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Chinese authorities have accused GlaxoSmithKlines former China chief, Mark Reilly, of ramping up drug sales by bribing doctors and healthcare organizations.中国政府指控葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)前任中国区负责人马克锐为提高药品销量而行贿医生和医疗机构。Gao Feng, deputy director of Chinas Ministry of Public Securitys economic crimes unit, said Reilly operated a ;massive bribery network.;中国公安部(the Ministry of Public Security)经济犯罪侦察局副局长高峰指出,马克锐运营着一张“巨大的行贿网”。Under Reilly, revenue in China rose from 3.9 billion yuan in to 6.9 billion in 2012, according to the news agency Xinhua. ;GSKs bribery activities ran through its entire operations in China,; Gao said.新华社称,在马克锐的经营下,这家公司中国区的营业额从年的39亿元上升到了2012年的69亿元。高峰说:“葛兰素史克的行贿活动贯穿了它在中国的整个业务运营。”In order to fund the bribery, Glaxo (GSK) allegedly bumped up drug costs, charging as much as seven times more than in other countries.据悉,为寻求行贿资金来源,葛兰素史克大幅提升了药物成本,它的药品在中国的售价甚至达到了其他国家的7倍;We take the allegations that have been raised very seriously,; Glaxo said in a statement in response to the accusation. ;They are deeply concerning to us and contrary to the values of GlaxoSmithKline. We will continue to fully co-operate with the authorities in this matter.;葛兰素史克在声明中回应相关指控时指出:“我们非常严肃地对待这些指控。它们十分令人担忧,而且也与葛兰素史克的价值观背道而驰。我们将继续就此事全面配合政府机构。”The action signals Chinas plans to take aggressive action against corruption by foreign executives. The country has recently taken a tougher stance on corruption by its own political leaders and local executives, but corruption remains a huge problem.这一举措意味着中国计划采取更为强硬的措施来打击外国高管的腐败行为。中国最近在国内政府官员以及本土高管的腐败问题上采取了强硬的立场,但腐败仍然是一个大问题。Along with Reilly, who left Glaxo in July 2013, Chinese officials accused fellow executives Zhang Guowei and Zhao Hongyan, of bribing officials in Beijing and Shanhai, Xinhua said. An additional 46 others have been implicated in the case, which began last June.新华社称,除了于2013月离任的马克锐之外,中国政府还指控这家公司的高管张国维和赵虹燕行贿北京和上海地区的官员。案件于去年6月开始调查,还涉及其6名人员。Gao said that Glaxo also had tried to disrupt the law enforcement investigation. Its unclear what kind of punishment Reilly faces or when he will be formally indicted, if at all.高峰说,葛兰素史克还曾试图阻挠执法机关的调查。目前尚不清楚马克锐将面临什么样的惩罚,也不知道中国政府将在什么时候会正式他,或者说到底会不会起诉。(财富中文网) /201405/298952

The ed States, Japan, Canada, Vietnam and eight other nations have been working on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership for years, and were hoping to wrap up an agreement during this weeks negotiations in Atlanta.来自美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、日本、智利、新加坡、越南等国的代表过去几天来在美国的亚特兰大就跨太平洋贸易伙伴协定进行了进一步的磋商。The issues include Washingtons push to extend patent protection on a promising new class of drugs for longer than other nations want. Other disputes include dairy exporter New Zealand seeking greater access to Canadas dairy market, and squabbles between the ed States and Japan over auto industry trade.各国之间存在的分歧包括美国方面希望能够对一些新研发出的药物实行一定时期的知识产权保护,但是其他参与协商的国家希望这一时期不要那么长。新西兰方面则希望其奶制品能够更容易进入加拿大市场;美国和日本之间在汽车贸易方面也还存在着分歧,如此等等。Resolving these and other disputes is made more difficult by pending elections in several key nations, where some workers and farmers worry that increased trade will mean decreased employment. Many businesses support expanded trade as a way to open new markets to exports.