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第78期:Take a PictureY:Excuse me.May I take a picture of you?Y:对不起,我可以拍下您的照片吗?X:What ?X:做什么用呢?Y:I just want to show my children how an American policeman looks.Y:我只是想让我的孩子们看看美国警察的样子X:OK.But I hope it won’t take too long.X:好的,但我希望不要花太久的时间Y:Oh,no,it won’t.Just stand there,please.Y:哦,不会的就请站在那里好了其他出国旅游英语句型:1.What ? Why?为什么要这样?例:A:I bought another wristwatch.B:What ?You aly have two.甲:我又买了一只手表乙:为什么呢?你已有两只了.But I hope it won’t take too long.但我希望不要花太久的时间本句采用了下列句型:It takes (sb.)+若干时间+to V某人从事…需花若干时间例:It takes me three hours to drive from New York to Boston.我从纽约开车到波士顿要花3个小时How long will it take this fetter to reach New York?这封信要多久才能寄到纽约呢? 363500。

Thousands of companies worldwide will be pushed to report on their environmental strategies and performance under proposals to be finalised at a UN summit in Rio de Janeiro this week. 本周在里约热内卢举行的联合国可持续发展大会将敲定一些提议,将要求全球范围内的数千家公司汇报它们的环境策略和成效The move is being resisted by some countries, including the US, Canada and India, according to people close to the summit negotiations, because of fears it will add to companies regulatory burdens. 了解本次峰会磋商情况的人士表示,此举遭到美国、加拿大和印度等一些国家的抵制,因为它们担心这会增加企业的监管负担But it is being backed by many European countries, including the UK, which has included a leading campaigner for the measure, British insurer Aviva, in its official delegation. 英国等许多欧洲国家则表示持。英国官方代表团中就有一家公司大力倡导上述措施,那就是保险商英杰华(Aviva)A final decision will be made at the end of this week by more than 100 world leaders at the Rio+20 UN conference on sustainable development, which the UN says is the biggest event it has held. 本周末,参加;里约+20;联合国可持续发展大会00多名世界领袖将做出一项最终决定。联合国表示,这次大会是其组织过的规模最大的活动Named because it comes 20 years after the 1992 UN earth summit in the same Brazilian city, Rio+20 has been targeted by a group of businesses and investors that say both companies and investors benefit from doing long-term forecasts for shortages of energy, water and other resources. 由于距离1992年联合国地球峰会正好20年,加上开会地点仍在同一座巴西城市,所以这次大会被称为;里约+20;峰会。此次峰会已成了一大批企业和投资者关注的目标,它们表示,对能源、水和其他资源的短缺情况进行长期预测,会令企业和投资者受益匪浅Their campaign has led to the inclusion of a section in the summit text that leaders are to agree by this Friday that says governments should develop a ;model for best practice and facilitate action; for so-called corporate sustainability reporting. 正由于它们的努力推动,领导人们将于周五前达成的峰会文件包括一项内容,即各国政府应当制定一;最佳惯例样;,并为所谓的企业可持续性报;提供便利;One of the models cited by campaigners as an example is Denmarks ;report or explain; requirement for large companies to either report on their behaviour or explain why not. 持者举了丹麦的例子。该国的;报告或解;规定要求大企业或者汇报它们的行为或者解释它们为什么不采取行动的原因About 95 per cent of the 250 largest global companies now report on their#8201;corporate responsibility activities, a jump of more than 14 per cent from 2008, according to a KPMG survey. But two-thirds of those that do not report are based in the US, the worlds biggest economy, and the picture is more mixed among smaller businesses. 毕马KPMG)一项调查显示,目前全球50家大公司中,5%的公司会报告自己的企业社会责任行动,008年大幅提高4%。但在那些不报告的公司中,有三分之二是总部设在全球最大经济体美国的公司。中小企业的情况则更为复杂Separately, the UN is backing a measure for stock exchanges to push listing companies to do more reporting on their sustainability strategies. This is not included in the Rio+20 text leaders will negotiate, but backers hope some exchanges might announce steps to encourage such reporting this week in Rio. 此外,联合国也持一项措施,即要求股票交易所敦促上市公司在可持续策略报告方面采取更多措施。领导人们将要讨论的峰会文件中不包含这项内容,但持者希望,有些交易所本周或许会在里约热内卢宣布一些鼓励企业报告可持续策略的措斀? /201206/187386。

