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Preschool funding学前教育经费Toddle to the top走到了头Cash-strapped states cut funding for nurseries资金短缺的州政府削减了对托儿所的经费May 5th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionThey can’t take that away from me他们不能把它给拿走LILY, who is three-and-a-half, loves her nursery school in Queens. Her mother calls her “the sponge” because every day she comes home with new nuggets of knowledge. But not every child is as lucky as Lily. A new report by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) shows that states’ preschool funding is declining, which means fewer children will have access to early education, which most agree is essential especially for children living in low-income households. The study looked at the 40 states which fund programmes for three- or four-year-olds. “State cuts to preschool funding transformed the recession into a depression for many young children,” says Steven Barnett, author of the NIEER report. 莉莉,一个三岁半的小女孩,爱她的位于纽约皇后区的托儿所。她妈妈 叫她“海绵宝宝”,因为每天她都带着一些新的知识回家。但并不是每个小孩都像莉莉那么幸运。一份美国国家早期教育研究所(NIEER)的新报告显示,各州的学前教育经费正在减少,这意味着更多的孩子将失去接受学前教育的机会。大多数人都同意说这极为重要,尤其是对生活在低收入家庭中的儿童。该研究对40个设立了对三到四岁儿童资金项目的州进行了调查。“州政府削减学前教育经费,对许多儿童来说,就相当于把经济衰退变成 济大萧条,”史蒂芬#8226;巴纳特说道。他是NIEER的这份新报告的作者。201105/135925

The Luxe Life of a...America's super-rich on living large, and the path leading to extreme wealthHello, I’m Bob Brown, welcome to 20-20 in touch. You may be living paycheck to paycheck, but the number of billionaires in America keeps going up. So on Friday, 20-20 is all about winning. Who are the winners? How did they get into that elite club? And what’s it like to have the best that money can buy? Here is Chris Connelly. To get there, you could go over the river on a yacht, through the wood on a polo pony, or just hop on your private jet and soar to the swankiest neighborhoods where a different kind of wildly well-to-do. Nine million of them are living in a new world. Never before in American history have so many Americans become so wealthy, so quickly. Robert Frank is the Columbus of this new world. He calls it Richistan. Old money it’s not. Most are workaholic winners who savor their spoils. This 700-year-old French chateau, 45 minutes outside of Paris, now belongs to this man, 57-year-old American billionaire Tim Blixseth. He made more than a billion dollars in timber and real estate, but flinches when anyone calls him rich.Don’t call me those names, so that’s what I would say.Don’t call you , why not, why?Rich is a, it's a connotation to me like snooty, arrogant, nose in the air. Oh, they are rich.When they grew up, rich people were the jerks; rich people were the folks you made fun of. I don’t like rude rich people that doesn’t treat the working class, that you know, the busboys, waitresses, the parking attendants with respect. How many residences do you have now?I think maybe, I don’t know, 7 to 10, some like.Something like that private island in the Caribbean, that ski and golf spot in Montana, that place in the sun in Mexico and so much more.What dose it feel like to be a winner?It feels good. It feels really good.We just announced that we are formally engaged. Romance of Richistan carries its own set of rules and ways to seal the deal.Ex-nurse Tiffany Spadafora of Palm Beach, Florida says she was unaware of George Cludy's 70 million dollar net worth until he asked her out.We went to a restaurant and he mentioned something about his jet, and I was just like oh no.What did you think when you heard the words my jet?Trouble? Because I feared there were a stream of jet groupies following somewhere.We hope you watch 20-20 on the air every Friday night at 10/9 central time and check in online for our daily webcasts and upcoming stories at abcnews.com. I’m Bob Brown, for all of us at 20-20, we are in touch, so you’ll be in touch.03/63576

Vancouver Games Get High Marks for First Week 温哥华冬奥会组织工作受高度评价The 21st Winter Olympics in Vancouver enter their final week Sunday. Local organizers have received high marks for the way the Games have gone so far.第21届温哥华冬季奥运会星期天进入比赛最后一个星期,到目前为止当地组织者在赛事的安排方面受到了高度评价。The first eight days of the Winter Games in Vancouver have had plenty of controversy. Before the Games began, Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed during practice.温哥华冬奥会头八天的比赛工作安排招致了很多争议。在冬奥会开始前,格鲁吉亚无舵雪橇运动员库马里塔什威利在练习中意外身亡。The Whistler and Cypress Creek venues have been dealing with a lack of snow and warm temperatures. Some events have been rescheduled because of the warm weather.惠斯勒和柏树山比赛场地一直受到缺雪和温暖气候的干扰。一些比赛项目因为气温偏高不得不重新安排时间。Several thousand fans had their tickets to snowboarding and freestyle canceled because conditions were unsafe and Vancouver Organizers had to pay back more than million to fans.数千名观众购得单板滑雪和自由式滑雪的入场券,但由于场地条件不够安全,门票被取消。温哥华冬奥会组委会不得不退给观众一百多万美元。There were also complaints about a chain-link fence that surrounded the Olympic Cauldron. The fence has since been replaced with Plexiglas so fans can see and photograph the flame. 另外参观者对冬奥会主火炬围起了高高的金属网状栅栏的做法也提出抱怨,因此组织方将它改成了有机玻璃,这样人们就可以更清楚地观赏和拍摄这熊熊的圣火了。201002/96914

