关系,但双方的婚姻后来仍被明并不幸福。妻子柳德米拉并不适应英国式的生活,而羞涩、坚毅的茂文未能同那段艰苦岁月一样,表现出勇气和毅力来尽到作为丈夫的职责。不过,作为一名莫斯科90年代传奇的荒诞作家和一位在当前值得尊敬的驻外记者,本书作者正是这一悲剧爱情的结晶。作者以自我嘲讽的笔调描述了自己那段不同寻常的亲身经历,既富有情感而又颇为专业,从一个恰当的角度叙述了亲生父母的真实故事。极少有书籍会如此详细地介绍俄国的当年和现状,以及简略论述其深远影响。 /200807/45058。

Travel 美国旅游风尚 It's summertime, and the livin' is easy. For many Americans, this is the season to travel. Why? Because school is out. Because the weather is great. And most of all, because we all deserve a break. When Americans take a break, they often head for their favorite vacation spot.夏天到了,生活很惬意。对很多美国人来说,这是个旅游的季节,为什么?因为学校放假,因为天气很好,但最重要的是,休个假是我们所应得的。美国人休假时经常会去他们最喜欢的渡假地点。 Throughout their history, Americans have been people on the move. The early immigrants had to travel to get to the New World. Once they arrived, they settled along the East Coast. But they weren't content to stay there. Explorers and traders journeyed to the unknown western territories. Later, settlers moved west to develop these new areas. As a result of this westward migration, Americans eventually occupied the whole continent-from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even today, Americans seem unable to stay put. Research says that the average American moves every five years. 纵观整个历史,美国人一直是个迁移的民族。早期的移民者必须长途跋涉才能抵达新大陆,他们一到达就沿着东岸定居,但却不满于长居那地,冒险家和商人旅行至未知的西部地区。稍后,移民者也向西迁移去开发这些新地区。由于向西迁移,美国人最后占据了整块新大陆--从大西洋到太平洋。即使到今天,美国人似乎仍然无法在一地久居。根据研究,美国人平均每五年要搬一次家。 Besides their habit of changing addresses, Americans are used to traveling. Some people make long-distance commutes to work daily. Their jobs may even require them to take frequent business trips. Most companies provide an annual vacation for their employees, and people often use that time to travel. Some people just visit friends or relatives in distant states. Others go on low-budget weekend excursions and stay in economy motels. Those with more expensive tastes choose luxurious resorts and hotels. Camping out in the great outdoors appeals to adventurous types. Some travel in recreational vehicles (RVs) to camp out in comfort, while others "rough it" by sleeping in tents. 除了搬家的习惯以外,美国人也很习惯旅行。有些人每天上下班得做长距离的通勤,工作上甚至经常需要因公旅行。大部分的公司每年会提供年假给员工,人们通常会利用这段时间去旅行。有些人去远一点的别州拜访朋友或亲戚,有些则在周末有个经济的小假期,并住在花费不高的旅馆里。品味较昂贵的人选择豪华的渡假地点和饭店;绝佳的户外露营则吸引冒险型的人。有些人开着旅行车出游,以舒适的方式露营;有些人则睡帐篷尝试野外生活。 Most Americans prefer to travel within their nation's borders. Why? For one thing, it's cheaper than traveling abroad, and there's no language problem. But besides that, the vast American territory offers numerous tourist attractions. Nature lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and a wealth of natural wonders. Major cities offer visitors a multitude of urban delights. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as pie. 大部分美国人比较喜欢在国内旅游,为什么呢?其中一个原因是,国内旅游比国外旅游便宜,也没有语言不通的问题。但除此原因以外,占地极广的美国国土提供了许多能吸引游客的地点。爱好大自然的人可以到海滩、山上、峡谷、湖泊和很多大自然奇景地区游览。大城市也提供给游客们很多都市型态的。现代高速公路、铁路和飞机使得在美国旅行很容易。 Many American vacations are as unique as the people who take them. Families often plan their trips with the kids in mind. More and more "family friendly" vacation resorts offer special programs for children. History buffs seek out famous historical sites and museums. Environmentalists prefer "green vacations." These trips allow them to observe flora and fauna up-close without disturbing the sensitive balance of nature. Some people find sea cruises relaxing and refreshing. Others hit the water to go fishing, skiing or white-water rafting. Daring souls get the thrill of a lifetime on trekking expeditions and safaris in remote places from Africa to Asia. 很多美国假期非常特别,和参与此种假期的人一样特别。全家出游时通常会将孩子考虑在内,有愈来愈多「适合全家出游」的渡假地点为孩子提供特别的活动。对历史有兴趣的人会找一些著名的历史据点和物馆。有环保意识的人喜欢「环保假期」,这样的旅行使他们能近距离观察动植物,并且不会扰乱了大自然敏感的生态平衡。有些人觉得海上旅游能使心情放松并感到清爽,有些人则到水边钓鱼、滑水或泛舟。胆子大的人到亚洲和非洲去探险狩猎作长途旅行,享受一辈子难得一次的刺激。 Americans aren't the only people in the world who travel. International business, mass communication and jet airplanes have created a world of globetrotters. People all over the world enjoy going abroad to travel. And no matter where they live, people enjoy visiting scenic spots in their own country. But being on the go makes Americans what they are: people on the move. In America, almost every-body is a tourist sometime. 美国人不是世上唯一爱旅行的人。国际企业、大众传播与喷射机创造了一个环游世界者的世纪。全世界的人都喜欢到海外旅游,不管住在那里,人们都喜欢去造访自己国家内风景优美的地区。不过好动的本性使美国人变成今天的模样:成为爱迁移的人。在美国,几乎每个人都有旅游的经验。 /200804/34319。

Drink milk after eating steakHere's a way to feel better about eating that occasional juicy steak. Wash it down with a glass of skimmed milk. According to research, calcium may help reduce the amount of saturated fat your body absorbs. Like fibre, calcium binds with fat molecules and helps flush them out through the intestine.Instead of seconds have gumWhen sanity dictates that you stop shoving food into your face at the buffet or dinner table, but somehow you can't seem to stop, pop mint-flavoured gum into your mouth. It changes the flavour of everything making that third helping of lasagne almost impossible to swallow.Fork out for a ChineseWhen you order a Chinese takeaway, instead of using a spoon to scoop the food out of the carton, use a fork or chopsticks. That way you'll be more likely to leave behind the fatty sauce.Eat this, then drinkEat an apple before you head to the local. This will help prevent you from inhaling three bags of crisps and a bucket of nuts when you sidle up to the bar.Stop for the Egg McMuffinBelieve it or not, you can eat two McDonalds's egg McMuffins and get fewer calories than you would from a bagel with two tablespoons of cream cheese. The McMuffins have 580 calories, 24g of fat and 34g of protein. The bagel delivers 643 calories, 28g fat and 20g protein. /200901/60319。