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章丘区中心医院医生济南生宝宝多少钱Better Color Change换个颜色会更好Could you give me some advice?你能给我点建议吗?The dress is made on your measurement.这件衣简直是为您量身定做的It feels all right. But if it were a darker color, I will like it better.感觉很好,但如果颜色更深的话,我会更喜欢OK,maybe you can try this one on. It yellow.好的,您试试这件黄色的怎么样 196济南妇儿女子医院网上预约挂号 1.Do you plan to further your study?你打算深造吗?.If you make every eft to the company, you will have a great chance to attend the on-the-job postgraduate.如果你在公司努力工作,很有可能获得读在职研究生的机会3.Will the company give us opporties to pursue further study?公司会给我们进修的机会吗?.What kind of further study will it be?进修的是什么内容?5.Is there any chance to further study?贵公司有机会深造吗?6.What kind of further study do you mainly focus on?你们最注重的是什么样的进修学习?7.Do you have training program or plan employees?那你们有什么培训项目或计划吗?8.I want to study abroad a while if I need to improve my professional expertise.如果需要学习专业知识,我希望有机会到国外研修一段时间9.I have been always learning the Economics on my own, my dream is to get a master’s degree in Economics.我一直在自学经济学,希望有一天拿到经济学的硕士学位.I am looking ward to having further study.我很期待进一步深造学习Dialogue 1 对话1 Do you plan to further your study?你打算深造吗?Yes, I have been always learning the Economics on my own. My dream is to get a master degree in Economics.是的我一直在自学经济学,希望有一天能拿到经济学的硕士学位If you make every eft to the company, you will have a great chance to attend the on-the-job postgraduate. The tuition fee will be financed by our company.如果你在公司努力工作,很有可能获得读在职研究生的机会 读研究生的费用将由公司来付Really? It is amazing. I will apply a position in your company.真的吗?太好了,我会申请你 们公司的职位的Dialogue 对话 Is there any chance to further study?贵公司有机会深造吗?Nope. Our company is private-owned and its profit is the biggest issue. We dont think that further study has anything to do with our development and profit-making.没有,我们是私人企业,利润 是最重要的事情,我们认为员 工进修和公司的发展与盈利没 有什么关系Do you have training program or plan employees?那你们有什么培训项目或计划吗?Nope. We just hope our employees will make profit us.没有我们只在乎员工为公司 带来利润 5山东中医药大学附属康复医院在线咨询

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济南真爱医院妇科咨询7第七章Computer Virus计算机病毒Dialogue 1句型1A: Do you have virus protection software on your PC?你的电脑有防毒软件吗?B:No, Im always installing new software, and getting rid of old programs.没有,我一向装用新软件,旧的程序则删除Virus protection software usually makes that more of a hassle.防毒软件往往只会增加麻妨A:But what will you do if you get a virus?不过万一染上病毒怎么办?B: I guess Ill just remat my hard drive and start over.我想我会把硬盘再格式化一次,然后重新开始Dialogue 句型A: Computer prices are really coming down.电脑价格一直在下降B: Not me theyre not.对我才不是呢A:What do you mean?怎么回事?B:I mean my wife has discovered how to shop on the web!我是说我太太发现了如何上网“购物”啦!Dialogue 3句型3This is a mouse, With the mouse we can move the cursor very quickly.这是鼠标,用它可以快速移动光标Look at the screen, See the little line that blinks?你看屏幕,看见那个闪烁的小线没有?That the cursor.那就是光标You can begin to type there.你可以从那儿开始打字B: But I dont want to type there.可是我不要在那儿打A: Then move the cursor.那就移动光标Watch, Ill hold the mouse in my hand.注意看,我手握鼠标Now Ill move it across the table.然后在桌面上移动See the cursor move?看见光标动了吧?Dialogue 句型A: I tried to copy a letter to another disk.我试着把一封信拷贝到另一个磁盘But I pressed the wrong key.但是错了键I erased my most important letter.把最要紧的信给删除了B: That all right.不要紧We always have a backup copy.我们一向有备份A:I dont know .I deleted the backup. too.我不知道行不行我把备份也删除了B: Well, we still have a hard copy.哦,我们还有输出的副本It in the file cabinet.它就在档案柜里 3670 第一句:May I have some hot water, please?给我们些开水好吗?A: Room service department. How can I help you?客房务部,您有什么要求吗?B: May I have some hot water, please? Im in Room 38.请给我些开水好吗?我的房间号是38A: We will bring it to you right away.我们马上给您送去第二句:Please bring me a pot of coffee.请给我一壶咖啡A: Is there anything I can do you?我能为你做什么吗?B: Please bring me a pot of coffee.请给我一壶咖啡一般欧美酒店不备开水,但有时会有电热杯,若不会使用时,则可以叫务员来帮忙或直接让务员送来开水或者咖啡打电话要求务时,可说:This is room... Id like to order room service. 这是……房间,我需要客房务然后再说明自己需要什么样的务 68山东济南真爱妇科靠谱吗山东省中心医院是公还是私



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