上述各类问题的解决有可能会因为不只一个国家的大选即将来临而变得更为复杂和艰难,因为各国国内的一些选民担心贸易幅度的加大将意味着工作机会的流失。来 /201510/4024622 MERS deaths in S Korea韩国出现2例MERS死亡病例South Korea on Tuesday reported the first two deaths from an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).据韩国保健福祉部6日通报,韩国首次出例中东呼吸综合征(MERS)死亡病例。A 58-year-old woman who had had contact with South Koreas first patient died of acute respiratory failure on Monday, the Health Ministry said.其中一例死亡病例是一8岁女性,曾与韩国首例MERS患者接触,因急性呼吸衰竭于6日身亡。A 71-year-old man who had been on respiratory support with a history of kidney ailments also died.另一死亡病例是一1岁男性,有肾病史,此前一直用呼吸辅助系统维持呼吸。The ministry reported new confirmed cases on Tuesday, bringing the total to 25.该部门当天也通报了新增确诊病例;确诊患者总人数已增至25人。South Korea now has the third highest number of cases after Saudi Arabia and ed Arab Emirates, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.欧洲疾病预防控制中心称,韩国MERS病例人数目前在全球排在第3,仅次于沙特阿拉伯和阿拉伯联合酋长国。来 /201506/378451

In a week that has seen three major air disasters, just days before the busiest weekend for airports over the summer holidays, questions are being raised about the safety of air travel.一起重大空难。还有几天就是最繁忙的暑期航空高峰了,人们不禁开始怀疑坐飞机出行是否安全。After a Swiftair flight crashed today, killing 119 people on board, a TransAsia Airways jet fell from the sky yesterday with 47 dead, and the Malaysia Airlines jet that was shot down over Ukraine last week with 298 fatalities, travellers are asking whether it is safe to fly.今天,Swiftair公司的客机坠毁,119人死亡。昨天,复兴航空的客机从空中摔下7人死亡。马航客机在乌克兰被击落98人死亡。出行的人们会问,坐飞机真的安全吗?Aviation experts claim 2014 is one of the safest years in air transport history in terms of the number of crashes, however, figures reveal fatalities from air disasters have soared by 300 per cent from last year, including the three major plane crashes in the past week.航空专家声称,从坠毁的航班数量上看,2014年是空运史上最安全的一年之一。但是,包括上周3起重大空难在内,死亡人数和去年相比暴00%。There have been 763 passengers and crew killed in plane disasters so far this year - 498 higher than the 265 people that died in 2013.到目前为止,今年共有763名乘客及机组人员在空难中丧生,比去年65人增加了498人。It also makes July the fifth worst month in aviation history in terms of aviation disaster fatalities.从空难死亡人数上看,7月已经成为航空史上第五危险的月份。However, air travel experts are urging holidaymakers that it is still safe to fly.尽管如此,航空专家告诉外出度假的人们,坐飞机还是安全的。Harro Ranter, president of the Aviation Safety Network, described 2014 as ‘among the safest years in modern aviation history since 1946航空安全网总裁Harro Ranter指出014年是“航空史上自1946年以来最安全的年份之一”。He added the number of fatal plane accidents this year including today’s Algerian jet is 12 five below the ten-year average to July 24.今年的重大空难共2次,包括今天的阿航事件。要比过0年(计算到每年的74日为止)的平均数少了5次。‘The recent accidents do not suggest that there is a specific common underlying safety issue.’“近期的空难事故并不代表航空安全有什么隐患。”However, figures by the network, which tracks crashes and fatalities worldwide, reveal the number of people killed in air travel disasters has increased significantly aly this year, due to the two Malaysia Airlines disasters.尽管如此,记录全球空难和伤亡记录的航空安全网显示,今年死于空难的人数显著增长,原因是两次马航事故。Ranter said: ‘It has been an exceptional year because of these two high-profile accidents, which really mark the safety profile of this year.’Ranter说:“这两起特别引人注目的事故让今年成为异常的一年。它们严重影响了今年的安全记录。”‘[The number of fatal crashes is] quite significantly below the 10-year average, although the number of fatalities is markedly higher because of these two high-profile accidents.’“(致命的坠机事故数)比过去10年的平均值要少的多。但因为这两起事故,死亡人数却非常高。”According to International Air Transport Association, which represents 240 of the world’s airlines, more than three billion people flew safely on 36.4 million flights last year.据国际航空运输协会消息,去年有超0亿人次旅客和3640万航班安全抵达目的地。该协会拥有全球240家航空公司会员。来 /201407/315433

