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2019年10月22日 14:25:59

郴州桂阳县人民医院妇幼保健男科电话郴州专业男科医院Donald Trump is set to order a new crackdown on a controversial visa programme for skilled workers on Tuesday as well as launch a push for US government agencies to buy more domestically-produced products in an attempt to fulfil promises to abide by a “Buy American/Hire Americancredo.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)周二将下令对一项面向技术工人的有争议的签计划作出新的限制,同时还将推动美国政府机构采购更多美国国内生产的产品,以求兑现其遵守“买美国雇美国人”信条的承诺。The signing of the latest executive order is due to come during a visit by the US president to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, headquarters of the Snap-on tool company and marks his latest effort to maintain the appeal to working class voters that helped him to the White House.这位美国总统将在视察工具公司实耐宝(Snap-on)总部所在地威斯康星州基诺沙(Kenosha)时签署这项最新的行政令,此举标志着他力求保持对工薪阶层选民吸引力的最新努力。特朗普能够入住白宫,离不开工薪阶层选民的帮助。It also comes just days after he drew criticism from labour unions and economic nationalists in his base for reversing a campaign pledge to label China a currency manipulator. That and other signals have been as signs that the former reality TV star is bowing to internationalist moderates within his White House on economic policy and walking away from the populist promises that got him elected.几天前,特朗普因违背了将中国列为汇率操纵国的竞选承诺,而招致其基本盘中工会和经济民族主义者的批评。这位前电视真人秀明星释放的这一信号以及其他信号已被解读为,他在经济政策上正向其政府内的国际主义温和派人士低头,并且正在背离令他当选的民粹主义承诺。Administration officials said the executive order was aimed at ending fraud and other abuses of the H-1B visa programme used by many Silicon Valley companies and outsourcing giants such as Infosys to bring in foreign workers. It is in high demand with applications earlier this month reaching the annual a of 85,000 visas in four days.特朗普政府官员表示,这项行政令旨在终结欺诈和其他滥用H-1B签计划的行为。该计划被许多硅谷公司和Infosys等外包业巨头用来引进外国劳工。H-1B签的需求量很大,本月早些时候,其申请数量在四天内就达到.5万份签的年度配额。Rather than award the visas via a random lottery, the administration wants to use a system that better rewards candidates with higher skills and advanced degrees and stops driving down wages for American workers.特朗普政府不希望通过随机抽签的方式颁发签,而希望采用一种能够更好地奖励拥有较高技能和高级学位的申请人、避免压低美国工人工资水平的制度。More than 80 per cent of the workers now on H-1B visas earn less than the US median wage for their jobs, a senior administration official said. Just 5 per cent have earnings in the highest wage tier.一位高级别政府官员表示,目前拥有H-1B签的劳工当中,有0%的人工资低于同岗位美国工人工资中位数。只%的H-1B劳工工资处于最高薪资层级。“The result of that is that workers are often brought in well below market rates to replace American workers,the official told reporters.这名官员向记者们表示:“其结果是,这些劳工往往被以远低于市场价的工资水平引进,用来代替美国工人。”The executive order has limits with any major changes requiring action by Congress. And business groups are likely to fight any legislation ending the programme. But administration officials said after years of lobbying by labour unions and other interest groups, Congress appeared y to embrace reforms.这项行政令存在局限,因为任何重大变革都需国会采取行动。此外,企业团体很可能会努力对抗任何终结H-1B签计划的法案。不过,政府官员们表示,在工会和其他利益团体开展多年游说之后,国会似乎已准备持这项改革。来 /201704/504545China will select the third batch of astronauts this year for its manned space exploration plan, according to Yang Liwei, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office and Chinas first astronaut to go into space.中国载人航天工程办公室副主任、我国首位进入太空的航天员杨利伟日前表示,今年,我国将为载人航天探索计划选拔第三批航天员;The new batch will have 10 to 12 astronauts, including around two females,; Yang said.杨利伟称:“新一批航天员会选拔102人,其中女性为两名左右。;Astronauts in the first batch were required to have bachelors degrees and pilots license. But now, new astronauts will focus on the engineering side. They should have masters degrees to work as engineers and researchers,; Yang said.杨利伟表示:“过去我们要求首批航天员具备本科学历、拥有飞行员执照。不过现在,新的航天员将重点从工程角度考虑,须为具备研究生学历的工程师和研究员。”New astronauts might face lower physical standards set for past astronauts in selection and training, but they should have more stable mental endurance, allowing them to work in a small place with heavy work for a long period. Meanwhile, the checks on chronic disease will be stricter.新航天员所面临的选拔与训练的身体素质标准较以前的航天员要低,但他们需具备更稳定的心理承受能力,使其能长期在狭小空间高负荷工作;同时对慢性病的检查也将更加严格。Yang added that according to an initial plan, China might choose new astronauts every four years depending on the missions and training situations.杨利伟还表示,按照初步计划,根据任务和训练情况,我国可能年选拔一批新航天员。But the crew of Shenzhou XII will consist of astronauts from the first and second batches, Yang said.但神2号的航天员将由第一、第二批航天员组成。来 /201706/514480郴州包皮环切术的费用

