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Simple life简单的生活James is a elderly tramp whose life is simple and uncomplicated. One day a wealthy gentleman found him asleep on his front lawn.詹姆斯是个老流浪汉,过着简单而常规的生活一天,一位富有的绅士发现他睡在自家前院的草坪上;Mister,; the gengleman said. ;This is my property.;“先生,”绅士说,“这里是我的地方”;Im sorry,; apologized James. ;I thought this was a park.;“对不起,”詹姆斯道歉说,“我还以为这儿是个公园呢”The gentleman, looked sympathetically at the ragged tramp. ;Mister, are you happy living this kind of life?;绅士同情地看着衣衫褴褛的流浪汉,说:“先生,你觉得过着这样的生活幸福吗?”;Sir, money and worldly goods do not make happiness,; preached James. ;To me happiness is the freedom to roam without the pressures of society, culture, and the economy. The sky is my roof and world is my bed. Give me all this, a piece of b, a can of baked beans, and my happiness is complete.;“先生,金钱和那些世俗的东西并不能给人带来幸福,”詹姆斯喋喋不休地说,“对我来说,幸福就是不受社会、文化还有经济困扰地自由自在地漫游天空是我的房顶,大地就是我的床给我一片面包、一罐烘豆,我的幸福就十全十美了”;I admire your sincerity,; said the gentleman and handed him a hundred dollar bill.“我很赞赏你的真诚,”绅士说着递给他一张0美元的钞票;Sir,; commented James as he took the money, ;you have made me very unhappy.;“先生,”詹姆斯拿了钱说,“您让我很不幸福” 335英国每日邮报:我们经常说由于人类因为缺少环保意识才导致了地球变暖,但是,事实真的是这样吗?目前这还是个具有争议的话题.Daily Mail: Was the Earth in a period of global warming or cooling bee the th century?Attempting to answer this question has thrown up a conundrum scientists, with some studies showing a warming trend, while others suggesting it cooled until humans intervened.Now a new study hopes to settle the issue by arguing that data points to the fact that Earth climate has been warming over the past ,000 years - long bee human activity is thought to have changed the climate.It argues that previous research that showed a cooling trend was wrong because it used contradictory ice core data. 369

点击此处收看MVLiving in my own worldDidn't understandThat anything can happenWhen you take a chanceI never believed inWhat I couldn't seeI never opened my heartTo all the possibilitiesI know that something has changedNever felt this wayAnd right here tonightThis could be the startOf something newIt feels so rightTo be here with youAnd now looking in your eyesI feel in my heartThe start of something newNow who'd of ever thought thatWe'd both be here tonightAnd the world looks so much brighterWith you by my sideI know that something has changedNever felt this wayI know it realThis could be the startOf something newIt feels so rightTo be here with youAnd now looking in your eyesI feel in my heartThe start of something newI never knew that it could happenTill it happened to meI didn't know it bee But now it's easy to seeIt's a start Of something newIt feels so rightTo be here with youAnd now looking in your eyesI feel in my heartThat it's the start Of something newIt feels so right To be here with youAnd now looking in your eyesI feel in my heartThe start of something newStart of something new 581


  The number of pet dogs in China has been increasing so rapidly during the past couple of decades that the People’s Daily carried an recently saying that the country has to face the reality that it is crowded with pet dogs. 365。