  More steps are being taken to improve U.S. food safety. The Agriculture Department unveiled new regulations April 5 that would force meat and poultry companies to delay shipments to consumers until government inspectors get results of products they have tested for E-coli bacteria and other contaminants. The move is an effort by the government to prevent outbreaks of food poisoning and reduce the number of costly product recalls.美国正在采取进一步措施加强食品安全。美国农业部刚刚出台的规定说,生产肉类和家禽产品公司必须在政府检查人员对其产品进行的有关大肠杆菌和其他污染物的检测结果出台后才能开始将产品运送到消费者手中。政府希望通过这些努力来防止食物中毒的爆发以及减少更为昂贵的食品召回的次数。New regulations The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates one-in-six Americans are sickened after eating contaminated food and 5,000 die every year. During the past several years’s outbreaks of E-Coli and Salmonella poisoning have led to massive food recalls of ground beef and other things like spinach, tomatoes and eggs. 根据美国疾病控制和防治中心的估计,每年大约有六分之一的美国人在食用了含有污染物的食物后中毒,另有5000人死于食物中毒。过去几年,由于爆发大肠杆菌和沙门氏菌,美国发生了碎牛肉、菠菜、西红柿和鸡蛋等食品被大规模召回的事件。"People are alarmed when they see these kinds of outbreaks and they want the food industry to do something," Robert Brackett, a food industry analyst said.食品工业分析师罗伯特·布拉克特说:“公众在看到这些食品污染事件大规模爆发后,都提高了警觉,他们希望食品工业可以采取一些行动。”Now the food industry and the U.S. Agriculture Department have established tougher regulations to keep contaminated items out of the food supply. Meat and poultry products will be prevented from reaching consumers for 24 to 48 hours until government inspectors have the opportunity to review tests to help ensure consumers are getting the safest food possible. Government researchers believe if the new guidelines had been in place two years ago more than 44 serious food recalls could have been prevented.现在食品工业和农业部联手制定了更为严格的规定将受污染的食品排除在粮食供应之外。家禽类和肉类制品必须等候24到48小时才能到达消费者手中,在此期间,政府检查人员将对这些产品的检测结果进行审议,尽可能确保消费者获得最安全的食品。政府研究人员相信,如果在两年前实施了这些新的规定, 美国至少可以避免44起严重的食品召回事件。Long-term heath outcomes"It is much more important to prevent the product from going into the marketplace than it is to recall it after it's been there," said Pat Buck, who founded the Center for Foodborne Illness, Research and Prevention in 2006. Buck made the decision several years after her grandson Kevin died from eating food tainted with E-coli bacteria. 帕特·巴克在2006年成立了是食物感染疾病研究和防治中心的执行主任。她是在孙子凯文因为食用感染了大肠杆菌的食物死亡后成立这个中心的。她说:“禁止这些产品进入市场要比进入市场后再召回要重要得多。”201104/131252

  Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the bottom part of an unknown pyramid in the Sakkara area about 18 miles south of Cairo. NationalGeographic explorer-in-residence Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities, says he believes the pyramid belonged to the Fifth Dynasty King Menkauhor who ruled from 2444 B.C. to 2436 B.C. Hawass says no one had ever excavated the pyramid and no one knew which king it contained in its tomb. The excavation revealed the substructure of a now headless pyramid. "We've found the burial chamber, and we found also the lid ofa sarcophagus, and we did not discover yet the entrance to the pyramid because it's located underneath this village. That we're planning to move this village soon to another area in the valley, the study of the stones and the sarcophagus (are) can showthat this pyramid should be a pyramid belonged to Dynasty Five. And the only missing pyramid of a king of Dynasty Five is a king called Menkauhor." Menkauhor was a relatively obscure king and was the last pharaoh to build a sun temple called Akhet-Re. Hawass added that the pyramid had been recorded in the last century by Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius, Lepsius was a German Egyptologist and a founder of modern scientific Egyptology. Vocabulary Mix:sarcophagus: n stone coffin, esp one with carvings, etc, used in ancient times200811/56171。

  UN Chief Welcomes Obama Election潘基文欢迎奥巴马当选美国总统  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the election of Senator Barack Obama as U.S. president. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Ban said he is "confident" about future relations between the ed Nations and the ed States. 联合国秘书长潘基文对奥巴马当选美国总统表示欢迎。潘基文对记者表示,他对联合国跟美国今后的关系“充满信心”。Mr. Ban said this is an "historic opportunity" to fulfill the common goals of the ed Nations and the ed States, and he looks forward to working with the new administration.  潘基文说,对于联合国和美国来说,这是一个实现我们共同目标的“历史机遇”,他期待跟新一届美国政府合作。"I am confident that we can look forward to an era of renewed partnership and a new multi-lateralism," he said. 潘基文说:“我相信,我们可以期待一个焕然一新的合作关系和新的多边主义时刻的到来。”Mr. Ban recalled Senator Obama's remarks during the campaign about the ed Nations. 潘基文回顾了奥巴马参议员在竞选时有关联合国的言论。"