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An explosion near a metro station in Istanbul, Turkey Tuesday injured at least five people and brought the transport system to a halt.星期二,土耳其伊斯坦布尔一个地铁站附近发生了爆炸事件。这起事件至少造成五人受伤,并导致地铁运输系统暂时停止运作。A local official in Istanbul said that the explosion in the evening rush hour at an overpass near the citys Bayrampasa station was caused by a pipe bomb.土耳其当地一位官员表示,这起爆炸事件发生在当地时间星期二晚间上下班高峰时段,地点是拜拉姆贝沙站附近的天桥,是由一个管道炸弹引爆的。Atilla Aydiner, the mayor of Istanbuls Bayrampasa district, also said that a number of vehicles were damaged in the blast, including a bus and a car.拜拉姆贝沙市长奥迪内尔表示,这起爆炸事件同时还造成至少一辆公交车和一辆轿车的损坏。Authorities deployed riot police to secure the perimeter of the site in case of a second blast.爆炸事件发生后,当地政府立即派遣防爆警察到现场和周边地区,以防第二波袭击。No claim of responsibility has been made.到目前为止,还没有任何一方声称对这起爆炸事件负责。Earlier, Istanbuls governor, Vasip Sahin, said that the cause of the blast was not known and that authorities were assessing every possibility. Turkey is currently on alert for attacks after more than 100 people were killed on October 10 when two suicide bombers detonated themselves in the middle of a crowd of peace activists in the capital, Ankara.今年10月初,土耳其首都安卡拉曾发生了一起爆炸规模更为瞩目的爆炸事件。当时,有两名自杀爆炸人士在和平集会的人群当中引爆了绑在自己身上的炸药,造成一百余人丧生。来 /201512/413257

Britain has irritated the US by opting to become a founding member of an institution that some view as a part of China’s answer to the World Bank. But this does not mean the decision is a bad one. On the contrary, it is sensible although not without risk.英国选择成为亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称:亚投的创始成员国,此举激怒了美国。一些人将亚投行视为中国挑战世界(World Bank)计划的一部分。但这不等于说英国做出了一个糟糕的决定。相反,这个决定是合理的,尽管并非没有风险。The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is to have initial capital of bn, which may be doubled. It will finance for example roads and railways in the continent’s developing countries.亚投行的初期注册资本00亿美元,之后可能会增加一倍。该将为亚洲发展中国家的公路、铁路等项目提供融资。China is to be the biggest shareholder with many other Asian countries joining while non-Asian members are restricted to 25 per cent of the shares. Other European countries, including Germany and Italy, have decided to apply; Australia, Japan and South Korea are still in two minds .随着亚洲多个国家的加入,中国将成为亚投行最大股东,而非亚洲成员国的持股比例被限制在25%以内。其他欧洲国家(包括德国和意大利)已决定申请加入;澳大利亚、日本和韩国仍举棋不定。The lender is potentially valuable. Developing countries in Asia are in desperate need of such investment . Private funding of risky and long-term projects is often either expensive or non-existent. The resources of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank are grossly deficient, relative to the needs.亚投行可能意义重大。亚洲发展中国家亟需基建投资。长期高风险项目的私人融资通常要么代价高昂,要么根本就没有。相对于资金需求,世界和亚开ADB)的财力极度匮乏。Thus, the fact that China wishes to invest a part of its .8tn in foreign exchange reserves in the AIIB is good news. That it wishes to do so via multilateral institutions, in which its voice, however loud, will be one among many, is still better. The bank would have a global staff, which should make it less politicised than if China provided the money on its own.因此,中国希望拿出其3.8万亿美元外汇储备的一部分投资于亚投行是件好事。更令人高兴的是,中国希望通过多边机构实施这一投资——在这样的机构中,中国的声音不管多么强大,也将是众多声音中的一个。亚投行将拥有全球性员工,与中国独自提供资金相比,这应会减少该的政治色。For all these reasons, the US should also join. The White House might reply that, however much it would like to do so, it has no chance of getting approval from the current Congress. That may be true. But it is not an argument against participation by other countries.基于这些理由,美国应该也加入。但美国可能回答说:不管美国政府有多希望这么做,也不可能获得本届国会的批准。这或许没错,但不能成为其反对他国加入的理由。Still, the US does have an argument, although it is a baffling one. Western countries, it says, can have more sway by staying outside. That, argues one US official, would be better than “getting on the inside at a time when they can have no confidence that China will not retain veto powers美国还有一个理由,不过这个理由令人困惑。