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办公室“蛋糕文化”正在损害你的健康 -- :: 来源: 一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝对健康可不利 Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.一个资深牙医劝告说:在办公室用蛋糕来庆祝同事的生日、订婚或只是庆祝大家又熬过了这一周,对健康可不利Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems.爱尔兰皇家外科学院口腔外科学系的的Nigel Hunt教授说“蛋糕文化”正在助长肥胖和牙齿问题At the organisation’s annual dinner dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.在该机构的牙医年会上,他要说工作场所中的诱惑打断了人们的减肥计划And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.应该用水果,坚果以及奶酪奖励员工Sugar rush糖份冲击In the speech, he will say: "Managers want to reward staff their efts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions, and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays.在演讲中,他要说:“管理者想奖励员工的努力,同事们想庆祝特别的场合,员工们想假期带点礼物回来”"But many people the workplace is now the primary site of their sugar intake and is contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health."“但对于很多人,工作场所已成为摄入糖的主要地点,这助长肥胖流行,影响口腔健康”He will say nearly 65,000 adults every year need hospital treatment tooth decay.他说每年将近有6.5万个成年人需要到医院治疗蛀牙Prof Hunt will say: "Cake culture also poses difficulties those who are trying their hardest to lose weight or become healthier - how many of us have begun such diets only to cave in to the temptation of the doughnuts, cookies or the triple chocolate biscuits?"Hunt教授要说:“蛋糕文化为正竭尽全力减肥或努力变得健康的人制造了困难——我们中有多少人在开始控制饮食后最终屈于甜甜圈,饼干或巧克力饼干的?”Fruit platter水果拼盘While he does not believe office cake should be banned, he will say it should be purchased in smaller quantities and consumed only with lunch.同时他也不认为办公室蛋糕就应该被禁止,他要说的是应该少买一点,并只在午餐时食用Dentists recommend cutting down on sugary or starchy foods between meals as they give bacteria fuel to produce acids that decay teeth.牙医们建议两餐之间少吃含糖或淀粉的食物,因为这相当于给细菌提供燃料,让它们产生蛀坏牙齿的酸At the dinner, which is being rounded off with mint panna cotta, British strawberries and chocolate soil, Prof Hunt will say: "Ideally office workers should consider other alternatives altogether like fruit platters, nuts, or cheese.Hunt教授将要在这个被薄荷奶油布丁、英国草莓和巧克力环绕的晚宴上说:“理论上,员工们应该考虑其他选择,例如水果拼盘,坚果或者奶酪”"Responsible employers should take a lead and avoid such snacks in meetings."“负责的老板应该带头,在开会时避免这些零食”苹果新专利:再不怕英文自动修正闹笑话了 -- 1:33: 来源:中国日报 It's a curse that has serially embarrassed smartphone users. The iPhone's autocorrect function, which aims to fix touchscreen typists' inaccurate spelling, intervenes at precisely the wrong moment, correcting ;hungry; to ;horny; or making texters promise to ;walk their dad;.仿佛遭到诅咒一般,不断有人因智能手机的自动修正而陷入尴尬境地iPhone的自动修正功能本意是修改触屏使用者打错的字词,结果却大相径庭,比如将;hungry(饥饿的);自动修正成;horny(淫荡的);,或者导致发信息者要;walk their dad(遛爹);But Apple may have a solution. The company has filed a patent a fix that would see message recipients warned that the sender's words have been automatically corrected, preventing the confusion of seeing an incoherent or rude message.不过苹果公司已经找到应对之策苹果近日申请了一项专利,该专利会告诉信息接收者,哪些发过来的词经过对方手机的自动修正,防止因文不对题或粗鲁字眼造成任何误会Currently, autocorrected words are presented in the same way as any other word, both when messages are being written and .目前,无论从发信息端还是收信息端来看,自动修正过的词都和其他字词是完全一样显示的Apple's proposal is that they would be highlighted using an underscore in both the typing window and when by its intended target, distinguishing an autocorrected word from any other.