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Does an untidy house lead to messy relationship problems. Could your partner be more considerate when it comes to cleaning.Well, our accredited relationship professional gives us expert advice on how to prevent arguments concerning tidying up.乱七八糟的房间是否导致你们两人的关系不融洽?在打扫房间方面,你的伴侣是否更加体贴?我们的自身恋爱关系专家将为我们提供专业的建议,防止两人因打扫房间而引发争吵。Step 1: The Problem1.问题所在This argument is about one person feeling the other is too untidy around the home.争吵的焦点是一方感觉到另外一方在家里太随意,太邋遢了。Step 2: What it#39;s really about2.本质This is a very common complaint. Perhaps this argument is not really just about lack of tidying up, but about a perceived lack of respect for a shared personal space. Equally less tidy people can feel undermined if their partner is too tidy, as if the tidiness is more important than their feelings.这是非常普遍的抱怨。或许争吵不仅仅是因为邋遢,而是因为对方缺乏对两人共享的空间的尊重。同样的,如果伴侣太过整洁,没那么整洁的另外一方就会觉得被约束,就好像整洁比他们的感受更重要。Step 3: The solution3.解决方法As soon as this situation occurs, sit down and share any feelings of concern with your partner without arguing. Perhaps you come from very different backgrounds, with very different standards of tidiness? It is very imporntat for the space you share to feel comfortable for both of you. Listen to each other, and accept that you need to come up with a level of tidiness that is not distressing for either of you. Find a happy medium and live with it!一旦发生了这种情况,坐下来,不要争吵,和伴侣认真讨论一下自己的感受。或许你们来自不同的背景,对整洁有着完全不同的标准?两人共享的空间应该让两人都感到舒适,这非常重要。互相倾听对方的感受,双方需要达成共识,应该共同营造一个对两人都没有压力的环境。双方各退让一步,开心地生活下去。Thanks for watching Relationship Issues: Tidying Up.感谢收看“恋爱双方如何解决清洁问题”视频节目。注:视频暂缺,稍后补充。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/228178China is home to the world#39;s highest mountains, vast deserts ranging from searing hot to mind-numbing cold.中国有着世界最高峰,从无垠的炙热沙漠,到麻木大脑的寒冷地带。Steaming forests harbouring rare creatures. Grassy plains beneath vast horizons, and rich tropical seas.那蒸笼般的森林中隐匿的各种珍稀生物。还有天际下广阔无垠的草原,以及富饶的热带海洋。Now, for the first time ever, we can explore the whole of this great country, meet some of the surprising and exotic creatures that live here and consider the relationship of the people and wildlife of China to the remarkable landscape in which they live. This is Wild China.现在 我们第一次有机会深入探索这片伟大的土地,接触栖息于此的珍奇生物,目睹中国这片神奇土地上人与野生世界的羁绊。这就是最原味的中国。 /201405/301787Steve Jobs has been called a revolutionary.史蒂夫乔布斯被称为革命先驱He changed the computer industry,他改变了电脑行业the movie industry, the music industry电影行业、音乐行业and the mobile phone industry.和流动电话行业His life has been an unusual journey他的一生是不平凡的旅程of successes and failures,当中有成功也有失败but he did it all with style.但也有他自己的一套风格This is the story of Steve Jobs.以下是史蒂夫乔布斯的故事Steve Jobs was put up for adoption at birth.乔布斯出生便被人领养His biological parents were intellectuals,他的亲生父母是知识份子they were graduate students at the University of Wisconsin他们是威斯康辛大学的毕业生and they weren#39;t married at the time他们在乔布斯出世时还未结婚so they were still in school他们还在读书so when Steve Jobs was born in 1955,所以当乔布斯在1955年出生时they put him up for adoption.他们便将乔布斯交给人抚养He was adopted by a family in San Francisco, California领养他的是加州三藩市一个家庭who very much wanted children夫妇很想要小朋友who were very loving, good parents.他们是一对充满爱心的好父母Steve Jobs grew up south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley,乔布斯在矽谷的三藩市南部长大known for computer companies矽谷就是那个有很多like Hewlett Packard and Intel电脑公司的地方,例如惠普...that manufactured semiconductors以及用矽来制造半导体的公司made of silicon.像英特尔而闻名于世 /201310/260313

