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And so the very inexperienced that in college had made me feel insecure and make me wanna play by otherss rules.无经验让我在大学时缺乏自信,让我愿意遵循他人的规则。Now was making me actually take risks I didnt even realize were risks.如今它让我敢于接受挑战,那些我根本没意识到的挑战。When Darren asked me if I could do ballet, I told him that I was basically a ballerina, which by the way I wholeheartedly believed.当Darren问我是否能跳芭蕾时,我跟他说我基本就是个芭蕾舞者,当时我真心是这样认为的。When it quickly became clear and preparing for the film that I was 15 years away from being a ballerina.很快,在准备拍摄时我才明白,我距巴黎舞者还有15年的功夫。It made me work a million times harder and of course the magic of cinema and body doubles helped the final effect.这逼着我多付出了数百万倍的努力,当然,特效和替身也帮忙造出了最终效果。But the point is, if I had known my own limitations, I never would have taken the risk.但关键是,如果我知道自己的局限,我绝不会去冒这个险。And the risk led to one of my greatest artistic personal experiences.而风险为我带来了最棒的艺术体验。And that I not only felt completely free, I also met my husband during the filming.我不仅感觉完全无拘无束,还在拍摄时遇到了我的丈夫。Similarly, I just directed my first film a tale of love in darkness.同样,我刚执导了第一部电影《爱与黑暗的故事》。I was quite blind to the challenges ahead of me.我对横在前方的困难一无所知。The film is a period film, completely in Hebrew, in which I also act with an eight-year-old child as a costar.这是一部时代片。对白全是希伯来语。我也在片中出演,跟8岁的小孩对戏。All of these are challenges I should have been terrified of, as I was completely unprepared for them, but my complete ignorance to my own limitations look like confidence and got me into the directors chair.我本该被这些挑战吓倒,因此我对此毫无准备,但我对自身局限的彻底无知像是种自信,而且让我坐到了导演椅上。Once there, I had to figure it all out, and my belief that I could handle these things, contrary to all evidence of my ability to do so was only half the battle.在这个位置上,我必须把这些弄清楚,即使所有的据都显示我的能力不够,我仍然相信自己能搞定这些事,这还只是战斗的一半。The other half was very hard work, the experience with the deepest and most meaningful one of my career.另一半靠的是拼命的工作,这场经历是我职业生涯中最深刻也是最有意义的一次。Now clearly im not urging you to go and perform heart surgery without the knowledge to do so.当然我不是怂恿大家在一无所知的情况下就去做心脏手术。Making movies admittedly had less drastic consequences in the most professions.诚然,跟其它职业相比,拍电影不会带来太严重的后果。And allows for a lot of effects that make up for mistakes.而且可以用特效来弥补错误。The thing Im saying is, make use of the fact that you dont doubt yourself too much right now.我要说的是要好好利用你如今不是那么怀疑自己这件事。As we get older, we get more realistic.随着年龄增长,我们变得更加现实。And that includes about our own abilities or lack thereof.这包括对我们自己能力和缺陷的认识。And that realism does us no favors.而这种现实对我们没有好处。201506/381975


  For the West (in general), and the ed States in particular,the crisis was an internally generated event, which led to the collapse of the financial system. For China, it was an external shock which hurt exports but left the financial, political and economic system unscathed.总的来说,对于西方国家,尤其是美国,危机源于内部因素,并最终导致金融体系的崩溃。对于中国,这只是一个外部冲击,对出口不利,但对金融、政治和经济体系却没有影响。China has discovered a remarkably efficient method of unleashing the creative, acquisitive, and entrepreneurial energies of the people who are allowed to pursue their self-interest while the State can cream off a significant portion of the surplus value of their labor by maintaining an undervalued currency and accumulating a trade surplus. So China is likely to emerge as the big winner.中国已找到一种极为有效的方法来激发人们的创造力、求知欲和进取心。鼓励人们去追求自身利益,而同时国家就能够通过持有贬值的货币和累积贸易顺差来获取劳动力剩余价值中的大部分利益。因此,中国很可能成为大贏家。In China, the rulers know that they must avoid social unrest if they want to remain the rulers. Therefore they will do anything in their power to maintain economic growth at 8 percent and create new jobs for a growing workforce. And they have plenty of power because of the trade surplus. China can stimulate its domestic economy through infrastructure investments and it can foster its exports by investing in and extending credits to their trading partners. After all, that is what China was doing when it was financing its exports to America by buying US government bonds. Now that the American consumers have to cut back, they can do the same with other countries. So China will be a positive force in the world economy while the ed States will be limping along.中国领导人很清楚,如果要保持其领导地位就必须避免社会动荡。于是,他们将尽最大力量使经济增长保持8%的速度,并且为不断增加的劳动力创造新的就业机会。由于贸易顺差,他们拥有极大优势,可以通过投资基础设施刺激国内经济,可以通过为其贸易伙伴提供投资和信贷促进出口。通过购买美国政府债券而筹资持对美国的出口,中国正是这样做的。由于美国消费者不得不缩减开,他们可以与其他国家发展贸易关系。因此,中国将成为推动世界经济发展中的积极力量,而美国将举步维艰。201409/330017。