He spoke about a "new era of global partnership" and building "bridges of cooperation with the U.N. and other nations," he said. 潘基文说:“他谈到了‘全球合作的新时代’,还谈到架设‘与联合国和其它国家合作的桥梁’。”The secretary-general said he followed the campaign very closely and with great interest. He said both Mr. Obama and Senator John McCain are "outstanding men." 潘基文说,他以极大的兴趣非常密切跟踪了这次美国总统竞选。他说,奥巴马和麦凯恩都是“非常杰出的人”。Mr. Ban said he has not yet spoken with Mr. Obama, but hopes to personally congratulate him soon.  潘基文说,他还没有祝贺奥巴马当选,不过希望尽快亲自向他表示祝贺。He recalled an encounter the two had about a year ago on a flight from Washington to New York, after Mr. Obama declared his candidacy and just after Mr. Ban took up his post as secretary-general.  潘基文回顾了大约一年前两人在乘飞机从华盛顿前往纽约途中的一次邂逅。当时奥巴马刚刚宣布参选美国总统,潘基文刚刚就任联合国秘书长。"We spent about, more than half an hour, on the airplane sitting together, and discussed many issues," Mr. Ban said. "He asked many questions about what the ed Nations major goals are - issues on non-proliferation, issues like North Korea and Iranian nuclear issues, and U.N. reforms. He was very engaging and he knew a lot about the ed Nations. I was very much encouraged."  潘基文说:“我们在飞机上坐在一起,共同度过了半个多小时,讨论了许多问题。奥巴马向我问了许多有关联合国主要目标的问题,比如防止大规模杀伤性武器扩散问题,北韩和伊朗的核问题,以及联合国改革等。他非常认真,对联合国的情况很了解。我很受鼓舞。”The secretary-general said he would try to meet with the president-elect very soon, and have his policy advisors coordinate with the Obama transition team on the important issues facing the ed Nations and the world. 联合国秘书长潘基文表示,他会争取尽快跟这位当选总统会面,并让他的政策顾问就联合国和世界面临的重要问题跟奥巴马的交接班子进行协调。200811/55341

  Pakistani Forces Deploy in New Region Infiltrated by Taliban巴基斯坦向塔利班控制区增派兵力 Militants in Pakistan have ambushed paramilitary forces who were being rushed to a region near the capital that was recently overrun by Taliban forces from the nearby Swat valley. Witnesses say gunmen in Buner district, killed at least one of the paramilitary troops. Despite the latest clashes, political leaders say they continue to favor diplomacy in dealing with the militants.巴基斯坦激进分子伏击了奉命紧急赶往首都附近布内尔地区的准军事部队。那里最近被来自斯瓦特山谷的塔利班势力占领。目击者说,武装分子在布内尔区打死至少一名准军事部队军人。尽管发生这些最新的冲突事件,巴基斯坦政界领导人仍然表示继续持通过外交手段跟激进分子打交道。Troops take up key positionsLocals in Buner district, which is only about 100 kilometers from the Pakistani capital, say security forces began arriving Wednesday, taking up positions around government buildings and key roads. It is unclear how many additional forces have been ordered to Buner. Local officials say as many as eight platoons, or about 400 paramilitary troops have arrived in the mountainous region.布内尔区当地人说,安全部队星期三开始到达那里,把守政府办公楼周围的阵地和重要道路。布内尔距离巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡只有大约100公里。目前还不清楚还要向布内尔区增派多少兵力。当地官员说,多达8个排的兵力,也就是大约400名准军事部队军人已经到达这个山区。Sher Akbar, a retired lawmaker who represented Buner in parliament, tells VOA that Taliban fighters are now patrolling parts of the district and local police have not been seen in public.在巴基斯坦议会中曾经代表布内尔区的退休议员谢尔.阿克巴尔告诉美国之音记者,塔利班武装分子目前正在这个区的部分地方巡逻,公开场合根本看不见当地警察。Taliban controls BunerSpeaking by phone from Buner he says the Taliban are totally in control of the district and the local government has lost authority over the region.阿克巴尔在布内尔通过电话对记者说,塔利班现在完全控制了这个区,当地政府已经失去了对这个区的控制。Pakistani news media have reported government officials and aid groups have abandoned local offices. Sher Akbar says many in Buner are worried that fighting could break out soon between security forces and militants, and some people are preparing to leave.巴基斯坦新闻媒体报导说,政府官员和救援组织已经离开当地的办公地点。阿克巴尔说,布内尔区有许多人担心安全部队跟激进分子很快就会打起来,一些人正在准备逃离。Groups of militants infiltrated Buner last week, shortly after the government signed a peace deal to establish Islamic law in nearby Swat valley and other parts of the northwest. Local officials estimate more than 500,000 people live in the Buner area.在政府签署和平协议,同意在附近的斯瓦特山谷以及西北部其它地区实行伊斯兰法不久之后,几伙激进分子上星期渗透到布内尔区。当地官员估计,布内尔地区有50多万人。Since the Taliban's arrival, fighters have clashed with local police and armed tribal militias that initially tried to repel them from the area. Local leaders had reportedly asked the provincial government earlier for extra police and paramilitary troops when the controversial peace agreement in Swat was being negotiated but the request was ignored.自从塔利班来到布内尔区,武装分子跟起初试图赶走他们的当地警察和部落民兵发生了战斗。据说,在有争议的斯瓦特山谷和平协议还在磋商的过程中,当地领导人早些时候曾请求省政府增派警力和准军事部队,但这个要求没有受到重视。Clinton: situation poses 'mortal threat' to USThe government's peace agreement in the northwest, and subsequent Taliban expansion into nearby areas including Buner, has drawn intense concern in Washington. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Pakistani government of ceding more and more territory to the Taliban. She said the deteriorating situation poses what she called a "mortal threat" to the ed States and the world.政府在西北部地区的和平协议以及塔利班随后在包括布内尔区在内的附近地区的扩张引起华盛顿的密切关注。星期三,美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿指责巴基斯坦政府把越来越多的领土割让给塔利班。