Setting an itinerary确定行程Kathy and Evan make up their itinerary.凯西和艾凡决定了他们的行程Kathy:Well, weve gone over all the options. I guess it time to make up our minds once and all, Evan.凯西:嗯,有关班机时间,我们都看过了所有的选择,我想是断然作决定的时候了Evan:Yeah, let stop avoiding making the decision. What do you think?艾凡:没错,咱们不要再犹豫不决了你认为呢?Kathy:Well, were working with about two months and basically three countries. Our graduation is on Sunday, June 8th. Were free after that.凯西:嗯,我们计划的是大约两个月时间,而且基本上是三个国家的旅行我们的毕业典礼是在六月八日星期日那天过后我们就有时间了Evan:We could leave on Saturday, June th. Let leave a week graduation parties and packing.艾凡:我们可以在六月十四日星期六出发咱们留一个星期的时间好参加毕业派对和打包行李Kathy:Right.凯西:好Evan:So wed arrive in the Netherlands by Sunday the th. If we have two months, let see...if we come back on Sunday, August th, that will give us nine weeks or about three weeks in each country.艾凡:所以我们会在十五号星期日到达荷兰如果我们有两个月的时间,让我想想看……我们若在八月十七日星期日回来,那么便有九个礼拜的时间,也就是说可在每个国家大约停留三个礼拜Kathy:That sounds about right. It will give us time to go job hunting at the end of summer into September.凯西:听起来大致没错这样在夏天结束后一直到九月份以前我们将会有时间找工作Evan:OK. So tomorrow you can go back to the travel agency and book our flights to and from New York.艾凡:好那么明天你可以再到那家旅行社去订我们往返纽约的机位Kathy:Are rou sure you wont mind me seeing Rick again?凯西:你确定不介意我和瑞克再见面?Evan:On one condition.艾凡:只有一个条件Kathy:And what might that be?凯西:是啥?Evan:rou dont invite him along!艾凡:你不可以邀他同行! 86。

电脑叫醒务我们有电脑叫醒务A: We have a computer wake-up service. Please dial 5 first and then the time. That is to say, dial 5 and then 00 then time. There must be five digits in the final number. 我们有电话叫醒务请先拨5,再拨时间也就是说,先拨5再拨00,最后必须有5位数字B:I see. If I want to change my wake-up time, what should I do? 我懂了如果我想改变叫醒时间,该怎么做?同类问句:Just dial your new wake-up time. The computer will cancel the aid time and record the new one.拨上新时间即可,电脑将取消原先叫醒时间并记录下新时间If I dial 530,I will be awakened at 7:30 a. m?如果我拔530,就会在早上7点半被叫醒吗?Yes, that right.是这样的请求电话叫醒对,请明天早上6点半用电话叫醒我A: Yes. I need a wake-up call tomorrow at 6:30.对,请明天早上6点半用电话叫醒我B: Sure. What your room number,please?可以,您的房间号码是多少?同类问句:Yes. I need a wake-up call tomorrow at 7:30. 是的,明天早上7点半请打个电话叫我起床 199。

Id like something typical Chinese, but not very expensive.我想要些典型的中国工艺品,价钱不要太贵I want something light and easy to carry.我想买 一些轻便、容易拿的东西It an exquisite handicraft of superb artistry that is typical Chinese style.这是典型的中国风格的手工艺精品What fine needle work!多漂亮的针线活呀!These fans embroidered with dragons, or pandas.这些扇子都绣有龙或熊猫What a world of jade carvings here!这儿玉雕可真多呀!May I see that ivory horse?我可以看看那个象牙做的马吗?Can I see that small rug hanging by the window?我可以看看挂在窗边的那条小地毯吗?It difficult to find such an intricate art piece.很难找到像这样的一个精致的艺术品。

去国际会展中心打扰了,我怎么去广州国际会展中心?A: Excuse me, how can I get to the Gumipdhou Intmiatimial Conference amp;Exhibition Center? 打扰了,我怎么去广州国际会展中心?B:Do you mean the new trade fair in Pa Zhou? 您指的是琶洲的新交易会吗?同类问句:When you go out of the main entrance, turn right and go along the street. After about minuteswalk youll see a metro entrance. You take Line toward Pa Zhou, and get off at the Xin Gang East Station. Take the A Entrance, and youll get to the Exhibition Cente. 您从酒店的正门出去,然后向右拐走分钟以后,您会看到一个地铁口您乘号线往琶洲方向行驶的地铁,在新港车站下车,走A出口,您就到会展中心了买电脑您可以到中关村的商场去看看A: Where a good place to buy computers?请问到哪里买电脑比较好?B: Try the market in Zhongguancun. 您可以到中关村的商场去看看同类问句:How can I get there? 我怎样去哪里?You can take a bus, but a taxi is easier.您可以乘公交车去,不过搭出租车更方便些Can you please write down the address in Chinese? 你能不能用中文帮我写下那里的地址? Sure...Here, show this to the taxi driver.没问题……这个给您,拿给出租车司机看就行了 357。

This is one set of the shipping documents coverning the consignment.这是一套这批货的装运单据Well send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded.货一发运,我们就寄给你方一套单据副本when the goods have been loaded, you can get the BL signed by the master of the vessel.货装上船后,你可以得到由船长签字的提单Well send you two sets of the Shipped, Clean Bill of Lading.我们将寄送两套已装运清洁提单Words and Phrases 外贸口语词汇a full set of 一整套non-negotiabel 未议付的immediately 立即地,迅速地master 船长two (several) sets of 两(多)套transport document 运输单据shipping documents 装船单据Bill of lading (BL) 提单On board BL 已装船提单Shipped BL 已装船提单received Shipment BL 备运提单Direct BL 直达提单Transhipment BL 转船提单Through BL 联运提单Clean BL 清洁提单Straight BL 记名提单Open BL 不记名提单Bearer BL 不记名提单Order BL 指示提单Long m BL 全式提单Short m BL 简式提单On Deck BL 舱面提单Stale BL 过期提单Ante Dated BL 倒签提单Advanced BL 预借提单Freight at Destination BL 运费到付提单Freight prepaid BL 运费预付提单 3671。