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济南山东省立医院可以治疗漏尿症吗济南省附属医院是市级医院吗Olmert Vows Not to Resign Over Corruption Scandal奥尔默特政治处境艰难但拒绝辞职  The noose may be tightening around Israel's embattled prime minister in a corruption scandal, but he is pressing on.  身陷腐败丑闻的以色列总理奥尔默特的处境可能越来越艰难了,但是他仍然没有退意。Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is brushing off demands to resign after an American Jewish businessman said he gave him envelopes stuffed with cash to support a lavish lifestyle. Prosecutors suspect money laundering and bribery; but Mr. Olmert said he is innocent until proven guilty, and like other scandals that have dogged him, nothing would come of it.  以色列总理奥尔默特拒绝那些要他辞职的要求。在这之前,一名美国犹太商人说,他曾经交给奥尔默特许多装满现金的信封,用于维持奥尔默特奢侈的生活方式。以色列检察官怀疑这是在洗钱和贿赂,但是奥尔默特说,在实他有罪之前,他是无辜的。他说,就像针对他的其它丑闻一样,这件丑闻也不会明他有罪。Mr. Olmert's grip on power was put in doubt on Wednesday, when his defense minister, Ehud Barak, demanded that he step down over the corruption allegations. Barak threatened to pull his Labor Party out of the coalition government and force early elections if the Prime Minister does not comply.  以色列国防部长巴拉克星期三要求奥尔默特因腐败指控而辞职,这使奥尔默特对权力的控制受到质疑。巴拉克威胁说,如果奥尔默特不下台,他领导的工党就会退出联合政府,迫使提前选举。But while Mr. Olmert may be down he is not out, says Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz.  但是,以色列的耶路撒冷邮报编辑霍罗维茨说,奥尔默特可能已经倒在地上,但是还没有失败。"He is a political fighter, and he is going to fight through this," Horovitz said. "Every day that he staves off the immediate threat will be a victory, and knowing Olmert as we do, this is what he is going to try to do."  他说:“他是个政治斗士,他会斗争到底。他能每天挡住对他的直接威胁就是一次胜利,正如我们所了解的一样,奥尔默特就是要争取这么做。”While the corruption scandal is embarrassing and damaging, it is still not clear whether Mr. Olmert broke the law.  虽然这次腐败丑闻令人尴尬,有损名声,但是目前还不清楚奥尔默特是否触犯了法律。"We have to think about first of all, 'Is it a criminal offense, is it against the law on the books or is it not?' And [despite] the circus we've seen in the media, it's a little early to indict him," attorney Haim Katz said. 律师卡茨说:“我们首先必须考虑,这是刑事犯罪吗?触犯了法律没有?尽管媒体进行了大量报导,但是现在起诉奥尔默特还为时过早。”Mr. Olmert says that if indicted he will resign. But a possible indictment is still months away, and until then, the Prime Minister appears determined to hang on to his job. 奥尔默特说,如果他被起诉,他会辞职。但是,即使奥尔默特受到起诉,也将是几个月以后的事情。在受到起诉之前,看来奥尔默特决心继续担任总理。200805/40518肥城新城镇医院妇科咨询 Rice Beginning New Round of Middle East Talks赖斯赴中东推动以巴和平协议  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flies from London to Jerusalem Saturday for a new round of talks aimed at getting an Israel-Palestinian peace accord by year's end. Rice will lay the groundwork for President Bush's visit to the region later this month. 美国国务卿赖斯今天从伦敦飞往耶路撒冷,展开新一轮会谈,争取推动以色列和巴勒斯坦在今年底达成和平协议。赖斯将为布什总统本月底访问中东地区做准备。The secretary's two-day London visit also had a heavy Middle East focus, with Rice meeting privately with key Israeli and Palestinian officials and convening with financial supporters of the peace process and the Quartet. 赖斯国务卿在伦敦逗留的两天期间,中东问题也是她关注的一个重点。赖斯私下会晤了以色列与巴勒斯坦重要官员,并且与和平进程的经费持者以及中东问题四方交换了意见。The Quartet - made up of the ed States, Russia, the European Union and the ed Nations - reaffirmed international backing for the goal set at last November's Annapolis conference for a peace accord by the end of 2008. 中东问题四方--美国、俄罗斯、欧盟以及联合国--重申国际社会持去年11月安纳波利斯中东和会所定下的在2008年底之前达成和平协议的目标。But the grouping expressed deep concern about, among other things, continuing Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza into southern Israel. 但四方同时对以色列在约旦河西岸持续的定居活动以及哈马斯控制的加沙地区对以色列南部的火箭攻击深表关注。Despite the difficulties, Rice said she still thinks the 2008 goal can be achieved, though skepticism about it is understandable. 即使有这些困难,赖斯表示她仍然认为2008年的目标可以达成,同时她也认为人们对此有疑虑是可以理解的。"