她说,局势的日益恶化对美国和全世界构成“致命威胁”。"I think that we cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad, that are being made by the loosely confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state, which is, as we all know, a nuclear-armed state," she said.克林顿说:“我认为,巴基斯坦目前存在的威胁的严重性不言而喻。组织松散的恐怖分子组织正在继续向首都伊斯兰堡推进,目前距离首都只有几个小时的行程,他们企图推翻巴基斯坦,而我们都清楚这是一个拥有核武器的国家。”Pakistan defends anti-Taliban strategyWhen asked about the criticism on Thursday, Pakistan's prime minister defended the government's strategy, saying officials continue to favor pursuing talks with mediator Sufi Muhammad in dealing with the situation.记者星期四向巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼问起克林顿的上述指责,吉拉尼为巴基斯坦政府的战略辩解说,巴基斯坦官员继续持通过跟调解人苏菲.穆罕默德谈判,解决目前的局势。"In case peace is not restored, then naturally the mandate is the provincial government - they will discuss with the jirga, with all of the political forces of their province, they will discuss with Sufi Muhammad. And if the provincial government decides otherwise or if peace is not restored, certainly we have to review our policy," said Prime Minister Gilani. 吉拉尼说:“万一和平没有恢复,那么通常省政府就要承担起责任,他们将跟族长会议,他们所在省的所有政治力量进行磋商,也要跟穆罕默德进行讨论。如果省政府做出不同的决定,或者如果没有恢复和平,我们当然要重新审视我们的政策。”The Islamic courts have drawn criticism among lawmakers in recent days after Taliban fighters refused to disarm and Sufi Muhammad said militants believe the new courts will not be integrated into Pakistan's legal system. Political leaders have said the creation of a parallel legal system is unacceptable and a violation of the peace agreement.塔利班武装分子拒绝放下武器,而且穆罕默德也说,激进分子认为新的法庭不会被纳入巴基斯坦司法体系,这使伊斯兰法庭招致议员们的指责。巴基斯坦政界领导人说,建立两个平行的司法制度是不可接受的,也违反了和平协议。04/68046Several thousand people gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for another protest after mid-day prayers Friday, but the numbers were nowhere near the ‘million-man march’ some activists had called for, or the tens of thousands who came out last Friday.7月15日(星期五)中午的祈祷活动之后,几千人聚集在开罗塔里尔广场,也就是解放广场进行另一次抗议。不过,参加这次抗议的人数远远达不到一些活动人士原来呼吁的百万人大游行的规模,也比不上上周五几万人上街游行的规模。A small group marching around the Tahrir Square chanted, “We are not tired of protesting. Freedom is not free.” And referring to the former regime of ex-President Hosni Mubarak they said, “We have removed the head but the tail remains.”一小群示威者在解放广场呼喊着:“我们并不厌烦抗议。自由并不是没有代价的。”他们还说:“我们已经除掉了头,但尾巴仍然存在。”这是指前总统穆巴拉克当政时的埃及前政权。The chants reflect the feelings of the relatively small but dedicated group that continues to come to the square to push for faster reforms, especially open trials for former regime officials and police officers accused of killing demonstrators.In the center of the square, tents house several hundred people who have been involved in a week-long sit-in. They say they will stay until their demands are met. A few say they have been on a hunger strike for the past week.在解放广场中心,参加长达一个星期静坐示威的几百人住在帐篷里。这些人说,他们要继续待在广场,直到他们的要求获得满足为止。一些人说,他们过去一周参加了绝食抗议活动。One of the hunger strikers argues with a senior opposition politician who has come to try to convince them to end the strike.一位参加绝食活动的人与前来劝他们结束绝食的一位反对派高级政治人物进行辩论。Ossama al-Ghazali Harb, head of the Democratic Front, tells the man the hunger strikers have captured the attention of the nation and helped rekindle the protests, and he promises to carry their message to the ruling military council.民主阵线领导人奥萨玛.哈布对这个男子说,他们的绝食行动已经引起全国的关注,帮助重新点燃了抗议活动。他保把他们的诉求转达给执政的军事委员会。201107/145029

  Katie Scott loooks at Sony's House of the Future at Grand Designs Live and Stuart Miles get a first look at the new HTC Touch Diamond and Audio Pro Porto. So here is Paul from Design Odyssey who is goanna explain to us this absolutely incredible compact bathroom system, so Paul, what is it? Hah, Katie, all this is an all-in-one vertical bathroom. It consists of its top shower up here which rotates out, a shower lower down for children, etc. And then we have the system module flushing the toilet so that's hidden away. Then we have a couple of storage units, to store in your bottles, etc. There are lids on that to prevent the water getting in. So you can actually lift this up and put stuff inside them, okay. Yes. Lift them up ,you can put your wire baskets in there, customize how you want. And then we have the basin what you want as well which is a stainless steel bowl. Monobloc makes it so dispenser and then your shower controls to control the two overhead showers,(fantastic). Now rotate out the way as well revealing your toilet which has a soft cloth seat and a stainless steel pan. And then in here we have toilet roll and on the other side, we have toilet brush. So it’s very compact, very functional. Next year, we are hoping to be open really to a luxury version, with a mirror TV and some lights in as well and this ** we could out there upon the request. And so what sort of price we are talking to? For the all-in-one as you