Can it make sense for the UK to leave the EU over its principle of free movement of people? The answer is: no. Immigration is indeed a big issue, as is UK membership of the EU. But the former must not drive the latter. Both are too important for that.英国因为人员自由流动原则的关系而退出欧EU)明智吗?是否定的。移民问题确实重要,英国的欧盟成员国身份也是如此。但不能为了前者而放弃后者,因为这两样东西都太过重要了。Yet increasingly David Cameron, the UK prime minister, is boxing himself into a corner in his discussions with other members of the EU. This is largely a result of his party’s hysteria over the electoral success of the UK Independence party. It is also because a section of his party would welcome any excuse for leaving the EU. This blend of fear and hostility is driving Mr Cameron towards demanding derogations from the founding treatiesprinciple of freedom of movement that he has no chance of securing. If he were to be prime minister after next year’s general election, he would have to campaign for a No vote in the referendum he would be mandated to call. Brexit is the likely outcome.然而,在与其他欧盟成员国的讨论中,英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)日益把自己逼到了死角。这在很大程度上是他所属的保守党对英国独立党选举获胜反应过度造成的。还有一个原因是,保守党内有一部分人对脱离欧盟的任何理由都表示欢迎。对移民的恐惧加上敌意,正推动卡梅伦一步步迈向要求废除欧盟创立公约中的自由迁徙原则——而这是根本不可能办到的。如果在明年的大选之后仍然担任首相,卡梅伦将不得不在自己授权举行的公投中呼吁民众投反对票。“英国退欧Brexit)是很可能的结果。The news that the UK registered a 43 per cent year-on-year increase in net immigration in the year to June 2014 will add fuel to these flames. The figure of 260,000 for net immigration in the most recent 12 months exceeds that of any previous calendar year. It makes a mockery of the government’s promise to reduce net immigration to below 100,000. But the coalition did not have the levers to deliver on this promise, just as it will not be allowed to control immigration from the EU while staying inside. Promising what one cannot deliver is, as King Canute taught, folly. But Canute was trying to deliver a lesson. Mr Cameron was not.在截014月的一年时间里,英国净移民人数同比增长43%的消息,更是火上浇油。英国在最2个月的净移民人数6万,超过了之前任何一个自然年。这让英国政府将净移民人数降至10万以下的承诺变成了个笑话。但英国联合政府缺乏兑现这个承诺的手段,欧盟也不可能允许它既留在欧盟内、又控制来自欧盟的移民。做出无法兑现的承诺是愚蠢的,正如克努特大帝(King Canute)在《克努特大帝在海边》的故事中学到的那样。克努特国王当时那样做是为了给身边那些溜须拍马的官员一个教训,卡梅伦则不是。The government could not deliver on its immigration target partly because it cannot control inflows from the EU and partly because it cannot control emigration. The most it could ever do was control gross immigration from outside the EU. Yet it has failed even to bring these flows into line with its promises.英国政府之所以无法实现其移民目标,部分原因在于它无法控制来自欧盟的移民数量,还有部分原因在于它无法控制英国迁往海外的移民数量。它能做的至多不过是控制来自欧盟以外移民的总人数。然而,英国政府甚至在这方面也未能兑现承诺。In the year to June 2014, net inflows from outside the EU were 168,000. This was 37 per cent below the calendar year peak of 266,000 in 2004. But it was, even so, 18 per cent larger than the net inflow from the EU. In fact, even if the net inflow from the EU had been zero, the government would have failed to push overall net immigration below 100,000, since net emigration of British citizens was only 50,000.