苹果的新专利显示,他们会在发信息端和收信息端,用下划线的方式突出显示经过自动修正的字词,使它们区别于其它字词So, example, when autocorrect censors a message to ;I can't ducking believe it;, the recipient will have more of an idea of what was intended. If the sender spots the mistake, a clarify-and-resend button would allow them to easily correct it.比如,当系统自动修正了一句话,使之变为;I can't ducking believe it;,收信息端就会大概知道对方要表达什么意思了(因为有下划线)如果发信息方看到了这个错误,系统还配有;修改并重发;钮,可以让他们轻松改正这个错误那些年,自动修正犯过的错:1. A traveller's surname was corrected from ;Moss; to ;Miss; when booking a flight. The airline refused to allow the error, costing the untunate passenger pound;600一位出行者订机票时,其姓氏的;Moss;被自动修正成;Miss;结果航空公司因为这个错误拒绝让其登机,导致这位不幸的乘客损失了600英镑. A mother who asked a cake shop to make a birthday cake with a ;wee blond girl; her daughter was surprised to receive one with a girl holding a white cane after the crucial word was corrected to ;blind;一位母亲给女儿订蛋糕时,要求蛋糕店制作一款主题为;金发小美女;的蛋糕谁知收到的蛋糕上,竟然是一个小女孩手拿白色拐杖;;原来关键的;blond(金发的);一词被修正成了;blind(盲人的);3. An enterprising teenager who knew his parents would deny his request to host a party changed autocorrect on their phones so that ;no; was automatically converted to ;HELL YES;.一位不达目的誓不罢休的少年,料到父母不会同意他办聚会的提议,于是修改了父母手机上的自动修正设置,使;no(不行);一词被自动修改为了;HELL YES(当然没问题);. A -year-old daughter who received a text from her mother asking ;What do you want from life;. The teenager and her father spent five minutes debating the profound question, until a second message corrected it to ;Lidl;一位岁的姑娘收到了母亲发来的短信:;What do you want from life(你想从生活中得到什么);这位姑娘和父亲一起花了5分钟研究这个深奥的人生命题,结果母亲又发来一条更正短信,她其实想说的是:;What do you want from Lidl(你们想让我从里德尔商店带点什么);甜食,到底如何才能不爱你? -- ::37 来源: 如果你在一个中餐厅就餐后点奶酪蛋糕,那么你就是对亚洲饮食一点儿也不了解If you ask cheesecake after dinner at a Chinese restaurant, you donrsquo;t really know about the Asian diet.如果你在一个中餐厅就餐后点奶酪蛋糕,那么你就是对亚洲饮食一点儿也不了解I am sorry to break it to you, but most Chinese restaurants donrsquo;t serve dessert.我很抱歉让你扫兴了,但事实上大多数的中餐厅真的是不提供甜食的Why not? Well, bee I answer that question, I would like to know why Westerners always have room dessert.为什么呢?这样,在我回答这个问题之前,我很想知道为什么西方人总是在饭后还能吃得下甜食The other night, I went out dinner with an American friend. After having a big bowl of Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, and pan-fried chicken the size of my head with lemon sauce, I was so full that I almost died.某天晚上,我和一个美国朋友一起出去吃晚餐在吃了一大碗凯撒沙拉,土豆泥,炸鸡和像我的头那么大一杯柠檬汁后,我简直要撑死了At that very moment, my friend asked, ;What would you like dessert? Cheesecake or a brownie?;就在这时,我的朋友问,;你想要什么甜点?奶酪蛋糕还是巧克力蛋糕?;I looked at her slim figure and wondered how she could have room dessert after the heavy main course.我打量着她苗条的身材,想着在吃了这样一顿大餐后,她胃里怎么还能装得下甜点?;Maybe Asians have a relatively smaller stomach,; I thought.我想,;也许亚洲人的胃相对小些;The physiological explanation is: Our stomach is a flexible organ.而生理学的解释是,我们的胃是一个能屈能伸的器官;If you eat slowly and chew the food well, it is easier your stomach to digest it, and you can have dessert,; she said.朋友说,;如果你细嚼慢咽,食物就能更好的被消化,然后你就可以吃甜点了;I donrsquo;t know when this Western tradition began. But the trend of having a dessert after dinner is declining. More and more people are cutting it out to become healthier and stay fit. The one-dish meal is on its way back.我不知道这个西方的传统是从什么时候开始的,但是餐后吃甜点的这个趋势已经开始下降为了保持健康,越来越多的人餐后都不吃甜点了,又回归到了只有一个主菜Letrsquo;s get back to the question of why most Chinese people do not have a habit of having dessert after dinner. Well, sweets are considered snacks in China. Chinese people donrsquo;t eat it after dinner.