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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470015。

  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201610/464458。
  • 原味人文风情:;I feel like if you went to lunch with Natalie Portman, she would only order a hot tea with lemon and maybe some toast. Definitely not an entree, though.;「我觉得如果你跟娜塔莉.波曼去吃饭的话,她会只点一杯加柠檬的热茶,可能还有一些烤面包吧。不过绝对不会是点主餐。」You are wrong.你错了。;Oh, look at me...Im Ryan Gosling. I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes. Go yourself, Ryan Gosling.;「噢,看看我...我是莱恩·葛斯林。我有超完美的脸型和无害的双眼。去死吧,莱恩·葛斯林。」;Samuel L. Jackson has resting fart face.;「山谬·杰克森长了一张结屎面。」Yes, I do.嗯,我是有。;Im going to white balance my TV on Jessica Chastains chest.;「我要在洁西卡·雀丝坦的胸膛上调我电视的白平衡。」I dont even know what that means...我甚至不懂那是什么意思...;Are we all just ignoring the fact that Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have the same face?;「我们大家是要就这样忽略艾迪·瑞德曼和费莉丝蒂·琼斯的脸一模一样这件事吗?」;Dear Eddie Redmayne, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. Youre the scum between my toes. Love, Zhenya, xoxo.;「亲爱的艾迪·瑞德曼,我超级讨厌你这个人。你让我反胃。你是我脚指缝间的渣渣。爱你的兰亚,抱抱亲亲。」;Tanner raised his arms and my dad looks at his armpit hair and says, You look like you have Whoopi Goldberg in a headlock.;「泰纳举起他的手臂,我老爸看着他的腋毛然后说:『你看起来象是使出头部固定那招压制住琥碧·戈柏。』」Really? Thats it?有没有搞错?就这样?;Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like hes getting a 1996 N sitcom with his haircut.;「林-曼努尔·米兰达那头发型看起来就像 1996 年国家广播公司的情境喜剧。」;Casey Affleck is the real-life version of Billy Bob Thortons character in Sling Blade.;「凯西·艾佛列克是比利·鲍伯·松顿在《弹簧刀》里的角色的真人版。」;Emma Stone looks like a crack whore in every role she plays.;「艾玛·史东演每个角色看起来都像吸毒的婊子。」Great...好极了...;Miles Teller has the face of a guy who would request Gangnam Style at a wedding, where he doesnt know either the bride or groom.;「麦尔斯·泰勒那张脸看起来就像会在婚礼上要求跳江南 Style 的人,可是他根本不认识新娘或新郎。」Fair enough.好喔。;Now is probably a good time to remind everyone about this dog that looks like Tilda Swinton.;「现在或许是让大家想起这只长得像蒂坦·丝云顿的小的好时机。」;I think Jeff Bridges wears pants a lot less than we all think he does.;「我想杰夫·布里吉穿着裤子的时候可能比我们大家以为的少很多。」Well, thats actually true.嗯,那其实是真的。;Robert De Niro is too old to make gangsta movies still. Dude needs to start playing grandfather roles or something.;「劳伯·狄尼洛老到不能继续演黑帮电影了。他老兄得开始演些阿公角色还是什么的。」Yeah, I am playing grandfather roles. And pretty soon Ill be playing great-grandfather roles. you!是啊,我是在演阿公角色。而且很快我就会演祖公角色了。去你的!Do you love clicking buttons and subscribing to things? Then click the button to subscribe to my channel, and youll finally be happy.你很爱点按钮和订阅东西吗?那么点下按钮来订阅我的频道,你就能终于得到快乐。201704/506473。
  • Six: Bellevue.贝尔维尤The King County city of Bellevue is very appropriately named after its French meaning of ;beautifulview,;金郡城市贝尔维尤与其法文名字“beautifulview”(美丽的景色)相得益彰,and the downtown area is considered to be the second largest in the state of Washington.市中心面积在华盛顿州排名第二。Home to hundreds of up-and-coming businesses,这里有数日新月异的企业,Bellevue demonstrates vast economic growth in combination with the surrounding cities hosting major corporations.随着与周边城市合作不断增强,贝尔维尤展现出了强劲的经济增长态势。The average household income in Bellevue is around 90,000 dollars,该城平均家庭收入为9万美金,and its low crime rate once earned it a spot on a list of Americas 25 safest cities.也曾因低犯罪率成为了全国二十五大“最干净”城市之一。The community shares a love for arts and crafts, as seen in the annual Bellevue Arts amp; Crafts Fair every summer.