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襄阳中医院男科专家襄阳襄城区人民医院打掉孩子怎么样Pay packages for expats often include extra cash for employee housing, private schools and security. Next up: Extra money for air pollution?驻外员工的薪酬方案通常包括额外的住房、私立学校和安保补贴,以后是否还将包括空气污染补贴?Coca-Cola Co. now offers environmental hardship pay for employees who have relocated to China, where smog has reached harmful levels in several cities, the company said this week.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola Co.)本周表示,将向其驻华外籍员工提供环境困难补贴。中国部分城市的雾霾污染已达到有害的水平。A spokesperson for the Atlanta-based beverage giant declined to confirm the value of the wage premium or how many employees are eligible for the benefit. The Australian Financial Review reported the allowance to be around 15% of an employee#39;s base salary.可口可乐的一位发言人未实这一补贴的金额以及有多少员工有资格获得这项福利。据《澳大利亚金融报》(Australian Financial Review)报道,这一补贴或为员工基本工资的15%左右。It is not uncommon for multinational companies to provide hardship allowances to incentivize employees to work in China, in part because of the heavy levels of smog, said Ed Hannibal, global leader of the mobility practice at HR consulting firm Mercer LLC. He said the value of hardship pay will depend on where the office is located, as some cities have higher levels of pollution than others.人力资源咨询公司美世咨询(Mercer LLC)迁移业务的全球负责人汉尼巴尔(Ed Hannibal)表示,一定程度上受严重雾霾水平影响,跨国公司为了鼓励员工在中国工作而提供困难补贴并不罕见。他还说,环境困难补贴的金额将取决于办公室设在哪个城市,因为一些城市的污染情况比另一些更严重。#39;They will provide that as a compensation tool in order to offset the severe living conditions and to keep people on the ground,#39; Hannibal said. Many companies also pay for air or water purification systems to be installed the homes of China-based employees, he said.汉尼巴尔称,跨国公司提供这样的补贴来补偿在恶劣的生活环境下受到的不良影响,好让雇员继续留下来。他表示,许多公司还出资为在中国工作的员工安装空气或水净化系统。Panasonic Corp., the Japan-based electronics maker, offers a #39;lifestyle differential allowance#39; that compensates for several factors that impact quality of life, including air pollution, a spokesman said.日本电子产品生产商松下电器产业公司(Panasonic Corp.)的发言人称,该公司为员工提供“生活方式差别津贴”,用以补偿因一些因素而给生活质量造成的影响,其中就包括空气污染。Exposure to smog has been linked to respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing alerts American expatriates in China when air-pollution levels reach dangerously high levels and provides an air quality monitor for several cities on its website.暴露在雾霾空气中一直被认为可能引发哮喘和肺气肿等一些呼吸道疾病。美国驻北京大使馆在空气污染水平上升至危险程度时会给在华美国公民发出警报,同时还在其网站上提供中国几个城市空气质量的监测值。This week, the Air Quality Index for Beijing registered unhealthy levels of pollution, according to the website.美国大使馆网站显示,本周,北京的空气质量指数(AQI)的监测值显示污染水平为“不健康”。 /201407/312731襄州区人民医院治疗便血多少钱 In 2010, The New York Times asked Gallup to dub ;The Happiest Man In America; based on its annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The answer, as the Times reported at the time: “a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew who is at least 65 and married, has children, lives in Hawaii, runs his own business and has a household income of more than 0,000 a year,” specifically, Alvin Wong.2010年《纽约时报》请盖洛普为基于年度盖洛普幸福指数评出的“全美最幸福的人”颁奖。当时《纽约时报》是这么描述的“一位高大的亚裔美国人,有孩子,已婚,至少65岁的典型犹太教徒,住在夏威夷,有自己的事业,家庭年收入超过12万美元。”他就是阿尔文·王。Today, judging by 2013#39;s well-being results, Hawaii is still one of the country#39;s happiest states, but it recently dropped from the top spot (down to eighth) for the first time in four years.现在,根据2013年的幸福结果,夏威夷依然是这个国家最幸福的城市之一,但是最近它没能保住榜首之位(掉到了第八位)。这可是四年来的首次。