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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201512/406377Uncooked pork goes off in a matter of hours.生猪肉很快就会变质I want to get this on the fire as quickly as I can.要尽快把它用火烤熟You get a prim,achilles tendon and the leg and pull it straight onto this to cook我们把跟腱 大腿挂在树枝上 直接把它放在火上烤And you want it just away from the flames,so it doesnt burn.但要让它远离火苗 这样它就不会烧焦You just cook this nice and slowly.At this time of year, days are short.你只需要 用小火慢慢地烤 每年到了这个时期 白天是短暂的Night is coming on fast,but theres time to reflect on the battles of the day.夜幕很快便降临 但这样你就有时间去反思白天经历的事情This pig very nearly had the better of me this afternoon.这只野猪几乎 和我斗争了一个下午I was definitely scared at that point.那会儿我的确很害怕I kind of had to improvise and just dive on top of this thing,我不得不临时改主意 直接扑向它go a bit old-school with it.But it worked.办法确实比较原始 但它起作用了And look, Ive got piggie for dinner.Mmm. Definitely worth the battle.看 我获得了一顿全猪宴 战斗绝对是值得的In my next challenge,Im in a tight spot with only one way out.我的下一项挑战是 我要通过只有一条出路的瓶颈地带Ive spent the night out in the Alabama woods,我在亚拉巴马森林过了一夜and nearby, weve come across something interesting.在那附近 我们偶遇了一些有趣的事Found a cave,just a few hundred meters away here.发现了一个洞穴 就离这儿几百米远Gonna try and see if I can make some sort of torch and go and have a look in it.试试看能不能做出一个火把来 然后去洞穴里面看看What Im gonna do is cut a bit from my T-shirt,get all the way around,and use this as a wick.我得切点我的T恤下来 撕一圈下来 用这个做火把芯Yeah, thatll do.And then, look, Ive melted down some of the pig fat off...off the carcass.没问题 来做做看 然后 看 我已经溶出了 一些肥腻腻的 猪油201602/425784

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Another analysis that involved more than女性健康研究以30000名女性30,000 women was the womens health study为研究对象which was published in 2007 by Archives of由《内科医学档案》在2007年发表Internal Medicine. This study again compared这个研究再次将研究对象分为两组two groups of women. One group contained一组成员每天摄入1366毫克women who consumed 1366 mg of calcium或者更多的钙质or more per day and the second group consumed另一组成员每天摄入617毫克617 mg of calcium or less per day. Results或者更少的钙质of the study found a reduced risk of breast cancer研究结果表明was associated with the group of women每天摄取更多钙质的女性with the higher calcium intake when compared to与摄入钙质少的女性相比the group with the lower intakes.乳腺癌的患病几率会降低The study also only saw the reduced risk of该研究还发现breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.只有未绝经女性的乳腺癌患病几率会降低Throughout this presentation you have learned通过这个课件how vitamin D and calcium both play roles我们学习了维生素D和钙质in cancer prevention. The recommended intake for在癌症防治方面的作用calcium is 1000 mg per day which based on research钙质每天的推荐摄入量是1000毫克this amount is enough to reduce the risk of根据研究,这一摄入量足以能够降低colon cance and breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.直肠癌和未绝经女性乳腺癌的患病率The recommended intake for vitamin D is维生素D的每日推荐摄入量是400IU400 IU however this value is under debate.但是,这个数据是有争议的As research shows much higher levels of vitamin D are根据研究显示,想要预防癌症necessary to achieve the cancer prevention benefits.