现在让我们言传正传:为何中国人没有餐后吃甜点的习惯?其实,甜点在中国被视为零食中国人饭后是不吃零食的Quite the opposite, sometimes Chinese people eat sweets bee dinner. I remember I was not allowed to have sweets bee dinner when I was little. My parents knew that if I did, I would not have room dinner.恰恰相反的是,有时中国人在饭前吃零食我还记得小时候,在饭前大人不让我吃零食父母知道如果吃了零食,那一定就不能好好吃饭了Moreover, the Chinese diet values wellness. Many Chinese people believe food is medicine. Thus, if people want to stay healthy, they keep away from sweets.更重要的是,中国饮食注重健康多数中国人认为食物是具有药性的,如果人们想要保持健康,就要远离零食As those who crave the sweet stuff, they can go to special dessert places.而对于那些对甜点上瘾的人来说,他们可以去特别的甜品店These shops are very popular in Hong Kong and Macao where desserts like black sesame ice cream, sweet red bean soup, and tofu pudding are great bedtime snacks. They are open until very late in the evening.在香港和,这样的甜品店很常见,出售如黑芝麻冰淇淋、红豆羹、豆腐布丁等夜宵这些店子一直开到深夜才打烊It remains a mystery to me how the locals stay so slim.可是神奇的是,当地人看起来都很苗条;Wait. Chinese people do eat dessert - the fruit plate,; my friend reminded me.我的朋友提醒我,;等一下,中国人其实是吃甜食的;;水果拼盘;Yes, Chinese people donrsquo;t usually order dessert, but restaurants do serve fruit platters, mostly comprising fruits that are in-season, such as watermelons, tomatoes, apples and oranges. I love it. I feel like those fruit slices are light and fresh after a heavy meal.确实,中国人不怎么点甜食,但是餐厅里提供有水果拼盘,比如西瓜、土豆、苹果和橙子等时令水果我很喜欢吃在吃过大餐后,水果切片给人感觉很清爽也很新鲜Scientists claim that you can use willpower to stop craving sweets. The secret is to eat with mindfulness. They suggest focusing on the food you eat and how full you become, which over time can reduce your desire dessert.科学家称可以用意志力拒绝甜食秘密是用正念吃东西他们建议专注于你所吃的食物,专注于你已吃饱了,这样就能慢慢的弱化你对甜食的欲望Does it really work? You tell me.这样真的奏效吗?你说呢?乔治小王子试驾飞机 哭起来也萌萌哒~ -- :9:6 来源:chinadaily Prince George stole the show today as he joined his parents a fun day out at a military air show - but the normally impeccably-behaved youngster could be seen throwing something of a tantrum shortly after his arrival. 乔治小王子今天又抢头条啦!他本来是和爸爸妈妈一起参观空军秀的,但这个平时乖巧的娃刚到达目的地不久就开始发脾气 The young Prince looked adorable in navy shorts and a white T-shirt with his customary Start Rite shoes as he arrived at the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The trip was the first time George, who turns three in two weeks, has joined his parents on an official engagement in the UK. 小王子身穿海军蓝短裤、白色T恤,还有他常穿的Start Rite牌鞋子,看上去非常可爱他和爸妈(威廉王子和凯特王妃)一起到达了格洛斯特郡的皇家国际航空展示会小王子再有两个星期就满3岁了,这还是他第一次跟随爸妈参加英国的官方活动 However, not long after the family made their way to the show the two-year-old was swept up into his mother's arms after he began crying. 然而在一家人前往空军秀的路上,岁的乔治开始哇哇大哭,随后被妈妈抱进了怀里 The little Prince was lifted into one of the Red Arrows as his father and a member of the aerobatic team helped him inside. 随后小王子被爸爸和红箭飞行表演队的工作人员抱进了一架红色的飞机里 词霸君不禁感慨,乔治小王子还是一脸嫌弃生无可恋啊!不过我喜欢! But after a teary arrival, Prince George was soon back to his well-behaved self, as his father showed him around the helicopters and aircraft on display. 哭过之后,乔治小王子又恢复了平日里乖宝宝的样子,因为爸爸带着他参观了展览中的直升机和其它飞机 Who is giving who a lesson? According to Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk who escorted the royals, Prince George 'was very interested in the tail rotor'. 快看看这是谁在给谁上课?