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武汉中心医院男科电话武汉市割痔疮多少钱武汉华夏医院预约电话 One brother was the last king of Guge, his name was Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-lde and he was considered both a religious and political ruler of the land.哥哥正是古格王朝的最后一位国王,他的名字是赤扎西扎巴德被认为是古格王朝的宗教及政治统治者。The other, was the chief abbot of one of Tibets greatest monasteries.弟弟是西藏当时的宗教领袖,拥有强大的宗教力量作为后盾。What is said to have begun as an argument of authority turned into a bitter ongoing dispute, fueled by jealousy and the thirst for power.据说刚开始的权力争执是因为嫉妒及对权力的渴望而发展成长期激烈的矛盾。This, it is speculated, is one plausible explanation for the eventual demise of Guge.推断这是古格王朝没落的一个可能原因。There are a lot of stories out there about how Guge kingdom finally ended.外头流传了许多关于古格王朝是如何走向灭亡。We know that all through its history, there were intrigues, there were times that the royalty was assassinated, the king lost his position, usurped by a brother or half-brother.我们知道贯穿整段历史的是一连串的阴谋,当时的皇族权贵遭到暗杀列王丧失他们的王位。And so there were prompts all along the way.一直以来不断上演王位遭兄弟或同父异母兄弟篡位的事件。King Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-lde, came from a long line of royalty, who had ruled the kingdom from extraordinary complex at Tsaparang.赤扎西扎巴德国王是世袭皇族出身,他的皇族在札布让要塞统治古格王朝。This unusual structure, was once a burgeoning metropolis, a city fortress.这座不寻常的古城曾是发展快速的首都一座堡垒。Today, its an archaeological bonanza for explorers like Bellezza.今日它是贝勒查等探险家的考古天堂。Oh, Tsaparang is a wonderful place to wander about.札不让是个非常棒的探险之地。Its like reliving your childhood and we are exploring all the nooks and crannies, seeing things for the first time.仿佛带你重回童年时期探索每个角落和缝隙看到前所未有的东西。I mean, you never know what you are gonna discover in th ruins.我想你永远也想不到会在废墟里发现什么。So I mean, it brings this civilization alive, and its people and its beliefs.意思就是它将它的文明人民和信仰重新注入生命。The heart of Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-ldes city was a sophisticated labyrinth of tunnels, connecting the many caves called Pugo.札布让有着复杂的地道迷宫连接许多洞窟。 译文属201601/421158黄石男科挂号

武汉包茎大概多少钱Researchers have released new information, suggesting that you may want to reconsider that nightly glass of wine, beer, or liquor. 研究人员已经发布新的信息,认为你可能要重新考虑每晚一杯酒了。It seems that alcohol may not be as healthy for everyones heart as previously believed. 看来,酒精可能不会像以前认为的那样,对每个人的心脏是健康的。It seems that long-term drinking even in moderate amounts of alcohol could increase certain individuals risk of stroke by causing the hearts left atrium to get bigger. 看来,长期饮酒即使是适量的酒精都可能会增加个人中风的风险,使心脏的左心室肥大。Senior researcher Dr. Gregory Marcus said this enlargement of the left atrium could also contribute to a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, in which the heart beats irregularly.高级研究员格雷戈里士说,左心室肥大可能会造成心房颤动,即心脏不规则跳动。译文属。201609/466401武汉华夏医院血管外科 黄冈红安县包皮手术怎么样