see, it’s around about 10..., just only 10,000 including VATs. Ok and is it available now? It will be available in next couple of months. We are just finishing it off in couple of weeks and then we are y to go. Fantastic. Paul thanks ever so much for your time and thank you so much for showing us the system. First of all excuse the lights. It’s actually not just may getting incredibly sunburn last weekend. It’s just very reddened here. This is the house in future after all, so why not have red lights instead of white. I am actually sitting on the hot red lounge which is incredible because it purely uses magnet to basically hover and what you can see is if I move around is that the chair actually moves around but its base just basically on this magnet pushing off each other and it’s incredibly steady and it’s very comfortable of stay with that, beyond the seats-on which would be actually cushions-on but this gives you sense of, you know, what this chair actually does, and it also gives you sense of the fact that it’s quite tough so it could be outside and be in house and in that aspect, it can definitely be one of the chairs in the future. So we are here in the HTC Diamond launch in London to and we manage to get our hands on the latest handset to check it out to see what it is about. What you get, well you get a 3.20 mega-pixel camera. That’s H’s DPA 7.2 in the unit so that you can upload and download at high speed. There is also a WIFI (wireless Fidelity). But the impressive thing is the new touch close 3D interface which if you just push your fingers on there allows you to scroll through very quickly to different settings, chosen weather. Now, it runs on mobile 6.1, but pretty much it doesn’t look like 6.18 stable form. In fact, the Internet browser is from the Opera rather than Internet Explorers 6. And as you can see it, very graphical in its approach, if we go quickly to the "personal s", everything is very pretty and images sort of scroll up or we go to "people", and you are goanna sign photos where you can look through the scroll through like a roller it acts, but also the Internet is very quick so we press the button here, page loads, now double tapping zooms in, you can scroll around just like the Iphone. And what’s interesting is that the text will also resize according to the screen rather than gonna…. So we got some text here, going to double tapping. As you can see it’s automatically resized. Then double tap when expand back yet. That’s really clever. and that’s the HTC Diamond due out on all networks in UK in June. So this might look like a normal Velux's window, but it’s not. How many times if you looked around flat in London where obviously there is no space and it says Juliet Balcony will check this out. Now I know I have a very silly look on my face when I did that. But the first time they showed me, I thought it must be incredibly heavy. But actually I’m a complete weight, and it was no weight at all, and it's also really weak for you to collapse. So, what you have to do is, lift up these little catchers. So that is one there, one on this side, pull it back in, and take it down. That's easy. This is the Cabrio Balcony System from Velux. And it's about 2000 pounds and it will be available on the market very soon. So I hope you enjoyed our dash-around Grand Design's Life and I hope also it's given you some inspiration ideas for your home maybe not now but may be for the future. Thanks for watching. wire basket: VAT: Value-Added TaxVelux#8482;: A company specialized in producing roof windows and skylights.200812/60005Christmas Jars A holiday tradition for every family Before my dad died, we never thought about money. I mean, it wasn't that we were rich, but we weren’t poor either, you know, we just were. We had a nice house; we had a hot dinner every night; we even went to Disneyland once and I remember we all got dressed up for the airplane ride. We never really wanted for anything except perhaps for a little more time together. That’s from the performance you will see live from New York on December 3rd in movie theaters all across the country. You can go to Glennbeck.com for all the details. I want to talk to you about the Christmas Jars Reunion, and author Jason Wright is here. The Christmas jars tradition is what exactly? Very simple, you take an empty jar, pickle jar or mayonnaise jar, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how big it is. And you just dedicate your spare change to it each and every day. You don’t need to write a really big check. You don’t need to drop a hundred dollar bill in it; it’s your spare change. That little act of daily sacrifice, every day filling up that jar, eventually accumulates into a pretty tidy sum of money to give away to someone anonymously on Christmas Eve. Now I do it. We all have one in our