在截014月的一年时间里,来自欧盟外部的净移民人数6.8万。这004年度26.6万的峰值少7%。但即便如此,这个数字仍比来自欧盟的净移民人数高出18%。实际上,即便来自欧盟的净移民人数是零,英国政府也无法让净移民总数降至10万以下,因为英国公民净外迁人数仅有5万。The predominant focus on immigration from the EU is in large part a displacement activity. So is the worry that a significant proportion of the latter are “welfare tourists A high proportion of immigrants from the EU come to work, being attracted by the UK’s relatively dynamic, high-employment economy. The latest census showed, for example, that 80 per cent of immigrants from the EU who were of working age and who had been present in the UK for between five and 10 years were in employment; against 69 per cent of all those born in the UK and 61 per cent of those born outside the EU. Not surprisingly, the evidence also shows that immigrants from the EU, being young and active, make a large net fiscal contribution.将主要矛头对准来自欧盟的移民,这在很大程度上是在寻找替罪羊。关于很大部分来自欧盟的移民是“福利游客”的担忧也是如此。来自欧盟的移民有很大一部分是来工作的,英国相对活跃的经济和高就业率吸引了他们。例如,最新的人口普查显示,处于就业年龄、且在英国生活的时间0年之间的欧盟移民,有80%在工作,在英国本土出生的人口的这一比例9%,出生于欧盟以外地区的人口的这一比例则为61%。毫不意外的是,还有据表明,来自欧盟的移民年轻而富有活力,为英国财政做出了巨大的净贡献。True, if they stay, that may change. Yet, as the Centre for European Reform’s report on the economic consequences of leaving the EU showed, the view that immigration from the EU has imposed huge net economic costs on the UK is utterly unfounded. This does not mean it has made a large net contribution to the economic welfare of those aly resident. That is more debatable: the evidence is that the preponderance of the benefits of immigration accrue to migrants themselves. But the presence of hard-working and ambitious people speaking a multitude of languages and offering a diversity of cultures, while fitting within the predominantly liberal culture of the UK, should surely be welcome. Even if one takes into account the costs of additional spending on infrastructure and possible effects on house prices, the view that this immigration can itself be a reason for leaving the EU speaks of a grim lack of confidence in the future.诚然,如果这些欧盟移民在英国生活的年头继续增加,这种情况可能会改变。然而,正如欧洲改革中心(Centre for European Reform)关于退欧经济后果的报告所显示的那样,欧盟移民让英国付出了巨大经济净成本的观点根本站不住脚。这并不意味着欧盟移民对英国原有居民的经济福利做出了巨大的净贡献——这一点还有较大争议:有据表明,移民带来的好处,主要让移民本身受益。但这些移民勤奋而有抱负,说着各种不同的语言,带来了多元的文化,同时也融入了英国基本上比较自由的文化,他们的到来当然值得欢迎。即便将基础设施额外出的成本和对房价的可能影响考虑在内,如果你认为移民本身可以成为退欧的理由,那么你对未来也太缺乏信心了。It makes sense for the UK to have a debate on immigration and to recognise both the opportunities and challenges it creates. It makes sense, too, to have a proper and rounded debate on the UK’s place in the continent of which it will always be a part. Immigration from the EU is neither the dominant element in immigration, nor is it is particularly problematic. The reverse is far closer to the truth. Immigration is the wrong issue to focus on in this debate.英国就移民问题进行辩论、认识到移民带来的机遇与挑战,这是明智的。英国将始终是欧洲的一部分,就英国在欧洲的位置举行适当而全面的辩论,这同样是明智的。来自欧盟的移民既不是主导移民问题的核心因素,也不是格外成问题的部分;事实其实恰恰相反。把这场辩论的焦点集中在移民问题上是错误的。Equally, the decision on whether to stay in the EU will shape the UK’s future for the indefinite future. It would be folly to let a paroxysm of anxiety over immigration drive this debate. Unfortunately, that degree of stupidity seems frighteningly near.同样,是否留在欧盟,将在无限期的未来地决定英国的未来是什么样子的。