美国表示,西方国家不加入能够产生更大影响。一位美国官员辩称,“在他们无法确信中国不会保留否决权的情况下”,不加入要好于“加入进去”。Yet outsiders will have no influence over an institution that does not need their money. The only hope is from inside. True, it would have been better if the Europeans had agreed on conditions for entry. But it is too late for that.然而非成员不会对一个不需要它们的资金的机构产生任何影响。唯一的希望是加入进去,从内部发挥影响。确实,如果此前欧洲就加入的条件进行了协商,结果就会更好。但现在为时已晚。Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary, has voiced American concerns that the Asian bank would not live up to the “highest global standardsfor governance or lending.美国财长杰克#8226;Jack Lew)表达了美国的担忧:亚投行在治理、贷款方面可能达不到“最高全球标准”。As a former staff member of the World Bank, I must smile. Mr Lew might like to study the Bank’s role in funding Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, one horrifying example among many.作为世界的一名前员工,听到这句话我就笑了。卢或许愿意研究一下世界在为扎伊尔总统蒙#8226;塞塞#8226;塞科(Mobutu Sese Seko)提供资金方面所扮演的角色,这是众多可怕例子中的一个。It would be good if China’s lender were as pure as the driven snow. But this is a fallen world. At the least, it would be better with a broad membership than without it.如果亚投行像白雪一样纯洁的话,那当然好。但这是一个堕落的世界。至少,拥有广泛的成员国要比没有强。Nor can the US argue with any credibility against competition to the existing institutions. Yes, a risk of a race to the bottom on standards remains. But a possibility also exists that needless red tape would be eliminated.美国也无法令人信地反对加大现有机构面临的竞争。成立新机构,确实可能引发竞相降低标准的风险,但有些多余的繁文缛节也可能因此被废除。The real American concern is that China might establish institutions that weaken the US influence on the global economy. To this I offer four replies.美国真正担心的是,中国建立的金融机构可能会削弱美国对全球经济的影响力。对此我有四点要说。First, the US, Europeans and Japanese treasure a degree of influence on global financial institutions that is increasingly out of line with their position in the world. Moreover, they have failed to exercise that stewardship as well as they ought to have done. Not least, they have insisted on the right to appoint leaders who have been far from consistently excellent.首先,美囀?欧洲和日本看重自身对国际金融机构的巨大影响力,而这种影响力与它们在世界上的地位日益脱节。此外,它们并不是称职的“管理者”。尤其是,他们坚决不放弃对这些机构领导人的任命权,而这些机构历任领导人并不总是优秀的。Second, it is five years since the Group of 20 leading economies agreed on new as that would moderate their outsized influence at the International Monetary Fund. The world is still waiting for the US Congress to ratify the changes. This is an abdication of responsibility.其次,二十国集团(G20)5年前就已同意实行新的配额制度,以降低上述几个国家(或地区)对IMF过大的影响力,而美国国会迄今仍未批准这一变革。这是不负责任的。Third, the world economy would benefit from larger flows of long-term capital to developing countries as well as from a bigger insurance fund than the IMF can offer to countries exposed to “sudden stopsin capital flows.第三,更多长期资金流入发展中国家,以及让面临资金流“突然中断”风险的国家能获得IMF无法提供的更大资金保障,这对世界经济是件好事。Foreign exchange reserves have risen to nearly tn, from about tn at the turn of the millennium, dwarfing the IMF’s resources of less than tn. This indicates the scale of the shortfall. China’s money could push the world in the right direction. That would be an excellent thing.千禧之交,全球外汇储备总额约为2万亿美元,如今已增至2亿美元,这使得IMF不到1万亿美元的资金能力显得微不足道。这种情况反映出资金缺口有多么大。中国的资金可推动世界朝正确的方向前进。这实在是件大好事。Finally, the US criticises the UK for its “constant accommodationof the rising superpower. But the alternative to accommodation is conflict. China’s economic rise is beneficial and inevitable. What is needed is intelligent accommodation.最后,美国批评英国“不断迁就”这个正在崛起的超级大国。但如果不选择迁就,就要选择冲突。中国在经济上的崛起是有益的、也是不可避免的。我们需要做到的是聪明地迁就。Where China offers proposals that make sense for itself and for the world, engagement is more sensible than carping from the sidelines. An erstwhile US policy maker once asked China to be a “responsible stakeholder With the creation of the AIIB, it is doing just that.