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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201511/407840

Eudoxia will spend the next seven years at Gaiserics side.在接下来的七年中 尤多克西亚一直被禁锢在盖塞里克身边Her daughter, forced to marry his son.而她的女儿也被迫嫁给了他的儿子The empress of Rome enslaved by a barbarian.罗马帝国的皇后最终为野蛮人所奴役The Roman Empire lasted for five centuries.罗马帝国的统治持续了五个世纪At its height, it ruled over 60 million people在其鼎盛时期 它统治着超过六千万人口And two million square miles.幅员达两百万平方英里As it disintegrates,Barbarian tribes seize their opportunity.趁着它的没落 野蛮族人们抓住了机会Angles and Saxons push into Britain.安格鲁和撒克逊人大举挺进英国Franks sweep across Gaul,Giving their name to modern France.弗兰克人跨过高卢 这也造就了今天的法国Visigoths seize what is now Spain.而西哥特人建立了今天的西班牙When power collapses at anytime, anywhere,无论何时何地 一个统治王朝的结束It creates a vacuum, by definition,会创造出一个权力真空 根据定义来看Others come running in, territory gets grabbed up,权力真空就是指其他国家的人会来瓜分土地Ideas are repudiated, the Romans learned it,现有的思想会被否认 罗马人尝到了这个滋味We dont know whos going to be next.我们也不知道接下来会是哪个国家201511/407636

Religious Worship in Taiwan认识台湾的民间信仰,保庇保庇喔!As you travel around Taiwan, you cant help but notice that people are busy praying, from giving incense to the temple, or burning ghost money on the street; leaving a small offering of food for the Kitchen God, or a whole pig for the Jade Emperor. Everybody is very busy doing ;bai-bai.;当你环游台湾时,你不得不注意到人们忙着祈祷,从给庙宇上香、或在街头烧冥纸;留一小份食物给灶神,或是献一整只猪给玉皇大帝。每个人都非常忙着“拜拜”。Weve come here today to Taipei Story House to learn more about the folk rituals which is so popular in Taiwan and such an integral part of the culture.我们今天来到台北故事馆这,学习更多在台湾如此受欢迎的民间习俗,以及这文化中如此不可或缺的一部分。Chia-Yi showed me around Taipei Story House. The paper money you can see in the background is known as ghost money. Its handmade using stamps. There are two types of ghost money: the plain red and golden. The plain money is used to give offerings to ancestors, so that they have money to buy things in the afterlife. Whereas the gold money is used to give offerings to the gods to show respect. The money is offered up by being burned.Chia-Yi 带我四处看看台北故事馆。你在背景可以看到的纸钱被称为“冥纸”。它是用图章手工制作的。有两种冥纸:素色红以及金色的。素的纸钱被用来给予祖先祭品,好让他们在来世有钱买东西。而金色的钱被用来给予神明祭品,以示尊敬。纸钱由焚烧贡献。Taiwans folk religion has a multitude of gods. Chia-Yi showed me around and introduced me to some of the most popular gods in Taiwan, such as Wen Chang Di Jun, who is the god of study. Students go to him to pray for A grades.台湾的民间宗教信仰有众多神明。Chia-Yi 带我四处看看,并向我介绍台湾一些最受欢迎的神祇,例如文昌帝君,他是课业之神。学生祭拜他以求好成绩。There are also other gods that people pray to for money or for good business. And Zhu Sheng Niang Niang, the goddess of children and mothers, who, of course, mothers go to to pray for protection for their children, or maybe to ask for a boy or a girl child.也有其他人们为了财富或蓬勃事业所拜的神明。还有注生娘娘,主管子嗣与母亲的女神,当然,母亲们拜注生娘娘为孩子求保佑,或也许求个男宝宝或女宝宝。Another very popular god is the god of lovers, Yue Xia Lao Ren. People pray to him using ;bua buei; to ask if theyll have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or to see how their destiny will go with their lover.另一个非常受欢迎的神明是恋人之神,月下老人。人们用“掷筊”来向他祈求,询问他们是否会有男朋友或女朋友,或了解他们和恋人的命运会如何发展。Possibly the most popular folk god is Tu Di Gong. Many people pray to him for their businesses, for their communities, and for their family. And the ghost money that you see burning on the streets on the first and the 15th of the month in Taiwan is often being sent up as an offering to Tu Di Gong.也许最受欢迎的民间神祇是土地公。许多人为了他们的事业、为了他们的社区,以及为了他们的家庭向他祈祷。而你在每月的初一十五在台湾街上看到人们在烧的冥纸,通常是被烧来当做给土地公的祭品的。There are also some rather special gods, such as Tien Peng Yuan Shuai. He is the god of the sex industry, because he loved ladies very much.也有一些其他比较特别的神明,像是天蓬元帅。他是特种行业之神,因为他极度好女色。Another common sight in Taiwan is offerings left outside the home. This is especially prevalent on New Years Eve, when offerings are left for the gods and the ancestors outside the home. The ancestral offerings include everything from food and drink to makeup. The offerings are left around about 30 minutes, when its deemed that the gods and the ghosts have had enough and used up or eaten their fill, and then the family can use them.另一个在台湾常见的景象是被留在屋外的祭品。这在除夕特别盛行,那时献给神明和祖先的祭品被留在屋外。给祖先的祭品包含所有从食物、饮料、到化妆品的东西。那些祭品被留在外头大约半个小时,那时人们认为神明和好兄弟已经用够了,用完或吃饱饱了,接着家人们就可以使用它们。Now, Chia-Yi has told me that everything here in the souvenir shop is made by local artists and its all handmade. And so it ranges from the...very beautiful, such as this plate, which is just amazing, down to more simple things, such as this Hakka bag. Pretty cool, eh?现在,Chia-Yi 告诉我这间纪念品店里的每样东西都是由当地艺术家制作,且全是纯手工的。所以它的范围从...非常美丽,例如这个盘子,真是太美了,到更简单的东西,像是这个客家包。满酷的,对吧?And then, of course, theres the little, tiny souvenirs, like the ba zhang. This is rice wrapped in bamboo. And this I might put on your phone or on your keys as a good luck charm. And this is very familiar—the ;buei; that we were using earlier to find out if youre gonna have success in your love life. Maybe I should get these to help me out at the Baoan Temple.然后,当然,有这个小小、迷你的纪念品,像是肉粽。这是包在竹子里的饭。这个我可能会放在你的手机或钥匙上当做幸运物。而这个非常眼熟--我们稍早用来知道你在恋爱生活会不会成功的“筊”。也许我应该拿这些来在保安宫帮我一把。201508/390496

Israeli police have shot and killed two Palestinians accused of opening fire on traffic in Jerusalem.以色列警方开打死2名被指控在耶路撒冷开火的巴勒斯坦人。One person is in a serious condition after the shootings.击事件后一人伤势严重。Police say the two attackers fled the scene after opening fire.警方称两名袭击者开后逃离现场。This is the latest in a string of violent attacks in Israel, and the latest coincide with a visit by the US Vice President Joe Biden.这是以色列系列暴力袭击最新的进展,正值美国副总统拜登访问。On Tuesday a Palestinian carried out a knife attack on the waterfront in Tel Aviv.星期二,一名巴勒斯坦人在特拉维夫海滨进行持刀袭击。An American tourist was killed and 12 people injured.一名美国游客被杀害,12人受伤。Violence over the past five months has claimed the lives of at least 179 Palestinians,28 Israelis and two US nationals.过去五个月的暴力事件夺去了至少179名巴勒斯坦人、28名以色列人和2名美国公民的生命。译文属。 /201603/430690

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