It's hard work, and it's labor-intensive, and it's time consuming. But I believe that they do have a chance to get an agreement by the end of the year. And that's what we're going to work for, every day," said Rice. “这是很艰难的工作,非常的劳心劳力,也非常的耗费时间。但我相信他们的确有机会在今年底之前达成协议。而这就是我们每一天都在努力的。”Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was less optimistic, citing economic problems in Palestinian areas caused by Israeli roadblocks and a shortfall in the collection of funds pledged last year by international donors, including Gulf oil states, in Paris: 巴勒斯坦权力机构总理法亚德对此不是那么乐观,他谈到,以色列采取封锁措施,而包括波斯湾石油输出国等国际间各个捐助国去年在巴黎表示要给予巴勒斯坦的经济援助还没有全部落实。这些都使巴勒斯坦面临经济困境。"I said that the process was not proceeding in terms of pace or content in a manner to attain or achieve the goal that was set out at the Annapolis meeting. So therefore, if things continue to proceed along the path they are, or they have been, it is unlikely that objective is going to be met," said Fayyad. 法亚德说:“我要说的是,整个进程在速度和实质内容上,都没能达到安纳波利斯会议所设定的目标。因此,假如还是这么继续下去的话,就很难达到预定目标。”Rice's trip to Israel and the Palestinian areas is her 15th in two years.  赖斯国务卿此次对以色列和巴勒斯坦的访问,是她过去两年来对这个地区的第15次访问。The secretary will meet late Saturday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. On Sunday she will have talks in the West Bank town of Ramallah with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas - as well as hold two trilateral meetings with senior officials of both sides. 赖斯国务卿定于星期六晚间会晤以色列总理奥尔默特,星期天,她将前往约旦河西岸城市拉马拉,与巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯会谈。与此同时,她还将与巴以双方的高级官员举行两轮三边会谈。Rice will be laying the groundwork for President Bush, who will try to advance the peace process in a visit to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt from May 13 to the 18. 赖斯国务卿此次中东之行是为布什总统的访问做一个铺垫。布什将于五月13号到五月18号访问以色列、沙特阿拉伯和埃及,推动和平进程。Earlier this week he acknowledged that achieving peace is an uphill task but said he is still hopeful an agreement can be finished by the end of his presidency in January . 这个星期早些时候,布什总统承认,实现和平是一个艰巨的任务。但是他仍对年1月他卸任之前各方能够达成协议抱有希望。The president will attend observances of Israel's 60th independence anniversary but has no plans at present for a joint peace summit with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. 布什总统将出席以色列独立60周年纪念活动,但是到目前为止,还没有计划要出席以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人的和平首脑会议。200805/37525探索世界奥秘之万里长城 11With the Mongols expelled, the new rulers, the Ming emperors, were determined that an invasion would never happen again. And so in 1368, when Europe was being decimated by the Black Plague(黑死病, 鼠疫), the Ming rulers created the world's largest and greatest civil engineering project, even greater than earlier walls, because this wall was mostly built of stone. The Ming Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan(山海关) on the Yellow Sea to Jiayuguan(嘉峪关) in the Gobi Desert. It lies across China like a long winding spine, 4,000 miles in length, with thousands of watchtowers poking out like vertebrae.Much of the Great Wall was made of stone, a building material 100 times more labor-intensive than mud brick. The wall builders were not in the least daunted by spiked mountain peaks. And even among these misty mountain tops, the wall had to be zealously guarded. Watchtowers were crucial to the protection of the wall. If reinforcements were needed, the guards signaled to the village of mere a half mile away. Here, the old garrison walls of a long abandoned barracks still stand. Some 500 troops would have been stationed here, and if this wasn't enough, there were even larger concentration of troops in forts, a few minutes' signaling away. In this way, a small number of men on the wall could alert an army of over one million men in a matter of a few hours.Army garrisons competed with each other in wall building. Each general wanted his section to