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2019年10月18日 21:27:45

上海市第二人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱上海市仁济医院做双眼皮多少钱“在线社交网”热潮席卷全球Online social networking websites saw their ranks swell and values soar this year as everyone from moody teenagers and mellow music lovers to mate-seeking seniors joined online communities.Google's freshly released "Zeitgeist 2007" reveals that seven out of the 10 hottest topics which triggered Internet queries during the year involved social networking.A Top Ten list compiled by the world's most-used search engine includes British website Badoo, Spanish-language Hi5, and US-based Facebook.Video-sharing websites YouTube and Dailymotion are on the list, along with the Club Penguin online role playing game where children pretending to be the flightless birds "waddle about and play" together.Virtual world Second Life, where people represented by animated proxies interact in digitized fantasy settings, is the final social networking property in the Zeitgeist Top Ten.The world has only seen "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to online social networking, says MySpace vice president of business development Amit Kapur."It is a natural step in the evolution of the Web," Kapur said."The Web is getting more personal. I think you are going to see much more of that happen on every website across the Web."MySpace aspires to become people's homes on the Internet, with profile pages serving as online addresses as well as springboards to online music, , news and other contents conducive to their tastes and interests.Industry statistics show Facebook membership more than doubled in the past year to about 55 million, while MySpace grew 30 percent to top 110 million.One in every four US residents uses MySpace, while in Britain it is as common to have a profile page on the website as it is to own a dog. “在线社交网站”今年人气大涨、“身价倍增”,因为在这一年中,从情绪多变的青少年到舒缓音乐的爱好者,再到觅偶人士,都加入了在线社交网站。全球用户最多的搜索引擎Google近日公布了“2007年度十大热门搜索排行榜”。该榜显示,其中七大热门搜索都与社交网络有关。“十大热门搜索”包括英国的Badoo社交网站、Hi5西班牙语社交网站以及美国的Facebook网站。Youtube视频分享网、Dailymotion网站以及(面向儿童的)“企鹅俱乐部”角色扮演游戏社区也榜上有名,孩子们在“企鹅俱乐部”中都扮成小企鹅,它们“摇摇晃晃地走来走去,一起玩耍”。“第二人生”虚拟社区名列“十大热门搜索排行”第十位,“第二人生”社区是一个数字化的虚拟世界,社区用户都有一个动漫化身。MySpace业务拓展部副经理阿米特#8226;卡珀说,这些还只是社交网络的“冰山一角”。他说,“这是网络发展的必然结果”。“随着网络的日趋个性化,这一热潮将席卷各个网站。”MySpace致力于成为人们的网上家园,社区内用户的个人主页既是在线联系地址,也是分享在线音乐、视频、新闻和人们感兴趣的内容的平台。据业内统计数据显示,今年Facebook网站的注册用户增长了一倍以上,达到约5500万,而MySpace的用户数量则增长了30%,已超过1.1亿。美国有四分之一的居民是MySpace的用户,而在英国,拥有网上个人空间就像拥有宠物那么普遍。 /200803/32070Skinny or underweight women at greater risk of miscarriage 研究表明:过瘦女性易流产According to a new study, thin or skinny women who get pregnant are 72 percent more likely to miscarry in the first three months of pregnancy than their normal weight counterparts. However, the risk can be reduced up to 50 percent by eating the right food or taking multivitamins like folic acid, say researchers. The researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine carried out their study on 603 British women aged 18 to 55 who had miscarried within three months of getting pregnant. B reports that the new research also indicated that eating fruit and vegetables, and also chocolate, helped reduce the risk of miscarriage. Those classed as underweight had had a body mass index under 18.5. Additionally, unmarried women or those living with a partner were also at a greater risk than those who "planned" their pregnancies. Planning parents were 40 per cent less likely to miscarry than those for whom conception was an accident. The research also discovered that woman who separated from their partners after becoming pregnant increased her odds of a miscarriage by 60 per cent. If a woman has had a previous abortion, it also raised the chances of a subsequent miscarriage by more than 60 percent, while fertility problems were associated with 41 per cent higher odds. The research leader, Noreen Maconochie, a senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said, "The findings related to low pre-pregnancy weight, previous termination, stress and change of partner are noteworthy, and we suggest further work be initiated in other study populations." 一项最新研究表明,过瘦的女性在怀前三个月流产的几率比正常体重的女性高72%。但据研究人员介绍,合理的饮食及摄取如叶酸等多种维生素可将这一风险降低至50%。 伦敦卫生及热带医学院的研究人员对603名年龄在18至55岁之间的英国女性进行了调查,这些女性均有怀前三个月内流产的经历。 据英国广播公司报道,这项最新研究还发现,女性在怀期间多吃水果、蔬菜和巧克力也有助于降低流产的风险。 体重指数低于18.5的人被认定为“过瘦”。 此外,未婚女性和同居女性意外怀后流产的风险比“有计划”怀的女性高。“有计划”怀的女性流产几率比意外怀的女性低40%。 研究同时发现,女性在怀期间与伴侣分居,发生流产的可能性要比正常情况高60%。 此外,有堕胎史及有生育问题的女性流产几率分别高出60%和41%。 研究小组组长、伦敦卫生及热带医学院高级讲师诺琳·麦克诺奇说:“这些研究结果很有意义,体重过轻、有过堕胎史、压力过大及与伴侣分居等易造成流产的几个因素应引起女性的注意,同时我们希望这一研究能尽快在别国进行。”Vocabulary:miscarry:to have a miscarriage; abort(流产)odd:the ratio of probability of the occurence of an event(几率;可能性) /200802/26550上海玫瑰女子医院整形科