house. I have one in my closet, it really has a Christmas jar. We filled it up; and then we go and put it on somebody’s doorstep the week of Christmas anonymously. We just , you know, it is great fun for the kids to be able to try to sneak it up to the house and leave it there. If anybody, you haven't started you jar at the beginning of the year. I think people would say, well, OK, that will be a good tradition to start next year. That’s right. I hear that a lot; and that's not true. Go right now as soon as the program is over. Find a jar, fill it up. Between now and Christmas, what do we got, still four or five weeks? Cheat a little bit if you have to. Go to the bank and get twenty dollars for the quarters. To the right family in need, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty dollars may not seem like a lot of money to you; but to a family who just have been, maybe dad’s been laid off, maybe it’s a single mom with a couple of kids has no idea how she’s gonna to afford to be able to put even one thing under the tree for Christmas, let alone some extravagant kind of Christmas that they don’t need. But one thing with their name on it, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty dollars in a Christmas jar given anonymously to them could change their Christmas, could in fact change their life and they will pay off for it. America, I’m...Next week I'll share with you a story about the hardest Christmas that I had with my kids was the year I was flat broke, was the year I got my daughter a bell. And actually, I mean, I found myself shopping at CVS, the drugstore, for Christmas. And I was so low. I remember that Christmas. I also remember the Christmas that we did the Christmas jars. That first Christmas we did it, I remember my kids were still small enough where they were just wired. They couldn’t wait. And we got out in the middle of the night; and we parked the car a couple of blocks away. And then we snuck up to the house; the kids ran with the jar. I was afraid that they were gonna drop it; it was gonna break. And then there would be broken glass and then there’d be a lawsuit. But that didn’t happen. And I remember so vividly how great it was. Please, begin to start new traditions. This is Christmas Jars Reunion, it is the sequel to The Christmas Jars, you will find it in bookstores everywhere. It is a fantastic book and a fantastic tradition. Jason Wright. Thank you! If you give a jar away or you get a jar, will you please visit my website and tell me your story. I’d love to hear them , I’d love to share them with other...The website is...?Christmasjars.com.Got it!12/91260

  Asian men forced to marry foreigners: studyIncreasing numbers of southeast Asian men, particularly in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are marrying foreigners because fewer women in their homelands are willing to wed, a new study said Monday.The phenomenon, which dates back more than a decade, has even created a detectable trend in women's migration, said the study by Daniele Belanger of the University of Western Ontario University."Since the beginning of the 1990s, more and more men in southeast Asia are looking abroad to find a wife," wrote Belanger in the journal of France's National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED).In Taiwan, 15 percent of wives were of foreign origin in ; eight percent in South Korea.In Japan, the phenomenon started earlier, in the 1980s, but has remained at a modest level: only five or six percent of marriages in the mid-2000s involved foreign wives.But in all three places, foreign brides represented the largest group of new immigrants apart from the temporary workers, wrote Belanger. And the reason was the lack of women at home, she added.With women's education levels rising so was their representation in the workplace, she explained.Increasing numbers of them were not willing to settle for the traditional role of a wife -- at least as it exists in its current form. They preferred to keep their jobs and stay single.For men however, "they have the responsibility to continue the paternal line by giving birth to a son and, in many cases, looking after their aged parents," Belanger wrote.They could not therefore remain bachelors.There were even marriage agencies specialising in this sector, charging the man's family between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.Vocabulary:detectable:可发觉的;可看穿的settle for: to be satisfied with(满足于)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110024