Given Hawaii#39;s recent slip, we wondered if America#39;s Happiest Man -- now 72 years old and working for a home care agency aiding seniors in his community -- is still just as happy. After all, four years ago, Wong was launched into the public eye and forced to contemplate why his simple, happy life was such an anomaly.鉴于近期夏威夷地位的下滑,我们想知道全美最幸福的人——现年72岁却任然务于一家为社区的老人们提供务的机构的人——是否依然幸福。4年前,王进入了公众的视线,人们也开始思考为什么他的简单并且幸福生活是如此的与众不同。Wong didn#39;t think much about his happiness before being dubbed something of an expert on the topic. ;Everybody would ask me the same question,; he tells The Huffington Post. ;What is the secret to your happiness? And at first it was amusing, but a part of this is really sad. People from all over the world called. #39;Give me the secret so that tonight I’m going to be very happy for the rest of my life.#39; It struck me, first, as funny, but then as sad.;在被称为这方面的专家之前王没怎么思考过他的幸福之源。“每个人都问我同样的问题,”他告诉《赫芬顿邮报》。“幸福的秘诀是什么?起初这些问题让我觉得很好笑,但是现在觉得这真的是一种悲哀。全世界的人都在呼吁‘告诉我幸福的秘诀,这样我就可以幸福的度过余生。’这让我很受触动,心情也由好笑变成了难过。”The 5-foot-10 Wong lived, as he still does, in a stuccoed house in the university neighborhood of Manoa with his wife, Trudy, and dog, Samuel Sprocket. His two children are in their 30s; his son lives in Washington, D.C., and his daughter lives in Honolulu.身高5#39; 10;英尺(178cm)的王和妻子特鲁迪、小萨缪尔·斯伯克特依然住在马诺阿大学附近的一间灰泥墙房子里。他的两个孩子都30多岁了,儿子住在华盛顿,女儿住在火奴鲁鲁。After being given the label of the country#39;s happiest man, Wong says he felt a certain responsibility to be more introspective about his happiness and good fortune. He considers the title both an honor and a duty, and has pursued a second career in motivational speaking.在被贴上全美最幸福的人的标签后,王说他有一种责任感,这种责任感让他对幸福和好运有了更深入的思考。他认为这个头衔既是一直荣誉,也代表了一种责任。因此他投身励志演讲作为第二职业。;People are looking for a quick fix,; Wong says of his many questioners. ;But it doesn#39;t happen like that. Like marriage or anything else, you#39;ve got to work at it.;“人们都在寻找一种快速疗法,”王回答提问者们时说道,“但是这是不可能的,就像婚姻或者其他的事情,你需要用心经营。”Wong says the mantra that kept him happy before the fame still works for him today. ;Since being named the happiest man in America, I#39;ve done a lot of ing and research on this stuff,; he says. ;I learned about myself ... And I think, for my own sake, I#39;ve come to terms with what is the secret to my happiness. It#39;s attitude.;王说以前让他幸福的咒语现在依然有效,“从被称为全美最幸福的人后我做了很多这方面的阅读和研究,”他说,“我在了解我自己……我想对我自己来说,让我幸福的秘密就是态度。”Wong -- in the way only a happy, self-assured person can -- boils it down to basics. Remembering a convention for people with disabilities, Wong notes that the audience, not the invited speaker, was most inspiring. ;They#39;ve come to realize,; he said about the people he met, ;#39;If I don#39;t have a positive attitude, then I#39;m going to have a very rotten life.#39; It#39;s either a rotten life, or try to create a positive attitude. So they work at it.;快乐、自信的王以他特有的方式发现了幸福的本质。在一场为残疾人召开的大会上,王注意到最令人启发的并非受邀演讲嘉宾,而是那些听众。他这样描述那些听众——“他们逐渐意识到,#39;如果我没有积极的生活态度,我的生活就会堕落#39;。要么过一种堕落的生活,要么尝试积极的态度。所以他们开始改变。”Working to maintain a positive attitude, Wong says, is the foundation for happiness, especially his. After that, he notes that balance and prioritizing are necessary building blocks.王认为积极的生活态度是幸福的基础,对他来说尤为如此。他还注意到,内心的平衡与分清轻重缓急是打造幸福基础的必要基石。;If you have a family, your family has to come before anything else,; he notes. No matter how many jobs or how menial the labor, Wong stresses that approaching work with a positive attitude will make all the difference. ;It should be the most important job to you. It#39;s important because you are working to support your family. It#39;s important because you#39;re keeping yourself busy instead of just wallowing around, saying #39;woe is me.