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1.Papaya1.木瓜You may not find these fruits growing anywhere near your apple orchards, but this tropical fruit offers a ton of health benefits.你可能在你家的苹果园附近找不到木瓜,但是这种热带水果却对健康大有裨益。MSN discusses how papayas are high in vitamin C, which helps support your immune system, protect against arthritis, and prevent cardiovascular disease.MSN讨论过木瓜中富含多少维他命C,这有利于增强你的免疫系统,防范关节炎和预防心血管疾病。They are also rich in fiber and antioxidants, and this together makes the papaya an effective fighter of cholesterol build-up in the arteries, which again works to prevent heart disease.此外,它们还富含纤维素和抗氧化剂,这些使得木瓜能够有效抗击堆积在动脉内的胆固醇,从而再次预防心脏病。2.Kiwi2.猕猴桃The kiwi, or kiwifruit, is small in size but big in nutritional impact. This little fruit contains plenty of vitamin C to support the immune system and fight heart disease and cancer.猕猴桃,或称奇异果,体型虽小,但是营养效应却很大。这种小果子富含维他命C,能够增强免疫系统,抗击心脏病和癌症。3.Grapes3.葡萄Grapes are high in vitamins A, C, and B6, and they are high in minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron.葡萄富含维他命C、维他命A、维他命B6和钾、钙和铁等矿物质。If you#39;re looking to increase your bone strength, the copper, manganese, and iron in the grapes can help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.如果你想要增强骨骼强度,葡萄中的铜、猛、和铁能够帮助你增强骨骼和预防骨质疏松症。In addition to aiding in bone health, grapes are great for the heart, as they help to prevent blood clots and ultimately can help prevent heart attacks.除了有助于骨骼健康,葡萄还对你的心脏大有益处,因为他们有助于预防血栓,并最终防止心脏病。4.Dragon Fruit4.火龙果Dragon fruits are more than just beautiful to look at — they are also full of beneficial nutrients.火龙果不仅颜值高,他们还富含有益的营养素。Mercola describes dragon fruits as having a number of benefits such as high vitamin C content, multiple B vitamins, protein, carotene, and fatty acids.Mercola称火龙果益处良多,如较高的维他命C含量,多种维他命B、蛋白质、胡萝卜素和脂肪酸。This fruit also contains calcium to support bones and teetht.这种水果还含有钙,能够增强骨骼和牙齿,铁能够提高能力。5.Blackberries5.黑莓It#39;s no secret that berries are good for you. They are high in vitamin K, C, A, and B vitamins as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.浆果有益于你的身体已经不是什么秘密了。它们富含维他命K、维他命C、维他命A、维他命B、钙、铁、镁和钾。Blackberries are great for supporting the health of the heart, skin, and bones.此外,黑莓还对增加心脏、皮肤和骨骼健康很有帮助。 /201611/476899A recent article titled ;Warning: blindness to breakout on a large scale within 3 to 5 years; stated that viewing high-frequency blue rays increases the risk of eye diseases.最近一篇名为《警惕:三五年后眼睛失明会大面积爆发!》的文章阐述了阅览高频蓝光内容会增加患眼疾的风险。However, experts have pointed out that only those exposed to the high frequency and energy for a long period of time will experience retina damage.不过,相关专家指出,只有那些长期暴露在高频和能量之下的人才会患上视网膜损伤。There is a major difference between the exposure reponsible for significant damage and that present in most people#39;s daily living environments.可以让人视网膜严重损伤的蓝光和目前大多数人日常生活环境中的蓝光有非常大的区别。Blue-ray is, to a certain extent, detrimental to people#39;s eyesight, but not all blue rays are harmful.从某种程度上来说,蓝光损害了人的视力,但是并不是说所有蓝光都是有害的。In daily life, blue rays are contained in, among other things, flat panel displays, fluorescent lights, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and phone screens.在日常生活中,包括平板显示器、荧光灯、液晶显示器和手机屏幕等都会产生蓝光。Liu Hongwei, associate research fellow at Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology, stressed that people have built-in protection mechanisms to defend against light damage. What#39;s more, the body#39;s antioxidant system can protect against damage from blue rays.北京市眼科研究所副研究员刘宏伟强调称,人身体内有固有的防御机制来抵御光损伤。此外,人体的抗氧化系统可以保护我们免受损伤。According to Liu, the key is simply to stay away from excessive and unnecessary exposure.据刘宏伟表示,最关键的就是要避免过度和不必要地暴露在蓝光下。Experts suggest that people pay special attention to light sources in their daily lives in order to limit exposure. Protective blue-ray glasses should be worn only under the guidance of a doctor.专家建议,人们在日常生活中要特别注意光源,减少暴露在光源之下。另一方面,人们需要在医生指导下佩戴合格的防蓝光眼镜。 /201612/484844

