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武汉华夏男子医院医生The distinguishing mark of Marvel ;Guardians of the Galaxy; is its pleasing silliness. If these goofballs are our guardians, the galaxy future may be iffy, but its present is laughy. This action spectacular, in not-so-spectacular 3-D, announces its tone early on when the hero, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), ventures into a vast, crepuscular chamber on a Godsaken planet and, firing up his cherished cassette Walkman, breaks into a little dance that charmingly retro and cheerfully absurd. The message could not be clearer, or more inviting. Abandon all mope, ye who enter here.漫威影业(Marvel)出品的《护卫队(Guardians of the Galaxy)一大特征是令人捧腹的愚蠢如果这些傻瓜蛋是我们的护卫,那么系的未来也许存疑,然而眼下的情况让人忍俊不禁这部3D动作大片在开场不久就定下了基调在一个荒凉的星球上,英雄主角彼得·奎尔(Peter Quill)(由克里斯·普拉特(Chris Pratt)扮演)闯入了一个巨大的密室,故事由此展开他很珍爱一盒老式磁带,里面收集了许多音乐,他偶尔会来一段舞蹈,怀旧又让人捧腹影片所传递的信息再清楚不过了,也更具吸引力进来观影的观众们,抛弃忧郁吧!In the grand scheme of things—Marvel things, not merely galactic things—;Guardians; is a likable lightweight, though it heavy enough on cosmic combat and dazzling effects. (Exceedingly heavy at times, when visual clutter defeats comedy.) A first salvo in a new franchise based on a relatively obscure comics series, the film stars a relatively unfamous actor (Mr. Pratt is best known playing Andy Dwyer on television ;Parks and Recreation;), and surrounds the self-ironic Peter with a team of rebellious misfits he meets in prison. They include Rocket, a weapons-savvy raccoon given voice by Bradley Cooper; Dave Bautista vengeful Drax, who stronger of body than mind (he cant grasp metaphors); and Groot, a sentient tree who is voiced, in a manner of speaking, by Vin Diesel. (Groot manner of speaking limits him to saying ;Im Groot,; which he does frequently, getting laughs with each repetition.) Zoe Saldana Gamora isnt funny, and isnt supposed to be; she an alluringly athletic warrior with initially ambiguous motives.从漫威影业角度、不仅仅是系影片角度来看,《护卫队属于一部讨喜的轻量级作品,尽管影片有许多打斗场面以及眼花缭乱的视觉效果(某些时刻,当视觉上的眼花缭乱战胜喜剧成分时,氛围也会显得极其沉重)作为基于相对不太出名漫画作品的新系列电影的第一部,该片启用了相对名不见经传的演员担当主角(普拉特最出名的角色是美剧《公园与游憩(Parks and Recreation)中的Andy Dwyer),而男主角彼得身边的一群队友是他在星际监狱中认识的叛逆牢友他们是:武器行家火箭浣熊(由布莱德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)配音);复仇心切的毁灭者德拉克斯(Drax)(由戴夫·巴蒂斯塔(Dave Bautista)扮演),他四肢发达,但头脑简单,听不懂隐喻;树人格鲁特(Groot)(由维恩·迪塞尔(Vin Diesel)配音)(格鲁特语言能力有限,他只会说“我是格鲁特”,他经常这样说,每次都戳中观众的笑点)佐伊·索尔达娜(Zoe Saldana)饰演的卡魔拉(Gamora)并不好笑,这个角色本身也不逗趣她是一个迷人的星际战士,登场时动机不明;Guardians of the Galaxy; was directed by James Gunn from a script he wrote with Nicole Perlman. Like the movie star, its director was an adventurous choice a megabudget space opera, and a smart one; his moviemaking background is rich in oddity, and his most prominent feature until now was the horror comedy ;Slither.; Mr. Gunn gives this production a free-swinging style you want to root , just as Marvel fans will be rooting Peter Quill, a half-human who likes to call himself Star-Lord, after Peter swipes a mysteriously powerful orb and becomes the object of a manhunt led by the villainous Ronan the Accuser. (The cast includes Michael Rooker, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Benicio Del Toro. The production was designed by Charles Wood and photographed by Ben Davis.)《护卫队由詹姆斯·冈恩(James Gunn)导演,编剧为冈恩和尼科尔·帕尔曼(Nicole Perlman)与主演一样,这个导演人选对于一部大制作太空题材影片来说也是个冒险的选择,但却是明智的选择;冈恩导演的影片题材多样,此前他最有名的作品是恐怖喜剧《撕裂人(Slither)冈恩让这部影片有了一种让观众喝的大胆风格,正如漫威影迷会为片中主角彼得喝一样彼得具有半人类半外星血统,喜欢自称“星爵”(Star-Lord),他在片中窃取了一个具有强大力量的神秘球体,成了大反派“指控者罗南”(Ronan the Accuser)追捕的目标(影片演员阵容包括迈克尔·鲁克(Michael Rooker)、杰曼·翰苏(Djimon Hounsou)、约翰·雷利(John C. Reilly)、格伦·克洛斯(Glenn Close)和本尼西奥·德尔·托罗(Benicio Del Toro)查尔斯·伍德(Charles Wood)任艺术指导、本·戴维斯(Ben Davis)摄影)The people who made this movie must have had a swell time in the process, and it nice to see a summer epic that takes itself so unseriously. Eventually the wink-and-nod whimsicality wears thin, and you wonder how this errant gang is going to keep its antics fresh in subsequent episodes. now, though, Marvel has maintained its standards in the action department—cluttered or not, the screen is alive with marvelous images—and has won a crucial gamble on its star. Peter is not only a good man playing outlaw; he is, as played by Mr. Pratt, a good guy and a quintessentially amiable American hero. ;I couldnt let you die,; he tells Gamora after saving her life. ;I found something inside myself incredibly heroic—not to brag.; The disclaimer isnt needed. We get that Peter enjoys himself, so were up enjoying him.这部电影的主创人员一定非常享受拍摄过程,看到一部夏季史诗片呈现如此轻松的基调感觉很不错最终,那种心照不宣的狂想淡去,你会好奇这群不走寻常路的家伙在以后的续集中要怎样让这种滑稽的调子保持新鲜感不过目前,漫威保持了其动作片的水准(不管是不是杂乱无章,反正银幕上充满了令人惊叹的形象),其冒险的选角也大获成功彼得并不是一个亡命勇悍的好人;普拉特扮演的彼得是一个好人、而且是一个典型的亲切的美国英雄他在救了卡魔拉之后对她说,“我不能让你死我发现自己内心非常英勇──这并不是说大话”这样的宣言其实并不需要我们知道彼得自得其乐,我们也会乐在其中 57武汉医院哪家割包皮好 武汉东西湖区包皮手术多少钱

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