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We most associate yawning with boredom or being sleepy, but new research suggests it can be good for your health—by cooling down your brain. Scientists at Princeton University found a big yawn can regulate the temperature of the brain and prevent over-heating. During winter, Professor Andrew Gallup and his team asked 80 random pedestrians to look at images of people yawning and then recorded whether they yawned in response. They then performed the same trial in the summer. The researchers found that half of the participants yawned in winter while only a quarter yawned in summer. You may think people would tend to cool the brain by yawning more in summer. But according to the theory, yawning cools the brain via a heat exchange with cooler air. This system therefore wouldn't work on a scorching summer's day. Professor Gallup said: "Yawning should be suppressed—in ambient temperatures exceeding body temperature because taking a deep inhalation of air would not promote cooling. He also suggested that this is the first study to show that yawning frequency varies from season to season. It could help explain why humans become confused and disorientated in extreme heat as the brain has limited ways of cooling itself down. The research is published in the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience. 据英国《每日邮报》9月20日报道,人们把多把打哈欠和无聊与瞌睡联系在一起,但一项新研究表明,打哈欠可以给人脑“降温”,有益健康。 普林斯顿大学的科学家发现,打一个大大哈欠可以调节人脑温度,避免人脑过热。 安德鲁#8226;盖洛普教授和他的团队在冬天随机测试了80名路人,让他们看关于人们打哈欠的图像,记录他们是否以打哈欠回应,他们在夏天也做了相同的试验。 研究人员发现,在冬天,一半参与者都会打哈欠,而在夏天打哈欠的受试者只有25%。也许人们会认为,人在夏天时更倾向于给脑子降温,但是,根据该理论,打哈欠得通过和较冷的空气进行热传导才能降低人脑温度。因此,该系统无法在闷热的夏天发挥作用。 盖洛普教授说:“当周围温度超过人体温度时,深吸空气并不能帮助降温,打哈欠也就会受到抑制。” 他还表示,该研究首次表明,打哈欠的频率会根据季节而变化,这能够帮助人们解释人脑降温途径受限时,会变得困惑和茫然的原因。 该研究发表在《进化神经系统前沿》杂志上。 /201110/157089Of those with access to the Internet, a majority of Americans -- 64 percent -- watch s online while at work, a recent survey found. What's more, men are much more likely to watch s at work than women -- 53 percent to 34 percent, respectively, according to the poll conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey also showed that 74 percent of respondents believe that mobile devices prompt workers to surf the Internet for content that they otherwise wouldn't access on their work-issued computer.Results showed:52 percent - Look for another primary job. 47 percent - Visit an online dating website. 46 percent - Look for a side job. 37 percent - Research an embarrassing illness/condition. 33 percent - Shop for lingerie/underwear. 20 percent - Investigate plastic surgery options. Another finding -- that's likely distressing to employers -- is that only 9 percent of those polled believe employees are "very aware" of the toll that watching online s on their personal mobile devices may take on the speed and bandwidth of their company's wireless network, frequently the means by which online content is accessed.最近一项调查发现,使用网络的美国人中,64%的人会在上班的时候观看在线视频。而且,据哈里斯互动调查,男性比例高于女性(53%—34%)。调查还发现74%的调查对象认为,这些移动设备促使员工搜索去无法通过工作用电脑来获取的网络内容。结果表明:52%——寻找另一份全职工作。47%——访问婚恋网站。46%——寻找兼职工作。37%——研究自身难言之疾/其他情况。33%——购买内衣。20%——调查整形手术的选项。 另一项发现——倒是会让老板们苦恼——仅有9%的调查对象认为员工十分清楚在个人移动终端上观看在线视频会给公司的无线网络带来速度和宽带损耗。回帖话题:What kind of s do you watch at work? /201109/154391Putting fresh groceries in the fridge is the quickest and easiest option after a shop, but whether or not those items belong in there is another story。把新鲜食品放冰箱里是从商店回来后最先做、也是最容易做的事,但那些食物是否该放冰箱里却是另一回事。Surprisingly, most fruits and vegetables are better off out of the fridge at first, with many of them only needing refrigeration once fully ripe。出人意料的是,大多数水果蔬菜最好先不要放冰箱里,其中有很多只在完全成熟之后才需要冷藏。