  Pakistan is a peace loving, democratic country.巴基斯坦是个热爱和平民主的国家。Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons.普什图人要他们的女儿与儿子接受教育。Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood.伊斯兰教是个推崇和平、仁善与手足情谊的宗教。It is the duty and responsibility to get education for each child, that is what it says.让每位孩子上学是它的义务与责任,伊斯兰教是这么说的。Peace is a necessity for education.和平是教育之必要。In many parts of the world, especially Pakistan and Afghanistan, terrorism, war and conflicts stop children from going to schools.世界上许多地方,特别是巴基斯坦与阿富汗,恐怖主义、战争和冲突阻挠了孩子就学的机会。We are really tired of these wars.我们对这些战争感到疲倦不堪。Women and children are suffering in many ways in many parts of the world.女人与孩子在很多方面和世界上许多地方饱受受折磨。In India, innocent and poor children are victims of child labor.在印度,无辜与贫困的孩子是童工受害者。Many schools have been destroyed in Nigeria.在尼日利亚许多学校惨遭摧毁。People in Afghanistan have been affected by extremism.在阿富汗,阿富汗人遭受极端主义的影响。Young girls have to do domestic child labor and are forced to get married at an early age.年轻的女孩必须做家务童工并且在年幼时就被逼迫结婚。Poverty, ignorance, injustice, racism and the deprivation of basic rights are the main problems, faced by both men and women.贫穷、无知、不公、种族主义和基本权利的剥夺,是男女都得面对的最大问题。Today I am focusing on womens rights and girls education because they are suffering the most.今天,我关注女性权益和女童教育,因为她们承受的苦难最多。There was a time when women activists asked men to stand up for their rights.曾经,女性活动家要求男性为她们争取权益。But this time we will do it by ourselves.但这次我们会为自己争取权益。201412/348248

  Like Makoko and the Torre David,像马卡卡和托雷大卫一样,throughout the Zabbaleen youll find all the same facilities as in any typical neighborhood.通过扎巴林你可以发现在任何典型的社区里都完全一样的设施。There are the retail shops, the cafes and the restaurants, and the community is this community of Coptic Christians,那里有零售店,咖啡厅和餐厅,并且这个社区是一个埃及基督徒社区,so youll also find a church,所以你也会发现一个教堂,along with the scores of religious iconographies throughout the area,以及大量的宗教图像贯穿于这片区域,and also all the everyday services like the electronic repair shops,还有日常的务设施比如电器维修点,the barbers, everything.理发店,任何设施。Visiting the homes of the Zabbaleen is also full of surprises.参观扎巴林的住家同样充满惊喜。While from the outside,虽然从外面看,these homes look like any other informal structure in the city, when you step inside,这些房子看上去跟其他在城市里非常规结构的住宅没什么两样,但当你走进去,you are met with all manner of design decisions and interior decoration.你可以看到它所有设计的形式和内部装饰。Despite having limited access to space and money,虽然空间和资金都很有限,the homes in the area are designed with care and detail.但这里房子的设计都十分体贴,注重细节。Every apartment is unique,每个公寓都独一无二,and this individuality tells a story about each familys circumstances and values.这种个性告诉我们一个故事关于每家的情况和价值观念。Many of these people take their homes and interior spaces very seriously,他们很多人对待自己的家和内部空间十分认真,putting a lot of work and care into the details.在细节方面花费大量时间和精力。The shared spaces are also treated in the same manner,公共区域也被用同样的态度对待,where walls are decorated in faux marble patterns.墙面由人造大理石装饰。But despite this elaborate decor,但是除了这些精致的装饰,sometimes these apartments are used in very unexpected ways,这些公寓里有时候也会以一种与众不同的方式被使用。like this home which caught my attention while all the mud and the grass was literally seeping out under the front door.比如这个吸引我注意的房子,很多泥土和杂草从前门渗了进去。When I was let in, it appeared that this fifth-floor apartment was being transformed into a complete animal farm,当我进去的时候,这个五层楼的公寓好像被完全改造成一个农场,where six or seven cows stood grazing in what otherwise would be the living room.六七头牛站在里面吃草,而这里本来应该是客厅。