  智能手机时代,小高的生活已经完全被手机掌控,和许多人一样,他已成为“低头族”的一员,谁跟他说话他都心不在焉充耳不闻,和朋友出个门一路都在玩手机,朋友叫天天不应,叫地地不灵,到了想跟他好好说句话都要崩溃的地步,于是决定和他严肃地谈谈对于他沦落为手机控的不满,当然他还振振有辞认为网上交流不也一样吗?………智能时代的你,有没有想过用网络代替生活中的朋友家人?直接跟互联网建立朋友圈就好了,至于身边有没有一起hangout 的人其实已经不那么重要了……手机改变了你的生活吗?有时候并非我们刻意如此这样,而是被迅猛的时代大潮裹挟其中,未来也许会变得更加网络化智能化?来吧,坦白一下你与今日话题的生活匹配度:Cellphone Obsesstion Dialogue:XG:Hey, Jing Jing. I could really use some advice.JJ:Okay, I’m all ears. What’s up?XG:Well, Jennifer won’t pick up the phone. I’ve tried calling her the past few days, but she won’t answer it. I think she’s mad. What should I do?JJ:Well, Xiao Gao. Sometimes people just need some time alone. I recommend that you—Hey! Xiao Gao! What are you doing?-----------------------------------------------XG:Sorry, what were you saying? I was sending a text message. Jeez, just hold on okay?JJ:Oh the audacity! Did you get?! -------------------------------------. What gives?XG:I don’t know. Geez. Sorry looking at my smartphone. Is it a crime or something?JJ:You are more attached to that thing than Jennifer! I bet you that’s exactly why Jennifer won’t answer her phone. Maybe she thinks that you love your smartphone more than her! ————————————————————————————————XG:Well, I talk to you on WeChat don’t I? What’s wrong with chatting online? Isn’t it the same?JJ:Um, no! -------------------------------------------------. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. It’s definitely not the same, not even close!XG:Hey, I really care about my smartphone. I bought it a nice cover, see?JJ:Oh, seriously? You care about your smartphone? ——————————————————————————————I think you need help!XG:Wait, wait. Okay, fine. Starting from now. Everytime we hang out, I won’t mess with my phone. I promise.JJ:Okay, that’s a deal. Now, let me finish telling you what I think you should do with Jennifer.XG:Okay, just give me one second. Let me send one last text message…New words dialogue:I’m all ears Oh, the audacity! Pointers What gives? In real life Compare apples and oranges Personify Mess with [something] 中英文本情景期待下期内容 38No apology : Fury in China after Australian calls swimmer a drug cheat拒绝道歉:中国之怒!澳大利亚选手称我国游泳运动员为“吃禁药的骗子”Australia has refused to apologize after an Olympic swimmer sparked outrage by accusing China Sun Yang of being a ;drug cheat.; Speaking to the media after beating Sun by a mere. of a second to win the 00m freestyle gold , Mack Horton described his win as one ; the good guys.;澳大利亚的奥运会游泳运动员指责中国运动员孙杨为“吃禁药的骗子”之后,引起公众强烈不满,澳大利亚就此拒绝道歉在以0.秒的微弱优势击败孙杨获得00米自由泳金牌之后,霍顿称自己的胜利为所谓“好人的胜利”The Australian comments sparked fury in China after an emotional Sun broke down in the post-race press conference, accusing Horton of deliberately trying to psych him out. A hashtag ;Sun Yang Dont Cry; quickly went viral on the Chinese web, and Horton Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts were flooded with comments attacking him and demanding he apologize to Sun.这名澳大利亚运动员的言论引起了中国网民的愤怒,在赛后的新闻发布会上,孙杨情绪激动地指责霍顿故意在心理上试图使他崩溃一个名为“孙杨不哭”的标题迅速在中国互联网传播开来,霍顿的脸书,推特和instagram 被攻击要求其向孙杨道歉 69

  讲解Today’s key word is primary.([英][#7;pra#618;m#601;ri][美][#7;pra#618;meri] adj.首要的,主要的; (教育)初等的,小学的n.第一位; 最好者; 要素; 候选人提拔会;It means: A machine designed to convert one m of energy into mechanical energy.Eg: Primary education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and .)Of chief importance首要的例句A matter of primary importance头等重要的事情延伸Earliest in time or order of development(Brit.)a primary school 小学or relating to education children between the ages of about five and elevenAll children in England will be expected to know up to their times table when they leave primary school.David Cameron Conservative Party(保守党) has won in the UK elections over the weekend.In his victory speech outside of number Downing Street, David Cameron has called the Conservative party policy a manifesto(宣言) the working people and mentioned some goals he hopes to achieve.(Soundbite David Cameron);Three million apprenticeships(学徒们,学生们), more help with childcare, helping 30m people cope with the cost of living by cutting their taxes(税收). Building homes that people are able to buy and own.Creating millions more jobs that give people the chance of a better future. It means giving the poorest people the chance of training, a job, and hope the future. It means that children who dont get the best start in life, there must be the nursery education(幼儿教育) and good schooling that can transm their life chances. ”That was his victory speech outside the house.UK Conservative party to announce re-sits(重考) pupils who fail at the end of primary school examinations.From September pupils deemed to have failed to reach the required levels will have two chances to sit retakes(补考).Education secretary Nicky Morgan talks about the tests students will take.(soundbite Nicky Morgan)Nicky Morgan is currently serving as Secretary of State Education(教育大臣) in the UK.Notes:---英国首相卡梅伦领导的保守党赢得议会超过半数席位,得以继续执政,卡梅伦成功连任首相他在首相官邸唐宁街号发表就职演说演说中提到了为了英国教育的发展--他表示如果他连任成功,就要修改教育体制任何小学生岁毕业考如果英语和数学不及格的话,就要在中学第一年补考,考到过关为止---此前英国教育大臣,也曾经提到将来在小学毕业考试中失利的学生可以获得重考的机会这些关于教育的新措施将有利于英国本土人才的成长,和教育公平性的实现 35英语学习笔记:Half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fallby the way side.行百里者半九十 (注:这里张璐理解错了,实际意思是一百里的路程,走到九十里也只能算是才开始一半而已比喻做事愈接近成功愈困难,越要坚持到最后)No matter how high the mountain is, one can always ascend to its top.华山再高,顶有过路 the ideal that I hold dear to my heart,Id not regret a thousand times to die.亦余心之所向兮,虽九死其尤未悔Differences between brothers can not sever their blood ties.兄弟虽有小忿,不废懿亲更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 50


