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襄阳不孕医院哪家好襄阳市四院有造影手术吗襄阳市中医医院上班时间 Smart people may be far happier with their own company than meeting friends.比起和朋友见面,聪明的人自己独处时更快乐。A new study has found that for intelligent people, the more frequently they socialise with friends, the less satisfied they are with life.最新研究发现,聪明的人和朋友们社交越频繁,他们对生活的满足感越低。The findings come from two evolutionary psychologists who challenge the modern view that the more social contact we have the happier we will likely be.这项发现来自于两位进化心理学家,他们要挑战当代人的这个观点:社交生活越丰富,我们的幸福感越强。Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University propose that the core social skills developed in our ancient past still hold sway over our happiness today.伦敦经济学院的禅洲金泽和新加坡管理大学的诺曼·李认为,发源于古代社会的核心社交能力依然主导着我们今天的幸福。They propose that the #39;savannah theory#39; is at the root of modern happiness. This theory dictates that the factors which made early humans satisfied are still true with modern life.他们认为,“草原理论”是影响现代人幸福感的根源。该理论认为,那些令早期人类感到满足的因素,在现代生活中依然发挥着作用。Using data from a long-term study, which surveyed adults from 18 to 28, they applied the theory to explain the findings of self-reported levels of life satisfaction.基于对18到28岁成年人进行的一项长期调查得出的数据,他们将上述理论,用于解释受调查者关于生活中自我满意度的研究结果。The pair focused on just two of myriad factors, which they say characterise basic differences between modern life and the way our ancestors lived - population density and how frequently we interact with friends.影响这种满意度的因素有很多,他们两人主要关注两点——人口密度和我们与朋友互动的频次。这两点也是现代生活方式与古代生活方式之间最基本的不同之处。As might be expected, they found people living in more densely populated areas reported lower levels of life satisfaction.不出所料,他们发现,生活在人口稠密地区的人们,生活满意度水平较低。For anyone who braves the daily grind of the rush hour commute in a city, this is no surprise.对于那些要每天面对上下班交通高峰的人来说,这不足为奇。Also as we might expect, more frequent socialisation with friends had a more positive association with levels of life satisfaction.同样如我们所料,跟朋友间的交往越频繁,生活满意度水平越高。But these two factors interact strongly with intelligence.但这两个因素与当事人的智力程度有极大关系。The authors explained that#39;among the extremely intelligent#39; more frequent social interaction is actually linked with reduced satisfaction.两位作者解释称,“在极聪明的人中”,频繁的社交活动实际上降低了生活满意度。According to the Washington Post, self-reported happiness is higher in small towns than in cities.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,小城镇居民的生活自我满意度比大城市高。Kanazawa and Li#39;s approach suggests the brains of our hunter-gatherer ancestors were perfectly adapted to life on the African savannah, where the population would have been sparse, living in groups of around 150.金泽和李的研究表明,我们的祖先以狩猎为生,他们的大脑完全适应了在非洲大草原的生活,那里人口稀少,多为150人左右的群居。Social interaction would have been crucial to survival, in terms of co-operation and finding a mate, but the space was equally important.虽然社会交往对生存来说至关重要,比如合作和寻找配偶,但空间距离也同样重要。The pair believe there may be a mismatch between the way we have evolved and the rapid lives we lead today – where society has left our minds and bodies struggling to keep up.两位研究者认为,我们的进化方式和我们今天的快节奏生活之间可能并不匹配——我们的头脑和身体不得不努力跟上如今的社会发展。The researchers believe smarter individuals may be able to better adapt to the challenges of modern life, and may find it easier to leave ancestral social roots behind in order to forge ahead.研究人员认为,聪明的人可以更好地适应现代生活的挑战,更容易脱离祖先的根源性影响,去锐意进取。For the most intelligent among us, it may be that there is conflict between aspiring to greater goals and being tied to our evolutionary past.而对于我们中最聪明的那部分人来说,追寻更大目标与维持进化关联之间,可能存在冲突。 /201604/436238襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院能做孕检吗