需要比这更高水平的维生素D摄入量There are many ways to incorporate both calcium在膳食中获取钙和维生素Dand vitamin D into your diet. Vitamin D can的方法有很多be consumed naturally in fatty fish such as维生素D能够从多脂鱼中获得tuna and salmon and in eggs. Many cereals例如金鱼,鲑鱼,还可以从鸡蛋中获得and milk products are also good sources of vitamin D很多强化的麦片和牛奶due to fortification. Calcium rich foods include milk,也是很好的维生素D来源yogurt and cheese but remember to choose富含钙的食物包括牛奶,酸奶和奶酪low fat varieties of each of these products.但是要注意选择低脂类Dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli,深绿色蔬菜和带叶蔬菜,例如花椰菜spinach and kale are also rich in calcium.菠菜和甘蓝都有丰富的钙质Many foods on the market today are also fortified如今,超市里有很多钙质和维生素D加强食物with both calcium and vitamin D such as例如果汁和大多数fruit juices and most breakfast cereals.早餐谷物食品By modifying your diet to include more foods在你的膳食中加入那些that contain vitamin D and calcium you may also富含维生素D和钙质的食物be reducing your risk for certain cancers as shown你也许会像本课程说的那样during this presentation. If reaching the降低某些癌症的发病率recommended intakes of both vitamin D如果仅仅通过食物and calcium through foods alone is not possible还不能达到维生素D和钙质的每日推荐摄取量your daily requirements can be obtained你可以通过使用with the use of dietary supplements.膳食补充剂来满足每日推荐摄取量201508/393660


  A Brief History of Santa圣诞小故事On the 24th of December every year, children around the world put out milk and cookies in the hopes of luring a magic fat man into their home who will leave presents behind before sneaking into the house next door.每年的十二月二十四日,世界各地的孩子都会拿出牛奶及饼干,希望能吸引一名有魔法的胖男人来到他们家,并在偷偷潜入下一户人家前留下礼物。How did such an odd tradition begin?这样奇怪的传统是如何开始的?You can pretty much blame Northern Europe, where the winter weather is cold and dark and depressing. And the coldest and darkest and depressingest day is the Solstice on December 21st to 22nd when the sun only gives a few weak hours of light if any at all.你几乎可以归咎于北欧,在这里冬天的气候又冷、又暗、令人消沉。而最冷、最暗、最令人消沉的一天是十二月二十一日到二十二日的冬至,这时即便有阳光,也只会带来几个小时的微弱光明。These sun-deprived people invented magical characters to visit them and lighten the mood by bringing gifts and celebrations. These characters ranged from elves to Gods to goats, but there are two of particular interest to the modern story.这些缺乏日光的人们创造出神秘的角色拜访他们,并带来礼物及庆典来放松他们的情绪。这些角色的范围从精灵到神、到山羊都有,但对现代故事来说,其中有两个特别重要。The first is Saint Nick, in The Netherlands. Saint Nick is thin and perhaps a bit stern, but still brings presents to children in early December. He dresses like a bishop in red and white with a staff and rides on a horse named Amerigo, for whom Dutch children are encouraged to leave out a carrot. Saint Nick is called Sinterklaas in Dutch.第一个是荷兰的Saint Nick。Saint Nick很瘦,可能还有点严苛,但还是会在十二月初带礼物给孩子们。他穿着像主教一样的红白衣,拿着权仗并骑着一匹名为Amerigo的马,荷兰的孩子们被鼓励留给它一红萝卜。Saint Nick的荷兰文叫做Sinterklaas。The second character is Father Christmas from England. Father Christmas is a big, jolly pagan dressed in green with a holly wreath on his head. Traditionally he is less concerned with children and gifts than he is with food and wine and celebration and is perhaps best known for being one of the three spirits of Christmas who terrorize Scrooge.第二个角色是从英国来的Father Christmas。Father Christmas是个身材魁梧、快乐的异教徒,穿着绿色衣,头戴冬青花环。传统上,他跟孩子们及礼物的关系,还不及于他和食物、美酒和庆典的关系,而且也许他最出名的身分可能是三个圣诞节精灵之中,会恐吓Scrooge(吝啬鬼)的那一个。