让对移民问题的突发忧虑左右这场辩论的走向,将是愚蠢的。遗憾的是,这样的蠢事看上去近在眼前。来 /201412/347312John Kerry, US secretary of state, has long enjoyed a reputation for being an indefatigable diplomat, engaging in shuttle diplomacy over the Iranian nuclear programme and the Middle East peace process. But few of his initiatives have prompted as much surprise as his recent visit to President Vladimir Putin in the Russian resort of Sochi.长期以来美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)一直作为一个不知疲倦的外交官而闻名,在伊朗核问题和中东和平进程中进行穿梭外交。但他很少有哪次行动像他最近的一次访问那样令人惊讶——他来到了俄罗斯度假胜地索契与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)会面。Coming at a moment of acute tension in east-west relations over the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine, the four hours of meetings between the two have been criticised by some in the US as a sign that the White House is buckling. This would be the wrong judgment to make. The US should maintain its robust stance over Mr Putin’s attempts to destabilise Ukraine, but that should not stop Washington trying to engage directly with him if it can.克里的到访正值东西关系因俄罗斯入侵乌克兰而极度紧张的时刻,双方持个小时的会晤遭到美国国内一些人的批评,称这是白宫正在让步的迹象。这样的判断是错误的。美国应该对普京破坏乌克兰稳定的企图保持强硬立场,但这并不意味着华盛顿方面应该停止在可能的情况下与普京进行直接接触。Eighteen months after the Ukraine crisis erupted, the west must remain on guard over Mr Putin’s intentions towards his neighbour. Although a ceasefire between the Kiev government and Russian-backed rebels was signed in Minsk in February, the guns in eastern Ukraine can still be heard in places. Victoria Nuland, US assistant secretary of state, said last week that Russian forces continue to violate the ceasefire “on a daily basis The political elements of the Minsk agreement, including the requirement that Kiev should decentralise powers to the rebel-held regions, and that Russia and its proxies return control of the international border to Ukraine, are yet to be implemented. But the current lull in fighting has created an opportunity for diplomatic dialogue that the US should exploit.乌克兰危机爆8个月以后,西方应该继续防范普京对邻国的意图。尽管基辅政府和俄罗斯持的反叛分子2月在明斯克签署了停火协议,乌克兰东部还有一些地方可以听见声。美国助理国务卿维多利亚#8226;努兰Victoria Nuland)上周表示,俄罗斯军队依旧“每天”违反停火协议。明斯克协议的政治要素还没有得到实施,包括基辅向反叛军占领地区下放权力,以及俄罗斯和其代理人将国际边界的控制权返还给乌克兰。但目前战斗暂时平息,为外交对话创造了一个机会,而美国应该加以利用。One reason why Mr Kerry was right to meet the Kremlin leader is that American contact with Mr Putin is limited, yet he is the only person whose voice counts inside the Russian government. Much of US-Russia diplomacy over Ukraine has involved Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister. While he is a seasoned diplomat, he appears to have little political weight. If the Obama administration wants to deliver tough messages to Mr Putin it needs to meet the paramount decision maker.克里与普京会面的举动是正确的,理由之一就是美国与普京的接触有限,而普京又是俄罗斯政府中唯一一个说话有分量的人。在乌克兰问题上,大部分美俄外交都会涉及俄罗斯外长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)。尽管拉夫罗夫是一名老练的外交官,但他似乎没有什么政治影响力。如果奥巴马政府想要将强硬的信息传达给普京,就需要与这位最高决策者会面。Deeper engagement with Russia is worth pursuing if it integrates the US better into the western diplomatic effort on Ukraine. German chancellor Angela Merkel, and France’s Fran#231;ois Hollande, have been the main interlocutors with Mr Putin.如果与俄罗斯进行更深层接触能够让美国更好地参与西方在乌克兰事务上的外交努力,那这样做就是值得的。德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)和法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Francois Hollande)是与普京进行对话的主要人物。