#39;; Working, he notes, can and should be therapeutic.“如果你有家庭,家庭必须重于一切”。无论你的工作有多忙,无论你的工作有多平凡,当你以积极地态度工作时,一切都将不同。保持积极的态度才是最重要的工作。“你要赚钱养家,你要保持忙碌避免无所事事还整天抱怨‘我是个杯具’。”工作是一件有利与身心的事情。Wong certainly doesn#39;t show any signs of slowing down. In addition to his motivational speaking, he maintains an herb garden and loves to cook Asian cuisine and barbecue for the neighboring university students (but says his wife does it better).当然,王没有表现出任何懈怠。除了励志演讲,他还建了个香草园,而且热衷于为邻近的大学生做亚洲菜和烤肉(据说他的妻子厨艺更好)。He says clarity comes the moment you realize that it#39;s OK to not be the smartest or even the happiest person in the world, and when you learn to accept your mistakes.他说,当你学着承认你的错误时,或当你意识到即使成不了世界上最聪明或最幸福的人也没什么的时候,你会豁然开朗。It#39;s not his unique demographic make-up, he says, that makes him happy. ;Every day,; he says matter-of-factly, ;I [take] one step forward and I#39;m very happy doing that.;并不是他独特的身份背景让他变得幸福,“每天,”王承认,“我都会进步一点点,这让我很快乐。” /201405/296748Proving that China#39;s fight against pollution has moved decisively into the realm of parody, bags containing mountain air were being shipped into one particularly smog-addled city over the weekend.在刚刚过去的这个周末,20只装有山间空气的袋子被运到中国一座空气污染极其严重的城市,让公众免费品尝。此举给中国的抗污之战做了讽刺的注脚。No, it wasn#39;t a scene from Spaceballs . According to the organizer, a Henan-based travel company, 20 bright blue bags of air were shipped to Zhengzhou, capital of central China#39;s Henan province, as a special treat for residents. The air originated from Laojun Mountain, some 120 miles away from the city, and was brought as part of a promotional gimmick to show oxygen-deprived city residents what they#39;re missing.这可不是电影《太空炮弹》(Spaceballs)中的场景。据主办方――河南一家旅行社说,20个装满新鲜空气的蓝色袋子被免费赠予郑州市民品尝。这些空气来自距郑州约120英里(约190公里)的老君山,宣传的目的是要增进市民对空气污染的认识。In its account of the event, the state-run China News Service said that some of the residents who lined up for the chance to inhale--they were limited to a few minutes each--tried to wring the bags in order to extract every bit of air possible.据中国官方媒体中国新闻社(China News Service)的描述,市民们排队只为一“吸”为快,每人限吸几分钟,意犹未尽的市民甚至“拧干”已经干瘪的空气袋,挤出最后一缕空气。#39;I felt my baby move right when I breathed in,#39; one pregnant woman who participated in the event told the agency. #39;I would love to walk in the mountain#39;s forests after my child is born,#39; Sun added. China#39;s environmental ministry announced last week that Zhengzhou was among the country#39;s top 10 most-polluted cities. Its AQI on Monday was an unhealthy 158. By contrast, the Monday AQI forecast for Bakersfield, CA, the most polluted city in the U.S., was 45.一位参与活动的妇说,她感觉自己吸气的时候肚子里的孩子都往右动了一下,等孩子出生后她一定要去山林里走走。据上周中国环境监测部门发布的信息,郑州是中国10大污染最严重的城市之一,周一该市空气质量指数(AQI)达到了158的“不健康”水平。 相比之下,美国污染最严重的城市――加利福尼亚州贝克斯菲尔德周一的AQI为45。The canned-air idea is hardly unique to Henan: Rags-to-riches Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao, known for his splashy publicity stunts, including his past efforts to woo the owners of the New York Times, began selling such cans in 2012.“罐装空气”绝非河南独有。以爱造噱头闻名、一度想收购《纽约时报》(New York Times)的中国巨富陈光标早在2012年就卖过这种罐头。In case you weren#39;t among one of the lucky ones who got a lungful in Henan this weekend, China Real Time has your how-to on buying a perhaps more practical tool here.如果你没能有幸在河南一品新鲜空气的话,请参考《中国实时报》(China Real Time)关于如何选购防霾口罩的文章。 /201404/283455襄阳市妇幼保健院中医院龟头炎症