be more impressive than all the others. A plaque proclaims that in the spring of the year 1597, Tongkai was commander in charge of the gang building this section of the wall. Chen Yiting was in charge of food and even the lowly stonemason Wu Zengye had his name carved.To build a wall to this standard was not easy, much of the labor was carried out by convicts, who if they died, had to be replaced by another member of their family, and so on until the sentence was completed, hardly a method that encouraged happy workers. Every 50 feet, the builders installed drains to carry off rain water. These waterspouts were always built on the inside of the wall, the side away from the enemy. So we couldn't lasso a spout in climb of the wall.decimate: destroy or kill a large part of (a group); inflict great destruction or damage onwinding: twisting or turning; sinuousin the least: also, in the slightest. At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context.stonemason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick200707/15851济南阳光妇科医院时间作息

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济南紫荆花妇科医院看乳腺检查怎么样好不好Iraqi Officials Mark Deaths of Martyrs, Including Prominent Shi'ite Cleric伊拉克官员纪念暴力袭击遇难者 Iraq's political leaders struck a hopeful tone as they marked five years since the killing of prominent Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim and dozens of others in a car bombing in the holy city of Najaf in 2003. 2003年,伊拉克圣城纳杰夫的一起汽车爆炸炸死了著名的什叶派教士哈基姆和另外几十个人。伊拉克政治领导人在纪念这一事件发生5周年时发表了对未来充满希望的讲话。Iraq's prime minister and high-level officials gathered in Baghdad on Saturday to commemorate Iraqis who have been killed in violence, particularly Ayatollah Hakim. 伊拉克总理马利基等高级官员星期六在巴格达纪念在暴力袭击中死去的伊拉克人,特别是什叶派教士哈基姆。 In late August of 2003, he and at least 80 worshippers were killed by a car bomb blast as they left a mosque after Friday prayers. 2003年8月底,哈基姆和另外至少80名朝圣者在结束星期五的礼拜、离开一座清真寺时被汽车炸弹炸死。Ayatollah Hakim was the leader of the main Iraqi Shi'ite group opposed to Saddam Hussein. He was 64 years old at the time of his death.  哈基姆生前领导反对萨达姆的主要伊拉克什叶派穆斯林组织。他逝世的时候64岁。The ayatollah was considered a relative moderate among the Shi'ite leadership, and he was sometimes criticized for allowing his followers to cooperate with the U.S. administration of Iraq. 哈基姆被认为是什叶派领导层中相对温和的成员,他曾经因为允许自己的追随者同美国在伊拉克的管理机构合作而受到批评。Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told officials that cooperation and unity inside Iraq is leading to the nation's renewal.  伊拉克总理马利基对有关官员说,伊拉克内部的合作与团结将带来国家的复兴。Mr. Maliki said Iraq's government is in the midst of spring, which is a season traditionally associated with birth and renewal. He said it is also the spring of the Iraqi military's successful operations. 马利基说,伊拉克政府正在经历一个春天,从传统上看,春天象征着生命和复兴。他说,这也是伊拉克军事行动获得成功的春天。The military has recently led campaigns to clear militants and armed criminals from Basra in the south, Amarah in the southeast, Mosul in the north, and eastern Baghdad's Sadr City. 伊拉克军队最近在伊拉克南部的巴士拉、东南部的阿马拉北部的苏尔和巴格达东部的萨德尔城展开了清剿激进分子和非法武装分子的行动。The prime minister said these operations prove that all of Iraq is united under one national government and for one national peace.  马利基说,这些行动明,伊拉克全国为了实现国家和平正团结在同一个全国政府之下。Mr. Maliki stressed that the government will never stop battling outlaws, criminals and militants. 马利基强调,政府不会停止向罪犯及激进分子作斗争。The speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mahmoud al-Mashadani, said the nation is now mourning its martyrs, but it will soon rejoice when all the bloodshed gives way to a new and great Iraq.  伊拉克议长马什哈达尼说,伊拉克目前正为烈士们哀悼,但是,不久所有的流血牺牲换来的是新的伟大的伊拉克,这时伊拉克将举国欢腾。Mashadani vowed that Iraqis will be able to celebrate the glory of a new Iraq very soon. 马什哈达尼承诺,伊拉克人很快将能庆祝崭新的伊拉克所带来的荣耀。