据皇室陪同人员、空军上尉Jim Hobkirk说,小王子对这个高高的直升机尾旋翼非常感兴趣 Prince George was quite the grown up as he shook hands with a pilot while his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, looked on. 乔治小王子和一名飞行员握手,看上去真的长大了而他的妈妈凯特王妃,看着自己的儿子(笑了)男子喷药:小强没死 房子炸飞 --5 :37:5 来源:中国日报   It's a nightmare come true when you've got a cockroach infestation in your house.  家里横行简直是梦魇  It can drive you crazy, cause sleepless nights and cause a lot of damage.  它们到处搞破坏,已把你逼疯,令你夜不能寐  So when it all gets too much, what do you do?  当快要到达你忍耐极限的时候,你会怎么做呢?  You take matters in to your own hands, like this man, who doused his house in roach spray hoping it would do the trick.  你决定出手了,就像这位仁兄,他把家里喷满了药,坐等;小强;们死翘  Except it all went wrong when the buildup of fumes from the household insecticide led to an explosion, which tore apart the house.  但世事就是这么无常:屋里的喷雾达到一定浓度后,竟然引发了爆炸,房屋被炸碎  To make it worse, the cockroaches were still there after the blast.  更糟的是,;小强;们安然无恙,幸免于难  The two adults and a young child who were inside the apartment at the time were taken to hospital as a precaution.  爆炸导致当时在家的两个大人和一个小孩入院观察  The blast smashed all the apartment's windows.  爆炸把公寓的窗玻璃都震碎了  According to the city's code encement officer, the roach spray did not have the intended effect.  据当地的执法官称,药并没有发挥出本该有的效用  Garrett M. Giberson said: lsquo;The was infested with roaches. When I got on scene I saw numerous roaches crawling throughout the apartment.'  嘉莱特;M;吉伯森表示:;屋子里满是我到达现场后,看到公寓内在到处爬;  He explained how the occupant began experiencing a headache and opened a window after spraying the insecticide.  他解释称,喷完杀虫剂后,屋主会感到头疼,于是打开窗  'You had the chemical, you had the oxygen and you had the ignition source,' he said.  他表示:;化学物质,加氧气,再加上火源;  lsquo;The tenants are lucky because they could have been seriously injured. There had to be quite a buildup of chemicals and fumes from the bug killer to cause an explosion like that.'  ;屋主没有受重伤已算幸运能发生这样的爆炸,说明当时屋里化学物质的浓度肯定已经非常高了;  The residents are now in temporary shelter provided by The American Red Cross.  屋内住户目前正在美国红十字会接受临时救助  Vocabularytake matters into your own hands:自己动手  douse:泼(或洒、浇)液体在;上,泼水于

[]又相信真爱啦!好莱坞模范情侣(双语) --3 :53:57 来源:sohu 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆-相守19年 Victoria Beckham And David Beckham——19 Years Together 明星情侣总是分分合合有时他们更换伴侣的速度甚至快到让我们跟不上节奏!但并不是所有的名人情侣都会分手没错,绝对不是他们中也有人与伴侣一生厮守,谱写了一段美好恋歌 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆,碧昂斯和JAY-Z,贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯,汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊这些明星都榜上有名 Celebrity couples come and go. Actually, they come and go so fast it's hard to keep track of who's dating who these days! But not all famous people break up. Nuh-uh, definitely not. Some of them stay together a lifetime, and it's absolutely beautiful. To prove so,wehas compiled a list of celebrity couples who show us that love can last ever. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Beyonceacute; and Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - they're all on the list. 1. 迈克尔;凯恩和夏奇拉巴克-相守3年 Michael Caine And Shakira Baksh - 3 Years Together . 梅丽尔; 斯特里普和唐冈默-相守37年 Meryl Streep And Don Gummer - 37 Years Together 37年?在好莱坞这不叫做婚姻——这是奇迹! 37 years In Hollywood, t hat's not a marriage - that's a miracle! 3. 柯克; 道格拉斯和安娜; 拜登斯-相守6年 Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens - 6 Years Together 多么般配的一对 What a great couple. . 汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊-相守年 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson- Years Together 是那个小胡子硬汉 That mustache though. 