郴州男科最好的医院郴州哪家割包皮比较好Arranging a banquetA: Good afternoon. Lotus Catering Company. Lilian speaking. May I help you?B: Good afternoon. Lilian. This is Tom Baker over at Beck’s Trading company. We need to arrange a banquet for next Wednesday afternoon.A: I see, Mr. Baker. How many people are you planning to invite and how much would you like to spend per person?B: Well. We’re expecting about twenty-five people and we’d like to spend no more than a head.安排宴会A:下午好。荷花餐饮公司。我是丽莲。能帮忙吗?B:下午好,丽莲。我是伯克贸易公司的汤姆·贝克。我们要订一个下周三下午的宴会。A:好的,贝克先生。你们计划邀请多少人参加,每人多少钱的消费标准?B:嗯,我们预计要来25人左右,每人不超过20美元。 /200706/13925I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.我打算要求老板给我加薪,但我退缩了。got cold feet直译过来就是:“双脚变冷”,这个短语的正确意思是:“失去勇气,临阵退缩”。因此,当美国人说;I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I wanted a pay rise from my boss but I dared not to.;、;I gave up asking my boss a salary raise.;。情景对白:Shirley: Honey, you have devoted yourself to your work and have done a good job. Why not ask for a raise?雪莉:亲爱的,你全身心投入到工作中,干得很出色,为什么不要求加薪呢?Benjamin: I was going to ask my boss for a raise but I got cold feet.本杰明:我本打算要求老板给我加薪,但我退缩了。搭配句积累:①Come on! Your boss is not an unreasonable person.加油!你们老板不是那种不讲道理的人。②Its not a shame! Just do it!这又不是什么可耻的事情。尽管去吧。③Then I suggest you send him an email for a raise.那我建议你发封邮件要求加薪。④You work so hard, and you deserve higher pay.你工作如此卖力,你应该得到更高的薪水。单词:1. devote vt. 奉献Only the person of the real understanding other peoples pain and sufferings, then can devote to do a fine matter for the other people.只有真正了解别人痛苦的人,才能尽心为别人做美好的事。After graduation he started to devote himself to science research.他毕业后开始致力于科学研究。You devote all your life to the fulfillment of your dream.你付出你的一生来完成你的梦想。2. unreasonable adj. 不讲道理的The strikers were being unreasonable in their demands, having rejected the deal two weeks ago.罢工者的要求很不合理,他们在两周前已拒绝接受这份协议。Its unreasonable to expect your child to behave in a caring way if you behave selfishly.如果你自己表现得很自私却期待你的孩子能关心别人,这是很没道理的。One in four consumers now say water prices are very unreasonable.1/4的消费者认为现在的水费很不合理。 /201302/225516湘南学院附属医院泌尿科咨询第一句:Whats position you held in A Company? 你在A公司担任什么职位?A: What’s position you held in A Company?你在A公司担任什么职位?B: I am the sales manager.我是銷售经理。第二句:My title was client manager.我的职位是客户经理。A: So you have been working in A Company since 2008.这么说,从2008年起你就开始在A公司工作了。Yes, my title was client manager.是的,我的职位是客户经理。知识扩展:1. 面试官也会这样问:What’s your position?你的职位是什么?What position do you hold now?你现在担任什么职位?Can you tell me your job title?可以告诉我你的职位吗?2. 还可以这样回答:I’ve been working in A Company for four years as project manager in the Overseas Department.我在A公司工作了四年,职位是海外部项目经理。My profession is chief editor.我的职位是主编。I am a supervisor.我是部门主管。内容来自: /201311/264961湘南学院附属医院割包皮多少钱

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