1) Be friends first1)首先要做朋友Yes, of course, you’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend – now you’re husband and wife. That’s a big deal and it’s a pretty massive change. There’s no way that you wouldn’t notice this.是的,当然,你们已经不再是男女朋友关系——你们现在是夫妻关系。这是很重大的一件事,而且是一个非常巨大的改变。你肯定会注意到这一点。But if you don’t act like the two of you are friends, you’re going to let all the ups and downs of life get in the way. Things won’t always be super great and you won’t be happy all the time. You’re going to have long, exhausting weeks at work. You’re going to have an epic cold that won’t go away for six weeks. You’re going to struggle to balance everything in your life, from your marriage to your best friends to your career and hobbies.但是如果你在做事的时候不再像朋友一样,那么你的人生会出现起起落落。事情不会总是那么顺利,而且你也不会一直都很开心。你将会有冗长累人的工作周。而且你会经历史无前例的感冒,6周都好不了。你会挣扎着平衡生活中的方方面面,从婚姻到最好的朋友,再到你的事业和爱好。If you and your now husband stop being friends first, you might not be super compassionate toward each other when life doesn’t go as planned. And that would be a real shame since it would basically mean forgetting that whole “in sickness and in health” thing.如果你和你的丈夫不再首先像朋友一样相处,那么当生活不按照计划进行的时候,你们互相之间或许不会那么富有同情心了。而且这将会是真正的羞辱,因为这基本上意味着忘掉所有的“生病和健康”的事情。2) Be your own person2)做你自己You can’t magically get rid of your life just because you’re married now. You need to still be your own person. If you don’t, you’re going to resent your husband for making your entire life about him… and that’s not fair since it will be your decision and your doing.你不可能像魔法一样来摆脱自己的生活,仅仅是因为你现在结婚了。你还是需要做自己。如果你不再做自己,你将会怨恨你的丈夫,恨他将你的整个生活都变成了他的……而且这并不公平,因为这是你自己的决定和做法。Think about what matters to you the most in your life. That Saturday morning barre cardio class? Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies? Girls night out and trips with your friends and seeing your parents and sister on a regular basis?想想你生活中最重要的事情。周六的扶手杠有氧运动课程?在周日下午安静地烤巧克力薄饼甜点?定期与闺蜜晚上一起闲逛,和你的朋友旅游,看望你的父母和?Don’t get rid of your interests and hobbies or stop seeing the people that mean the most to you. It’s unhealthy to be laser focused on your relationship, and your husband probably doesn’t want to give up everything and everyone that he loves, either.不要放弃你的兴趣爱好,不要停止看望对你重要的人。将所有的注意力都集中在你们关系上是不健康的,你的老公或许也不会像放弃他喜欢在乎的一切事和人。 /201703/494961

Honeeeey, we#39;ve won 10 million!宝~贝,我们中了1000万美元大奖哟!Greeeeaaatt! I want a divorce!太~棒~了!我要离婚咯! /201705/509964

A new website which features an interactive map showing where and when famous Chinese poets from the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties lived has taken the Internet by storm.近日,一个以互动式地图为特色、可以显示出唐(618-907年)宋(960到1279年)时期的诗词家们何时生活在何地的新网站在互联网上迅速蹿红。Created by several Chinese historians, the Poet Life Map received more than 2.2 million views in the two days after its launch at the end of March.这份诗人生活地图由几位历史学家制作,在3月底上线后仅两天,其点击量就超过乐220万。;I think it#39;s brilliant. What a shame that I discovered that many Tang poets had been to more places than I have,; Tan Hao, a Shanghai-based media worker, told the Global Times.在上海一家媒体公司工作的谭浩在接受《环球时报》采访时表示:“我觉得这个主意非常棒。当我发现许多唐代诗人比我走过的地方都要多时,我感到很惭愧!”;Our goal is to create a chronological and geographical literature map for teaching and research purposes,; Wang Zhaopeng, a professor at the South-Central University for Nationalities and head of the project, told news website The Paper.中南民族大学的王兆鹏教授、同时也是这个项目的负责人,在接受《澎湃新闻》采访时称:“我们的目标是创建一份时间与空间上相互衔接的文学地图,用于教学和研究。”For researchers of literature or history, a major challenge they face is that information about ancient poets or poetry as related to a particular place tends to be scattered among countless text materials.对于文学或者历史研究人员来说,他们面临的一个重大挑战就是,与一个特定的地点相关的古代诗人或者诗歌的信息往往分散在无数的文字资料中。With this map, researchers can select a particular city or region and see a list of all the great poets and writers who once lived there as well as information concerning what works they wrote during their stay there.有了这份地图,研究人员可以选择一个特别的城市或者地区,然后就能看到一系列曾经居于此地的伟大诗人和文学家,以及在这段时期内他们曾创作了哪些作品。Wang explained that the project took five years and involved over 100 participants.王兆鹏解释称,这个项目前后共花了5年的时间,有100多人参与制作。;Now that we#39;ve made some progress, I think the map will not only prove useful for research but also help trigger people#39;s interest in ancient Chinese poetry,; Wang said.他表示:“现在我们取得了一定的进展,我认为这个地图不仅对于科研有一定作用,还能帮助激发人们对中国古诗词的兴趣。”Heading to the website (http://sou-yun.com/poetlifemap.html), one can find a map of China covered in markers. Clicking on a particular marker will reveal a text box with information about the region#39;s poetry history.前往网站(http://sou-yun.com/poetlifemap.html), 你可以看到一张满是标记的中国地图。点击一个特别的标记,会弹出一个文本框,上面介绍着这个区域的古诗词历史。For example, clicking on Hangzhou in East China#39;s Zhejiang Province reveals that ;from 667 to 1315, a total of 93 poets once lived here and 1,841 poems were written here.;比如,当你点击中国东部的浙江省杭州市时,它就会显示:“从公元667到1315年,共有93位诗人曾在此地停留,在此创作了1841首诗词。”Additionally, the map keeps track of when a particular poet stayed in the place and at what age, such as ;731, Du Fu, 19 years old; for Hangzhou.此外,地图上还能追踪一个特别的诗人在某个年纪居住在哪里。比如“杜甫,公元731年,19岁”在杭州。 /201704/505621

