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哈尔滨211医院做人流多钱黑龙江省军区妇科医院做药物流产多少钱我的暑假 My Summer Vacation -- :: 来源: I had a joyful summer vacation. During the holidays, I traveled with my families. We went to Beijing and stayed there four days. We lived in the hotel. It is very beautiful. We visited to the Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace. We also went to the Great Wall. The weather was very hot, but we were exciting. I like Beijing very much. I hope I can go there again.我度过了一个愉快的暑假假期期间,我和家人去旅游了我们去了北京并在那里待了四天我们住在酒店里北京很美,我们参观了天安门广场,故宫,颐和园和圆明园我们还去了长城北京的天气很热,但是我们很兴奋我很喜欢北京,我希望还能再去那里哈尔滨引产的医院 Switzerland 瑞士 --5 ::5 来源: Switzerland 瑞士  Switzerland is a small country in the middle of Europe, with high mountains, thick ests and blue lakes. In winter, the sun is bright, but the air is cold. People go to Switzerland winter sports. They wear warm clothes and sunglasses. They stay at hotels. People go up the mountains and skidown. They also skate on icy lakes.  Visitors go to Switzerland in summer, too. They can climb the mountains or walk in the ests. They can swim in the lakes or go boating on them. People call Switzerland the playground of Europe.瑞士是欧洲中部的一个小国,有高高的山脉、茂密的森林和碧蓝的湖泊在冬天,阳光灿烂,可是空气很冷人们去瑞士进行冬季运动他们穿上温暖的衣,戴上太阳镜他们住在旅馆里人们爬到山上,然后滑雪下来他们还在结冰的湖上滑冰夏天游客也到瑞士去他们可以攀登高山,漫步林中,还可以在湖中游泳或水上划船人们把瑞士称为“欧洲的运动场”Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯 -- :8:9 来源: Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯  We all have certain kinds of bad habits. teenagers, it is very important to get rid of bad habits.  Let's take the habits of talking in class as an example. If we talk in class, we can't listen to the teachers carefully. Of course we can't understand the teachers, and can't finish our homework easily after class. Some students have to copy others' homework when the teachers ask us to hand it in. Then we will get weak in our school lessons and we will become a bad student in the teachers' eyes. Besides, talking in class maybe influences some other students.  So, we must get rid of bad habits at once.    我们都有各种各样的坏习惯对于青少年来说,改掉这些坏习惯是非常重要的  让我们以上课说话为例如果我们上课说话,我们就不能注意听讲,当然不能很好的理解老师所讲的内容,课后就不能轻易完成老师的作业当老师要求我们交作业时,一些同学不得不去抄袭其他同学的作业然后我们的功课会变得很差,我们将会变成一个老师眼中的坏学生不仅如此,在上课说话还会影响其他的学生  ,我们必须立刻改掉坏习惯哈尔滨人流哪家比较好

哈尔滨妇幼保健院医院联系电话My Parents' Love 父母的爱 --3 3:: 来源: My Parents' Love 父母的爱  My father is a peasant. Four years ago he came to the city, and found a job. And then my mother and I moved here. At that time, my father earned little money and could hardly support the family.  I was small, short and thin then. My parents sometimes bought me some good food me. I remember clearly once they gave me the roast chicken. Oh, I liked it best. I asked them to eat together, but they both said they didn't like it. So I ate it up.  Now our life is better. One evening, my father bought some roast chichen again, and we ate it happily. Suddenly, I understood why they didn't eat it bee. They just wanted me to eat it.This is my parents' love!  我爸爸是农民,四年前他来到城里,找到了工作然后我和妈妈也搬到了这里那是我爸爸赚不了几个钱,几乎不能养家糊口  那时我又瘦,又矮,又小爸爸妈妈有时给我买些好吃的我记得很清楚,他们有一次给我买了烧鸡啊,我最爱吃烧鸡了我请他们一起吃,可是他们都说不爱吃,结果我把烧鸡吃光了  现在我们的生活好些了一天晚上,爸爸又买了些烧鸡,我们一起开心地吃着突然之间,我明白了他们为什么以前不吃他们是想让我一个人吃啊!这就是我爸爸妈妈的爱!哈尔滨哪个医院救治早产儿好 地道美语:ush around ""把……呼来唤去,摆布-- :7:31 1.I don' t play around when it comes to money. "play around ""胡闹,闹着玩"eg: Don' t get caught playing around by the teacher. 别让老师逮着你在胡闹.He was playing around on the boat and fell overboard. 他在船上闹来着,然后掉到水里了..Are you still trying to pull something on me? "pull sth on sb ""蒙,欺骗"eg: I caught them trying to pull something on me in the meeting. 他们骗我的事让我在会上当场逮到.  My lawyer makes sure no one pulls anything on me. 我的律师能保没人能骗得了我.3.can just push around. "push around ""把……呼来唤去,欺侮,摆布"eg:My older brother' s always pushing me around. 我哥总欺负我.The company is getting pushed around by competitors. 公司正被对手挤兑.哈尔滨武警黄金医院四维彩超价格