艺术和手工艺也深受人们的喜爱,每年夏季这里都会举办“贝尔维尤艺术和手工艺览会”。Residents also indulge in local sculpture and celebrate the history of strawberry harvesting with an annual Strawberry Festival.此外,民众对雕塑也是情有独钟,还会举办年度“草莓狂欢节”庆祝草莓收成。Families of Bellevue can enjoy numerous museums and cultural landmarks还可参观这里众多的物馆,文化景点,as well as an array of outdoor nature-inspired activities and sports such as basketball.以及一系列户外活动,以及篮球等体育活动。Seven: Kennewick.肯纳威克Kennewick is a Benton County city resting on the waters of the Columbia River肯纳威克是本顿县的一座城市,位于哥伦比亚河畔,and has an estimated population of 79,000 inhabitants.人口预计为7.9万人。It is historically known and appreciated for its location upon the Lewis and Clark Trail该地也因历史悠久的“路易克拉克道”而著名,and showcases a variety of cultural establishments and affairs.文化组织和活动也是丰富多。Kennewick is the perfect city for archaeological enthusiasts and history buffs due to its presence in the western pioneer肯纳威克也是考古和历史发烧友的天堂,美国先驱者曾出现于此,as well as an early discovery of a prehistoric male body for which the city was named.早前曾在该地发现史前肯纳威克人遗骸,该城也因此而得名。A new four bedroom and four bathroom home in Kennewick can be purchased for the modest price of 164,000 dollars一栋四室四卫别墅在该城只卖到16.4万美金,with an average annual household income of over 60,000 dollars.平均年家庭收入超6万美金。Residents of Kennewick can relax and enjoy a community rich in agriculture, wine, and tourism.这里美酒佳肴,农业发达且旅游业红火,居住在此地的居民可以尽情享受。Eight: Olympia.奥利匹亚Olympia is the beautiful state capital of Washington located near Puget Sound and just 60 miles from Seattle.奥利匹亚市为华盛顿州首府,紧邻普吉湾,距离西雅图仅60英里。The city is chock-full of parks and forest preserves including numerous skate parks,该城拥有众多花园和森林保护区,包括滑板公园、Watershed Park, Sunrise Park, Priest Point Park, and the nearby Capitol State Park.水域公园、日出公园、“Priest Point”水域公园以及国会山公园。Olympia currently has a population of over 50,000 residents目前该城人口超5万人,and contains the nearby Olympia Regional Airport for convenient transportation.为方便交通,该城还拥有奥利匹亚机场。The Washington state government is the citys largest employer with a staff of over 25,000.华盛顿政府是该城最大规模企业,拥有员工2.5万人。Popular local attractions and activities include the Fish Brewing Company,当地著名企业和组织活动包括“Fish Brewing”酿酒厂、the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, the Olympia Family Theater, Centennial Station, and Kurt Cobains former home.华盛顿表演艺术中心、奥林匹亚家庭影院、百年火车站以及科特·柯本生前居所。Olympia is also heavily involved in roller derby市民更是非常热衷轮滑阻拦赛,and is the dwelling grounds of the Womens Flat Track Derby champions, the Oly Rollers.当地的“Oly Rollers”联盟曾举办年度女子平道轮滑障碍赛。In terms of education, Evergreen State College is located in Olympia教育方面,长青州立学院位于奥林匹亚,and is a more unconventional liberal arts college offering degrees in fields它是一所非传统文科学院,学科领域包括such as comedy, music, animation, organic farming and more.喜剧、音乐、动画、有机耕作等。Nie: Issaquah.伊瑟阔The King County city of Issaquah is a rapidly growing suburb of Seattle金郡伊瑟阔是一个快速发展的西雅图郊区,and is named for its significance in Native American culture as a natural and spiritual place full of beautiful wildlife.当地最负盛名的是其印第安文化,众多野生动物栖息于此,这里也是自然和灵魂之地。The city is surrounded by mountains including Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain,周围群山环抱,包括老虎山、美洲狮山、and Squak Mountain while being located just south of Lake Sammamish.呱呱山,它坐落在杉曼密斯湖南部。Over 36,000 residents live in Issaquah with some of the citys most notable employers being Siemens Medical Solutions超3.6万居民生活在此,这里也有许多著名企业,包括“Siemens”医药技术公司,and GoldSim Technology Group.