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2017年12月14日 04:18:32 | 作者:平安活动 | 来源:新华社
We love to get nostalgic about the #39;90s. It was a decade of simpler times, after all, when we weren#39;t glued to our smartphones and clothes that didn#39;t quite fit were cool.我们喜欢追忆90年代。毕竟,那时候的我们不会成天抱着手机,认为宽松肥大的衣就是时尚潮流,那是简单懵懂的十年。We were reminded of just how much things have changed when people took to Reddit to reminisce about what was cool back in the day. On a recent AskReddit th that posed the question ;What was socially acceptable in the #39;90s but not today?;, users shared the things that they miss - and the things they don#39;t really miss at all - about the decade. Read on for some of their most relatable responses, but beware: These comments will cause some serious nostalgia.当人们在Reddit论坛上追忆当时的潮流时,我们猛然发现这些年发生的变化实在是太多了。最近有人在AskReddit上问了个问题;90年代可以接受,但当今社会却无法接受的事有哪些呢?;,论坛用户们分享了那个年代他们怀念的一些事--以及他们一点都不怀念的事儿。继续读下去,看看最能引人共鸣的回答是什么吧,但要注意哦:这些会让你陷入怀旧中不能自拔。1. Not Confirming Plans1. 不必再三确认计划Reddit user LetMeStopURightThere remembers the days before those ;I#39;m so sorry, I actually can#39;t make it; texts, when people would make plans and simply show without any day-of confirmation.一位网名叫做#39;让我在那停止你#39;的Reddit用户回忆起在;很抱歉,我去不了了;这种情况发生之前的日子,那时的人们会制定计划,不用提前一天确认就会如期赴约。2. Not Letting Someone Know If You#39;re Going to Be Late2. 如果要迟到了,你不会告诉别人Similar to not confirming plans, is not letting someone know if you#39;re going to be late. As Reddit user JeffMartinsMandolin writes, there was no way to let a friend know you were running behind once you had both left home in the early #39;90s.与不必再三确认计划类似的就是:如果要迟到了,你不会告诉别人。一位网名叫做#39;JeffMartinsMandolin#39;的Reddit用户写道:90年代初,当你和朋友都出了家门时,你无法告诉他/她你要迟到了。3. Walking a Loved One to the Airport Gate3. 陪着心爱的人走到机场登机口Commenter Reddit_is_my_power is right: Bidding someone farewell at the airport gate - without your own boarding pass - definitely wouldn#39;t fly today.#39;Reddit就是我的力量#39;用户的很有道理:在机场登机口和某人告别--自己却没有登机牌--那今天他/她肯定飞不了了。4. Memorizing Contact Info4. 记住联系人电话In the #39;90s, you had to write down or memorize important phone numbers. Today? It#39;s just kind of weird. ;Now if you tell someone you memorized their number, it makes you look like you#39;re obsessed with them,; Reddit user esoteric_enigma writes.90年代,你必须写下或记住重要的电话号码。但现在呢?事情变得有点奇怪。;如果你告诉别人你记住了她/他的电话号码,那看上去就像是你被他们迷住了,; 一位网名叫做#39;esoteric_enigma#39;的Reddit用户写道。5. Refusing to Keep Up With Technology5. 拒绝与科技接轨Commenter RealJacktheJack remembers when it was acceptable to say, ;I don#39;t do computers.; Can you imagine if someone completely denounced technology today?!#39;RealJacktheJack#39;用户还记得在那个年代说;我不用电脑;是完全可以接受的。但现在如果有人彻底地谴责科技,你能想象吗?6. Showing Up at Friends#39; Homes6. 不提前通知就去朋友家Both papadapalis and bamboozled18 remember showing up at friends#39; homes unannounced to see if they wanted to hang out in the #39;90s. Today, most of us generally require setting up plans in advance.#39;papadapalis#39;和#39;bamboozled18#39;这两位用户都还记得90年代的时候,他们会不声不响的去朋友家,约他们出去玩。现而今,我们大多数人通常都要提前预约。 /201704/501658Neither leukemia nor lymphoma is diagnosed by imaging. Initial diagnosis typically requires biopsy and a number of laboratory tests that are performed on the blood and tissue samples. Imaging tests for leukemia, in particular, may not be as helpful as in other types of cancer that form tumors.白血病和淋巴瘤都不能用影像学确诊。最初的诊断通常需要在血液和组织样本中进行活检和实验室测试。尤其是白血病的成像检测,在其他类型的癌症形成的肿瘤中可能没有用。That said, even in leukemia, and often in lymphoma, plain x-ray images can offer clues that, taken together with other bits of information, may be part of the workup that ultimately leads to a biopsy and a diagnosis.那就是说即使在白血病和淋巴瘤检测中,普通X射线图像结合其他信息可以提供一些线索, 通过这部分检查,最终可能得到活组织检查和诊断结果。