201601/424156And then our mothers tell us, Careful you dont fall down, because youll fall over.然后母亲告诉我们,没有跌倒也要小心,因为你还会掉下来。Now, go into the real atmosphere of this planet.现在,进入这个行星真正的大气层。This planet has an inner atmosphere of water;its its inner atmosphere. It has two atmospheres a lesser, outer gaseous atmosphere, a lighter one.这个行星具有一个由水组成的内部大气层。这就是内部大气层。它有两个大气层。外面一个是小点的,气体的大气层,重量较轻。Most of life on earth is in that inner atmosphere.地球上绝大多数的生物生活在内部大气层里。And that life enjoys a three-dimensional existence,which is alien to us.这些生物的享受着一个三维立体的生活空间,对我们来说这简直天方夜谭。Fish do not sit in seats.鱼儿不会坐在椅子里。They dont. Their mothers dont say to little baby fish,Careful you dont fall over.它们不会。鱼儿的妈妈也不会对它们说,没有摔倒你也要小心。They dont fall over. They dont fall.它们不会摔倒,不会的。They live in a three-dimensional world where there is no difference in energy between going this way, that way, that way or that way.它们活在一个三维的世界里,在那里,向这个方向,或那个方向,所需要的能量是没有区别的。Its truly a three-dimensional space.这是一个真正的三维空间,And were only just beginning to grasp it.而我们才刚刚开始理解它。I dont know of any other submersible,or even remote, that just takes advantage that this is a three-dimensional space.我不知道其他潜水器,甚或是遥控潜水器,有没有想到利用这种三维空间。This is the way we should be going into the oceans.这才是我们迈向海洋所要采用的方式。This is a three-dimensional machine.这就是一个三维的机器。What we need to do is go down into the ocean with the freedom of the animals,and move in this three-dimensional space.我们要做的就是像那些动物一样,在这个三维的海洋空间里遨游。OK, this is good stuff.这确实是好东西。This is mans first attempt at flying underwater.这是人类第一次尝试在水下飞翔。Right now, Im just coming down on this gorgeous, big, giant manta ray.此刻,我正在水下和这只漂亮的,巨大的鲾鲼一起。She has twice the wingspan that I do.她的翼展是我的两倍。There Im coming; she sees me.我开了过去,她看到我。And just notice how she rolls under and turns;she doesnt sit there and try and blow air into a tank and kind of flow up or sink down she just rolls.请注意她是如何翻滚和转体。她不是坐在那里,也没有通过鼓气到槽罐里来控制上浮或下沉,她就是翻转。And the craft that Im in this hasnt been shown before.而我的飞船,这是第一次在这里展示的。Chris asked us to show stuff that hasnt been shown before.克里斯让我来这里秀一些从未展示过的东西。I wanted you to notice that she actually turned to come back up.我希望你们注意到她实际上是翻个身又转回来的。There I am; I see her coming back,coming up underneath me.那就是我;我看到她回来了,从我下面游上来。I put reverse thrust and I try and pull gently down.我翻转推进,想慢慢地往下。Im trying to do everything very gently.我试着很小心地做这一切。We spent about three hours together and shes beginning to trust me.我们花了大概三小时,她逐渐开始信任我。And this ballet is controlled by this lady here.而这位女士也主导着这芭蕾。She gets about that close and then she pulls away.一到完结,她就转身离开了。So now I try and go after her, but Im practicing flying.我试着要去追她,但我还在练习怎么飞…This is the first flying machine. This was the first prototype.这是第一架会飞的潜水器。这是最原始的雏形。This was a fly by wire. It has wings.这是次连接导线的飞行。它拥有翅膀,Therere no silly buoyancy tanks its permanently, positively buoyant.没有愚蠢的浮箱,它具有持久的浮力。201501/353765Your Excellency Prime Minister Yingluck ShinawatraITU Secretary-General Dr. Hamadoun TouréExcellencies,Ladies and gentlemen,I am pleased to send greetings to the Connect Asia-Pacific Summit, and I thank the Government of Thailand for hosting.The Asia-Pacific region is vast and diverse. It has numerous dynamic centres of innovation in manufacturing and information and communication technologies.Many nations have experienced rapid economic growth. Yet there is stark contrast in prosperity and development between high-income countries and the least developed.This is particularly true for landlocked developing nations and small island developing states.Increased connectivity can help bridge this gap.I am pleased that this Summit will promote the development of innovative ICT infrastructure. I also welcome your focus on applications that can benefit people everywhere.ICTs have considerable potential to support sustainable and equitable economic and social development.They can accelerate our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.They can help us address global challenges such as climate change.It is important that we make the best use of technology to empower people with the information, knowledge and means to improve their lives. Your Summit can help us achieve that end.I wish you a successful meeting.Thank you.201501/355464

  Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for your kind words and such a warm welcome. William and I are hugely excited to be in Malaysia – this, our first ever visit – and are absolutely delighted to have been invited to join you all here at Hospis Malaysia. It is so exciting to learn about the Country’s very first paediatric palliative care programme and to witness for myself something of the wonderful work of Hospis Malaysia’s superb staff. As Patron of East Anglia Children’s Hospice, a UK-based charity, I am thrilled to hear that you have been working with Hospis Malaysia, and that you plan to collaborate as you roll out this new programme. Through this Patronage, I have learnt that delivering the best possible palliative care to children is vital. Providing children and their families with a place of support, care and enhancement at a time of great need is simply life changing. With effective palliative care lives can be transformed. Treatment, support, care and advice can provide a lifeline to families at a time of great need. This is a very special place and so much is aly being achieved. It has been wonderful meeting the patients, families and all the staff here – you have given us the most wonderful welcome. Thank you again for inviting us here – and all the very best to this exciting new initiative!201504/370900

  I know you guys have got to go. I know Ive been up here a lot longer than I told my friends I was gonna up here, I cried, I was supposed to get up, and say ;Thank you; and walked off and I am not able to do that. So I appreciate it. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. As I close, the game basketball has been everything to me, my refuge, my place Ive always gone when I need to find comfort and peace. Its been a source of intense pain and a source of the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. The one that no one can even imagine. Its been a relationship of bond over time. It gave me the great expects and love for the game. It provided me with a platform and shared my passions with millions in the way I neither expected nor could have imagined in my career. I hope that its given millions of people with that touch, optimism and desire to achieve their goals through hard work, perseverance and positive attitude. Although I am recognized with this honor of being in the Basketball Hall of Fame, I dont look this moment as the defining end of the relationship between me and basketball. It simply is a continuation of something I started a long time ago. One day, you may look up a senior player at a game of 50. Oh, no. Dont laugh. Dot laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.我知道你们都需要离开,我也知道我讲了很长时间,我跟朋友说我本应该说完谢谢就转身离开。但是,我做不到。我很感谢你们。我的演讲就要进入尾声,我想说,篮球就是我生命中的一切,我心灵的庇护,当我需要安慰与内心的平静时,篮球总会在那里静静地等待我。它带给过我沉重的伤痛,强烈的喜悦,以及自我的满足感。这种情感是你们无法了解与想象的。它就像一种建立许久的交集。它成就了我的伟大也带给了我无尽的喜悦。它给我搭建了一个平台,让我能与成千上万的人一起分享我的。这是我在职业生涯中不曾预料,也无法想象的。我希望我能够激励成千上万的人通过自己的努力、坚持不懈以及积极乐观的态度来实现他们的人生梦想。虽然今天进入名人堂是我职业生涯中无上的荣耀,但我不希望这是我篮球情缘的终结。这仅仅是我从小梦想的一种延续。也许有一天你们会看到一个50岁的乔丹在场上打球。别笑、别笑。不要说“绝不”,因为我们所遇到的限制,比如恐惧,只不过是一种幻觉。Thank you very much!非常感谢!201404/290066



