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If you couldnt get laid, you got in a fight.约不到炮 就找人打一架吧Let me punch this ugly motherfucker.让我料理了这个王八蛋In Youngstown. It was a nice place to live.扬斯敦可是武术家的天堂Fighting has taken over my mind and my being.技击已经融入了我的生活Its not what I do. Its who I am.它不仅是一个职业 更是一种自我诠释My father told me fighters are born, not made.父亲曾告诉我 武术家是天生而非培养出的Bruce Lee was a born fighter.李小龙就是一个天生的武术家When you do punch, now Im leaning forward a little bit,出拳时 我会前倾一些hoping not to hurt any camera angle.尽量不给摄像机留下盲区I mean, you gotta put the whole hip into it and snap it,攒足全身劲力 然后爆发出击and get all your energy in there, and make this into a weapon.将所有的能量汇聚一点 一击破敌When Bruce Lee was a young boy,李小龙年纪尚小时maybe 13 or 14, and he was training in Wing Chun,大概十三岁左右 他开始学习咏春拳they found out that Bruce Lee had Caucasian blood.他们发现李小龙有白人血统I believe its one fourth German. - Well?大概是四分之一的德国人血统 -嗯?The other students said he shouldnt be allowed to learn Wing Chun别的学生就说应该禁止他学习咏春because he wasnt purely Chinese.因为他血统不正When youre by yourself当你被所有人孤立and no one wants to be there而别人趋于暴力because they didnt wanna get beat up,不敢为你挺身而出时its the most lonely feeling in the world.那种感觉是无比孤独的One thing I have definitely learned in my life is我在我人生中所意识到的一件事就是that I do have a bad temper.我脾气确实不好A violent temper. In fact.可以说是很不好His whole life is sort of this play between East and West.他的整个人生就在东西方交错中徘徊He hated the oppression of little people他憎恨所有他所目睹which he saw everywhere,来自统治阶级的压迫in the Japanese occupation,不论是日军侵华the Boxer Rebellion,还是义和团运动the foreign powers going into China.或是其他国家入侵中国的行为He just thought all of that was wrong.他觉得这一切都是不对的To live the life he wanted to live, he had to fight for it.为了活出自己的人生 他不得不战斗下去He really had to put it out there and really walk the walk.他必须坚持自己的信念 做到知行合一201311/263680Irish President Makes Historic State VisitNinety-two years after Ireland gained independence, its president is paying a historic state visit to the ed Kingdom.Getting to know the neighbors, three years ago the queen became the first British monarch to visit Ireland since it gained its independence.Michael D Heigans who has met her informally would be the first Irish president to receive a state welcome.It becoming a model relationship between two neighboring countries. We are very close, respectful neighbors. And I think the relationship that we are building and working on is one I think that given our very complex history, is one that many people thoughout the world will be able to draw some inspiration from.The royal tour built bridges. The Majesty spoke in Irish and commemorated those who had fought for freedom.The queens respectful tribute here in Ireland Garden Of Remembrance was hugely symbolic and will be reciprocated when president Heigans unearth the British dead at the tomb of warriors in Westminster Abbey.He addressed a state banquet at Winser castle where Shinphon is on the guest list.The former IOA chief ,non-Northern-Ireland deputy first minister, shook the queens hand once before.Professor Heenan, who served on the president council of state, said Anglo-Irish relationship has been transformed.Its about promoting good relations, but also about saying to the world that we are actually more interested in our commonality, our common love of culture and politics, our common economic interests rather than the focus which has generally been what divides us.Its no routine flight for the head of the state. He is not just crossing the sea, he is crossing a historic divide. /201404/287345Getting 11 countries to work together is not easy联合11个国家一起行动并不简单and simply irrigating a 5,000-mile long belt of trees而且仅是灌溉这5000英里长的防护林is an ambitious task.就是个极具野心的任务But all over Africa, people are recognising how important it is但整个非洲的人们都开始意识到to have trees as part of their local landscape.树林应成为当地景观重要的一部分This group of volunteers has planted nearly 100 million saplings.这组志愿者已经种植了1亿颗树苗They are just one of countless similar groups and individuals他们同其他无数的团队和个人一样taking it upon themselves主动承担起义务to reforest their own part of this great continent.在这片伟大的土地上重新植树造林Trees are essential for the future of the continent and indeed,树木对非洲大陆的未来是极为重要的to the rest of the planet.对整个地球都是如此This is the Congo Basin.这是刚果盆地Its one of the most biologically important forests on Earth眼前的森林是地球上最重要的生态场所之一and its not just because of不仅是因为the concentration of plants and animals that live here.聚集在这里的众多动植物Its because its also one of也因为它是地球上the powerhouses behind the planets wind and rain.天气变化的源动力之一201407/316065In small societies, there isnt really a great need for money, because you can generally trust your friends and neighbours to return any labour, food or goods in kind.小型社会并无货币需求。人们通常可以信任自己的朋友或邻居,相信他们会用劳动、食物或其他物品作为交换或回报。The need for money, as we understand it, grows when you are dealing with strangers you may never see again and cant necessarily trust-that is, when youre trading in a cosmopolitan city like Sardis.我们很容易了解,对货币的需要是在人们与不太信任、有可能不会再见面的陌生人进行交易时出现的,而在像萨迪斯这样的国际都市就常会出现这种贸易。Before the first Lydian coins, payments were made mostly in precious metal - effectively just lumps of gold and silver.在货币出现之前,吕底亚的付媒介是贵金属,主要是金块或银块。It didnt really matter what shape the metal was, just how much it weighed and how pure it was.形状并不要紧,重要的是重量和纯度。But theres a difficulty;in their natural state, gold and silver were often found mixed with each other and, indeed, mixed with other metals.但问题是,自然状态下的金矿和 银矿常混杂在一起,甚至掺杂其他价值不高的金属。Checking a metals purity was a tedious task - likely to hold up every business transaction, and even when the Lydians and their neighbours invented coinage, about a hundred years before Croesus, this problem still remained.检验金属的纯度是项无聊的工作,几乎每次都得耽误贸易的进行。在克罗伊斯王登基前一百年左右,吕底亚人已发明了货币,但纯度问题仍无法解决。They used the naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver, not the pure forms of the metals.他们使 用的是自然状态的金银混合物,而非某种纯金属。The Lydians eventually solved this problem, speeded up the market and, in the process, became hugely rich.吕底亚人最终找到了解决问题的方法,从而加速了市场交易,并在此过程中积累了巨额财富。They realised that the answer was for the state to mint coins of pure gold and pure silver, of consistent weights that would have absolutely reliable value.他们的方案是让国家来铸造固定重量、价值 绝对值得信赖的纯金与纯银货币。It was the currency that you could trust in completely and, without any checking, spend, spend, spend!如果有国家做担保,金币和银币便成为可以完全信任的货币,不再需要任何检查程序即能放心使用。How did the Lydians manage to pull this off?而他们 到底是如何做到这一点的呢?Paul Craddock, expert in historical metals, explains:古代金属专家保罗?克拉多克解释道:;The Lydians hit on the idea of the state, or the king, issuing standard weights and standard purity.吕底亚人选择让国家或国王来确定重量与纯度标准。The stamps on them are the guarantee of the weight and the purity.货币上的印记便是重量及纯度的保。And of course if youre guaranteeing the purity, then it is absolutely necessary that you have the ability not just to add elements to the gold but also to take them out.但如果要保纯度,则必须具备从金矿中加入或析出一些元素的能力。201409/325457