When Europeans settled the colonies, Saint Nick and Father Christmas and the other characters began to mix together. This explains why the U.S. version has so many names.当欧洲人安顿好殖民地后,Saint Nick、Father Christmas及其他角色开始融合。这解释了为什么美国的版本有这么多名字。Santa Claus is the Americanization of Sinterklaas, but hes also called Saint Nick and Father Christmas and Kris Kringle which comes from Germany. In the old world these were different characters, but in the new world over time they evolved into one which you can see happening in older stories.圣诞老人是经美国化的Sinterklaas,但他同样也被称为Saint Nick、Father Christmas还有从德国来的Kris Kringle。在旧世界(欧亚非大陆)这些是不同的角色,但在新世界(美洲大陆),他们随着时间合而为一,你可以在较古老的故事中目睹。For example, the poem ;The Night Before Christmas; came out in 1823 in New York, which established that Santa lands on the roof and fills stocking with toys. But this Santa is an elf, much like those from the Nordic Countries. Hes small and drives a miniature sleigh with tiny reindeer, which makes a lot more sense for someone whose job description includes fitting down chimneys. Also, the word ;Santa; appears nowhere in the poem. The original title is ;A visit from Saint Nick.;举例来说,〈圣诞节前夕〉这首诗是在1823年的纽约诞生的,它表明了圣诞老人会降落在屋顶上,并将袜子塞满玩具。但这个圣诞老人是个精灵,很像那些从北欧国家来的。它身材短小,驾着小型雪橇和迷你驯鹿,这对于一个工作内容包括钻进烟囱的人来说合理多了。同样的,“Santa”这个字在诗里任何地方都没有出现。原本的题目是“Saint Nick的探访”。As the 1800s continued, a fat, human looking immortal Santa evolved into the standard among American authors. It was in the States that he gained both his elvish workforce and a wife.随着十九世纪过去,一个胖胖的、人类模样、长生不老的圣诞老人发展成了美国作家间的标准。他就是在美国得到了他的精灵工人以及妻子。By about 1900, Santa had developed into his current iconic style. It should be noted that, contrary to popular belief, Coca-Cola didnt change his colors to their corporate scheme, but instead used the conveniently red-and-white Santa in 1931 to help sell more soda during their off season. Though Coke didnt create him, their omnipresent ads probably did brand this as the One True Santa in the minds of millions, helping sp him around the world to many cultures with no traditions of winter gift-givers.在大约西元1900年时,圣诞老人发展成了现今的经典形象。值得一提的是,与普遍的认知相反,可口可乐并没有将圣诞老人的颜色改成他们的公司企划,而是便利地在1931年时使用红白色的圣诞老人,帮助在淡季时卖出更多可乐。虽然可口可乐并没有创造出他,但他们无所不在的广告可能将这作为“唯一真正的圣诞老人”,铭刻在数百万人的心中,帮助圣诞老人普及于世界上许多没有冬季送礼传统的文化。This American Santa in turn influenced his relations in Northern Europe to become more like him, although not always to the pleasure of the locals. In particular, the British Father Christmas has been completely assimilated into the Santa collective, to the point where many Britons dont realize they were ever separate. In the Netherlands, however, Saint Nick is still successfully holding his own as a distinct character.这个美国版圣诞老人反过来影响了他在北欧的亲戚们,让他们变得更像他,虽然当地人并非总是对此感到开心。特别是英国的Father Christmas已完全被圣诞老人系列给同化,以致于到了许多英国人并没有意识到他们曾经是不同的地步。然而,在荷兰,Saint Nick还是成功地坚持住自己与众不同的特色。The one last detail about modern Santa thats still up for debate, at least between countries, is exactly where he lives. In the late 1800s, his home was the magnetic North Pole, centered under the aurora borealis.有关现代圣诞老人的最后一个细节是仍有争议的,至少是在国家之间仍有争议,就是他到底住在哪里。在十九世纪晚期,他的家在磁北极,以北极光底下为中心。