当中国的提议对自身和世界都有意义的时候,接触比在一旁挑刺儿更明智。曾经有一位美国政策制定者要求中国做一个“负责任的利益相关者”。创立亚投行正是在做“负责任的利益相关者”。Thus, the approach of the UK and other European allies is to be applauded. Moreover, the UK’s decision to join the AIIB could even be a salutary shock to the US.因此,英国以及其他欧洲盟国的做法值得赞赏。此外,英国加入亚投行的决定,对美国甚至可能是个有益的刺激。Yes, it would be desirable if countries with similar interests and values, such as Britain and the US, could speak and act as one. And yes, the UK is taking risks in adopting a line different from that of its most important international partner. But support must not be slavish. That has proved to be in nobody’s interests.当然了,假如拥有相似利益和价值观的国家——比如英国和美国——不管说话还是行动都能一条心,那是可取的。没错儿,英国采取了与其最重要盟友不一致的立场,这是有风险的。然而,对盟友的持不能变味成奴才般的从。事实明,那样对谁都不奀?Moreover, if Britain’s choice makes clear to US policy makers that leadership is not a right but has to be earned, the decision could well prove beneficial. In the years after the second world war, in a fit of presence of mind, the US created the institutions of the modern world. But the world has moved on.此外,如果英国的选择能让美国政策制定者明白,领袖的位置不是一种权利,而是必须靠争取得来的,那么英国这个选择很可能是有益的。二战后那些年,美国凭借冷静的头脑创建起了当代世界的多个国际机构。但世界已经变了。It needs new entities. It must adjust to the rise of new powers. It will not stop, just because the US can no longer engage. If the results are not to America’s liking, it has only itself to blame.世界需要新的机构。它必须做出调整,以适应新的大国的崛起。它不会仅仅因为美国无法继续参与就停止前进。如果美国不喜欢这种结果,那只能怪它自己。来 /201503/366723

A Moscow court on Sunday charged two men with alleged involvement in the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and confirmed the arrest of three other suspects.周日,莫斯科一家法庭指控两名男子涉嫌参与谋杀俄罗斯反对派政治人物鲍里#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov),并实还逮捕了另外三名嫌疑人。Zaur Dadayev, deputy commander of the “NorthBattalion, a unit of the Chechen security services under the patronage of the Caucasus republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, had admitted his involvement in the crime, said Judge Natalia Mushnikova.法官纳塔利娅#8226;穆什尼科Natalia Mushnikova)表示,绍#8226;达达耶夫(Zaur Dadayev)已承认参与了这一犯罪活动。达达耶夫是“北”营(;North; Battalion)的副指挥官。“北”营是俄罗斯车臣共和国领导人拉姆#8226;卡德罗夫(Ramzan Kadyrov)持的车臣安全部门旗下的一个小分队。Anzor Gubashev, a cousin of Mr Dadayev, was also indicted but said he was not guilty.达达耶夫的表兄弟安佐#8226;古巴舍夫(Anzor Gubashev)也受到了指控,不过他声称自己无罪。The court said Mr Dadayev was to remain in custody until at least April 28. It also extended the detention of Mr Gubashev’s brother Shagit Gubashev, Khamzat Bakhayev and Tamerlan Eskerkhanov until early May. All three men said they were innocent.法庭表示,达达耶夫将至少被羁押8日。法庭还将沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫(Shagit Gubashev)、哈姆扎#8226;巴哈耶夫(Khamzat Bakhayev)和塔梅尔#8226;埃斯克尔哈诺Tamerlan Eskerkhanov)三人的羁押期延长月初。这三人均声称自己无罪。沙吉特#8226;古巴舍夫是安佐尔#8226;古巴舍夫的兄弟。The rapid presentation of suspects, all apparently from the North Caucasus, and an alleged confession especially after police initially struggled to find even the getaway car stirred new debate among government critics.几名嫌疑人似乎都来自北高加索。鉴于警方最初连逃跑的汽车都很难找到,如今却这么快就揪出了嫌疑人、而且据传已有嫌疑人招认,这在俄罗斯政府的批评者中引发了新的争论。来 /201503/363056

SHANGHAI Few knew what to expect of the Power Station of Art when it blew onto the contemporary art scene here in 2012. Just one year earlier, the Power Station the first state-owned contemporary art museum in China had been but a half-baked idea in the minds of local government officials intent on transforming Shanghai into an international cultural capital.上海—012年,上海当代艺术馆突然出现在当代艺术的视野之中,当时几乎没有人知道它的前景如何。上海当代艺术馆是中国第一家国有当代艺术馆仅在开张一年前,它还只是当地那些想把上海打造成国际文化大都市的当地官员们脑子里一个不周全的计划。By the time the Power Station was set to make its debut by playing host to the ninth Shanghai Biennale, construction workers and artists alike were hurrying until the final hours to prepare the space, a colossal decommissioned electrical power plant, for the show. Despite last-minute efforts, the hastily assembled biennale with its roughly installed artwork, missing or misprinted wall labels and poorly trained staff made for a lackluster start, leaving many with questions about the museum’s sustainability.