  America's economy美国经济Time for a double dip?美国经济面临二次探底?A lousy debt deal, rising fears of a recession, the danger of longer-term stagnation: America’s outlook is grim面临着糟糕的负债协议,膨胀的经济恐慌,更长时间经济低迷的风险,美国经济前景黯淡THIS ought to have been a good week for the American economy. The country’s leaders at last ended a ludicrously irresponsible bout of fiscal brinkmanship, removing the threat of global financial Armageddon by agreeing to raise the federal debt ceiling. Yet far from heaving a sigh of relief, investors are nervous. Stockmarkets around the world have tumbled (see article). On August 2nd, the day the debt deal was signed, the Samp;P 500 index saw its biggest one-day fall in over a year, and yields on ten-year Treasury bonds dropped to 2.6%, their lowest level in nine months, as investors sought safety.这周这本应是美国经济不错的一周。国家领导们终于结束了财政边缘政策上的荒唐而不负责任的争斗,同意提高联邦债务上限,免除了发生金融世界大战的风险。但是投资者远没有得到宽慰,反而感到紧张。世界股市也发生震荡。8月2日,负债协议签署的那天,由于投资者寻求安全,标准普尔指数迎来一年多以来的最大单日跌幅,十年期国债收益下跌2.6%,达到9个月以来的最低水平。It is not all to do with America: the euro zone is a mess (see article) and manufacturing everywhere seems to be slowing. But America’s prospects have suddenly darkened. Statistical revisions and some grim new figures have revealed a weaker-than-assumed recovery that has all but ground to a halt. Once stalled, an economy can easily tip back into recession, particularly if it is hit by a new shock—as America’s is about to be, thanks to a hefty dose of fiscal tightening made worse by the debt deal. The odds of a double dip over the coming year are uncomfortably high, perhaps as high as 50%.不仅是美国,欧元区也是一片狼藉,各地制造业低迷。但是美国经济的前景突然黯淡下来。最新修改过的数据显示,经济复苏低于预期,几近停滞。经济一旦停滞,就很有可能重返衰退,受到新的冲击时尤为如此。由于美国负债协议使原本紧缩的财政更加收紧,这种冲击马上就会到来。明年美国经济二次探底的可能性高得令人不安,可能达到50%。201108/149414。


  Negative News Further Depresses Global Markets负面消息导致全球股市下挫  World markets are lower after new figures show Japan's economy is shrinking at a rate not seen for decades and more bad financial news is released in Britain. 新的经济数据显示,日本经济出现数十年未曾有过的收缩,英国也发布了更多负面的金融消息,所有这些导致全球股市下挫。In Japan, a fourth-quarter economic contraction of 3.3 percent rattled the markets. 日本去年第四季度的经济收缩了3.3%的消息震动了市场。For the year, the world's second-largest economy shrank by 12.7 percent, which is a much steeper decline than is being seen in either the ed States or Europe. 过去一年,全球第二大经济体日本的经济收缩了12.7%,下降幅度大大超过美国和欧洲。Reinforcing the point, Japan's Economic Minister said his country faces its worst economic crisis since the end of World War II. 日本经济大臣实了这种看法,他说日本面临二战结束以来最严重的经济危机。The Tokyo market finished four-tenths of a percent down on the day while Hong Kong finished seven-tenths off. 东京股票市场当天下跌0.4%,香港股市下降0.7%。In Europe, financial stocks again dragged the markets down. 在欧洲,金融类股再次带动股市下跌。In London, all eyes were on the Lloyds Banking Group. Much larger than expected losses at Halifax-Bank of Scotland or HBOS, which Lloyds recently acquired, sent jitters through the market. 伦敦股市的所有注意力都集中在劳埃德集团身上。劳埃德集团最近收购的苏格兰海法的损失远远超出意料,令股市感到不安。London market analyst Richard Hunter says depending on how things go, some sense that Lloyds may need additional taxpayer backing further down the recessionary road. 伦敦市场分析师理查德.亨特说,取决于形势进展如何,劳埃德集团也许需要纳税人投入更多资金,以避免在衰退的道路上越陷越深。"A lot of the sting was taken out on Friday, obviously, with that 32 percent drop. There are indeed concerns around nationalization. There are further concerns as well," Hunter noted. "We are of course getting into a state of the recession where credit write-downs will become less of an issue, but normal write-downs, if you like, as people will start defaulting on loans will become more of an issue." “资产损失了32%,这显然对市场是一个很大的刺激。确实有人担心国有化的问题,还有更进一步的担心...... 我们当然正处于这样一种衰退状态,信贷下降将不是一个主要问题,但是当人们开始违约偿还贷款时,通常资产的下降将成为主要问题。”Adding to the gloom, a new report by the Confederation of British Industry shows that this is going to be a rough one economically in Britain with unemployment heading up.  英国工业联合会发布的一份最新报告进一步加剧了经济前景的黯淡。报告显示,失业率上升将使英国面临经济艰难的一年。"The slowdown in the economy, much faster than anticipated means that tax revenues will be way down, like 50 billion [Pounds] over the next couple of years and benefits will rise as unemployment increases," said CBI Director-General, Richard Lambert. "So it looks as though we are talking about government borrowing over the next couple of years being, getting on for a 100 billion more than the Chancellor hoped for last time around." 英国工业联合会秘书长理查德.拉姆伯特说:“经济衰退的速度大大超出人们的预料,这意味着税收将出现下降,今后两年将下降500亿英镑。而随着失业率不断攀升,政府的福利费用也将增加。所以看起来我们将面对政府在今后两年将靠借债度日的局面,借债数额可能要比财务大臣上次所说的高出1千亿英镑。”Also adding to the depressed mood Monday, some investors reacted with disappointment after finance chiefs from the Group of Seven industrialized countries failed to produce any concrete measures at their meeting this weekend in Rome. 另外,一些投资者对工业化7国集团的财政主管官员们上个周末在罗马的会议上没有制定出任何具体措施感到失望,这也增加了星期一市场的负面情绪。02/62606

