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山东妇幼保健院做彩超多少钱济南市第二人民医院不孕医生济南无痛人流哪家做的好呀 The Boeing 777 that crashed in easternUkraine. 坠毁在乌克兰东部的波77飞机。A Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to KualaLumpur comes down in Ukraine after reportedly being hit by a ground-to-airmissile .5:36pm UK, Thursday 17 July 2014一架从阿姆斯特丹飞往吉隆坡的波音777飞机在乌克兰境内坠毁,据报道是被地对空导弹所击落。A passenger plane with 295 people on boardhas been shot down as it flew above eastern Ukraine, according to aviationsources.据航空业的消息,一架搭95人的客机在飞越乌克兰东部地区时被击落。The Malaysia Airlines plane, which wasflying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling at an altitude of 10km(6.2 miles) when it was shot down, Russias Interfax reported.据俄罗斯国际文传电讯社报道,被击落时,这架飞机正从阿姆斯特丹飞往吉隆坡的途中,飞行高度为10公里.2英里)。An adviser to the Ukrainian interiorministry said the Boeing 777 was brought down by a Buk ground-to-air missile.乌克兰内阁的一名顾问说,这架波77飞机是被一枚BUK地对空导弹所击落的。All 280 passengers and 15 crew members whowere on the plane are believed to have died, he added.他补充道,据信,机上所有的280名乘客和15名机组人员已全部罹难。来 /201407/312868Secretary Kerry has a profound interest in protecting the ocean and has made this a focus for American diplomacy. This June, he hosted the Our Ocean conference in Washington, where hundreds of participants from almost 90 countries gathered to share lessons learned, the best science, and commitments for action.克里国务卿(Secretary Kerry)深切关注保护海洋的问题,并已将其列为美国外交工作的一项重点。今月,他在华盛顿主持了“我们的海洋”会议,来自0个国家的数百名与会者共聚一堂,交换经验教训、最佳科学研究以及行动建议。While speaking in Sydney, Australia, this week, Secretary Kerry reminded us why we all need to care about the ocean: life itself depends on our relationship with the ocean. The ocean covers almost three quarters of the planet. It gives us food to eat, the air we breathe, and livelihoods for millions of people. It regulates our weather and our climate. It is a tremendous resource that must be used wisely.克里国务卿本周在澳大利亚悉尼发表讲话时提醒我们不要忘记我们都必须关心海洋的原因:生命本身有赖于我们同海洋的关系。海洋占整个地球面积的近四分之三。我们吃的食物、我们呼吸的空气以及千百万人的生计都是海洋给予的。它调节着我们的天气和气候。它是一种必须得到合理利用的巨大资源。But the ocean and its resources are threatened today as never before. Almost one third of marine fisheries are overexploited. Runoff and debris from land are choking the ocean and creating dead zones where life cannot exist. The very chemistry of our ocean waters is becoming more acidic because of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere.但海洋及其资源今天受到了前所未有的威胁。海洋渔场中有将近三分之一遭到过度捕捞。陆地径流及污染物堵塞了海洋并制造了生命无法生存的死亡地带。由于我们向大气中排放二氧化碳,我们的海水的化学性质越来越酸性化。We know we need to do more to protect the ocean. We must end overfishing and prevent illegal fishing. We must reduce nutrient pollution and trash entering our waters. We must limit ocean acidification by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We must protect more ocean areas.我们知道我们应当作出更多的努力来保护海洋。我们必须制止过度捕捞并防止非法捕捞。我们必须减少营养物污染以及进入我们的海洋的垃圾。我们必须通过减少二氧化碳排放来限制海洋酸性化。我们必须保护更多的海洋区域。This is a daunting list, but there are some concrete steps we can take. Let’s bring into force the Port State Measures Agreement an innovative new treaty empowering countries to ensure that foreign vessels do not land illegally caught fish in their ports. We need 15 more countries to join this treaty before it will come into force. The ed States is close to joining.这是一份任务艰巨的清单,但我们可以采取一些切实可行的步骤。让我们努力使《港口国措施协议》(Port State Measures Agreement)生效——这项创新性的新协议将赋予各国权能以确保外国船只不将非法捕捞的鱼运进它们的港口。我们还需5个国家加入这项协议以使其生效。美国已接近于加入该协议。Let’s all commit to creating less trash and recycling or disposing of it properly so it doesn’t end up along our coasts and in our ocean.让我们都致力于减少制造垃圾——以及适当地回收或处理垃圾——让垃圾不会堆积在我们的海岸并进入我们的海洋。Let’s continue to work hard to cut carbon emissions through a new international climate agreement that is ambitious, effective, and inclusive of all countries, particularly the largest emitters.让我们继续大力减少碳排放——通过一项有魄力、有效力而且将所有国家都包括在内的新的国际气候协定,特别要将最大的排放国包括在内。Let’s create more well-managed marine protected areas. The ed States has been working with New Zealand and many others to create the world’s largest marine protected area off Antarctica and is looking here at home to expand protections for some of our most precious marine areas in the Pacific Ocean.让我们建立管理得更好的海洋保护区。美国一直在同新西兰及其他伙伴在南极洲(Antarctica)附近共同建立全世界最大的海洋保护区,并且正在美国国内考虑扩大对我们在太平洋中最宝贵的一些海洋区域的保护。As Secretary Kerry said this week in Australia, we have a common responsibility to protect the ocean so that we can preserve it for generations to come. Let’s create a new consciousness about that responsibility and about the extraordinary connection we all have to the ocean. Let’s all do our part.正如克里国务卿本周在澳大利亚所说的,我们拥有保护海洋的共同责任,以便为子孙后代保住海洋。让我们建立一种关于这种责任以及我们所有人与海洋的非凡联系的新观念。让我们大家都出一份力。来 /201408/321598山东省第七人民医院妇科医生

山东省妇产医院治疗妇科怎么样济阳县妇幼保健院在线医生 Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has begun Thursdays round of critical talks with Greeces creditors in Brussels, in hopes of achieving a bailout deal to save Athens from default next week.希腊总理齐普拉斯星期四在布鲁塞尔与希腊债权人开始一轮重要会谈,希望达成一项救助协议,使希腊避免下星期债务违约。Wednesdays round of meetings with eurozone ministers ended early on Thursday morning with no deal in place.星期三希腊与欧元区各国部长的会谈一直持续到星期四早上,但仍没达成任何协议。Greece must make a nearly billion loan payment to the International Monetary Fund by next Tuesday. To do that, it needs an billion installment of an EU economic bailout.希腊下星期二之前必须偿还国际货币基金组织0亿美元的贷款。为此,希腊需要获得欧盟经济救助计划中80亿美元拨款。Although Greece has agreed to reform its pension system and raise certain sales taxes, it is still demanding its debt be restructured by the EU.希腊同意改革养老金制度,提高某些销售税,但仍坚持要求欧盟对希腊债务进行重组。Mr. Tsipras leftist government has said Greeks have suffered enough from spending cuts and tax increases that have lowered their standard of living.齐普拉斯总理的左翼政府说,削减开和增税降低了希腊人的生活标准,让希腊人吃尽了苦头。A default could force Greece out of the eurozone and shake up European markets.债务违约会迫使希腊退出欧元区,给欧盟市场带来震动。来 /201506/382708济南省立第二人民医院诊疗

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