While this would be the most diplomatic option for Santa, Magnetic North has since moved off the Polar Ice Sheet and into the ocean, a rather inconvenient place to set up a toy factory.尽管对圣诞老人来说,这是最圆融的选择,但磁北极自此离开了极地冰原,进入海洋之中,一个比较不方便设立玩具工厂的地方。So Canada claims his workshop is somewhere in Nunavut and has given Santa a post code and, no joke, official Canadian citizenship. The American response is that the North Pole doesnt refer to the obviously inhospitable sheet of non-domestic ice but rather to the little town of North Pole, Alaska. Denmark claims he lives in their former colony of Greenland. And Greenland, not surprisingly, agrees.所以加拿大声称他的工作坊是在Nunavut某处,并提供圣诞老人一个邮递区号,还有,没在开玩笑,正式的加拿大公民身份。美方的回应是,北极指的并不是明显荒凉、不适宜居住的冰层,而是阿拉斯加的一个小镇,North Pole镇。丹麦声称他住在他们的前殖民地格陵兰。而格陵兰,不意外的,也同意这说法。The Nordic countries quarrel about his exact location, but Finland is the clear winner of this argument with his workshop in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. For the evidence inclined, you can actually go visit Santa and see the elves, toys, reindeer and post office, which makes Finlands claim pretty strong. Santa is even available during the off-season.北欧国家争论他确切的所在地,但芬兰这关于他的工作坊在北极圈的Rovaniemi市的说法,在这场争执中显然是个赢家。为寻找有力据,你可以实际上过去拜访圣诞老人,并看看精灵、玩具、驯鹿和邮局,这些使得芬兰的声明相当有力。甚至在圣诞节以外的季节也能看到圣诞老人。But no matter where he might be based, Santa still manages to get around the world in just one night to deliver all those presents...and eat all those cookies.但不管他可能以何处为基地,圣诞老人仍设法在仅仅一个晚上环游世界递送所有礼物...并吃掉所有饼干。201505/374285。

  The universe is expanding.So does that mean theres a center from which everything is stretching outwards? I mean,it LOOKS like the center is here,because this point didnt move when we scaled.But we could just as easily have watched the scaling from this star,or this one,and they each;look;like the center.宇宙正在扩张。这是否就意味着存在一个中心,以此为点,所有事物都在向外延伸呢?我的意思是,看上去中心在这里,因为当我们进行度量时,这点并未移动。但是我们也可以轻易地把观测点移到这里,或者这里,它们“看”上去像是中心。In fact,ANY time you scale anything up or down,theres no real center to the scaling.I mean,this square was clearly scaled up from its center... I mean,its corner.I mean,that point over there.The point...is,sure there may be points that stay in the same place because of your frame of reference,which is why it appears to us as if the earth is the center of the expansion of the universe,but to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy it would appear that THEY were the center of the expansion.实际上,每当你把东西放大或缩小时,放大中心是不存在的。我的意思是,很明显这个正方形是从中间放大的......哦,还有角落。额,还有那里的一个点。这个点...实际上,当然会有在原地停留不动的点,这是你的参考系造成的,这也是为什么我们看上去地球像是,宇宙扩张的中心,但是对织女星系的某位来说,看上去,他们才是扩张的中心。In short,if youre too close-minded to view the universe from different perspectives,its easy to think youre at the center of the universe.Maybe thats the universes way of making us all feel special?But really,were not.长话短说,如果你思想太封闭,不愿从不同的角度观察宇宙,你很容易会觉得自己是宇宙的中心。可能这就是宇宙让我们感受到自己与众不同的方式?但实际上,我们并不特别。201503/364725