上海当代艺术馆的首次亮相是主办第九届上海双年展,这里原本是一个废弃的巨大发电厂,建筑工人和艺术家们为展览空间忙碌到开展前的最后一刻。尽管到最后时刻还在努力,这个仓促拼凑的双年展——粗劣的装置艺术、缺失或错印的墙上标志、未经培训的员工——为艺术馆开了个黯淡无光的头,让很多人怀疑该馆是否能持续发展。Now, two years later, those doubts appear to be diminishing as the Power Station, one of the few public institutions in China dedicated to contemporary art, finds its footing in the flourishing contemporary art scene here.如今,两年时间已经过去,这些怀疑的声音似乎消失了。如今的当代艺术馆已经是中国为数不多的专门展出当代艺术的公立机构,在当地繁荣的当代艺术界找到了立足之地。At the opening of the 10th Shanghai Biennale last month, crowds streamed through the seven-story Power Station to take in works by more than 80 artists from 20 countries, centering on the theme “Social Factory.Organized by the writer and curator Anselm Franke of Berlin, the show, which runs through March 31, displayed few of the technical and production issues that dogged the preceding edition.在上月举行的第十届上海双年展开幕式上,观众们涌入七层的当代艺术馆,观赏来自20个国家的80多名艺术家的作品,这届双年展的主题是“社会工厂”,由柏林作家兼策展人安塞姆·弗兰克担任总策展人,将持续1日。上届展览中出现的各种技术与制作问题几乎不复存在。“This biennale is really a landmark event for China,said Chris Dercon, director of the Tate Modern.“这届双年展的确是中国的标志性事件,”泰特现代美术馆的馆长克里斯·德孔(Chris Dercon)说。It is the first time in the biennale’s 18-year history that the chief curator had been given free rein to choose the theme. The decision to allow Mr. Franke that latitude was made by the museum’s academic committee, which was recently reorganized and includes prominent international figures like Mr. Dercon and Homi K. Bhabha, a humanities professor at Harvard.在上海双年展8年历史上,总策展人可以随意选择主题还是第一次。这个决定给了弗兰克很大自由,它是由艺术馆新成立的的学术委员会做出的,其成员包括德孔和哈佛大学的人文科学教授霍米·K·巴巴(Homi K. Bhabha)。“We want the Shanghai Biennale to be more international,said Li Xu, deputy director of the Power Station. “This is a new kind of cultural confidence.”“我们希望上海双年展更加国际化,”当代艺术馆副馆长李旭说,“这是新的文化自信。”The current biennale, which has been well received by critics and those in the museum world, is the latest milestone for the Power Station after a string of successful exhibitions. Highlights have included a large-scale exhibition on Surrealism shipped in from the Pompidou Center in Paris, a major solo exhibition by the Chinese contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang sponsored by Infiniti, and a 30-year retrospective of portraits in Chinese contemporary art organized by Mr. Li. The Power Station has embraced its role as one of the few public institutions in China dedicated to contemporary art, developing educational outreach and training emerging curators.这一届双年展已经受到界和艺术馆界的好评,是当代艺术馆继一系列成功展览之后最新的里程碑。该馆前段时间的亮点包括大型超现实主义艺术展,展品是从巴黎蓬皮杜艺术中心运来;还有中国当代艺术家蔡国强的个展,由英菲尼迪赞助;还有李旭担任策展的中国当代艺术30年回顾展。当代艺术馆把自己的角色定位为中国为数不多的致力于当代艺术的公立机构,发展教育务功能,同时培训不断涌现的策展人。“The museum is really changing,said Larys Frogier, director of the Rockbund Art Museum, one of the many private museums that have emerged in Shanghai in the last few years. “The next challenge for the Power Station as a public museum is to build not only a collection but a strong vision about Chinese contemporary art.”“当代艺术馆确实在变,”上海外滩美术馆的馆长拉瑞斯·弗洛Larys Frogier)说,上海外滩美术馆是上海近年来崛起的众多私营艺术馆之一,“作为一个公立艺术馆,它所面临的下一个挑战不仅是建立自己的馆藏,而且也要为中国当代艺术建立起一个鲜明的形象。”Whether museum officials can convince the public that a government-mediated vision of Chinese contemporary art is credible remains to be seen.艺术馆的官员们能否说公众,政府促成的中国当代艺术形象是可靠的,这一点目前尚不分明。