Roman sandal found at Hadrian#39;s Wall looks just like David Beckham#39;s football boot2000多年前的罗马拖鞋跟小贝球鞋一模一样Archaeologists were left stunned when they uncovered a near 2,000-year-old shoe which looks just like the Adidas Predator football boot famously worn by David Beckham.第一眼看到这个2000年前的鞋子时,考古学家都惊呆了!因为它和贝克汉姆穿过的阿迪捕食者系列球鞋一毛一样!The distinctive ridges on the shoe#39;s outer shell and curved space for laces winding down to the toe give it an uncanny resemblance to the 21st century trainer.鞋面用来系鞋带的镂空花纹,跟小贝同款惊人的相似。The ancient sneaker was discovered in a ditch at Roman fort Vindolanda close to Hexham, Northumberland.这只古球鞋在罗马要塞Vindolanda附近的沟壑中发现的,具体地点靠近今天的英国诺森伯兰郡赫克瑟姆城。Staff soon realised it looked more like a modern day football boot than a shoe worn almost two millennia ago. 工作人员一眼就注意到,这只鞋更像是当代流行的足球鞋。Sonya Galloway, Vindolanda#39;s spokesperson, said: ;We couldn#39;t believe it when we noticed how similar it looks to an Adidas Predator football boot.Vindolanda的发言人Sonya Galloway说:“当我们发现它跟阿迪捕食者足球鞋多么相似时,简直不敢相信自己的眼睛!”;We put a picture of it on Twitter and the father of one of my son#39;s friends spotted the resemblance. We#39;ve had a lot of comments on social media about it.“我们拍了张它的照片放到Twitter上。随后,我儿子朋友的老爸迅速发现它跟小贝同款十分相似。大家在社交媒体上给我们留下很多。”;The boot is the modern day equivalent of around a size one, and would have been worn by a child between the ages of eight and ten. “这双鞋大概是当代美国1码鞋子,也就是8-10岁的小孩穿的码。”;It is a good quality shoe. ;just like the children of today, Roman children would have been very fashion conscious. The discovery of shoe, which is very well made, shows the affluence of the Romans.“鞋的质量非常好,跟今天的孩子一样,古罗马孩子大概也极具时尚意识。这只鞋也从侧面告诉我们,当时古罗马十分繁荣。”;It is the kind of shoe which would have been worn by a wealthy Roman child.;“这种鞋大概是古代富家子弟穿的鞋子。”The shoe was discovered around a fortnight ago in the Severan ditch at the fort by Vindolanda archaeologists and will now go on permanent display.这只鞋已发现有两周之久了,现在已被保存起来,作展览之用。It is one of 420 shoes to have been found in the ditch, which was a Roman rubbish dump. Archaeologists have dated the shoe back to around 212AD and say it was been made from a single piece of leather.这是Severan沟发现的420只鞋子之一,而Severance沟在古罗马是垃圾场。据考古学家分析,这只鞋大概制造于公元前212年,是用一整块皮子制造的。Sonya added: ;Our discoveries at the fort mean we can start to piece together a real picture of how the Roman people lived.Sonya补充说:“我们在要塞附近的发现,给我们推测古罗马人的日常生活画面提供了很好的依据。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/467822

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