  During this presentation这节课we will examine what a vegetarian diet is and cover the information you see here on the slide.讲什么是素食者饮食以及这张幻灯片上提到的内容We will look at the different forms of vegetarianism,我们会讲到不同形式的素食主义explore why people may choose to follow a vegetarian diet探寻人们为什么会选择素食者and consider the health advantages of this diet as well.还有素食者饮食对健康的好处Also this presentation will look at the best and most healthy food choices within a vegetarian diet,我们还会讲到素食者饮食中选择哪些食物最好最健康explore healthy cooking methods as well as those that would add unhealthy salt, sugar and fat,如何烹饪食物更健康,以及会加入不健康的盐,糖和脂肪的烹饪方法and then finally discuss the key nutrients and protein needs of people following this particular diet.最后讲素食者应如何满足对关键营养物质和蛋白质的需求,Lets begin.下面开始具体讲According to the American Dietetics Association a vegetarian diet is one that does not include meat,根据美国营养学协会的定义,素食者饮食是不包括肉的饮食which also includes fowl or seafood or products containing those foods.这里的肉也包括家禽,海鲜或者含有这些食物的产品,A vegetarian diet does include素食者饮食包括fruits, vegetables, bean, legumes, cereal grains, nuts and seeds, with or without dairy products and eggs.水果,蔬菜,大豆,豆类,谷物,坚果和种子,包含或不包含奶制品和蛋In addition to that basic definition there are other forms of a vegetarian diet.除了这种最基本的定义,还有一些其他形式的素食者饮食,A vegan diet excludes meat, dairy products, eggs and honey,绝对素食者饮食不包括肉,奶制品,蛋和蜂蜜,and is defined as the lack of all foods that contain animal products or by-products.不含任何含有动物制品或者副产品的食物A lacto-vegetarian diet excludes meat and eggs,乳素食者饮食不包括肉和蛋but includes dairy products and honey但是包括奶制品和蜂蜜while an ovo-vegetarian diet excludes meat and dairy products but includes eggs and honey.而蛋素食者饮食不包括肉和奶制品,但是包括蛋和蜂蜜,Any other variety of vegetarian diets such as semi-vegetarian还有其他一些素食者饮食,像是半素食者where a person may eat a diet consisting of mostly vegetarian choices他们的饮食大多来自蔬菜,and just a small amount of meat is not considered a true vegetarian diet.只有少量的肉,这样的饮食不是真正的素食者饮食,There are many reasons people may choose a vegetarian diet人们选择素食者饮食有很多原因,which could include ethical, health, environmental, religious, political, cultural, aesthetic, economic or other reasons.包括伦理的,健康的,环境的,宗教的,政治的,文化的,美学的,经济的或者别的原因We will take a more in depth look at the health reasons people may choose to follow a vegetarian diet next.我们下面更深入地了解一下人们选择素食可能出于哪些健康上的原因201604/437112You said you felt small,does God make you feel less small?你说你感到渺小 上帝会让你不觉得那么渺小吗Its nothing wrong with feeling inside, its feeling matters.内心的感觉没什么不对的 感觉很重要All the best idea were felt and argued about later.所有最好的想法都是先感觉到再论实Einstein said he could feel in his little finger if his idea was right.爱因斯坦说 如果一个想法是对的 他的小指会有感觉See you are a good company. And you like Wagner?有你做伴真好 你喜欢瓦格纳Actually... no. I dont. I think hes.实际上 不太喜欢 我觉得他.What?Pompous, and ridiculous.Who do you like then?Rachmaninov.怎么 华而不实 荒谬可笑 那你喜欢什么 拉赫曼尼诺夫What?Nothing.Brahms? Stephen?怎么了 没事 那勃拉姆斯呢 史蒂芬I didnt say anything.The Beatles.Who?Never mind.我什么都没说啊 披头士 谁 算了Jane?Yes.Please please me.简 什么事 请让我快乐What?Love me do.We should go in.I cant get up. - Come on!什么 爱我吧 我们该进去了 我起不来 -别闹了I cant!Very funny!I cant get up, Jane!我起不来 别逗了 我起不来 简Ill go and get help.Hello Jane!Hello?Can you hear me?我去找人帮忙 喂 简 喂 你能听到我说话吗Whats wrong with you?I cant get up!Well, give me your hands.你怎么了 我起不来 把你的手给我201511/412627

