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上海市同济医院激光脱毛多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院注射祛皱怎么样Cici and Clement, a #39;jet-set power couple#39; from Canada, decided to start their wedding album early and travel to Iceland to capture their love in an epic engagement and photoshoot.这对来自加拿大的、乘喷气式飞机满世界旅行的富豪璧人——茜茜和克莱门特——他们决定早早前往冰岛,以史诗般豪华录像和照片捕捉两人浓浓爱意。Working with Life Studios Inc , a boutique Cinematography and Photography Studio based in Sydney and Vancouver, the couple were given a team of two cinematographers and two photographers.随从这对新人一同前往拍摄地的是两位摄影技师和两位摄影师,他们来自生活工作室公司。这是一家本部设在悉尼和温哥华的时尚摄影技术和摄像工作室的工作室。After discussing with the couple what they were hoping to achieve, the Life Studios team were mesmerised by the beautiful glacier caves of Iceland and decided to take the plunge and travel across the ocean.生活工作室的摄影人员在同新人讨论理想的拍照效果后,想到了风景独秀的冰岛冰洞,于是经过一番考虑决定跨过大洋前去拍摄。There they met with an experienced tour guide who gave them access to some of the most incredible structures and landscapes they had ever seen.小两口在当地碰到了一位经验丰富的导游,在他的指引下,两人才找到平生所见的最为壮观的地理结构和自然风光。The couple-to-be were there for one week - their crew inspired by the notion of #39;capturing young love and extraordinary luxury in the most unlikely of locales: the Far North#39;.这对即将结为连理的恋人在这里待了一个周。他们一行人是受到启发后来此,期望在最不可能(拍摄婚纱照)的遥远北极捕捉年轻情侣间的爱意和那不同寻常的奢华。Natural beauty: The stunning arctic location was made up of #39;dreamy moonscapes and glacier caves#39; and they hoped to demonstrate that #39;fashion can be all the more striking when set in the context of a world that is otherwise unforgiving.#39;这处极其寒冷的拍摄地有梦幻的月色风光以及各种冰洞。而这对新人想展示“当拍摄的背景选在一个寸草不生的极端世界,时尚便是更为震撼的”。Upon their arrival they spent time hunting for the perfect glacier cave - the cave in the an entirely new one that is the only one of its kind known to exist at the moment.他们一赶到拍摄地点就费时寻找完美的冰洞。而反映在摄像机里的这处冰洞是那时仅有的且尚未有人取景的洞穴。 /201608/460555上海市第二人民医院整形 复旦大学附属浦东医院治疗痘痘价格费用

徐汇区做文眉手术价格For the first time, local Chinese brands are equal to international brands in a measurement index -- meaning they are now in many ways perceived as equally competitive, new research found.最新研究发现,中国品牌在评测指数上首次与国际品牌比肩,这意味着如今在诸多方面两者都被视为具有等同的竞争力。According to advertising giant WPP and its market research unit Millward Brown, both multinationals and local Chinese brands score 100 on the metric of Brand Power.广告巨头WPP和其市场研究机构华通明略的数据显示,跨国公司品牌和中国本土品牌在品牌实力上的得分均为100分。But Chinese brands have the advantage of upward momentum, while international brands are weakening, it said. In 2010, multinationals scored 115, while Chinese brands scored only 89.不过该数据还显示,中国品牌在走上坡路,而国际品牌正逐渐衰弱。2010年跨国公司品牌得分为115分,而中国本土品牌得分则为89分。A decade ago, international brands were synonymous with quality in the minds of certain Chinese consumers. They offered status and bling, while local brands could only aspire to being ;good enough;.十年前,国际品牌是某些中国消费者心目中质量的代名词。他们象征着地位和财富,而本土品牌只是渴求“还不错”。Millward Brown said that Chinese brands are doing a better job than their global rivals in providing quality and value and leveraging the right channels to make its products available to Chinese consumers.华通明略称,在所提供的质量、价格以及利用正确渠道使中国消费者获得其产品方面,中国品牌做得都比其全球竞争对手要好。As the information explosion in China makes people more sophisticated, they demand more choice as well as better quality and value.随着中国进入信息爆炸的时代,人们变得越来越见多识广,他们要求的不仅有更多选择,还要求更好的质量和价值。Chinese brands are also doing better in catching the speed of the mobile wave. China is the most dynamic market in the world in terms of mobile use. The use of cash and credit cards is aly perceived as outdated.中国本土品牌在紧随移动浪潮的速度上也做得更好。中国在移动应用方面是世界上最具活力的市场,现金和信用卡的使用已经被认为是过时的了。In addition, Chinese brands invest more heavily in media than their international counterparts. The top 10 investors on the TV channel CCTV, for example, are all local brands apart from Coca-Cola.此外,中国本土品牌在媒体上的投资也比他们的国际同行更大。比如在中央电视台的前10名投资者中,除了可口可乐之外,都是本土品牌。Chinese companies are learning how to develop unique, innovative brands. If international brands can#39;t speed up and change their approach they risk being replaced.中国企业正在学习如何发展独特、创新的品牌。如果国际品牌不能加快步伐并加以改变,就有被取代的危险。 /201606/450346上海市新华医院纹眉多少钱 上海隆鼻什么材料好