The US, though more hawkish than the Europeans, has largely subcontracted the diplomatic heavy lifting. But Mr Putin is unlikely to be prepared to engage in talks on a final settlement of the Ukraine crisis unless President Barack Obama is part of the conversation. Grave as it is, the crisis should not stop Washington and Moscow from keeping lines open on other issues. Co-operation over a deal on the Iranian nuclear programme remains firm. But the renewed possibility that the Assad regime in Syria might fall must be addressed by both powers. Russia is fiercely loyal to its ally in Damascus but the US would be justified in pressing Mr Putin harder on what he wants to see happen if the Assads are toppled by Islamist militants.美国尽管比欧洲更为鹰派,却基本上把外交重任委托他人。然而,除非美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)成为对话的一分子,普京不可能准备好参与乌克兰危机最终解决方案的谈判。尽管这场危机非常严峻,华盛顿和莫斯科也不应因此断绝双方在其他问题上的沟通渠道。双方就伊朗核计划达成协议的合作依然坚定。但叙利亚阿萨德(Assad)政权倾覆的新的可能性必须要靠美俄两国来应对。俄罗斯对其在大马士革的盟友非常忠诚,但如果阿萨德政府被伊斯兰激进武装分子推翻,美国就普京想看到的情景向他施加更大压力将是正当的。Mr Kerry’s meeting with Mr Putin was portrayed by Russian state media as a climbdown. But deeper engagement does not imply a change in policy. The US and EU should remain in lockstep and maintain economic sanctions on Moscow until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented. Any renewed aggression by the Kremlin should meet a firm response through even tougher western sanctions. Still, given the dangerous state of east-west relations, the principal decision makers ought to communicate more with each other. Talking does not mean surrender.克里与普京的会面被俄罗斯官方媒体形容为美国的退让。但更深层接触并不意味着政策的改变。美国和欧盟(EU)应该保持同步,继续对俄罗斯进行经济制裁直至明斯克协议得到完全实施。西方对克里姆林宫任何新的侵略举动都应通过更强硬的制裁予以坚定回应。不过,考虑到东西关系的危险现状,主要决策者应该更多相互沟通。对话不等于投降。来 /201505/377493Cynthia Breazeal has never considered herself a woman entrepreneur. An entrepreneur? Yes. A leader? Certainly. But gender really has never come into play as she expanded her company Jibo, the maker of the world’s first family robot.辛西娅o布雷西亚从来不认为自己是女创业家。创业家?是的。领导者?当然。但她在带领公司Jibo蓬勃发展的时候,从来没有受到性别问题的影响。Jibo是世界第一款家用机器人的制造商。Still, today is Women’s Entrepreneur Day, a global movement to celebrate and support female founders and shed light on some of their challenges. So Fortune interviewed Breazeal, as well as Susan Coelius Keplinger, the co-founder of online ad platform Triggit, about their experiences building their respective companies from scratch. Both women are part of Fortune’s 2014 class of Most Promising Entrepreneurs.今天是女性创业日,作为一项全球性活动,“女性创业日”的目的是鼓励和持女性创业者,了解她们遇到的挑战。因此,《财富》杂志(Fortune)采访了布雷西亚和在线广告平台Triggit的联合创始人克利乌斯o凯普林格,了解她们白手起家进行创业的经历。两人均被评为《财富014年“最有前途的创业家”(Most Promising Entrepreneurs)。“The world would certainly be a better place if we had more women entrepreneurs,said Breazeal. “Women are going to bring a different angle to startups. The stereotype is that it is all young geeky guys and that is not true. It is critical for women to become entrepreneurs because of their unique perspective.”布雷西亚说道:“如果有更多女性投身创业,我们的世界将变得更好。女性将从不同的角度来诠释创业。人们总是认为,进行创业的都是年轻的书呆子们,这是错误的。女性参与创业的关键就在于她们的独特视角。”Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的采访内容摘录:Fortune: Give me a little background on your company.《财富》:简单介绍一下你的公司吧。