以及“GoldSim”软件技术公司。As part of the King County Metro system,作为金郡地铁系统的一部分,accessible transportation is available for commuters between Bellevue, Seattle, and Issaquah.乘客可往来于贝尔维尤、西雅图以及伊瑟阔The city also thrives on art and theater culture文化和剧场文化也是蓬勃发展,and is home to venues and events such as the Village Theatre and the Salmon Days Festival.演出场所和活动更是丰富多,包括乡村剧场和“三文鱼日狂欢节”。Other popular and worthwhile family attractions include the Cougar Mountain Zoo, the Gilman Village shopping district,其它著名景观包括美洲狮山动物园、吉尔曼乡村购物区、the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery and more.伊瑟阔三文鱼孵化场等。Ten: Mercer Island.墨瑟岛Yet another geographical member of King County,墨瑟岛也是金郡的一座城市,Mercer Island is located in the Seattle metro upon Lake Washington.它坐落在西雅图地铁线华盛顿湖站。Mercer Island is the most heavily populated fresh water island in the nation它也是全国人口最多的淡水岛,with over 25,000 residents in just 6.32 square land miles.面积仅有6.32平方英里,人口却超2.5万人。There are six schools that can be found on the island alone, with even more in development.该岛有六所学校,甚至还有一所在建。Popular Mercer Island activities for families and adults include适合家庭和成人游玩的活动包括,but are not limited to fishing, swimming, outdoor exploration at local parks and beaches, dog parks, basketball,且不限于垂钓、戏水、公园游玩、沙滩、乐园、篮球、tennis, softball, bicycling, hiking, and several great bars and restaurants featuring live entertainment.网球、垒球、双轮自行车、登山、许多酒吧和餐厅还有现场表演活动。The island also enjoys the annual fourth of July event known as the Summer Celebration.每年7月4日,这里将会举办享誉盛名的“夏日庆典”活动。Mercer Island is the fifth wealthiest city in the state of Washington with an average per capita income of over 74,000 dollars per year.它也是华盛顿州第五大富裕城市,年人均收入超7.4万美金。 201707/516864。
  • Though Shakespeares tragedy starts years after the Peasants Revolt,通过数年后莎翁悲剧作品的描述its hard not to believe that in his portrait of a petulant, self-admiring Richard II,不难相信 他所描述的这位易怒 自恋的查理二世there is the sense of someone trapped in an adolescent fantasy of indestructibility.沉浸在青春期 不可毁灭的幻想中Theres no denying that, especially at times of crisis,he was subject to unpredictable mood swings,无可否认 尤其在紧要关头 他的情绪极易反复无常between adrenaline-rush feelings of omnipotence and abject fatalism.忽而认为自己全知全能 忽然陷入悲观的宿命论But it is easy to exaggerate his unfitness to rule,as though he were somehow suspiciously unsound.当这种特质越发明显 他便更不适合统治 因为他似乎不能保持理智He was built the usual Plantagenet way,six foot tall, with long, flowing, blond hair.他是标准的金雀花王朝的王室后裔 六英尺高 一头飘逸的金色长发But unlike his grandfather, he failed to keep mistresses and seemed, oddly enough,to want to be faithful to his wife Anne.但不同于他的祖父 他没有情妇 近乎诡异的 保持对妻子安妮的忠诚Real Plantagenets tore at their meat and slurped the drippings.金花雀王朝的历代国王吃相极为不雅Richard not only insisted on using a spoon,but inflicted it on the rest of the court.理查不单坚持使用汤匙 要求其它贵族也要使用Real Plantagenets brought you blood-soaked victories over the ancestral enemies in France and Scotland,历代国王带来的是充满血腥的 对于法国和英格兰的征史Richard brought England the pocket handkerchief.理查给英国带来的是手帕Real Plantagenets built fortresses.历代国王兴建堡垒Richard instead wanted a great ceremonial space in Westminster Hall with a spectacular hammer beam roof.理查则想在威斯敏斯特宫建造一处 带有壮观托臂梁屋顶的庆典场所The rows of angels symbolised the kings divine right to rule.成排的天使 象征着神圣的皇权 /201612/481461。
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