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Baxter had wandered around Blockbuster for almost 30 minutes after work. He was looking for a movie that seemed even slightly interesting. He had to rent a “new release” in order to get a free “favorite.” Actually, he would rather just rent two favorites; he hadn’t one good thing about any of the new releases.Finally, because a coworker had liked it, he selected a new release called “Cloverfield.” It was a story about a giant monster that destroys Manhattan. The other DVD he selected was “South Park,” a popular HBO comedy series about third-grade students in Colorado. He went to the front counter.He said hello to the employee. She did not look at him; all she said was, “Card?” Baxter gave her his Blockbuster card. She scanned it. She broke open the two locked DVD cases and checked to make sure the DVDs were in them. She said, “.28.” Baxter corrected her, “You mean .64.” She repeated, gruffly, “.28.” Boy, this is one rude woman, Baxter thought. He told her to check again; he was entitled to a free movie. She checked again, and said, “.64.” Baxter handed her a five, noting that she did not bother to apologize for her mistake.She handed him his change without a word. “What’s your name?” Baxter asked. She told him. “What’s your last name?” he asked. She placed the two DVDs and the receipt on the counter top, where she could see him printing her full name on a piece of paper. Without asking him if he wanted a plastic bag for the DVDs, she turned back to the register. He looked at her, took the DVDs, and walked out. Maybe her manners will improve after I call her supervisor, he thought. Article/201108/149025

Neighbor: What's your daughter going to be when she graduates? Mother: An old lady!邻居:你女儿大学毕业后要做什么? 母亲:老太婆。 Article/200806/42978

Brazil fights massive oil spill 巴西发生原油泄漏事件Petrobras oil company has been fined m 巴西石油公司被罚2800万美元Environmental workers in Brazil are fighting to contain the country's biggest oil spill in 25 years. Millions of litres of crude oil are flowing down the southern Iguacu River, endangering drinking water, farm land and animal life along a 230 km (140 mile) stretch. Dead fish, birds and mammals coated in oil are washing up on the river banks, according to environmental officials. State-owned oil company Petrobras is to be fined m for the spill - the maximum allowed for environmental disasters. The leak took place 630km upstream from Iguacu falls, a major tourist attraction. 巴西环保人员正在努力控制本国25年来最大的原油泄漏事故。几百万升的原油顺伊瓜苏河流下,对230公里(140英里)河长以内的饮水、耕地和动物生命造成威胁。环保官员说,身上沾满原油的死鱼、死鸟和各种哺乳动物被冲上河岸。国有的巴西石油公司将因这一泄油事故被罚款2800万美元,这是环境污染事件允许的最高罚款。这一事故发生在巴西一重要旅游胜地伊瓜苏瀑布上游630公里处。 Article/200803/31344

I decided at this point to check the outlet behind the T.V. where they were both plugged into. They were fine. We shrugged it off again and turned the T.V. back on. This time I decided to just leave the lamp off, thinking that might be the TV’s issue. Maybe a power surge or something. Another 10 minutes later, the T.V. flipped off again. This time I looked at Cynthia and playfully accused her turning it off herself with the remote. She looked back at me and told me the remote had been missing for the whole day. I hadn't paid any attention to it before, but every time she turned the T.V. back on, she'd gotten up to do it.   I was looking at her when she told me this and as I did, I noticed something over her shoulder move. I thought at first it was the after image from the T.V. burned into my eyes, so I waited for it to go away, but it didn't. Cynthia noticed I was looking over her shoulder with an odd look on my face so she turned around and looked. Where we were looking was from the living room into the kitchen since they were both connected, but separated by a breakfast bar, with a hallway connecting to the hallway, leading to the front door and her dad's bedroom and the bathroom. Article/200903/64462

My name is Carol Sanders.我叫卡罗尔;桑德斯。I live in England now,but when I was younger,I lived in Hong Kong.My father was a businessman there and my mother worked as a secretary.We lived in Hong Kong for seven years.我现居英格兰,但我更年轻时住在香港。我父亲在那儿经商而我母亲是个秘书。我们在香港住了七年。I was happy at school, with lots of friends,and we had a good time.I liked pop music;the Rolling Stones,David Bowie and Jake Rosso were my favourites.我在学校很快乐,有许多朋友;我们玩得很愉快。我喜欢流行音乐;;滚石乐队、戴维;鲍伊和杰克;罗素是我至爱。Jake Rosso was my favourite singer. He died in a car accident the year I left school, but I listened to his pop records all the time.I had hundreds of pictures and photos of him on my bedroom wall.杰克;罗索是我最喜欢的歌手。我离校那年他死于一次车祸,但我一直在听他的流行歌曲唱片。我在我卧室的墙上贴了成百上千的有关他的画片和照片。Then one day in winter when I was seventeen,things began to go wrong for me.接着在我17岁那年冬季的一天,事情对我来说开始变糟了。My father went to Australia on business.I loved him very much and didn#39;t like him going away.我父亲去澳大利亚出差。我非常爱他,不愿意让他离家在外。lsquo;Come home quickly,rsquo;I always said to him.;快点回家来,;我总是对他说。He was in Australia for two weeks.Then, on the day of his journey home, an aeroplane from Sydney crashed into the sea just south of Hong Kong.Everybody on the plane died.他在澳大利亚呆了两周。接着,在他要登上回程的那天,一架从悉尼起飞的飞机坠入香港正南部的海域。机上人员全部遇难。I heard about the plane crash on television.At first, I did not think about my father.Then I remembered he was flying back from Sydney on that day.我从电视上听到飞机失事的消息。起初,我并没有想到我父亲。后来,我想起来那天他正从悉尼乘机返回。lsquo;Oh,no!rsquo;I cried.;啊,不!;我叫了起来。I telephoned the airport but they did not know the names of all the passengers then.我给机场打电话,但他们那时还不知道所有乘客的名字。lsquo;Perhaps my father didn#39;t get that plane,rsquo;I thought.lsquo; Oh,please!Please!rsquo;;或许我父亲没乘那架飞机。;我想,;啊,千万别乘!千万别乘那架飞机!;My mother was at work and I called her on the telephone.She came home quickly and we went to the airport and waited for news.我母亲当时正在上班,于是我给她打了电话。她很快回家;我们去机场并等待消息。Later,we learned my father was on the plane.后来,我们得知我父亲正在那架飞机上。lsquo;It#39;s not true!rsquo;I shouted.;这不是真的!;我喊道。But it was true, and I began to cry.但这是真的,我哭了起来。I cried for weeks and weeks.I spent many days alone in my room.I was lonely and sad and I wanted to die,too.我哭了一周又一周。好多天我独自一人呆在房间里。我既孤独又伤心,我也想过去死。I stopped going out with my friends. I didn#39;t want to see other people.I stopped listening to Jake Rosso#39;s records, and took his pictures off my bedroom wall. I didn#39;t listen to music or watch television. Nothing mattered any more.我不再和朋友们出去玩了。我不想见别人。我不再听杰克;罗索的唱片了,还把他的图片从我卧室的墙上取了下来。我不听音乐了,也不看电视了。一切对我都不再要紧了。Then I stopped crying.I stopped feeling sad and began to feel angry.后来我不哭了。我不再伤心了,而开始感到愤怒了。 /201204/178041

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