  These are mega dunes of ice, carved by centuries of relentless winds.这些数百万的冰丘被无情的风雕刻了几个世纪Each dune is three miles from the next.每个冰丘有六千米,相互连接Together they cover an area about the size of California.覆盖一片区域面积大小约等于加利福尼亚州The polar ice even creates its own climate.极地的冰甚至创造自己的气候The air is so cold that it holds almost no moisture空气太冷以至于没有湿气so Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth.所以,实际上,南极洲是地球上最大和最干的荒漠But beneath the ice is another even more magical world,但是在冰的下面是更魔幻的世界one thats been lost for more than 10 million years.一个消失了超过一千万年的世界This satellite image reveals a huge area of flat ice,卫星照片显示有一大块区域是平滑的冰flat because its floating on top of an enormous lake.平滑是因为它浮在一个大湖上面Its called Lake Vostok.叫做沃斯托克湖It lies beneath nearly two miles of ice.它在冰下三千米The lake has been isolated from the rest of the planet for millions of years.这湖独立于星球的其他部分数百万年It may even be home to forms of life weve never seen.它甚至可能是某些我们未曾见过的物种起源地And thanks to radar,now, for the first time, its possible to see the complete landscape感谢雷达 我们能第一次揭示隐藏在南极洲冰层下的that lies buried beneath Antarctica s ice.整个完全的风景201510/402395Being as Western as I am Chinese,its pretty challenging既是西方人又是中国人的我,在别人家里cooking authentic food for people in their homes, especially烹饪地道的美食是一种相当的挑战in some of the most traditional places outside of the cities.尤其在一些城市外最传统的地方I want to see what people are eating, what are they farming?我想看看人们吃什么,耕种什么Just see what ordinary life is, if theres such a thing看看平凡的生活是什么样的,如果在中国还有as ordinary life in China any more because its so developed.所谓的平凡生活,因为它发展太快了In the last 20 years,over 100 million people在过去的二十年中,超过一亿人have left their villages to find 离开村庄到work in the mega-cities springing up all over China.如雨后春笋般成长的大城市打工It is strange, isnt it,很奇怪,不是吗because youve got deserted towns dotted around.因为你看到了周围都是荒弃的小镇Theres no life.没有生机Like a ghost town.像一座鬼城Im travelling two hours out of Beijing.我离开北京走了两小时90 kilometres to the west is Chuandixia.向西走90公里是爨底下村Chuandixia is a 400-year-old village.爨底下村是一座有400年历史的村落It used to be a thriving farming community.它曾是一个繁荣的农庄Now, only 100 villagers remain.现在,仅仅还剩下100个村民Im staying with Mr and Mrs Han,whose family have lived here for generations.我与韩先生韩夫人住在一起,他们已经在这里生活了几代I thought it was just three generations,我想只有三代but he says 13 generations.但他说有13代了The Hans run a homestay.韩家人经营着一家家庭旅馆These are like Bamp;Bs that offer a taste of rural peasant life就像Bamp;B旅馆,让人尝试正在快速消失的thats fast disappearing.农民生活的滋味Theyre popular with the new,urban middle classes他们很受新兴城市中产阶级的欢迎who want to escape the city and experience a China of the past.他们想逃离城市去体验中国的往昔So this is it.就是它Its a courtyard home and it all belongs to his family.这是个四合院,属于他的家庭This is wonderful. I feel like I really have stepped back in time.很美妙,真的感觉像时光倒转了数载Central to the home-stay experience is the home-cooked meal家庭住宿体验的中心就是with home-grown vegetables.用自家种植的蔬菜烹制的菜肴Im hoping to learn some traditional country recipes from Mrs Han.我希望能从韩夫人那里学做一些传统乡村菜201506/381536


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/371707。



  三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第11期:钓鱼网站《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。201509/399792

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