鸡西市做无痛人流费用58en推荐有关交通事故的英语话剧:谁的错 -- :3: 来源: 大学生人-5人 Whose Fault? Scene I(Green Garden St.)(During the rush hours, when the street is crowded , Mr. Green is driving past the red light , unexpectedly a car accident happens... Two people came out of their cars angrily...)Miss Blue: Oh! It's you, Mr. Green... Do you know how to drive your car?Mr. Green: You see that I was driving across the road! Wow! There is a dent on my beloved BENZ.Miss Blue: My BMW has got a dent too, you should compensate me.(While they are quarrelling, later on, the police comes.)Police: What's happened?Mr. Green: She has bumped into my car!Miss Blue: No! It is himself that drove past the red light...(Quarrel again ...)Police: Has any one been injured?Mr. Green: I feel headache , foot ache , ache very much.Miss Blue: I ache all over too.(Both of them mourn painfully...)Police: Then I'll call an ambulance (O-E-O-E ...). Scene II(Blue Sky Hospital-Emergency)(Ambulance sends them to the hospital)Nurse: Who is injured?(Both of them say it is themselves at the same time...)Nurse: What's your name, Mr.?Mr. Green: Call me DPP Green.Nurse: (Unhappy facial expression) Oh! Go to the corner and sit there.Mr. Green: But ... (nurse interrupts)Nurse: Go! Don't speak any words.....what's your name, Miss?Miss Blue: My name is KMT Blue.Nurse: (gentle and smiles) Oh, Miss this side, please. Would you tell me how you are feeling?Miss Blue: Oh! I ache all over...Nurse: OK! I'll help you stop the pain first, and then the doctor will treat you in a while.(Mr. Green comes over to require medical treatment, but rejected)Mr. Green: Nurse, I...I feel...Nurse: Wait there, didn't you hear me?(Mr. Green goes back helplessly, the doctor comes over at this moment...)Nurse: The young lady called KMT Blue...KMT Blue.Doctor: Ok! I see... How are you, Miss?Miss Blue: I got an car accident and I ache all over...Doctor: (Check) It's ok...don't worry about it. I'll give you some medicine. You'll get well soon......Miss Blue: Thank you, doctor..(Miss Blue leaves.)Doctor: Next one. (Mr. Green comes in and Dr. s his medical record) You are called DPP Green!Mr. Green: Yeah! Any problem with that ?Doctor: Hmm...(Consider) DPP Green (Raise up voice)? What's wrong with you?Mr. Green: I ache all over-headache, toothache and foot ache (The doctor interrupts him impatiently) ...Doctor: I... I... I see, Miss Lin – give Mr. Green an injection...Mr. Green: What? An injection?(Nurse takes out the syringe)Nurse: Where do you want to inject?(Mr. Green is frightened and shivering ...)Mr. Green: Well, doctor ...that ...I do not ache anymore, I...I want to leave.Nurse: Wait! Don't go...(Nurse pulls Mr. Green and ces him to enter the injection room)Mr. Green: Wow! ...... That hurts!(Miss Blue goes out of the emergency room, but Mr. Green leaves in terrible pain.) Scene III(Taiwan House)(Both of them come back home, then open the door and go into the house at the same time...)Daughter: Dad ...Mom ...What happened to both of you? Dad, you look pale. Mom, you look terrible, too.Mr. Green: I would not be like this if not your mother...Miss Blue: What! That is your father's fault and he blames me impudently ...(Daughter is cold and shrugs–then watching TV)Daughter: Oh! I understand it. Even since the Presidential Election, there's no peace in our home.(Both of them are still quarrelling ....) 