咸宁市嘉鱼县治疗内分泌多少钱They arived as larvae,swept in from the oacean by the tide.它们在幼体时期被海浪从大洋中带进来。Then as the tiny fish grow, they hop from one refuge to the next across the floor of lagoon to reach their final destination,back on the barrier reef itself.然后随着小鱼成长,它们在环礁湖底从一个避难所跳到另一个避难所,直到最终目的地外堡礁。As long as they hide amongst the corals and sea weed, they are relatively safe, the danger comes when they break cover.只要藏在珊瑚和海草中,它们就相对安全,如果从隐藏处中跑出来,危险就会来临。This baby Queensland Groper,may just be few cms long now, but one day hell weigh half a ton.这只幼年鞍带石斑鱼也许只有几厘米长,但迟早有一天它会长到半吨重。That if he lives that long, he cant stay hiding forever.前提是能活到那一天,它不能永远东躲西藏。Its dangers like this camouflaged Stone fish that forces all the lifes down here to find somewhere to hide.像伪装的石头鱼这样的危险掠食者迫使这里所有的生物都得找地方躲藏。The floor of lagoon is relatively flat and free of killers, like the plains in the dersert.环礁湖的海底相对平坦而没有特点,就像沙漠中的小平原。But every now and there you get a little oasis of the life,on this gong here is being heavily colonized by these ferthery stars, and its provides a vital kind of cover for junvile fish on their journey,both to the reef and their journey to the adulthood.但偶尔会看到小生命的绿洲,这块海绵已经变成海羽星的殖民地了,它为幼鱼在去往珊瑚礁的路途及成长的道路上提供了至关重要的保护。And that journey includes stopover of allmost anything that sticks out above sand,like this tube dewelling sea Anemone.这段旅程包括在任何高出沙子的地方做中途停留,就像这只管居千手佛。A carpet Anemone became a wellcoming road house...地毯海葵成为非常受欢迎的旅馆。201501/355101 The explanation that many academics and think-tanks favour is that guards are less tolerant towards women. A 1994 study of Texan prisons found that wardens in female prisons demanded total compliance but those in male prisons did not. Ellie Butt at the Howard League, a prison-reform charity, thinks little has changed. Female inmates, she says, are considered doubly deviant—“a woman, and a criminal?” says one female ex-con, “Youre practically Myra Hindley!” Guards may be more likely to write up and punish womens verbal assaults on staff than mens.很多智库和学术机构偏向于狱警对女囚犯容忍度更低这一说法。1994年,一项对德克萨斯州囚犯的调查显示,女性监狱中的典狱官要求犯人们绝对从,而在男性监狱中则不对囚犯作此要求。Howard League是一个致力于监狱改革的慈善团体,Ellie Butt是其中一员。。她认为监狱的情况并没有得到什么改善。(由于对女性性别的成见,)女性囚犯的偏激行为被放大了—“一个女人,同时也是一个罪犯?”一个有前科的女性说到(狱警对她的评价),“你活脱脱就是个迈拉·希德莉!”(译者注:Myra Hindley,被称为“沼泽杀手”,与她的男友一起诱拐、性侵、杀害数名孩童)相较于男性囚犯,狱警们更愿意记录并惩罚女性囚犯对他们的语言攻击。Government figures hint this is true. “Disobedience or disrespect” was the reason for 44% of punishments given to female prisoners in 2014 compared with 39% of those handed out to men. Farah Damji, who has spent time in prison, says male guards were particularly keen to put her in her place. “It was a sense of, you think you have some status in the outside world? Ill show you,” she says. Ms Butt reckons such treatment contributes to the disproportionate levels of self-harm committed by women—26% of the prison-system total in 2014. Punishments were designed for men, says Juliet Lyon at the Prison Reform Trust, a charity, and are often a bad fit for women.政府数据也实了这一点。2014年,女性囚犯受到的惩罚,44%是因为“反抗或不尊重”,而男性则是39%。Farah Damji曾经入狱,她说男狱警尤其想让她乖乖听话。“感觉就像是(他们对你说),你觉得你在外面很有地位?那么让我告诉你(在这儿)应该是什么样的吧!” Butt女士则称这种待遇让女性囚犯更容易自残——2014年,整个监狱系统中,女性囚犯自我伤害的比率是26%。慈善团体Prison Reform Trust(译者注:直译为“监狱改革机构”)的 Juliet Lyon说,监狱中惩罚都是为男性囚犯设计的,很多情况下,并不适合对女性囚犯执行。There are some promising signs of change. Since 2006 the rates of female assaults on staff have more than halved whereas male assault rates have stayed roughly flat. The gap between male and female punishment rates has also narrowed. One reason, Ms Lyon says, is that staff are learning more about working with prisoners who have suffered trauma.有可靠迹象表明,现状可能有所改变。2006年以来,女性囚犯攻击狱警的案例已经减少一半,同时男性囚犯的案例数量几乎没有变化。二者受惩罚的比率差距正在缩小。Lyon女士说,其中一个原因就是,监狱工作人员正在学习如何同受过心理创伤的囚犯更好地相处。A different approach altogether might work better. Women fare worse than men after prison: they are more likely to reoffend after sentences shorter than 12 months, the type they most commonly receive. They do better on alternative measures, though. Around 95% complete community-service sentences, but only 76% of men do. If jail turns women into Walter White, the anti-hero of the television series “Breaking Bad”, there is a case for not putting them there in the first place.如采取别的方法惩罚女性囚犯,可能效果会更好。出狱后的女性比男性表现更差:如果判刑时间少于12个月,她们通常更容易再犯,而她们最常受到的往往就是少于12个月的刑罚。如果是其他形式的惩罚,对女性来说效果会更好。大约95%的女性犯罪者都能完成作为惩罚的社区务,而只有76%的男性罪犯能做到。如果,监狱会把女性 《绝命毒师》中的反英雄角色老白那么从一开始,我们就不应该判她们入狱刑。(译者注:老白即Walter White,《绝命毒师》的主角,加州理工毕业,但只当了高中化学老师。发现自己得了癌症后,为了快速挣钱,开始制毒、贩毒。)翻译:张露丹 校对:朱宇晴 译文属译生译世 /201604/440074武汉男性科医院武汉汉南区不孕不育收费好不好



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