上海激光祛斑后注意事项 Three members of a rhino family have been killed by a lightning strike at an Indian national park.近日,一犀牛家庭的三名成员在印度国家公园遭雷击身亡。A 27-year-old female, a 14-year-old calf and a baby rhino were found dead after they were struck by a bolt that #39;shook the ground#39; for miles, officials said.据当地官员表示,一头27岁的母犀牛,14岁的小犀牛和一只犀牛婴儿被一场惊天动地、范围达到数英里的雷电击中之后死亡。The family had been living in the reserved forest in Gorumara National Park in India#39;s West Bengal state for more than a decade.这个犀牛家庭已经在印度的西孟加拉邦Gorumara国家公园的保护林里生活超过十年了。Uma Rani, Jalpaiguri district#39;s forest officer, said: #39;The deaths were caused by lightning. It was an unprecedented accident.杰尔拜古里地区的森林官乌玛拉尼表示:“它们的死亡是由雷击造成的。这是一个前所未有的事故。”Ajoy Sen, another guards in the forest, added: #39;It is so disheartening to see the dead bodies of these lovely animals around. I still can#39;t believe they are no more. Every guard in the forest loved the rhino calf the most.#39;另外一位森林官阿乔伊森补充说道:“看到这些可爱动物的尸体是如此地令人沮丧。我还不能相信他们死了。森林里的每一个警卫都最爱那头小犀牛了。”While deaths from lightning strikes are rare, India faces a constant battle against poachers at its national parks.虽然雷击死亡是罕见的,但是在国家公园,印度政府却面临着与偷猎者的持久战。One was even killed just hours after Prince William and Kate Middleton had visited Kaziranga national last month to raise awareness about protecting the species. Poachers killed the male rhino in Kaziranga National Park in Assam using high-powered assault rifles – and 88 empty cases fired from AK-47s were found lying near the slain animal.为了提高物种保护的意识,威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿于上月访问卡齐兰加国家公园。不过就在几个小时之后,就有一头犀牛被杀死了。偷猎者使用的是高性能的突击步,杀死了阿萨姆邦卡齐兰加国家公园的一头公犀牛,在被杀害的动物旁边找到了88枚AK47的子弹壳。All five of the world#39;s rhino species are under constant threat from poachers seeking their horns to sell on the black market. Demand is high in countries such as China and Vietnam, where people mistakenly believe consuming rhino horns can increase male potency.世界上总共五个犀牛物种都受到了来自盗猎者的持续威胁,他们寻求犀牛角,并在黑市上出售。在中国和越南等国家,这一需求尤其旺盛,那里的人们错误地认为犀牛角能提高男性性能力。 /201605/446509上海市浦东新区中医医院祛眼袋多少钱玫瑰李鸿君介绍



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