襄阳枣阳妇幼保健院中医院怎样预约襄阳南漳妇幼保健院中医院是几级 An 18-year-old Ohio woman is accused of using a social media app to film the alleged rape of her 17-year-old friend.近日,美国一名18岁的女性被指控使用一社交软件拍下了她17岁朋友被强奸的过程。Marina Lonina and Raymond Gates, 29, were charged last Wednesday with rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor. The indictment said the alleged rape involved intercourse by force and the charge was not related to the alleged victim#39;s age.上周三,这名名叫玛丽娜·朗尼拉的女子和29岁的雷蒙德·盖茨被指控犯有强奸罪、绑架罪、性侵犯罪以及诱拐未成年少女罪。起诉书中写道,本次强奸罪涉及强迫发生性行为,但该指控并没有提及受害者的年龄。Periscope, an app for smartphones, uses a function to allow users to stream events live.Periscope是一款智能手机软件,用户可以使用视频功能记录生活中发生的点滴。Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O#39;Brien said Lonina and the victim were socializing with Gates at a home in Columbus on Feb. 27 when Gates raped the 17-year-old girl. Lonina used the Periscope app to livestream the assault.富兰克林县的检察长奥布赖恩表示,今年2月27日,在哥伦比亚的一处居所内,盖茨强奸了一名17岁的少女。当时朗尼拉也在场,并且她使用Periscope软件拍下了这一暴力行为。O#39;Brien said the motive for the livestreaming was unclear, but he said alcohol was a factor.奥布赖恩说,本次拍摄的动机尚不清楚,但酒精可能是一大因素。Lonina is also accused of taking nude photographs of the victim the night before the rape, according to WTTE-TV. The case came to light when authorities were contacted after an out-of-state friend of Lonina saw the images.据WTTE电视台报道,朗尼拉还被指控在发生强奸之前,拍下受害者的裸照。一位住在外州的朋友看到这些照片后告知了当局,这一案子才得以曝光。;People need to know and understand that the use of a smartphone to events can constitute serious felony crimes,; O#39;Brien said. ;They should think twice before they use their smartphones to either photograph or anything that#39;s of a sexual nature.;“人们需要知道并了解使用智能手机拍摄视频可能会构成滔天重罪,”奥布赖恩说。“他们在使用手机拍下或录下情色内容时,要三思而后行。”Lonina ;categorically denies these charges,; said her attorney Josh Bedtelyon. Gates is scheduled for arraignment Friday. He and Lonina each face up to 40 years in prison, if convicted.但朗尼拉的律师乔什·贝特尔昂却表示,她“断然否定了这些指控。”盖茨将于本月5日被传讯。如果被定罪,他和朗尼拉都将面临40年的有期徒刑。 /201604/438829老河口人民医院无痛取环

襄阳老河口市人民中心医院堕胎 5.Syphilis5.梅毒Think of syphilis as the granddaddy of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). One of the oldest on the books, it#39;s suspected to have affected many over the centuries, including England#39;s King Henry VIII and composer Franz Schubert.论及梅毒,这可是性传播疾病的祖师爷。在一些书中,作者怀疑几个世纪以来很多人都感染了梅毒,包括英国国王亨利八世和作曲家弗朗茨·舒伯特。