  英语学习笔记:autograph [#7;#596;:t#601;graelig;f]n. 明星签名signature [#7;s#618;ɡn#601;t#63;#6;]n. 正式签名,签字Johann约翰John Hancock就是签名的意思piece of cake小菜一碟Lazy Susan圆桌上的转盘Bob is my uncle小菜一碟Kirsten,how’s your drive license test going?你驾照考得怎么样了Could I have your John Hancock?可以给我签个字么?最流行的三个男子名:Noah, Liam, Mason女子名:Emma,Olivia,Sophia更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 63875。

  A Trip to Disney 迪斯尼之族On a trip to Disney World in Florida, my husband and I and our two children devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to the wonders of this attraction. After three exhausting days, we headed home.弗罗里达州的迪斯尼乐园是一个迷人的地方一次我和丈夫以及两个孩子前往旅游,我们全身心地沉醉在它的各种奇观之中精疲力竭地玩了三天之后,我们要回家了As we drove away, our son waved and said, ;Good-bye, Mickey.;当我们驱车离开时,儿子挥手说:“再见,美奇”Our daughter waved and said, ;Good-bye, Minnie.;女儿挥着手说,“再见,美妮”My husband waved, rather weakly, and said, ;Good-bye, Money.丈夫也有气无力地挥了挥手,说道:“再见,美元”1.a trip toa trip to someplace是指到某地的一次旅行,关于旅行有很多种说法:travel只表示一般意义的泛指的旅行,即一般的旅行活动,例如Travel is much cheaper than it used to be;journey或trip表示从某地到另一地方的一次具体旅行;其中,journey更多的带有"行路,旅程"的意味,即不一定是游玩活动,更多的是对具体情况的陈述;而trip更多的带有"游玩"的意味,同时一般是短途的(没有tour"游玩"的意味强,tour是"参观,游览");voyage的话,指"海上航程",通常不会混淆.wholeheartedlyadv.全心全意地,全神贯注地;一心;竭诚;真心诚意eg:I just want to do this project wholeheartedly. 我只想一心一意把这个项目做好3.exhaustingexhaustedexhausting前者是疲惫不堪的、用完的耗尽的I am exhausted!后者是使人疲惫不堪的,令人精疲力尽的,是外物使人感到疲惫,例如I find her exhausting-she never stop talking.我发现她真累人-她总不停的说话 1


  这首歌是电影《暮光之城3:蚀的主题曲,由英伦摇滚天团缪斯合唱团所演唱Neutron Star(中子星)是由中子汇编成的星球,由于它的壳层十分牢固,任重锤猛敲、火烧冰冻,都无法破坏它若是两颗中子星相撞爆炸粉碎的话,将会释放出非常非常大的能量主创借此隐喻了影片中男女主角之间的爱就像中子星碰撞的威力非常强大,为爱牺牲的勇敢与热情也会化为永恒Muse: Neutron Star Collision (Love is ever)I was searchingYou were on a missionThen our hearts combined like a neutron star collisionI had nothing left to loseYou took your time to chooseThen we told each other with no trace of fear thatOur love would be everAnd if we die, we die togetherAnd lie, I said neverCause our love, would be everThe world is broken, and halos fail to glistenWe try to make a difference butNo one wants to listenHell the preachers fake and proudTheir answering will be cloudThen they'll disappear like snowflakes in an oceanLove is everAnd we'll die, we'll die togetherAnd lie, I said neverCause our love, can be everNow, I've got nothing left to loseYou take your time to chooseI can tell you now without a trace of fear thatMy Love, will be everAnd we'll die, we'll die togetherAnd live, I will neverCause our love, will be ever

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