Sports injuries, falls, and accidents can all lead to a lost filling, cap, or other dental emergencies. Here are some temporary first aid measures to hold you until you get professional treatment.运动受伤,跌落和事故都会导致牙齿填充物和牙釉质脱落以及其他牙科问题。以下是一些临时急救措施,可以在你获得专业的治疗之前提供帮助。You Will Need你需要Warm water温水Cold compress冷敷Dentist牙医Milk牛奶Dental floss牙线Emergency professional (optional)急救专家(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Treat a bitten tongue1.处理咬伤的舌头Clean and apply a cold press to the injured area if you bit your lip or tongue.如果咬到嘴唇或舌头,清洁并冷敷受伤部位。Seek emergency treatment if the bleeding does not stop.如果不能止血,立即看急诊进行治疗。Step 2 Treat a broken tooth2.治疗牙齿破裂Rinse your mouth with warm water if you break a tooth. Apply a cold compress and call your dentist.如果牙齿破裂,用温水清洗口腔。冷敷,打电话给牙医。Step 3 Treat a broken jaw3.治疗受伤的下巴Apply a cold compress to your jaw if you think you broke it. Seek professional treatment immediately.如果你认为下巴受伤,进行冷敷。立即寻求专业治疗。Step 4 Treat a dislodged tooth4.治疗脱落的牙齿Rinse a dislodged tooth in water if it is dirty. Place it in a cup of milk and take it to your dentist.用水清洗脱落的牙齿,然后放在一杯牛奶中,带给牙医。Step 5 Treat a toothache5.治疗牙痛Rinse your mouth with warm water if you have a toothache. Try using dental floss to remove any material caught between teeth. If the pain persists, see your dentist.如果牙痛,用温水清洗口腔。尝试用牙线清洁卡在牙齿之间的任何物质。如果疼痛持续,赶紧去看牙医。Male llamas get their canines, also known as ;fighting teeth,; between 2 and 3 years of age, and female llamas get theirs between 4 and 5 years of age.雄性大羊驼在两三岁龄的时候长出犬齿,也就是“用来打架的牙齿”,雌性大羊驼在四五岁龄的时候长出犬齿。视频听力节目由。 /201309/254927

You don#39;t need meat to get enough protein every day. Follow these steps and you#39;ll have protein to spare.你不需要每天吃肉来获得足够的蛋白质。遵循以下方法,你将摄入充足的蛋白质。You Will Need你需要Beans and bean products蚕豆和豆制品Nuts and nut products坚果和坚果制品Grains and grain products谷物和谷物产品Soy milk (optional)豆奶(可选)Tofu (optional)豆腐(可选)Dairy products (optional)乳制品(可选)Eggs (optional)鸡蛋(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Have some beans1.食用蚕豆Learn to love beans. Beans, peas, and other legumes are excellent sources of vegetable protein. They also provide needed fiber, including heart-healthy soluble fiber.学会热爱豆类。蚕豆,豌豆和其他豆类都是优质的植物蛋白来源。它们还可以提供人体需要的纤维,包括对心脏健康有益的可溶性纤维。Soybeans pack the most protein per ounce and offer a complete protein, comparable to meat. Soy milk and tofu are good sources of soy protein.每盎司大豆中的蛋白质含量最高,而且相对肉类更能提供全面的蛋白质。豆奶和豆腐都是大豆蛋白的优质来源。Step 2 Eat like a squirrel2.向松鼠学习Add nuts and nut products to your diet. An ounce of peanuts or almonds provides nearly as much protein as an egg.向饮食中加入坚果和坚果制品。一盎司的花生和杏仁可以提供的蛋白质量几乎相当于一个鸡蛋。Adding nuts to your diet can help you lose weight. Although they are high in fat, nuts contain ;good fat; from omega-3 fatty acids.向饮食中加入坚果还可以帮助减肥。尽管脂肪含量很高,然而坚果中含有的是来自omega-3脂肪酸的好脂肪。Step 3 Go grainy3.谷物Eat plenty of whole grain foods. Oats, wheat, and rice all add protein to a meal.食用足够的全谷食品。燕麦,小麦和大米都可以增加蛋白质。Step 4 Get milk4.饮用牛奶Drink milk if you#39;re not vegan. Dairy products are a good source of protein. A cup of milk gives you 9.2 grams, a cup of yogurt almost 10.如果你不是素食者,可以喝牛奶。奶制品含有丰富的蛋白质。一杯牛奶可以提供9.2克蛋白质,一杯酸奶可以提供接近10克蛋白质。Step 5 Eat eggs5.吃鸡蛋Eat three or four eggs each week. Eggs have been called the gold standard of protein because they provide the most complete protein available, and plenty of it.每周吃三个或四个鸡蛋。鸡蛋被称为蛋白质的金标准,因为鸡蛋提供最完整最充足的蛋白质。Step 6 Mix it up6.混合Combine complementary vegetable proteins to get complete proteins. For instance, grains provide amino acids lacking in legumes, but a dish of beans and rice provides a complete protein.各种植物蛋白互相搭配,以获得最全面的蛋白质。例如,谷物可以提供豆类中所缺少的氨基酸,而一份蚕豆和大米可以提供全面的蛋白质。Combine different vegetable proteins throughout the day, rather than during each meal.每天搭配不同的植物蛋白,而不是每一餐进行搭配。Step 7 Don#39;t sweat it7.不要过量Follow these guidelines and you#39;ll get plenty of protein. Recent research indicates that we need only half as much protein as was previously believed.遵循这些建议你就可以获得充足的蛋白质。最近研究表明,我们所需的蛋白质是此前认为的一半。A 2009 government study found that one in 200 U.S. adolescents is a vegetarian.2009年政府一项调查发现,美国200个青少年中就有1人是素食者。视频听力由。 /201311/265275