5. 杰梅; 李; 柯蒂斯和克里斯多弗;盖斯特-相守3年 Jaime Lee Curtis And Christopher Guest - 3 Years Together 现在的他们看起来更加光照人! They look even better now....Gorgeous! 6. 凯文; 培根和凯拉塞吉维克-相守年 Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick - Years Together 恩,他们仍然是一对迷人的夫妻 Awww, they are still such a cute couple. 7. 塞缪尔; 杰克逊和理查德森-相守36年 Samuel L. Jackson And Latanya Richardson - 36 Years Together 貌似右边的照片更年轻些... 我眼花了吗? actually they look younger on the right pic... amI missing sth? 8. 迈克尔; 福克斯和特蕾西普兰-相守年 Michael J. Fox And Tracy Pollan - Years Together 一段佳话 Beautiful story 9. 贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯-相守年 Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith - Years Together 他们没有变化... . 波诺和艾莉森; 休森-相守1年 Bono And Alison Hewson - 1 Year Together 怎么完全不像过了1年,难道他们进到了时光机之类的东西里? They don't even LOOK 1 now. Did they jump into a TARDIS or something? . 艾伦; 德杰尼勒斯和波蒂亚德罗西-相守年 Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi - Years Together 她们在一起真是养眼的一对! They look so cute together! . 戈尔迪霍恩和库尔特; 拉塞尔-相守33年 Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell - 33 Years Together . 丹泽尔和宝蕾塔华盛顿-相守39年 Denzel And Pauletta Washington - 39 Years Together . 斯汀和特鲁迪;斯泰勒-相守年 Sting And Trudie Styler - Years Together 明星也有痴情种,别再给自己的花心找借口! English Source: Bored Panda

口无遮拦惹祸,特朗普持率下跌 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普素以口无遮拦、言论激进著称,这在竞选初期为他得超高人气,然而“大嘴巴”也逐渐让他暴露出自己的短板不当言论正在让他丧失选民们的持As the Republican front-runner US presidential nomination, Donald Trump has faced setbacks in the past few weeks. On April 3, he lost an important primary in Wisconsin. Critics speculate that Trump’s low poll numbers were linked to several off-color comments he made prior to the primary.作为年美国大选中共和党阵营的领头羊,唐纳德?特朗普最近几周屡屡受挫月3日,他在威斯康辛州的一场重要初选中落败家推测,特朗普民调持率下降可能和他在初选之前爆出的低俗言论有关In an interview with MSN’s Chris Matthews, Trump suggested “there has to be some m of punishment” women who have abortions–a comment that surely alienated many female voters.在接受微软全国有限广播电视公司记者克里斯?马修斯采访时,特朗普建议对于那些堕胎的女性“应该有某种形式的惩罚”——这一言论自然导致很多女性选民放弃他Then, in an interview with The New York Times published on March 6, Trump suggested that the US’ Asian allies shoulder more of the burden regional defense. He encouraged countries like South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear arsenals–a comment that, according to many critics, reveals how little he knows about international politics.其后,在3月6日的《纽约时报上的一篇采访中,特朗普建议美国的亚洲盟友应该承担更多地区防务的责任他鼓励像韩国和日本这样的国家发展本国的核武器库家认为,这一言论暴露了特朗普对国际政治一窍不通Trump has made trade a focal point in his campaign. He boasted he would negotiate “tough new trade deals” and “bring jobs back” to the US. He lambasted US companies such as d and Apple that have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas. But in response, critics noted that he is guilty of the same practice in his businesses.特朗普把贸易作为他竞选的核心问题他夸口说自己将会通过谈判制定一个“严格的贸易新规定”,并为美国“创造更多的就业机会”他谴责像福特、苹果这样的美国公司把它们的部分甚至所有的生产线迁到海外而家们则反击说,特朗普自己的企业也难逃其责According to a Financial Times report, many of Donald Trump’s apparel products, including its shirts, ties, cuff links and eyeglass frames, are manufactured in China.据《金融时报报道,唐纳德?特朗普品牌的许多饰,包括衬衫、领带、袖扣和眼镜框在内都是中国制造

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