  Third reason that boys are out of sync with school today:第三个原因是男孩与我们今日的学校相脱节:kindergarten is the old second grade, folks.幼儿园是一种过时的脱节教育。We have a serious compression of the curriculum happening out there.我们教学课程中有严重的压缩问题。When youre three, you better be able to write your name legibly,当孩子三岁时,他们最好能清楚地写下他们的名字,or else well consider it a developmental delay.要不我们会认为这是发育迟缓。By the time youre in first grade,到孩子小学一年级时,you should be able to paragraphs of text with maybe a picture,他们应该能读带图的,maybe not, in a book of maybe 25 to 30 pages.或者不带图的课文里的段落,这本书大概有25-30页。If you dont, were probably going to be putting you into a Title 1 special ing program.如果孩子做不到,老师很可能把这孩子送到编号一的特殊阅读计划班。And if you ask Title 1 teachers, theyll tell you如果问问这班的老师们,她们会告诉你:theyve got about four or five boys for every girl thats in their program, in the elementary grades.在这个低年级的特殊阅读计划班里,每当有1个女孩就对等的有4到5个男孩。The reason that this is a problem is because the message that boys are getting这问题是因为男孩得到的教育is ;you need to do what the teacher asks you to do all the time.;是“在上学间,你就需要做老师吩咐你做的事。”The teachers salary depends on ;No Child Left Behind; and ;Race to the Top;老师的工资取决于让学生考试名列前茅,不让一个孩子掉队,and accountability and testing and all of this.并负有责任和大大小小测试,以及类似这样的事。So she has to figure out a way to get all these boys through this curriculum -- and girls.所以她得想方设法地让这些男孩和女孩通过这课程。This compressed curriculum is bad for all active kids.这压缩课程对所有活跃调皮的孩子来说是糟糕的。And what happens is,接下来发生的是,she says, ;Please, sit down, be quiet, do what youre told, follow the rules, manage your time, focus, be a girl.;她说,“请坐下来,安静点,听我说的做,遵守规矩,抓紧时间,注意一下,要乖点像个女孩。”Thats what she tells them.这就是女老师让男孩做的事。Indirectly, thats what she tells them.间接地,她指示了男孩该做什么。And so this is a very serious problem. Where is it coming from?所以这是个很严重的问题。这是从哪开始的呢?Its coming from us.它是源于我们自己。We want our babies to when they are six months old.我们想让我们的宝贝在他们六个月大时就能读。Have you seen the ads?你看过广告吗?We want to live in Lake Wobegon where every child is above average,我们想住在沃比冈湖,那里每一个孩子的智商都高于平均水平。but what this does to our children is really not healthy.但是这对我们的孩子来说是非常不健康的。Its not developmentally appropriate, and its particularly bad for boys.这是种不良发育,特别对男孩来说有不好的影响。So what do we do?我们能做什么呢?We need to meet them where they are.我们要迎合男孩们的需求。We need to put ourselves into boy culture.我们要置身于男孩文化中。We need to change the mindset of acceptance in boys in elementary schools.我们要改变小学对男孩子一成不变地思维模式。More specifically, we can do some very specific things.更具体地,我们可以做些非常具体的事。We can design better games.我们可以设计更好玩的游戏。201601/421852

  All the hospitals but one in the capital city were destroyed首都只剩下一所医院未被毁掉I, working with my friend Dr. Paul Farmer, helped rebuild them in every part of the country我跟我的朋友保罗·法默士一起帮助重建这个国家各地的医院But they dont want to take any foreign assistance from anybody to do anything after 2020但是他们不想在2020年之后继续接受任何类型的外国援助And so they have to not only have hospitals and people trying to work there, but rural clinics and community health workers所以他们不仅需要医院和其中的医疗工作者还需要乡村诊所和社区医疗工作者And so they asked us to put together a plan to do it于是他们请求我们制定一个实施计划Dr. Eric Goosby, President Obama has appointed him as head of PEPFAR,奥巴马总统已经任命埃里克?古斯比士为PEPFAR负责人the presidents plan to deal with AIDS and other life threatening diseases agreed to finance this for a year and a half这是总统应对艾滋病和其他威胁生命的疾病的计划他已经同意资助这项计划一年半But listen to this, you should be really proud of Howard for this但是听着 你们真的应该为霍华德感到自豪Everyone of these schools including Howard is commited to doing this work for three or four years for only 7% overhead,包括霍华德大学在内的每一所学校都承诺只花经费的7% 做三到四年的工作the lowest in the history of any foreign assistance program这是外国援助项目史上的最低开And I think you should be really really proud我觉得你们真的应该感到自豪Youre going to save countless of lives for decades and decades你们将在今后几十年中救下无数人的生命I am well aware that the commencement speech is the least important part of this day我深知毕业致辞是这一天当中最不重要的部分I congratulate all of you who are here我祝贺到场的所有人Your parents, your friends, your loved ones你们的父母 你们的朋友 你们所爱的人I thank those who taught you and work to keep this university going and the supporters of Howard who are here我感谢那些教导你们和为学校正常运转付出劳动的人们以及到场的霍华德大学的持者们But unlike almost every other person here whos older,但与其他到场的几乎所有年纪大的人不同I actually remember who gave my commencement speech 45 years ago next month我还记得四十五年前的下个月为我做毕业致辞的人And I remember exactly what the speech was我还清楚地记得那篇致辞的内容201507/383767

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