Susan Coelius Keplinger: We started the company in 2005, and we started doing similar things with ads that we are doing now. It didn’t make sense to us why an advertisement on Yahoo’s homepage would sell for hundreds of dollars, but an ad on a blog shown to the same person would be some for 40 cents. If it is really about the person and the audience, it shouldn’t matter what page that person it on. We are trying to build products and get access to an audience regardless of the site itself.苏珊o克利乌斯o凯普林格:我们在2005年成立了这家公司,最初的业务与现在类似,都与广告有关。当时我们不明白为什么雅虎(Yahoo)主页上的一则广告可以卖到数百美元,而出现在客上的广告却只0美分,即便可能是同样的人在看这些广告。如果说广告的关键是受众,那与受众浏览的页面又有什么关系?我们正努力开发一些产品,向受众展示广告,而不必考虑网站本身的差异。Cynthia Breazeal: Jibo is building the world’s first family robot. It’s like R2D2 and an iPad had a baby. It’s the world’s first social robot. I founded the company in 2012 and now is the time to bring it to the world.辛西娅o布雷西亚:Jibo正在生产全球第一款家用机器人。这款机器人是R2D2和iPad的结合体。这是全世界第一款社交机器人。我012年成立了这家公司,现在正在努力将它推向全世界。How would you describe the stage that your company is at right now?你如何描述公司目前所处的阶段?SK: It’s the rise of native advertising [advertorials, essentially], but less so from a deceptive standpoint. We have fallen into this really cool space. It used to be that people thought online advertising would never work because it wasn’t good for the user experience. Now we are evolving toward an experience where advertising doesn’t stand in opposition with the content. If the ads are good, you’ll engage with them.SK:目前公司处在原生广告[实质上是社论式广告]增长的阶段,但并非从欺骗性的角度。我们现在已经进入了这一很酷的阶段。以前人们认为在线广告不会成功,因为在线广告的用户体验较差。而现在我们正在开发一种全新的体验,使广告不会与内容冲突。只要是好广告,就一定能吸引受众。CB: Now we are going from the prototype to the actual manufacturer. Making that switch is the main focus right now, as well as finishing the software and getting the hardware manufactured. We are also looking to develop our developer community. We are busy. It is a lot of engineering, but we are cranking through it all.CB:现在我们正在从原型设计转向实际生产。这是我们目前的重中之重,其他工作还包括完成软件开发,进行硬件生产等。此外,我们计划培养自己的开发者社区。我们非常忙碌。有大量的工程设计工作要做,我们将全力以赴。What were some of your initial challenges raising your first round of funding?进行第一轮融资时遇到了哪些挑战?SK: As much as it wasn’t fun raising money in the middle of the recession, it is what enabled us to succeed. At the time there were not as many companies getting started. We raised million in angel funds that helped us create and find a business. We used that as largely innovation money, so when we went to VCs for our first funding round we were y to create a product and enter the market. It’s important to find people that want to invest in you and are willing to change our strategy a bunch and help you find a product that works. I think a lot of people write off that support. If you can find seed investors, angel investors who really believe you, there is not a better situation.SK:虽然在经济衰退的形势下进行融资并不轻松,但这却是我们成功的关键。当时创业公司没有现在那么多。我们从天使基金那里获得00万美元,这笔资金帮助我们创建了一家公司。我们将那笔投资大部分用作创新资金,所以,在首轮风投融资时,我们已经开发出一款产品,并准备将其推向市场。重要的是找到想要给你投资,并且愿意改变我们的策略并协助找到一款有效产品的人。找到愿意相信你的种子投资者,没有比这更美好的事情了。CB: The first round was a seed round. I was actually approached by a partner within a VC firm, and the partner felt that there was an opportunity around a new product category of robots in the home. We started talking because of my expertise in robotics, and I was at a point in my carer where I was interested in commercializing the work that I had done academically [Breazeal is an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT]. Things move really fast pace in the entrepreneur world and time is money. You are having to make the best decisions you can with incomplete information.CB:第一轮是种子投资。