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Couples are struggling to stay together as they face money worries and the threat of redundancy in the economic downturn, said counseling service Relate, which has seen its workload soar.Relate on Saturday reported a rise of almost 60 percent in the number of couples seeking help with their relationships in October and November this year as compared with last year."The problems are to do with the recession, to do with job insecurity, to do with interest rates changing and also the escalating costs of running the family," Christine Northam, a spokeswoman for Relate, told B radio."If you're dealing with these anxieties all on your own it can be very isolating, and can lead to depression and anxiety. It can impact on the relationship and that will impact on your children."Relate said it had received more than 7,500 calls in October to November this year, compared with about 5,000 in the same period of 2007.With its reliance on financial services and high levels of personal debt, Britain's economy has been particularly hard hit by the global credit squeeze.House prices have dropped 18 percent since last August, unemployment is soaring and consumer confidence has crashed. Many stores are slashing prices in a desperate bid to pull in shoppersin the run-up to Christmas. /200812/58919

摘要:占星术是一种十分古老的伪科学,它试图通过观察日、月、星辰的位置和运动以达到预测未来的目的。占星术认为,人出生时的天象反映人的性格,因而也就决定了人的命运。Astology is the study of how events on earth or people’s lives are influenced by the positions and movements of heavenly bodies, particularly the sun, the moon, planets, and stars. Astrologers believe that the position of heavenly bodies at the exact moment of a person’s birth and the later movements of the bodies reflect that person’s character and, therefore, destiny. For many years, scientists have rejected the principles of astrology. However, millions of people throughout the world continue to believe in or practice it. Some people ask the advice of an astrologer before making important decisions. Other people don’t take astrology seriously but have interest in it and occasionally general advice published in newspaper “horoscope” columns. Astrologers learn about the influence of the heavenly bodies on what happens on the earth by casting(drawing) a circular chart called a horoscope, which shows the position of heavenly bodies at certain times, such as when a person in born.When casting a horoscope, astrologers have to take four elements into consideration: the earth, the zodiac, the planets, and the houses. /200905/69921