Syphilis is highly contagious because symptoms are often confused with other problems, if they#39;re apparent at all. Sores can be easily mistaken for mundane annoyances like ingrown hairs, for example, or they hide in the anus or other crevices. If left untreated, syphilis can progress through the uncomfortable first and second stages into the third stage, which is characterized by dementia, heart disease, organ failure and other serious, life-threatening issues. No wonder it was referred to in centuries past as the ;great pox; or just ;the pox.; This disease used to be very widesp. In the early 1900s, it was estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the U.S. population had syphilis. After the introduction of penicillin in the 1940s, the death rate tumbled. Incidence of primary and secondary syphilis in the U.S. in 2013 was down to around 5.3 cases per 100,000 people (but double the all-time low rate reported in 2000 of 2.1). Prevention and early treatment of this disease is urged to prevent resurgence and other long-term health complications.梅毒有着极高的传染性,因为它比较明显的症状和其他一些疾病相似,所以容易混淆。比如梅毒的疮很可能被误诊为像毛发内生这样的普通疾病,或者它们会藏在和其它身体缝隙中。如果不及时治疗,梅毒会从一期的身体不适发展到二期、三期的严重状态,包括痴呆、心脏疾病、器官衰竭和其它严重威胁生命的症状。难怪梅毒在过去的几个世纪都被称为“大疱疹”或简称为“疱疹”。梅毒曾经广泛传播。在20世纪初期,估算有百分之十到十五的美国人感染了梅毒。20世纪40年代引进青霉素以后,死亡率大幅降低。2013年,梅毒一期和二期的发病率降低到了5.3例每十万人(但仍是2000年所报道数据的两倍多,2000年的梅毒发病率空前的低,平均2.1例每十万人)。预防措施和初期的治疗十分重要,可以避免梅毒的复发以及其它影响健康的长期并发症的产生。4.Influenza4.流感Every year, influenza (or ;the flu;) does its best to confound vaccine-producing scientists. Sometimes vaccines work pretty well, and other years they miss the mark a bit. This is because flu viruses constantly change, leaving vaccine makers to take an educated guess at creating a treatment that will effectively combat that year#39;s most common strains.每一年,那些研发疫苗的科学家们都因为流感病毒而措手不及。在与流感的对抗中,疫苗时而“凯旋”时而“败北”。这是因为流感病毒不断变异,疫苗生产商们只能依据这些变异的病毒作出相应推断并创建新的治疗方法,用以抵御当年最广为传播的致病菌株。Most of the time, seasonal flu causes significant illness and discomfort in the form of fever, chills and body ache, but this highly contagious illness usually isn#39;t life-threatening. Certain groups are at higher risk, like people over age 65, young children, people with compromised immune systems and pregnant women. Flu outbreaks have occurred that devastated populations, however. The worst on record was probably the 1918 outbreak that killed approximately 40 million people worldwide . Science today appears to be on our side, thankfully. In 2014, there were 250,000 to 500,000 deaths from influenza worldwide.季节性流感多会引发重大疾病,给人带来不适。患者会出现发高烧、打寒颤、身体酸痛等症状。尽管如此,这一高传染性疾病通常并不会威胁到人的生命。65岁以上的老人、免疫力低下的人以及妇则属于高危人群。然而,流感的爆发也曾引发大规模的人口死亡。有记录以来最为惨痛的当属1918年爆发的那一场流感,造成全球约4000万人死亡。值得庆幸的是,今天我们似乎能够与科学并肩作战,一道对抗流感。2014年,全球有25至50万人死于流感。3.Cervical Cancer3.子宫颈癌As recently as the 1940s, the leading cause of death among women in the U.S. was cervical cancer. But the advent of the Papanicolaou(Pap) test contributed to a 60 percent decline in cervical cancer death rates and incidence in the ed States between 1955 and 1992. The test, which is typically administered during annual gynecological visits, can identify precancerous cells before they have a chance to get out of control.早在40年代,子宫颈癌就已成为美国女性死亡的主因。随着巴氏试验的成功诞生,1955至1992年间美国女性子宫颈癌的死亡率及发病率都降低了60%。每年的妇科检查项目都包含有这一测试,能在癌症前期细胞发生变异之前对其进行识别。