上海东方医院打溶脂针的费用上海复旦大学附属中山医院整形美容科Bad news for those with bulging bellies: fat that builds up around the waist during middle age may cause dementia decades later, say researchers who examined the health records of thousands of senior citizens.Scientists aly know that overweight adults risk developing diabetes, heart problems and other medical conditions. But over the last few years researchers have noticed that obesity in middle age is linked with cognitive problems in the aged.Now it seems that overall body mass is not so important – it's the fat around the belly that appears to cause the problems.Epidemiologist Rachel Whitmer and colleagues looked at the medical records of 6583 adults registered with the healthcare firm she works for – Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, California.During the 1960s and 1970s, records were taken of the diameters of the adults' bellies, which gave Whitmer a rough idea of how much fat they were carrying around the waist.Metabolically activeWhen she compared the measurements with the subjects' current medical records, the results were startling. Incidence of dementia increased steadily with the amount of belly fat, such that the 20% with the most belly fat were over two and half times more likely to develop dementia that those carrying the least.Levels of total fat also seemed to increase dementia risk, but not by the same magnitude."This is an important paper," says Sudha Seshadri, a neurologist at Boston University who has also found evidence linking belly fat to cognitive problems. "I believe the effect is real."The link may seem odd, but Whitmer notes that the fat around the belly is the most metabolically active of all fat types.For example, it secretes larger amounts of cytokines, molecules that carry chemical signals between cells. Some of these molecules, such as leptin, have been shown in animal studies to cross the blood-brain barrier, suggesting a mechanism by which extra weight around the belly could be affecting the brain.Slimming exerciseYet Seshadri also notes that factors other than fat could be responsible for the results. Whitmer's team controlled for some of these, such as education and rates of other illnesses. But other issues were not taken into account. Overweight people are less likely to exercise, for instance. Physical activity is known to decrease obesity risk, as well as being psychologically beneficial.Whitmer acknowledges this short-coming, but points out that the dementia rates were greater among those who were not overweight during middle-age, but did have high levels of belly fat. These people are likely to have exercised since their weight was normal, she says, but they still went on to develop cognitive problems.Researchers next need to study the impact that the molecules released by body fat have on the brain. If Whitmer's hypothesis proves right, the conclusions could be disturbing – those beer bellies may be silently damaging the brain, long before old age sets in.But she notes that there are also grounds for optimism, since moderate exercise and diet can reduce weight around the belly more easily that it can in other parts of the body."It's the least stubborn fat," Whitmer says. 对于大腹便便者来说这是个不幸的消息: 研究者在仔细查阅了成千上万的老年人健康记录后作出结论,中年人腰部的赘肉可能会成为几十年后患老年痴呆症的诱因.科学家已经查明超重的成年人更容易患糖尿病, 心脏疾病和其他病症. 然而在过去几年里研究人员发现中年肥胖与老年时发生认知障碍有关联.如今看来似乎身体肥胖并非如此紧要 – 而是啤酒肚上的脂肪造成了这种疾患。流行病学家Rachel Whitmer和他的同事查看了6583名成年人的医疗记录,这些患者都在她工作的保健公司——加利福尼亚奥克兰的Kaiser Permanente 公司做过登记。20世纪60年代到70 年代,该公司测量了这些成年患者的腹部直径,Whitmer 据此大致了解了他们在这个部位上含有多少脂肪。新陈代谢旺盛当她把测量结果与患者现在的医疗报告进行比较后 ,发现了一个惊人的事实. 老年痴呆症的发生随着腹部脂肪的含量成正比例增长, 例如与肚子较小的人相比,20% 啤酒肚最大的病人患老年痴呆症的几率是前者的两倍半.全身肥胖似乎也会增加患痴呆症的几率,但是远比不上腹部发胖造成的影响。"这是一个重要的报告,"波斯顿大学的神经学家Sudha Seshadri说, 他也发现啤酒肚与认知障碍有显著的关联性. "我认为这种影响是真实的."这种关联看起来似乎稀奇古怪, 但是Whitmer注意到在所有的脂肪类型中,肚子周围的脂肪新陈代谢是最活跃的.比方说, 它分泌大量能在细胞间传递化学信号的细胞因子,分子。 其中有些分子, 如瘦素, 在动物实验中已经表明能够穿越脑血管屏障, 促成这样一个机制,即腹部过胖能影响到大脑.瘦身运动Seshadri 也注意到了脂肪以外造成痴呆的原因. Whitmer的团队控制了其他一些因素, 例如教育和其他疾病. 但是还有一些原因没有考虑进来. 比如说肥胖的人不太喜欢运动. 众所周知运动可以降低患痴呆的危险, 而且有利于心理健康.Whitmer 承认了这个缺陷, 但是指出那些中年时虽然没有超重,但腹部脂肪含量确实过多的人到了老年痴呆症发病率更高. 她说,这些人也许锻炼过,因为他们的体重正常 ,但还是发生了认知障碍.研究者接下来需要研究身体脂肪释放出来的分子对大脑造成的影响. 如果 Whitmer的假说成立,这个结论会让人困扰– 虽然还远未到老年,那些啤酒肚却已经悄声无息地在损伤着大脑了.但她说仍然有值得乐观的地方, 因为适量的运动和节食可以更加容易地减消腹部脂肪,而其他的部位就没有这么容易达到减肥效果."这是最不顽固的脂肪," Whitmer 说. /200808/45866上海复旦大学附属华东医院祛眼袋手术价格上海玫瑰医疗医院官网

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