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After a few weeks,Mr Sowerberry decided that he liked Oliver;s appearance enough to train him in the undertaking business.几星期之后,索尔贝里先生看够了奥利弗,决定要训练他去做殡仪生意Oliver;s permanent expression of sadness was very suitable,the undertaker thought, collecting dead bodies from houses and accompanying the coffins to funerals.因为奥利弗老是一副苦相,棺材店老板认为他很合适做这件事,他想让他到死者家里搬运尸体和陪伴棺柩到墓地去One day Mr Bumble came to tell them about a woman who had died in an extremely poor part of the town, and Sowerberry and Oliver went to collect the body.天,班布尔先生来告诉他们,有一位住在本镇贫民区的女人死了索尔贝里先生和奥利弗去收尸They went down dirty narrow streets where the houses on either side were tall and large,but very old.Some of the houses were almost falling down, and had to be supported by huge blocks of wood.他们沿着肮脏狭窄的街道朝前走着,路两边的房屋都是又高又大,但过于陈旧了有些房屋几乎要倒塌了,不得不用粗大的圆木撑着The area was so poor that even the dead rats in the street looked as though they had died of hunger.这个地方太穷了,连路上的死老鼠好像都是饿死的 81。

Lession1. Add two and four; eight and ten; fourteen and seven. . Subtract six from eighteen; four from eleven; five from nineteen. 3. Multiply two by eight; five by three; six by four. . Divide six by three; eight by two; twenty by five. 1. I'll take a commission of ten per cent. . The current rate of interest is twenty-three per cent. 3. I only get three-eighths of the total. . It's only a fraction of the cost, about a sixteenth. 5. Divide nine by two and you get four point five. 6. You only get two point four six per cent. 1. I have to get a new pair of Jeans. Is there anywhere ...? Do you know a, a good shop where I can get a pair? . Look, er, I want something interesting. All I've eaten since I've arrived here is junk food. I want some good local food. Where should I go and what shall I ask ? 3. The car's giving problems again. I had it serviced last week but it's as bad as it was bee. I don't know what to do about it. . Ooh, yes, I need your advice. The problem is that I have to go to this very mal dinner party next week and I haven't got a dinner suit here. I really don't want to buy one. What do you suggest? 5. Ever since I've been here I had this stomach problem, you know. I mean, it's not serious. Well, I don't think it is. I mean, you often get these things when you travel. Must be the different water or something. But it rea1ly is a nuisance and it seems to be getting worse ... 6. Damn! I've lost my wallet! Man: Telegram, miss. Jean: Oh, thanks. Jean: I wonder who it's from. Oh, it's Helen. Helen, there's a telegram you. Helen: me? Oh, Jean, will you open it? I hate opening telegrams. Jean: Do you? Why? Helen: Well, it's just that I think a telegram must mean bad news. Jean: I'm just the opposite. I love opening telegrams because I'm sure they must mean something exciting. Jean: Helen, you'd better sit down. You aren't going to believe this. It says, 'Congratulations, Nurse of the Year. Letter follows.' Helen: It can't be true. Jean: Here. You it. Hello. This is Sophie Peter's ringing from the Brook Organization. Um, we got your job application and I'm ringing just to arrange an interview with you. How about Monday morning at, er, :30? Would that be all right? That's Monday morning of the th of August. Um, if you can't make that time, could you please give us a ring? The interview will be with myself and Brian Shaw, so we, um, we look ward to seeing you then. Bye-bye. "Henry!" "Yes, dear?" "I'm going up to bed now. Don't get to do your little jobs." "No, dear." Henry turned off the television and went into the kitchen. He fed the cat, washed up several dishes, dried them and put them away. Then he put the cat out, locked all the doors and turned out all the lights. When he got to the bedroom, his wife was sitting up in bed ing a book and eating chocolates. "Well dear, have you done all your little jobs?" "I think so, my love." "Have you fed the cat?" "Yes, dear." "Have you put him out?" "Yes, dear." "Have you washed up the dishes?" "Yes, dear." "Have you put them all away?" "Yes, dear." "Have you tidied the kitchen?" "Yes, dear." "Have you turned out all the lights?" "Yes, dear." "Have you locked the front door?" "Yes, dear." "Then you can come to bed." "Thank you, dear." After a little while they heard a gate banging downstairs. "Henry." "Yes, dear." "I'm afraid you've gotten to shut the garden gate." "Oh dear! ..." 3。