200807/43498 Rice Hopes For Iranian Change of Course on Nuclear Program赖斯希望伊朗改变核问题立场 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she hopes Saturday's critical meeting with Iran's nuclear negotiator in Geneva will mark a change of course for Tehran in its nuclear dispute with the international community. Rice is sending a senior envoy to take part in the talks. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她希望星期六在日内瓦美国高级官员与伊朗核项目谈判代表举行的关键性会议将标志伊朗当局在与国际社会在核项目上的争端中改弦更张。赖斯派美国国务次卿伯恩斯参加这次会谈。The dispatch of Undersecretary of State William Burns to the Geneva meeting is a policy shift for the Bush administration, which had shunned direct contacts with Tehran on the nuclear issue in the absence of an Iranian commitment to stop uranium enrichment. 派遣国务次卿伯恩斯前往日内瓦参加有关会议是布什政府政策的改变,因为布什政府原来一直拒绝就核项目问题与伊朗当局直接接触,除非伊朗保停止浓缩铀工作。At a State Department news conference with Kosovo political leaders, Rice said she hopes the U.S. gesture will encourage Iran to accept international incentives and halt its pursuit of technology that could lead to a nuclear weapon: 赖斯在美国国务院与科索沃政界领导人举行联合记者会时说,她希望美国的姿态将促使伊朗接受国际社会提出的鼓励方案,并且停止发展可能会用于核武器生产的技术。"We have been very clear that any country can change course," Rice said. "The ed States doesn't have any permanent enemies, and we hope that the signal that we're sending that we fully support the track that Iran could take for a better relationship with the international community is one that the ed States stands fully behind. We will see what happens on Saturday but that is the message that Bill Burns will be delivering." 赖斯说:“我们一向都清楚地表明,任何国家都可以改变路线方针。美国没有永久的敌人,我们希望我们发出的信息就是,美国全力持伊朗为了改善与国际社会关系而采取的措施,美国全力持这个立场。我们要看一看星期六会发生什么情况。不过,这就是伯恩斯要传递的信息。”Burns, the third-ranking State department official, will join European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana and diplomats from the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One, in the meeting with Iranian envoy Saeed Jalili. 伯恩斯是美国国务院第三号官员。他将同欧盟外交事务主管索拉纳以及联合国安理会常任理事国和德国,即五加一集团的外交官一起出席与伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会议。Iran is expected to give its reply to an enhanced package of incentives offered by the P-Five-Plus-One in June to try to persuade Tehran to stop its enrichment drive and return to negotiations over its nuclear program. 预计,伊朗将对五加一集团今年6月提出的修改过的鼓励方案作出答复。这个方案是要争取说伊朗当局停止浓缩铀活动,回到有关伊朗核项目问题的谈判中来。A suspension of enrichment would mean a suspension of U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran. Solana has also proposed a six-week period of so-called "pre-negotiations" in which there would be no new sanctions added if Iran stopped adding to its enrichment capacity. 伊朗停止浓缩铀工作意味着联合国安理会停止对伊朗的制裁。索拉纳还建议设立为期6个星期的所谓“谈判前时期”。在这段时间里,如果伊朗停止扩充浓缩铀能力,就不会增加对伊朗新的制裁。In her comments here, Rice said the decision to have Burns join the Geneva meeting is a "strong signal" to the world that the Bush administration is serious about nuclear diplomacy with Iran, but that it has not softened its fundamental demand that Tehran must stop enrichment to end its political isolation:"I would remind you that I signed the letter that sent the proposal forward to the Iranian regime," she noted. "And this is, in a sense, the bookend -- Bill Burns will go to receive the Iranian response. But it should be very clear to everyone: the ed States has a condition for the beginning of negotiations with Iran. And that condition remains the verifiable suspension of Iran's enrichment and processing activities."U.S. officials have declined to speculate what Iran's reply may be. But they say the range of comments by Tehran officials in recent weeks suggests, at least, an internal debate about whether to continue uranium enrichment - which the Tehran government has said is part of a peaceful nuclear program.200807/44328淄博处女膜修复多少钱济南第三人民医院地址




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