Kunqu Opera film wins awards at Monaco Intl Film Festival昆曲电影《红楼梦》在纳哥国际电影节连夺三奖In the popular casino resort city of Monte Carlo, the 12th Monaco International Film Festival saw the Kunqu Opera film version of the literary classic ;A Dream of Red Mansions; leave as its biggest winner, taking home three awards.中国昆曲电影《红楼梦》在第12届纳哥国际电影节上连中三元,获得本届电影节唯一最高荣誉“最佳影片”天使奖。The film which opened the Monaco International Film Festival, claimed three major awards, including Best Film, Best Costume Design and Best Movie Soundtrack.最终,昆曲电影《红楼梦》连中三元,获得“最佳影片”、“最佳装”和“最佳音乐”三项大奖,并成为中国第一部获得该电影节“最佳影片大奖”的影片。The movie is based on the novel ;A Dream of Red Mansions;, hailed as one of Chinas ;Four Great Classical Novels;.这部电影改编自被誉为中国四大名著之一的经典小说《红楼梦》。201412/347902


如果你和上千万的人一样,每天都要走一英里才能找到一罐水,估计你不会把如此珍贵的水用来洗澡。年轻的企业家Ludwick Marishane讲述了一个引人入胜的有趣故事,那就是他如何发明了一个廉价、清洁而又方便的解决方案:DryBath——全球首款洗澡替代乳液。201312/266112

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