Believe it or not, I dont own an iPod. I know, I know. Im really behind the times, but I have an excuse. Ive been so busy at my work lately, I havent had time to take a break. So finally yesterday I went shopping an iPod down at the mall in Santa Monica.不管你信不信,反正我没有iPod我知道,我知道我落伍了,但是我有借口最近我工作太忙了,都没时间休息所以,昨天我终于去圣特莫妮卡的购物街买了个iPodI walked into the Mac store there and was immediately greeted by a salesperson. He asked, ;Can I help you find something?; ;No,; I said, ;just looking.; I dont like the feeling of high-pressure salespeople. Anyway, I looked around the store some more, and finally made my way to the iPod section. Then I decided to ask the salesman a question. ;Excuse me, can I ask you something?; ;Sure,; he said. ;Go right ahead.; ;Im thinking of picking up an iPod, but Im not sure which one is right me. What do you recommend?; He replied, ;Are you going to be using it running, jogging, working out, in your car?; ;Yes,; I said, ;all of those, except the running, jogging, and working out.; He laughed at my somewhat lame joke. ;Okay, well, I recommend you get the iPod Mini to start .; ;How much is that?; I asked. ;Well, it just went on sale, so I think we can offer you a good price on it.; ;Ill take one,; I said, and we made our way to the cash register. ;Will that be credit or debit?; he asked me. ;Credit card,; I said, as I swiped the card through the er. I waited, and nothing happened. ;Could you swipe that card again? It didnt go through.; ;Sure,; I said, and swiped it again. Finally, the card processed and he handed me the charge slip to sign. ;Im sure youll be very happy with your purchase.; ;Oh,; I said. ;It not really me. It my wife! ;我走进苹果商店,有个销售人员直接上来跟我打招呼“有什么可以帮您的吗?”我说:“不用,我随便看看”我不喜欢给我压迫感的销售人员总之,我在商店里又转了转,最终准备选择iPod然后我决定问销售员一个问题:“不好意思,我能问你点事儿吗?”他说:“当然,问吧”“我准备选一个iPod,但是我不确定哪款适合我你有什么推荐?”他回答道:“你跑步,散步,外出以及在车里会使用它吗?”我说:“会啊,所有这些除了跑步,散步,外出”他听了我蹩脚的笑话笑了笑说:“好吧,我推荐你先用ipodmini”我问:“多少钱啊?”他说,“这款刚上市,所以我们能给你个好价钱”我说:“我拿一台”然后我们去了收银台他问我:“你是付现金还是刷卡?”我说:“信用卡”我刷了一遍,等了半天,没什么反应“你能再刷一遍吗,好像没刷上”“当然”我说,然后又刷了一遍终于刷好了,他递给我发票签名“相信您使用产品一定会很高兴的”我说:“哦,这其实不是我的,是给我妻子买的” 5550。

Sea Fever海之恋;英国桂冠诗人;梅斯菲尔德I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,And the wheel kick and the wind song and the white sail shaking,And a gray mist on the sea face, and a gray dawn breaking.我多想再次回到大海回到那寂寥的海天相连我只想独自驾驶那高大的帆船,看浪花和白帆在风的歌唱中飞舞雾雨弥漫在海面,透出曙色一线I must go down to the seas again, the call of the running tideIs a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.我多想再次回到大海倾听那奔越的潮汐的呐喊那野性的呼唤如此清晰,使我无法拒绝风舞云飞,浪花涌溅,还有那海鸥的哭啼,是我唯一的惦念I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,To the gull way and the whale way, where the wind like a whetted knife;And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick over.我一定要再次回到大海似吉普赛人浪迹天边像海鸥,像鲸鱼,咧咧的风像一把锋利的刀我只想似流浪者笑对如戏人生,让欺诈在静谧、甜美的梦中消散收听更多双语节目,请关注微信公众号;奇喵课堂; 887。

Day 67 第67天Dreams 梦想Langston Hughes 兰斯顿·休斯Hold fast to dreams. if dreams die. Life is a broken-winged bird. 紧紧抓住梦想 如果梦想死亡That can never fly. Hold fast to dreams. when dreams go. 生命就像一只断翼之鸟. 它就不能飞翔 紧紧抓住梦想如果梦想远去Life is a barren field. Frozen only with snow. 生命就像贫瘠的荒野雪覆冰封,万物不再生长 835。

