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2019年08月20日 15:22:11

NBA legend helping grow sport globally CNNs Maggie Lake catches up with basketball legend Dikembe Mutombo and talks about international expansion of the NBA.On the court Dikembe Mutobo was one of the best defensive players in NBA history. Now retired, the seven-foot-two all star suits up for a different challenge. As global ambassador for the League, he is on the all fence, trying to build the fan base and scout for new talent.”Basketball is without border. It has been conducted in almost six continents. This year we embarked our African game in Johannesburg. We have another camp in the Europe in Rome for the first time. The Italian would give it a chance to experience the great deal of basketball with kids coming from all of the Europe, we’ve been marketing in Japan and we’ve been marketing in South America. So we are sort of inside of them.”“And I know you’ve spent a lot of time on the efforts in Africa. What the challenge is there for the children in those communities?”“In the past ten years, we were able to build so many basketball courts in the continent, and we want to keep that going. Our commission is really working very hard. And also we want our kids to be educated. And we build more libraries there with more computer services to make sure they are accessible to every kid.”“And China is a very important market (yeah). So I know you’ve gone there, I know your friend is Yao Ming. How is the growth there? Really seems to be taking hold in China.”“I would say maybe one third percent of our revenue, of our growth come to China. You know the friends in China, they have really received NBA with open arm and they love our game, they love our players. The television market is really big there compared to any places in the world.”Building a global audience will take time, but Dikembe Mutobo and the NBA are confident that their patience will pay off.Maggie Lake, CNN New York. /201406/306108资阳麦格隆胸多少钱重庆剖腹产疤痕So you wanna be a centenarian! Exercising and eating right are obviously essential, but there are other, surprising things that may help you reach that momentous milestone. Heres to old age!你想要长命百岁!很明显,运动和恰当的饮食是必须的,但是还有其他方面,一些你意想不到的事情可以帮助你活到100岁!下面就是长命百岁的秘诀!You Will Need你需要Daily brushing and flossing每日刷牙,用牙线洁牙College degree大学学历Little somethin somethin多做亲热运动Golf or swimming高尔夫或游泳Younger wife年轻的妻子Red wine红酒Child with positive initials (optional)孩子的名字比较积极(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.虽然这段视频非常精,但并不代表专业医疗意见。如果想获得真正的医疗建议,请向医生咨询。Step 1 Floss daily1.每日洁牙Brush and floss your teeth daily; research shows it can reduce your risk of gingivitis and gum disease, which cause aging of the immune and artery systems. And it will definitely help you avoid dentures.每天刷牙并用牙线洁牙;研究表明,这样可以减少齿龈炎和牙龈疾病的风险——这两种疾病会导致免疫系统和动脉系统老化。当然也可以避免戴假牙。Step 2 Finish college2.读大学Earn a college degree, smarty-pants. A Harvard study found that those who do tend to have an extra decade of healthy years compared to their less-educated counterparts.聪明一点,获得大学文凭。哈佛大学一项研究发现,与教育程度较低的人相比,获得大学文凭的人倾向于多度过健康的十年。Step 3 Have lots of sex3.性生活Heres a hard one: Get busy with your special someone. One study indicated a link between orgasm frequency and longevity in men.这一点比较难做到:经常与你喜欢的人进行性生活。一项研究表明,频繁的性高潮与男性长寿之间存在联系。Step 4 Take up golf or swimming4.打高尔夫球或游泳Retirees rejoice! A Swedish study of 300,000 golfers found that they had an increased life expectancy of five years compared to the rest of the population. Or take up swimming: A separate, 30-year-long study found that male swimmers death rates were 70 percent lower than men who get their exercise from running.寻找快乐!瑞士对300,000名打高尔夫球的人进行的研究发现,与其他人群相比,他们的平均寿命可以增加五年。或者游泳:一项独立的,历时长达30年的研究发现,男性游泳者的死亡率比跑步者的死亡率低70%。Step 5 Marry a younger woman5.娶一个年轻的妻子Men, make like Hugh Hefner and marry a younger woman -- specifically, one whos 15 to 17 years younger. Guys who do cut their chances of dying early by 20 percent. Marrying someone seven to nine years younger reduces the risk by 11 percent.男性要像休·海夫纳这样娶一位年轻的妻子,尤其是比你年轻15到17岁的妻子,英年早逝的几率会降低20%。娶比你年轻7到9岁的妻子可以将风险降低11%。If you have a child, give the baby a name whose initials spell a positive word, like ;WIN,; and theyll a better chance of living longer, too.如果你们有孩子,起名字的时候第一个字比较积极,比如“胜”,他们长寿的机会也比较大。Step 6 Move to wine country6.搬到酿酒村Get thee to southwest France or the Italian island of Sardinia -- or just drink one glass per day of red wine thats produced there. Research has indicated wines from those regions have a greater protective effect against heart disease than red wines produced in other parts of the world. Sante and cin-cin!搬到法国西南部或意大利撒丁岛,或者只是每天饮一杯当地出产的红酒。一项调查发现,这些地区生产的葡萄酒比其他地方生产的葡萄酒更有预防心脏病的效果。People who look younger than their real age are more likely to have a long life span, regardless of gender and environment,according to a study of 1,800 pairs of twins.根据对1,800对双胞胎进行的一项研究,无论什么性别和环境,比实际年龄看上去年轻的人更有可能长寿。视频听力译文由。 /201403/277973重庆e光祛斑价格

重医大附一院口腔科南川区激光去除雀斑费用Latest eurozone GDP figures CNNs Richard Quest talks with Olli Rehn Vice President, European commission.Finding more positive data is certainly welcome,but there is no room for complacency whatsoever.I hope there will be no premature decorations of subsesting that the crisis is over because we still have many obstacles and many challenges,relatively low growth and high unemployment in many parts of Europe.The temptation will be for many people to say,well,yes,things are slowly getting back to normal,we can ease off the changes that need to be made.I think that could be a dangerous sentiment because as I have said we have very substantial challenges with high unemployment in many parts of Europe and still relatively molested growth.Nevertheless,it is important that this recent data seem to indicate that the recession is now ending and European economy is gaining momentum.The truth is that you now have to warn governments,dont you?Dont get involved in the nasty political mess.Dont back-track and make sure you keep moving forward.And best of all,don not scramble among yourselves at this crucial moment.Thats really what you are saying,isnt it?Thats the equality and we are always said to be encouraging managing that support the 28 European teams of umember states to continue pursue economy reform and to balance their public finances and to rebuild the economy union.I think we are on the right track now,but also censor that we do maintain the momentum of economic reform and we dont give up because any kind of ungrounded sense of complacency. /201308/253067武隆县治疗粉刺多少钱重庆痤疮手术的价格

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