  Indian PM Calls High-Level Meetings in Wake of Mumbai Attacks印举行高层会议研究应对孟买恐袭 India's prime minister Saturday called together the country's top military and intelligence chiefs. Officials say he wanted details on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the responsive actions being taken. The government is finding itself under immediate pressure to show its resolve amid political criticism. 印度总理曼莫汉.辛格星期六召集印度最高层的军方和情报官员开会。辛格要求官员们提供有关孟买恐怖袭击和有关部门采取的反应行动的细节。在一片政治讨伐声中,印度政府眼下面临着显示决心的压力。On the day local elections were held in New Delhi, with polling underway in five other states and Mumbai counting bodies from the terror attack, top government officials huddled in the capital.  星期六,地方选举在新德里进行,另外五个邦也在举行选举,而孟买却在清点在恐怖袭击中遇难者的尸体。与此同时,政府高级官员云集新德里召开会议。An Indian academic security specialist predicts little will result from the high-level meetings. Brahma Chellaney of the Center for Policy Research believes Indians have become accustomed to terrorism. He says officials lack the political will to make fundamental changes, even after this attack, which he considers the worst since September, 2001.  一位印度安全专家预测,高层会议不会产生任何结果。政策研究中心的布拉马.切拉尼认为,印度人已经变得对恐怖主义无动于衷。他说,这次在孟买发生的袭击是2001年美国的9/11事件以后发生的最恶劣的恐怖袭击。即使在这次事件之后,官员们仍然缺乏进行彻底变革的政治决心。"Just the way people here have come to accept corruption they've come to accept a high level of terrorism," said Chellaney. "It's like a part of life. This is a kind of attitude which you will not see in most other parts of the world. This is a terrorist siege of India. This is the whole country being held hostage again and again by small bands of terrorists who obviously have the backing of some important actors outside."  切拉尼说:“就像人们已经接受腐败一样,他们已经接受很高程度的恐怖主义。这已经成为生活的一部分。这是一种态度,一种你在世界上大多数地方看不到的态度。这是印度面临的恐怖包围。整个印度被一小撮恐怖主义分子劫持为人质。而这一小撮恐怖分子显然得到了外面的大人物的持。”Opposition politicians are wasting no time portraying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his allies as soft. Some of the political voices on the right also emphasize Pakistan and Islamic extremists as culprits, threatening to worsen tensions between India's majority Hindu and minority Muslim communities.  反对派政界人物抓住时机批评辛格总理以及他的盟友心慈手软。一些右翼政客则强调巴基斯坦和伊斯兰极端分子是恐怖事件的共谋,从而威胁着进一步加剧占人口多数的印度教徒和少数派穆斯林人口之间的紧张关系。The nationalist BJP party, for example, in Friday newspapers, ran front-page advertisements illustrated with bloody graphics. It called the government weak, unwilling and incapable of fighting terror. India's science minister, speaking on behalf of the governing coalition's top party, Congress, called the ads "a matter of national shame." Some television news channels have been running scrolling commentary from viewers calling for revenge against the culprits and demanding harsher security measures. Strategic studies professor Brahma Chellaney tells VOA News the government has resisted tougher relevant laws, fearing their misuse. "There's a big political controversy in India about counter-terror laws,"he said. "I don't like special laws for the purpose of combating terrorism. But the reality is when you are under siege you need certain laws that will speedily bring perpetrators to justice." Prime Minister Singh wants a new federal investigation agency to combat terror. But that is being resisted by the states. 辛格总理希望成立一个联邦调查机构同恐怖主义进行斗争。但是却遭到一些邦的抵制。The states have been criticized for a lack of cooperation among themselves and with the federal government in terror probes. Rivalries among numerous state and national agencies tasked with law enforcement, border security and intelligence gathering have also stymied past investigations.  人们批评这些邦在对恐怖活动进行调查中相互之间以及和联邦政府缺乏合作。不同邦之间以及全国执法、边境安全和情报搜集部门之间的竞争也妨碍了过去的调查活动。The prime minister met with military and intelligence chiefs as commandos still were going room to room in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel to secure the damaged Mumbai landmark.  就在突击队员们还在孟买的泰姬玛哈酒店和奥拜罗三叉戟酒店逐个房间清查恐怖分子,以便确保这两个地标性建筑的安全时,辛格总理会见了军方和情报部门的首领。Notably the man in charge of domestic security, Home Minister Shivraj Patil, was not present. Opposition leaders have been calling for his ouster for his alleged weak response to terrorist bombings even before the Mumbai attacks. Patil also convened his own meeting of top officials of various military forces and law enforcement agencies. The Home Ministry's special secretary for internal security, M.L. Kumawat, says one immediate change after the Mumbai attacks will be improved surveillance of India's 8,000 kilometers of coastline.  印度内政部负责国内安全事务的特别事务次长库玛瓦特说,加强对印度八千公里长的海岸线的监视将是孟买袭击发生后马上就会出现的变化。"It was decided that there's a need to have better coordination between the navy, coast guard and police by an institutional mechanism and further upgrade coastal security as expeditiously as possible," he said. “会议决定需要建立相关机制,加强海军、海岸警卫队和警察之间的协调,尽快提高海岸安全。”Some of the terrorists used boats to infiltrate Mumbai's Colaba coast.  一些恐怖主义分子利用船只渗透进入孟买的科拉巴海岸。Prime Minister Singh has also called for all political party leaders to meet Sunday in the capital to discuss the attack, which has shocked the nation and prompted calls for a clear and quick response. 辛格总理还呼吁所有政党的领袖星期天在新德里会面讨论这次袭击事件。这次孟买袭击事件使整个印度感到震惊,民众要求政府做出明确和快速的反应。200812/57604

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