While negotiating with censors has long been accepted by most art institutions, the Power Station, as a public institution, is often subject to greater scrutiny and censorship. Several artists were banned from exhibiting in the latest edition of the Shanghai Biennale. Pak Sheung Chuen of Hong Kong, for example, was cut from the show just a few days after a so-called blacklist of artists which included him appeared on social media, according to Cosmin Costinas, a biennale co-curator. The artists are said to have been banned from working on the mainland because of participation in recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.大多数艺术机构早已经接受了同审查者进行谈判,而作为公立艺术机构的当代艺术馆经常要接受更为广泛的审视与审查。这届上海双年展上,有些艺术家的作品被禁止展出。上海双年展的一位联合策展人科斯明·科斯蒂纳斯(Cosmin Costinas)说,在社交媒体上曾经爆出过一份所谓的“艺术家黑名单”,上面有香港艺术家白双全的名字,没过几天,他的名字就从上海双年展上消失了。这位艺术家据说因为参加了香港最近的持民主抗议,因此被禁止继续在中国大陆工作。Another Chinese artist, Song Ta, was also prevented from participating by culture bureau officials even though a show of his works, which often address Communist Party corruption, ran unimpeded in a Beijing gallery.另一位中国艺术家宋拓也被文化局禁止参加双年展,尽管他的作品仍然在北京某画廊展出。他的作品通常是反映共产党的腐败现象。“Censorship is part of being a public institution in China,said Uli Sigg, one of the world’s leading collectors of contemporary Chinese art. This year works by Ai Weiwei were removed from an exhibition that Mr. Sigg helped organize for the Power Station about the history of a prize the collector created for Chinese contemporary art.“审查制度是中国公立机构的一部分,”乌釷希Uli Sigg)说,他是世界上最大的中国当代艺术收藏者之一。今年(2014年——译注)在当代艺术馆,希克参与策展的一个关于他为中国当代艺术设立的一个奖项的历史回顾展中,艾未未的作品被撤下。“The paradigm for contemporary art is to show things as they are, to document and to criticize,Mr. Sigg said. “It doesn’t represent China in the way the government wants it to be represented to their people and to the outside world.”“当代艺术的范式是呈现事物的本来面目,去记录和批评,”希克说,“而并不是按政府希望呈现给人民和外界的样子去呈现中囀?”Museum officials agree that escaping the shadow of politics is among the foremost challenges facing the Power Station.艺术馆官员们同意,如何脱离政治的阴影也是当代艺术馆所面临的重要挑战之一。“When people first look at us they see politics before they see art,said Gong Yan, the museum director and former editor in chief of the Chinese-language magazine Art World. “We want to shift this attention so that when people come to see the exhibits they can see the individual value of the Chinese artists and not just the entire societal context.”“当人们第一眼看我们的时候,他们首先看到政治,其次才是艺术,”艺术馆馆长及华语杂志《艺术世界》的前主编龚彦说。“我们希望改变这种关注点,让来看展览的人先看到中国艺术家的个体价值,而不仅仅是整体社会语境。”Another issue for the Power Station is funding. Although the government paid for the million needed to convert the 450,000-square-foot space into a museum, the institution like many other public museums today still struggles to find enough money for operations. And with prices for contemporary art skyrocketing, a lack of financing has also hampered the museum’s ability to build a substantive collection.资金也是当代艺术馆的一个问题。尽管政府拨400万美元,5万平方英尺的空间改建为物馆,但它同如今的许多公立物馆一样,还要努力筹集足够的运营资金。随着当代艺术的价格飞速攀升,缺乏资金阻碍了艺术馆进一步收集大量馆藏。“The biggest problem is that the government is great at taking care of the hardware but not the software,Mr. Li said. While officials have demonstrated an increasing willingness to invest in contemporary art, he said, the “speed of change has not been as fast as you might guess.”“最大的问题是,政府善于建造硬件,而不擅长经营软件,”李说。虽然政府官员们表现出强大的投资当代艺术的意愿,他说,但是,“变革的速度不像你以为的那样快。”A foundation to solicit private donations is being established. In the meantime, money problems have also hurt the museum’s ability to attract professional staff members, officials say.一个旨在征集私人捐款的基金已经建立。与此同时,物馆管理者们说,资金问题也在影响物馆吸引职业工作人员加盟。“When the government talks about culture in China they are always talking about construction,said Qiu Zhijie, who as chief curator of the ninth Shanghai Biennale experienced the museum’s growing pains firsthand. “No one thinks that culture is like planting a tree, where you have to continue watering it.”“当政府说起中国文化时,他们通常说的是建设,”第九届上海双年展的主策展人邱志杰说,对于当代艺术馆在成长中经历的困境,他有最直接的体验。“他们没有人会觉得搞文化就像种树,你得持续不断地给它浇水。”来 /201501/353591

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