Daily Mail Australia spoke to leading senior nutritionist from NAQ Nutrition, Aloysa Hourigan, to find out what should be in the fridge and what should remain at room temperature。《每日邮报》驻澳大利亚记者向NAQ Nutrition首席高级营养师阿罗伊莎霍瑞根咨询了什么该放冰箱里、什么该常温保存。BREAD面包Putting b in the fridge will dry it out so if you are not going to eat it fast, then the better option is to freeze it and get slices out as you need them。面包放冰箱里会变干,所以如果你吃得慢的话,最好冷冻,吃的时候切片。For those who do choose to keep it in the fridge, multi grain b is the best choice as it doesn#39;t dry out as easily as white or wholemeal b does。对那些选择冷藏的人来说,最好选杂粮面包,因为它不像白面包或全麦面包那么容易变干。TOMATOES西红柿Tomatoes are commonly refrigerated after purchase, but there is a reason they are kept at room temperature at the supermarket。西红柿买回来通常会冷藏,但在超市里常温放置是有原因的。#39;In terms of becoming ripe enough to eat, tomatoes do better when they are out of the fridge,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“想让西红柿变熟能吃,不放冰箱里确实更好。”#39;Once they reach their ripeness they can go in the fridge otherwise they start to spoil...but tomatoes won#39;t ripen in the fridge by themselves.#39;“一旦熟了就要冷藏,否则会开始腐烂……但西红柿放冰箱里是不会自己变熟的。”ORANGES橙子If you leave them out of the fridge for too long they will gradually lose their Vitamin C content over time and the fridge will keep those levels higher for longer。如果橙子在冰箱外放置时间过长就会逐渐失去维C,冷藏可使维C较长时间保持更高水平。POTATOES土豆#39;Potatoes should never be stored in the fridge, the best way to store them, as well as onions, is in a cool dark place like the bottom of the pantry,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“土豆永远不要存放在冰箱里,贮存土豆和洋葱最好的方法就是放在像食品柜底部这样阴暗凉爽的地方。”#39;If they are in the light they go green on the skin and spoil and if they are in the fridge they become moist which is not ideal.#39;“如果有光照,土豆皮会变绿,土豆会腐烂;冷藏的话又过于潮湿,也不是理想状态。BERRIES浆果#39;Berries - especially strawberries - ripen up much better out of the fridge, however they will spoil fairly quickly so you need to pick the perfect time,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“浆果,尤其是草莓,不放冰箱里会熟得更透,但烂得也快,所以你要把握好最佳时间。”HONEY蜂蜜#39;Honey is better in the cupboard than in the fridge as it crystallises...it doesn#39;t go off in the cupboard,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“蜂蜜放橱柜里要比放冰箱里更好,因为它会结晶……放橱柜里也不会变质。”GARLIC大蒜#39;If they are whole bulbs they can just sit in a dish or container near where food is prepared,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“如果是整头大蒜,放在盘子或容器里就行,放在做饭时方便拿的地方。”#39;Once you#39;ve peeled it however, it is better off in the fridge as it won#39;t retain it#39;s flavour otherwise.#39;“但一旦剥皮了,最好冷藏,因为不放冰箱里就不能保持它的味道。”OILS油#39;It#39;s not common to put oils in the fridge but they go rancid and putting them in the fridge helps to increase shelf life,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“把油放冰箱里不太常见,但油会变质,冷藏可以延长保存时间。”#39;When it comes to olive oil however, it#39;s best stored in a dark place in the pantry as light decreases the antioxidant activity in it.#39;“然而如果是橄榄油,最好存放在食品柜的阴暗地方,因为光照会降低它的抗氧化活性。”WATERMELON西瓜While cold watermelon is a favourite in summer, it doesn#39;t need to go into the fridge until it#39;s cut。虽然冰镇西瓜在夏季是我们的最爱,但切开之前没必要放进冰箱。SPREADS涂抹用的酱#39;It#39;s very important to check the label for refrigeration instructions when it comes to these,#39; Ms Hourigan said。霍瑞根女士说:“看看涂抹用的酱标签上的冷藏说明很重要。”#39;If it#39;s high in salt like Vegemite and peanut butter, refrigeration isn#39;t necessary.#39;“如果含盐量高,像维吉麦酱和花生酱,就不用非得冷藏。”#39;With things like jams, the high sugar content means you don#39;t have to store it in the fridge but it#39;s wise to as they are prone to mould development over time.#39;“像果酱这样含糖量高的,你不是必须要存放在冰箱里,但如果时间长了要发霉了最好还是冷藏吧。” /201508/391148

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