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襄阳做b超多少钱Given the popularity of giant pandas as attractions both in China and in zoos around the world, it is easy to forget that they still face mortal threats.大熊猫在中国和世界各地的公园都备受欢迎,这让人们很容易忘记它们仍然要面临死亡的威胁。That fact was made clear this week when forestry officers in southwestern China revealed that they had arrested two brothers for killing one of the endangered animals, then trying to sell its meat and fur. A third man was arrested for purchasing panda meat, along with seven others who were implicated in trafficking parts of the protected animal, according to reports in the Chinese state-run news media.这一点在近日的一桩案件中表露无遗,中国西南部的林业官员本周透露,他们已将两名杀害一只大熊猫并试图出售其肉和皮毛的两兄弟逮捕归案。中国官方新闻媒体称,另有一人因为购买这种濒危动物的肉而被捕,还有七人因为参与买卖受保护动物肢体器官而被捕。The panda was reportedly killed in December by two brothers, surnamed Wang, in Yunnan Province. One of their sheep had been attacked and, with the help of a dog, they followed animal tracks leading from the sheep pen into woods, according to the China News Service.据称,这只大熊猫于去年12月在云南省被两名王姓兄弟杀害。根据中国新闻网报道,在自家的羊被袭击后,他们靠的帮助,循着熊猫的脚印,从羊圈一直追踪到山林里。The brothers told State Forestry Administration officers that they shot an unidentified animal in a tree, and only after it was dead discovered it was an adult female panda, the China News Service reported. Afterward, the men butchered the animal and began to try to sell its parts. They offered nearly 80 pounds of meat and four paws for 4,800 renminbi, or about 5. They found buyers for the meat and other parts in Yunnan and neighboring Sichuan Province, forestry officers told the state media. Investigators discovered about 20 pounds of panda meat in a freezer in Yunnan, and also found the animal’s hide, several bones and its gallbladder.中国新闻网报道称,兄弟二人告诉国家林业局官员,他们开射击了树上的一只不明动物,在这只动物死后,才发现是只雌性成年大熊猫。后来,二人肢解了这只大熊猫,开始尝试售卖。他们以4800元的价格卖掉了大约35公斤的大熊猫肉及4只大熊猫脚掌。调查人员对官方媒体说,他们在云南和四川找到了熊猫肉及其他身体部分的买家。在云南的一个冰柜中发现了大约9公斤熊猫肉,还发现了熊猫的皮、一些骨头和胆囊。Although pandas are a national symbol of China and one of the country’s most beloved animals, they were nearly wiped out by habitat destruction and poaching until preservation efforts began in the second half of the 20th century. China’s most recent survey of wild pandas, which began in 2011, found 1,864 of the animals living in the wild, an increase of 16.8 percent from the previous survey, in 2003, the WWF said in February. In addition, more than 300 pandas live in captivity.熊猫是中国的象征、这个国家最受钟爱的动物之一,但在20世纪下半叶开始采取保护措施前,熊猫曾因为栖息地损毁和偷猎行为而濒临灭绝。世界野生动物基金会(WWF)在今年2月表示,中国从2011年开始进行了最新的野生熊猫调查,结果发现有1864只熊猫生活在野外,比2003年的调查数据增加了16.8%。除此之外,还有300多只圈养熊猫。While the killing of the Yunnan panda is a blow to preservation efforts, it also reveals how the growing population is expanding its range. Although pandas were once found as far south as the northernmost parts of Vietnam and Myanmar, their modern range was thought to be restricted to a few mountainous areas of the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. The Yunnan poaching case led officials to invite experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the State Forestry Administration to investigate. They found signs of pandas living in northern Yunnan but said that further investigation was needed into whether they had sp from Sichuan or had been living undiscovered in Yunnan for generations, the China News Service reported.虽然发生在云南的捕杀熊猫事件对保护行动是一次打击,但这也反映出数量不断增加的熊猫的活动范围在不断扩大。虽然熊猫的分布曾南及缅甸和越南最北部一带,但人们认为,熊猫在现代的活动范围仅限于中国四川、陕西及甘肃省的少数山区。云南的捕杀事件促使官员邀请中国科学院和国家林业局的专家进行调查。中国新闻社报道称,他们在云南北部发现了熊猫的踪迹,但他们表示需要进一步调查它们是从四川迁徙过来的,还是在云南隐秘地生活了几个世代。 /201505/375340 襄阳妇保医院看妇科好不好襄樊哪个医院做包茎手术专业



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