Pap tests check for the presence of human papillomavirus, some versions of which are transmitted sexually, and can cause cell changes that result in cervical cancer. In recent years, experts have begun encouraging adolescent girls to receive the HPV vaccine, which can altogether prevent certain types of the virus. Nearly 4,000 women died in 2010 of cervical cancer, although the rate is dropping by the year. ;Within our lifetimes, we may see a country free of women dying from cervical cancer if screening and vaccination is done in an appropriate and timely way,; explains David Espey, M.D., acting director in the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control at CDC.有几种型别的人乳头瘤病毒是通过性传播造成细胞变异,从而使人患上子宫颈癌。巴氏试验则可对现有型别的人乳头瘤病毒进行检测。近些年,专家开始鼓励年轻女性接种HPV疫苗,该疫苗可预防多种病毒。虽然死亡率逐年下降,但2010年仍有近4000名女性死于子宫颈癌。疾控中心癌症防控科代理主任医学士戴维埃·斯佩表示:“如若做好疫苗接种并定期接受检查,在我们的有生之年也许就可以看到这样一个国度,在这个国度里女性同胞们都逃离了子宫颈癌的死亡魔爪。”2.Malaria2.疟疾Mosquitos pack the potential for more than just annoying, itchy red bumps. In fact, they transmit the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria, which is characterized by chills, sweating and fever, among other symptoms. Although it has been largely eradicated in North America, the Caribbean and much of Europe, malaria is still a serious concern in tropical and subtropical countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.蚊子不仅能叮咬出令人发痒且抓狂的红疙瘩,事实上它们还会传播诱发疟疾的疟原虫寄生虫。疟疾的发病特征包括发热,打冷颤,浑身出汗等症状。尽管在北美、加勒比海和欧洲大部分地区,这种疾病已经被大幅根除。但是在热带和亚热带,尤其是亚非洲国家,疟疾仍然是一个严重的问题。Public health initiatives have rendered malaria both preventable and treatable, as long as it#39;s done correctly and quickly. Rapid diagnostic tests, followed by tailored antimalarial treatments have saved at least 3 million lives since 2000. Between 2000 and 2013, global deaths from malaria have fallen 42 percent. As with most of these diseases, prevention with such new technologies as insecticide-treated bed nets is encouraged by infectious disease experts.公共卫生组织表示只要处理得正确及时,疟疾是可以预防和治愈的。从2000年起,快速诊断测试和专门的抗疟疾治疗已经拯救了至少300万人的生命。2000年和2013年间,全球疟疾死亡人数下降了42%。传染病研究专家提议,针对这种疾病的预防可以使用经过杀虫剂处理的蚊帐。1.Pneumonia1.肺炎Pneumonia is sneaky, to say the least. It often strikes in the midst of another illness, like bronchitis or the flu. But it#39;s a lot less of a death sentence than it used to be. In 1900, it was the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. In 2006, pneumonia was the eighth most common cause of death, along with influenza.肺炎很狡猾,常常伴随着另一种疾病,如气管炎或流感出现,但是它导致的死亡人数已比以前要少很多了。1900年肺炎是美国位列第一的致死病因。2006年,肺炎与流感在常见死因中并列第八。Caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses or other small germs, pneumonia occurs when said germs reach and infect one or both lungs. Although it is typically treatable, pneumonia is sometimes difficult to get under control, and can cause difficulty breathing, lung abscess and other complications. Bacteria can also invade the bloodstream, potentially causing organ failure. Experts typically advise high-risk groups, particularly people over age 65, to be vaccinated to prevent getting sick or experiencing complications.当真菌、球菌、病霉或其他微小病菌接触了肺部,就会引起感染从而导致肺炎。尽管肺炎一般可以治愈,但有时很难控制住,可能会引起呼吸困难,肺脓溃疡和其他并发症。细菌也可以侵入血液,可能会导致器官衰竭。通常专家建议高危人群,尤其是在65岁以上的老人接种疫苗以预防感染疾病或并发症。审校:Fiona 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201604/439195老河口人民医院咨询电话襄阳南漳人民医院妇科医生怎么样



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