The good thing about being single is that people are usually pretty willing to talk about your romantic life, because, let's face it, it's probably more entertaining than that of your seriously coupled-up friends.   单身的好处之一是人们往往很愿意谈论你浪漫的感情生活,面对现实吧,你的生活显然比那些已经成双成对的朋友来得丰富多些。  The bad news? Sometimes, people will want to talk about your love life regardless of whether or not you're in the mood to talk about it. And they will have opinions. And questions. And if you're single for long enough, a lot of these are gonna start sounding the same...   缺点呢?有时候,即便是你不想谈的时候,人们还是会抓着你的感情生活喋喋不休。而且他们总是有说不完的意见和问题。如果你单身的时间长了,就会一直听到下面这些换汤不换药的话:  1. "Are you seeing someone? Why not?"  “你有对象了吗?为什么没有呢?”  Amazingly, I get this question at least once a week. At least once a week! It's fun to turn the question around to the asker. "Why are you in a relationship?" "Because I'm in love!" "Right, well, I'm not." End of discussion!   你可能不相信,但我每周最少都能被问到一次这问题。一周一次还是最少的!想要找点乐子的话,我就会反问提问的人:“那你为什么有对象了呢?” “因为我找到爱情了啊。” “太对了,我就是没找到啊。” 讨论结束!  2. "Have you tried online dating?"   “你试过网恋吗?”   Online dating? What is this new fangledthing you speak of? (Of course we're online dating!)  网恋?你是在说什么新发明新创造吗?(这不是废话嘛!我当然正在网上找啦。)  3. "It'll happen when you least expect it."   “你不想找的时候,真命天子/女就会出现了。”  The problem is, if you're single and actively looking, then you're always kind of expecting it.   但问题是,如果你正单身而且有意结束单身,你很难不期待这种事。  4. "Oh my god, can I wing for you? I am such a good wingman."   “我的天哪,我帮你怎么样?我最擅长帮人牵线了。”  If you're single for long enough, you become sort of a toy, a pet project for your coupled up friends. They like to parade you out to bars and insist on wingingfor you, which is really just a way for them to vicariouslyexperience the "thrill" of picking someone up at a bar. The problem is that for them, it's all about the hunt, and not at all about finding someone with whom you would actually be compatiblein the long term (or even just in daylight). The end result is usually a huffyride home ("But I set it up perfectly for you! He was so into you! He was not that bad!") followed by the inevitable conclusion that you are single because you're picky and obviously imperviousto even the most nuancedand skillful winging.   如果你单身久了,你就成了身边已经有伴的朋友们眼中的玩具或者宠物什么的。他们总是想带你去酒吧,然后坚持要帮你找人搭讪。但事实上,这只是为了他们自己获得在酒吧帮人找伴的“快感”。对他们而言,最主要的找到一个合适的猎物,而不是找到一个你真的有可能长期交往下去(甚至只是在白天也能看)的人选。结果往往是互相抱怨着开车回家。(他们会说:“我不是给你找了个最好的嘛。他对你又这么有意思。他不错啦。”)然后就会归结到你单身就是因为你太挑剔,即便是他们这种最体贴最有本事的红娘也不能帮你找到心仪的人。  5. "You need to put yourself out there more!"  “你需要多出去接触接触。”   Out where, exactly? Whenever some helpful soul suggests this to me, I immediately picture myself in the middle of some crowded piazza, waving my arms around, saying "yooo-hoooo!"   出去?去哪儿?每次有好心人对我做这种建议的时候,我脑海里就会浮现这样的画面:自己身处一个人山人海广场中,挥动着双臂,声嘶力竭地喊着:“我在这儿呢!”  6. "Why don't you join a group?"  “你为什么不加入什么团体呢?”  It's a common misconceptionfor people to think you're single because you just don't have enough hobbies.   人们常常误解,以为你单身的原因就是你的兴趣太不广泛了。  7. "You just need to ______."   “你只要……就行了。”  Flirt. Make eye-contact. Go out. Wear brighter colors. Tone it down. Talk more. Talk less. Dress sluttier. Act more grown up. Meet more people. Shave your beard. Stop talking about comic books. Stop talking about your cat. Be less self-deprecating. Be less intimidating. Let them see how awesome you are. Drink more. Don't get so drunk. Make the move. Don't shy away. Don't be so forward. Don't seem so desperate. Stand up straighter. Cut your hair. Grow out your hair. Be less picky. Be more discerning. Figure out exactly what you want. Make your profile funnier. Make your profile less goofy. Change your profile picture. Smile more. Go to bookstores. Go to coffee shops. Stop bringing up your ex. Stop talking to your ex. Stop thinking about your ex. Stop looking so hard. Stop trying so hard. Put a little more effort into it. Stop being so passive. Stop waiting for it to just happen. Be more confident. Go to grad school. Lower your expectations. Just have fun and date more. Get the rest of your life in order. Move to a smaller city. Move to a bigger city. Move to a different country. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Start making this a priority.   调情、眉目传情、多出去、穿些亮色的衣、低调些、多说话、少说话、穿的暴露点、成熟稳重点、多交点朋友、把胡子剃了、别老谈漫画书了、别谈你的猫、别那么妄自菲薄、别那么居高临下、给他们机会了解你、多喝点酒、别喝醉、主动点、别害羞、别太主动了、别这么饥渴、站直了、剪个新发型、把脸露出来、别那么挑剔、知道自己要找什么样的、把你的资料改得有意思点、别那么神经兮兮的、换个头像、多笑笑、去书店转转、去咖啡馆看看、别老说前任、别跟前任联系了、别想着前任了、别那么高不可攀的样子、积极点、别那么主动、努力点、多点自信、读个研究生吧、降低点要求、轻松点多去约约会、把别的事情都安排好、搬去小点的城市、搬去大点的城市、出国吧、别把自己逼得太紧、把这件事当作头等大事来做。  For some reason, people will be alarmingly frank about what they think is wrong with you as long as they say it within the context of dating.   不知道什么原因,只要以找对象为主题,人们总是可以直言不讳地列举出他们觉得你有问题的地方。  8. "It's better to be single than to be in the wrong relationship."  “单身总比苦恋强。”  Well, yesssssssss...but it's best to be in the right relationship, no?   好吧,话是这么说,可是最好的事情还是甜蜜地恋爱着吧。  9. "Wow, I am so glad I never have to be single again."  “哇,能不再单身实在让我太开心了。”  Yes. Fabulous. I am so happy for your good fortune.   是啊,太美好了。我也为你的幸福开心。 /201111/161010

Tara Frey, a senior at River Falls High School in River Falls, Wis., can be certain she can avoid the terror of many a high school girl -- that someone will be wearing the same dress at the dance. After many hours of hard work, she will be wearing a dress made entirely out of Starburst candy wrappers. With the help of her mother and the community, she also has matching shoes, earrings, bracelets, headbands and even a Starburst vest for her date. Tara's mother would buy 20 bags of Starburst at a time to get the huge amount of wrappers needed to make the dress and the accessories. "The whole community gave us wrappers…My mom hand [Starburst] out to people and ask for the wrappers back, and don't rip them!" 美国高中生Tara Frey 再也不必为派对上的装而发愁了,因为她亲爱的妈咪Kerrin 已经为她制作了一件糖果裙子,真正使用收集到的糖果包装纸制作的裙子。据说Kerrin 在这上面花了6年的心思,而灵感来自某曲棍球比赛上的花样节目。从那时起Kerrin 便迷上了收集糖果包装纸。但其实收集并不是一件难事,她们常常会买来十几斤的糖果,然后叫邻居帮忙拆开(@oioi:毕竟不可能每颗都吃掉)。关键时,不要撕扯坏了。同时为了达到编织的目的,每颗糖果包装纸还需要被折叠8次。目前Kerrin 为女儿Tara 制作了裙子,不过这还没完,她还要继续为女儿制作糖果纸的高跟鞋、手提包、甚至是马甲等等。让女儿成为派对上最惹人爱的. /201105/135265

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