It Great to Be a GuyWoman Because...做男人女人真棒,因为……It Great to Be a Guy Because...我想成为一个男子汗因为……Our last name stays put.称谓还等着我们去填写We can be President.我们可能称谓总统The same hairstyle lasts years, maybe decades.几年保持同一个发型,也许是十年Car mechanics tell us the truth.汽车修理师告诉我们一个真理We dont give a darn if someone doesnt notice our new haircut.如果没有人注意我们的新发型,我们也就不关心Same work... more pay.同一个工作,更多的收入Gray hair and wrinkles add character.灰白的头发,脸上的皱纹塑造着性格People never glance at our chest when were talking to them.当我们和人们交谈的时候,他们不在意我们的胸怀The occasional belch is practically expected.一次偶然的打嗝是预测不到的New shoes dont cut, blister, or mangle our feet.新鞋不会刺痛,磨伤和损坏我们的双脚One mood, all the time.总是保持一种心情Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.电话通话保持在30秒内We know stuff about tanks and airplanes.我们知道有关坦克和飞机的事物We dont have to pretend were ;freshening up; to use the bathroom.我们不必假装我们很干净地使用浴室Bathroom lines are 80% shorter.浴室排队的人减少了80%Old friends dont care if weve lost or gained weight.我们的老朋友并不关系我们是否减轻了或者是增加了体重When surfing channels, we dont have to stop on every shot of someone crying.当我们搜索频道的时候,我们不会因为有在哭的场景电视节目而停下来We can be showered and y in minutes.我们十分钟就能淋浴洗好澡If someone gets to invite us something, they can still be our friend.如果有人忘记邀请我们,我们还可以是朋友None of our co-workers have the power to make us cry.我们的同事谁都不会让我们感到悲伤We can whip our shirt off on a hot day.天气炎热的时候我们的衬衣会因为流汗被打湿A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.一个五天的小假期只需要一个小提箱 9。

On Friendship论友谊Friendship means being friendly to one other友谊意味着彼此友好相处or making friends with one another.或与他人交朋友Human beings are social animals. They do not live in isolation.人类是一种社会动物,他们不能孤立存在They need each other both physically and emotionally.他们在生理上和感情上都彼此需要However,some people distort friendship然而,有人曲解友谊by ming small groups that are harmful to others,组成小团体对付他人or even to the whole commy.甚至于危害整个社会In the university some students from the same city or province大学里,来自同一座城市或同一省份的一些学生m an association to help each other.组成一个团体,彼此互相帮助But such associa- tions often exclude students from other parts of the country但这样的团体往往排除了其他地区的学生,and thus do not promote friendship in a broad sense.从广义上讲这不能促进友谊True and lasting friendship is based on a more solid foundation.真正持久的友谊是以更为牢固的根基为基础的Real friends share the same ideal.真正的朋友拥有共同的信念While marching toward their common objective,they help each other.当他们向共同的目标迈进时,彼此互相帮助If one makes a mistake,his friend will not hesitate to point it out of him,若有一个人犯了错,他的朋友会毫不犹豫地为他指出来,because he knows the frank criticism will help him.因为他知道真诚的批评会对他有益What we need is this type of genuine friendship.我们需要的就是真正的友谊。

I arrived my meeting at the headquarters of Woon Enterprises and I stopped at the kiosk to ask directions. It’s a huge organization and the offices are located on a 30-acre compound, so it’s very hard to find your way around without some help. Guard: Good morning. Edyta: Good morning. I’m here a meeting with Mark Johnson. Could you tell me how to get to the right building? Guard: Sure. Take this road and follow the bend to the right. When you see the k in the road, take the road on your right. Follow that to the parking structure. You can’t miss it. Edyta: Okay, so when the road splits, I should veer right. Guard: That’s right. Here’s a guest parking permit. Make sure it’s visible on your dash at all times. Drive past the lot and go into the parking structure. You can park on any level and in any space that isn’t reserved. The building right next to the structure is where Mark Johnson’s office is. Edyta: Thanks, I think I’ve got all that. The guard raised the arm of the gate and let me through. As I drove through the huge compound to the parking structure, I couldn’t help thinking that this Woon must be one very successful businessman. 3。