;It#39;s a fine image of bashing-so it#39;s violent, it#39;s elegant, expressive, and it#39;s beautiful as well.;“这威摄力的绝妙写照—充满了暴力、典雅、表现力以及美感。”史蒂夫贝尔说道。Today#39;s object shows us that in the Egypt of the pharaohs, the answer to the question of how to exert leadership and state control over a large population was quite simple: force.今天的物品向我们展示了对于古埃及的法老而言,如何发挥领导力与领导一个人口众多的国家呢?最简单的就是:权力。If you#39;re going to talk about the Egypt of the pharaohs, the British Museum gives you a spectacular choice-monumental sculptures, painted mummy cases, and much much more but, as we#39;re talking about a society that was created by its river, I#39;ve chosen an object that came quite literally from the mud of the Nile.如果你想谈谈关于埃及的法老,大英物馆提供了极为壮观的选择:不朽的雕塑、绘木乃伊棺椁等等,种类繁多,不可胜数;然而我们想要谈论的是一个河流哺育起来的国度,我现在选择的这物品,毫不夸张地说,正是来自尼罗河的泥桨。It#39;s made from a tusk of a hippo, and it belonged to one of Egypt#39;s first pharaohs-King Den. Perversely for an object that#39;s going to let us explore power on a massive scale, it is absolutely tiny.它由河马的獠牙制成,属于埃及法老之一的国王丹所有。反差强烈的是,将要带领我们探索强大权力,却是一件微不起眼的小物品。I#39;m holding it now. It#39;s about one and a half inches square, it#39;s very thin and it looks and feels a bit like a modern-day business card. But, in fact, it#39;s a label-a label that was once attached to a pair of shoes; not any old shoes-these were sandals of the highest status, because this little ivory plaque is a name tag for an Egyptian pharaoh, made to accompany him as he set off to the afterlife.我现在就拿在手心里。它大约有一英寸半,正方形,非常的薄,外观和感觉有点像是现代名片。但事实上它是一件标签,附在一双鞋上的标签;不过可不是随随便便的一双烂鞋,而是一双最高地位人穿的凉鞋,因为这张小小的牙牌是一位古埃及法老的名片,制造出来以供他来世使用。 Article/201405/300240

Hundreds Missing After Ferry SinksMore than 280 people - many of them children - are missing after a ferry capsized off the coast of South Korea. Sky#39;s Alistair Bunkall reports.新闻背景:据韩国木浦海警厅透露,“岁月”号船长李某在发出求救信号40分钟后,不顾乘客安危首先逃走,这一行为引发诸多争议。据韩国中央日报报道,倾覆客轮上船员29人,其中17人生存,占59%。学生乘客325人中仅75人获救。代船长李俊松(音译)很早即离船。据被救学生说,没有一个人看到船员给乘客发救生衣。已发现6具遗体,确认有3名17岁学生和一名朴姓22岁船员,另两名女性身份不明。首尔市教育厅方面消息,市内的所有小学、初中和高中涉及修学旅行等现场体验的学习活动将接受有关部门的重新审核,如果发现存在安全隐患,修学旅行将被立刻取消。因此次事件的突发发生,韩国电影界纷纷推迟各种活动表示关注。“SEWOL号”客轮于1994年在日本建造,2012年10月在韩国正式通航,主要往返韩国仁川和济州,总长145米,型宽22米,可容纳921名乘客,是目前韩国国内同类客轮中最大的一艘。客轮配备有餐厅、便利店、游戏厅等休闲设施。 Even before the helicopters were above it and the boats were alongside it, the ferry was sinking fast. Rescuers, they#39;re the ones in the black wetsuits, were lowered on board from helicopters hovering dangerously low.One by one, they were winched up and off the ship. Some passengers could only jump for their lives and into the water. A raft was thrown down to them, a diver followed. Others scrambled aboard boats from any opening as quickly as they possibly could. We were first told that 368 people had been rescued, that number was then corrected and then corrected again. In fact, far fewer people were rescued than first thought. The South Korean president was briefed on the disaster.“I think it is truly tragic that the students who were going on a field trip and the passengers were involved in such an unfortunate accident.”The uninjured which is the minority were herded, looking dazed, into a school gym.“At the scene, my family is there, there is nobody, it#39;s pitch black and dark and there#39;s nothing going on. Looking at the situation, we should not be just sitting here.”The relief for some was overwhelming. The lucky called home. The lost called out.A lady on the right of this screen, her back to the camera, is pleading to some officials for information. She#39;s left frustrated.A flotilla of rescue boats watched warily just metres away as the boat sank, helpless really to do much at all. It took just two hours. Taking down with it, any number of passengers stuck inside.SkyNews /201404/289498

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