With respect to lymphoma, the patterns of lymph node involvement, which may be revealed even by chest x-rays, can be very important initially to help narrow down the possibilities. Not all swollen lymph nodes in the chest are lymphoma. Other cancers, infection, and nonmalignant diseases like sarcoidosis may be to blame. Sometimes swollen lymph nodes are in easily accessible locations for biopsy, such as the neck; however, in other cases—in Hodgkin lymphoma, for instance—the only cancerous lymph nodes might be located deep within the chest.关于淋巴瘤,胸部的X光检查可能揭示淋巴结的转移类型, 最初可以帮助减小病情发生的可能性。在胸部,并非所有的淋巴结肿大都是淋巴瘤。其他癌症、感染和良性疾病像肉状瘤病可能是罪魁祸首。有时淋巴结肿大对活检来说,应该在容易检测的位置如颈部;然而,在其他情况下-例如霍奇金淋巴瘤-仅有的位于胸腔深处的淋巴结癌。X-rays, or plain films, are not used to diagnose leukemia. However, a chest x-ray might be done to check for a lung infection or for some other reason, and the x-ray might also show swollen lymph nodes and other areas of disease. Some forms of leukemia may sp to the lymph nodes as the disease progresses.X射线或腹部平片不用于诊断白血病。然而,肺部感染或一些其他原因可能会用到胸部X光。X射线也可显示淋巴结肿大和其他领域的疾病。随着淋巴结疾病的进展,某些形式的白血病可能扩散。In addition, radiologists, or doctors who interpret radiographic imaging, look at the patterns of disease involvement, or lesions, in the bone.此外, 解释射线成像的放射科医生或某些医生,会观察骨头里疾病的类型或病变。Leukemia and many non-cancerous diseases that interfere with bone metabolism, such as hyperparathyroidism and osteoporosis, may have a symmetrical distribution in the skeleton. In contrast, a haphazard, asymmetric appearance of bone lesions may suggest a different cause, such as Paget’s disease of the bone or metastatic sp of some other kind of cancer.白血病和许多非肿瘤疾病都影响骨代谢,像甲状旁腺机能亢进和骨质疏松症在骨架中可能有一个对称分布。相比之下,一个偶然的、不对称的骨骼病变可能表明不同的原因,比如佩吉特氏骨病或其他类型癌症的转移扩散等。译文属 /201611/476497You might think that when presented with a never-ending supply of potential suitors, people would be getting pickier.你或许会认为当出现源源不断的潜在追求者时,人们会变得更加挑剔。After all, with a lot of dating websites like Match and eHarmony, users can specify almost everything they#39;re looking for in a partner, so why wouldn#39;t you be choosy?毕竟,有那么多像Match和eHarmony这样的交友网站,用户能明确找到符合他们所有要求的另一半,那么为什么不多挑挑呢?New research has revealed, however, that people are in fact lowering their standards as a result of dating apps and sites.然而,新的研究结果发现,由于交友软件和网站的出现,人们实际上正在降低择偶标准。Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology studied data from Australia#39;s largest dating website RSVP and the dating profiles of over 41,000 people aged between 18 and 80 in a bid to work out whether the rise of online dating has changed people#39;s habits.来自昆士兰科技大学的研究者从澳大利亚最大的交友网站RSVP获取了超过41000名年龄在18到80岁之间的用户资料,想要研究出在线交友这一社交形式的风靡是否改变了人们的习惯。They concluded that singletons are disregarding their #39;check-list#39; of criteria and pursuing other potential romantic partners who have sufficient acceptable qualities.他们得出结论表明,如今单身的人正不顾自己的择偶标准而追求有足够多可接受品质的可能浪漫伴侣。The reason that online daters are more likely to settle could be that they#39;re tired of trying to find the perfect person amongst so many.在线交友更容易成功的原因是他们厌倦了在如此多的候选者中寻找完美的人。;We looked at whether or not people actually contact people who match what they say is their ideal partner in their profile, and our findings show they don#39;t. Stating a preference for what you are looking for appears to have little to no bearing on the characteristics of people you actually contact,; study author Stephen Whyte said.;我们观察人们是否会联系那些符合他们个人资料中理想恋人标准的人,然而我们发现他们并不这样。理想型似乎与你实际联系对象的特征并不一样。;该研究的作者斯蒂芬·怀特说。He explains that the nature of online dating is triggering changed in the psychology of humans choosing a mate.他解释到在线交友的实质引起了人们在选择伴侣时心理的变化。