当时有一家风险投资公司的合伙人找到我,他认为一款新型家用机器人产品中蕴含着商机。因为我拥有机器人科学的专业知识,并且我当时也很有兴趣将学术上的成果商业化[布雷西亚是麻省理工学院(MIT)媒体艺术与科学副教授],因此我们开始交谈。在创业领域,形势瞬息万变,时间就是金钱。你必须在信息不全面的情况下,做出最好的决定。What are some of the biggest myths about being a ‘woman entrepreneur作为“女性创业家”,你遇到的最大的误解是什么?SK: There are plenty of stories, and I have been in plenty of situations when I was younger, where male investors wanted to sleep with me and they didn’t want to do business with me. Yes, there are some bad eggs out there that are men, but there are some women who are equally as snotty. Sexism exists, especially if you are young and good looking, but those are not the type of people you want to be around anyway. I don’t know how to make an asexual society. We are in a time right now when a huge set of swell is coming. There are a bunch of waves that are terrible that you don’t want to ride, but there are also a bunch of awesome waves that seem crazy but you be great if you got on top of them. If you go to raise money and you find a guy that is an ass, move on. You have to remember that even if you have a good idea, people could still say no 100 times.SK:我遭遇过的误解有很多。在我年轻的时候,经常遇到有些男性投资者只想跟我上床,而不是跟我做生意。没错,有些男人非常无耻,但也有一些女性令人厌恶。对女性的性别歧视确实存在,尤其是对年轻貌美的女性,但你肯定不想围着这类人转悠。我不知道如何实现一个无性别歧视的社会。如今,我们就像站在一波汹涌袭来的巨浪前面一样。有些海浪令人望而生畏,你不想卷入其中,而有一些海浪看起来很可怕,但如果你能乘风破浪站在浪尖,那将是很棒的感觉。如果你在融资的时候遇到一个卑鄙小人,这时你应该放下这件事,继续前进。你必须要记住,即便你有很好的想法,还是会不断遭到拒绝。CB: I think I am lucky because I am trying to do something that has never been done before, so the focus is on that and not me and my gender. My credibility is not in question here. So the focus is on where it needs to be which is what we are trying to do. I have always been on the forefront of innovation, so the attention has always been on the robots I built rather than on me. I think being an entrepreneur is hard no matter what gender you are.CB:我很幸运,因为我在做的事情之前从未有人做过,因此人们更加关注这一点,而不是我本人或我的性别。我的信誉毋庸置疑。于是人们将注意力放到了应该关注的地方——我们在做的事情。我一直都在创新的最前沿,所以我开发的机器人比我本身更引人关注。我认为,创业是一个艰难的过程,这与性别无关。What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs just starting out?你对刚刚起步的女性创业者有什么建议?SK: Learning how to be comfortable with risk and failure is really important. If you are not comfortable with failure, it can really be so scary. If you know that those small failures are Okay, then suddenly it does not become so scary. You want to be calculated about the risks that you take.SK:学会坦然面对风险和失败非常重要。如果你不能坦然面对失败,你只会对它心怀恐惧。如果你知道这些小失败没什么大不了,突然之间你会发现失败变得不再可怕。你需要提前认真考虑自己要承担的风险。CB: The thing that fascinated me about women, is that women just make it work. We juggle a crazy amount of things and we make it work. So much of launching your own startup is dealing with all the things that come at your from all these angles and you have to make it work. Women aly do that every day. I don’t think women should be intimated by it, I think they should think they are at an advantage.CB:身为女性,让我自豪的是,我们总是能让事情正常运行起来。我们要尽力应付各种各样的事情,而且最终总能将其解决。而创业很大程度上就是处理从不同方面交到你手里的事务,并且你必须将这些事情妥善解决。其实,女性每天都在这样做。我认为女性不应对此感到害怕,而是应该将其作为自己的优势 /201411/344399

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