58en 推荐 有关 -6人:Money Talks有钱能使鬼推磨 -- :3:36 来源: Money Talksby Yu-Mei Lin三个年轻人的妈妈生了重病,但是他们没钱付医药费,于是他们准备抢;helli 0Money Talksby Yu-Mei Lin三个年轻人的妈妈生了重病,但是他们没钱付医药费,于是他们准备抢……很简单的英语剧本,虽然一共6个人,但是一个人没有几句话,所以个人基本可以搞定CastDavidDoctorAndySueMomPolice officer——————————————————————————–SummaryThree young people wanted to save their mother who was very sick. Their mother needed an operation, and it would cost a lot of money. Because they had no money, they decided to rob a bank. However, their plan was defective. Their mother was sad.Scene I: In the hospital(In a room, the doctor talks to David.)David: (Nervous) Is my mother OK?Doctor: (Serious) Your mother is very sick.David: How to cure her?Doctor: Your mother needs an operation, and it will cost a lot of money to cure her.David: (Grabs the doctor) How much will it cost?Doctor: It should be at least one million dollars. (Then the doctor goes out.)David: That is not a small tune. How will I come up with the money in a short time?(Andy comes in.)Andy: Where is Mom? Is she OK? (Looks around)David: The doctor said that it should cost a big tune.Andy: But we don’t have enough money to pay it. What should we do?David: Let’s go home and discuss it.(On the road, David sees a woman withdraw money from an ATM.)David: (Excited) Look! It is money.Andy: But that is a bank.David: We should earn a lot of money in a short time. This way is quick.Andy: This way is illegal.David: But we only have one mother, and she is nice to us.Andy: Umm… Let’s go home and discuss with sister. Look! There is one hundred dollars on the floor! (Picks it up)David: (Hits his head) One hundred dollars? We need one billion, not one hundred!Andy: It is mine. (Croaking voice)Scene II: David and Andy get homeSue: Is Mom OK?David: The doctor said we need a lot of money to save mother.Sue: But we do not have much money. Look at our home. It is so poor. (Effervescing voice)David: Do not be sad! Let’s discuss an idea.Sue: What idea do you have?Andy: We decide to rob a bank.Sue: What? Rob a bank? Your brother-in-law has gone to prison several times robbing banks. I don’t agree! (Angry)Andy: But we don’t have a choice!David: If we don’t have enough money, our mother will die.Sue: OK…this is the only thing we can do.David and Andy: Let’s go!Sue: No, we need to make a plan first.David: Ask our brother-in-law. He always robs banks.Sue: OK. I will tell him tomorrow.(Sue takes a lot of weapons back.)Sue: Choose one weapon you are good at.(Brothers choose the weapons.)Sue: Remember to wear your mask.Scene III: In the bankSue: Hello, I want to withdraw a billion dollars from my savings .Clerk: (To check her drawing .) Sorry, you don’t have enough money in your savings .Sue: (Taking out a gun) Just do it!Clerk: Help! Help!David and Andy: Hurry up!Andy: Only underwear, no money.David: Are you stupid! We just need money! (The police officer arrives at the bank)Police officer: Don’t move! Put down your weapons. (The police officer holds up the gun to them.)David, Andy, and Sue: Oh, my God!David: The police officer is coming!Andy: What should we do? (Nervous)(David, Andy, and Sue want to escape away.)Sue: I cover you! Go! Hurry! (Police shoots Sue and Sue gets hurt.)Sue: Oh!David: Are you OK?Andy: What happened?Sue: My leg is hurt! I can’t walk now.Police officer: Don’t move, and give up! You are all under arrested.Scene IV: In the police officePolice officer: Why did you try to rob the bank? Do you know it is illegal to rob the bank?David: Because our Mom is sick, we need money to save her.Andy: We don’t have enough money, so we decided to rob the bank.Sue: We know it is wrong to rob the bank, but we didn’t have any choice.Police officer: I understand why you need the money but robbing a bank is against the law.(Mom enters in the police office.)David, Andy, and Sue: Mom, we were wrong!Mom: I know you robbed the bank me, but it’s wrong! It will affect your future.Police officer: We should be good to our parents, but we can’t do something against the law.(All the three young people repent their follies.) 英语 话剧 剧本哈尔滨月经不调的原因有哪些黑龙江三院属于几级



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