;Disclosure of #39;ideal#39; partner preferences is a widely offered and commonly-used option for people creating a profile on online dating websites, but whether it#39;s effective or useful in helping people find that special someone is unclear,; Whyte says.;人们于在线交友网站建立个人资料时,理想型特征是被广泛提供的,公开这一偏好也是被普遍使用的选项,但是这在人们寻找伴侣时是否有效或有用却不得而知。;怀特说。;This study provides quite unique findings in that people may state a preference for an ideal partner but they are more than happy to initiate contact with potential love interests that bear no resemblance whatsoever to that #39;Mr or Mrs Perfect#39; they initially think they prefer over all others.;;这一研究提供了相当独特的发现,人们或许会写下理想型,但他们却更愿意从一开始就联系有与他们最初认为符合#39;完美先生/#39;标准完全不相关的潜在伴侣。;In today#39;s busy world, with our seemingly throwaway dating culture, finding a partner takes a lot of time and effort, but the study#39;s results could be encouraging for people looking for love online.在如今这个繁忙的世界中,伴随着我们看似一次性的约会文化,找到一个伴侣即费时又费事,但这一研究结果或许能鼓励人们从网上找到真爱。So if you lower your standards, the chances are everyone else has too, so you may just meet the one as a result.既然这样,如果你降低了自己的标准,其他人也有相同的机会这样做,那么结果你还是只能遇到那样一个人。译文属 /201703/495387

Malik regretted after a few months, that he had asked Aia if they should watch the sunset together几个月后,马立克后悔当初约艾尔阿一起看天边的日落啊(“好想好想和你在一起,并肩看天边的落日”,赵薇唱得很美好、很浪漫,但鉴于他们看落日的经历,看来得考虑天气因素啊!) /201704/504896

There are two types of people in this world: those who regularly wash their office coffee mug, and those who only take it off their desk to cover up the crusted coffee stain at the bottom with a fresh pour, chasing away their shame with the reasoning that the heat must kill the germs or something.世界上有两种人:第一种人总是不厌其烦地清洗办公室里的咖啡杯;第二种人只会在重新泡咖啡时才会将杯子带离办公桌,用新的咖啡掩盖杯子里已经硬化的咖啡渍,并在心里默念,热咖啡的温度一定足够杀死杯子里的细菌或其他什么东西,用这个理由掩盖自己内心的罪恶感。Depending on which type of person you are, this will be either mildly annoying or more-than-mildly exciting:如果你是第一种人,下面的内容可能会令你有些不适;如果你是第二种人的话,恭喜,你可以窃喜了:As Heidi Mitchell wrote in a recentWall Street Journal column, it#39;s fine to never wash your mug, as long as you#39;re not sharing it with anybody else.海蒂·米切尔在《华尔街日报》的专栏里写道,只要不与其他人共用一个杯子,一直不洗咖啡杯也是可以的。Better than fine, in fact: It may actually be the most sanitary option.不仅如此,实际上:这可能是最最卫生的做法了。There are two caveats to that statement, infectious-disease expert Jeffrey Starke, a pediatrics professor at Baylor College of Medicine, told Mitchell:贝勒医学院的小儿科教授、传染病专家杰弗里·斯塔克表示,关于以上说法,有两个需要注意的地方。他对海蒂·米切尔说道:One, it only applies if you#39;re not sharing the mug with anybody else. And two, ;if you leave cream or sugar in your mug over the weekend, that can certainly cause mold to grow; — in which case, wash it out.第一,这只在不与其他人共用一个杯子的情况下才能成立。第二,如果你在杯子里留下了奶油或糖,周末过后,里面很可能会发霉,这时就需要清洗了。Otherwise, though, there#39;s not really much to worry about: ;If I went and cultured the average unwashed coffee cup, of course I#39;m going to find germs,; Starke said. ;But remember the vast majority came from the person who used the cup.;不过,除此之外,确实没有太多需要担心的。斯塔克教授称,;如果对一只没洗过的普通咖啡杯进行培养,肯定能在里面发现细菌。但其中大部分细菌都来自使用杯子的人。;Even if you drink from it while sick, it#39;s pretty hard to re-infect yourself with the same mug; most viruses don#39;t live long outside the body.如果一个人在生病的时候用同一个杯子喝东西,也很难造成再次感染;大多数病毒在体外存活的时间大都不长。Which means that just letting your mug live in its own filth may be a safer bet than the alternative: scrubbing it with the disgusting communal sponge in the office kitchen.也就是说,与其用公司厨房里肮脏的公共海绵清洗杯子,还不如让咖啡渍继续安静地留在你的杯子里,这可能是更安全的做法。If the idea ofnot washing horrifies you, just stick the sponge in the microwave before using. Otherwise, though, feel free to continue your lazy ways without guilt.如果你觉得不洗杯子实在是件无法忍受的事情,你可以在使用前将海绵扔进微波炉里消下毒。不然的话,尽管大大方方地犯懒吧。 /201612/482325

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